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Wifes intro to slavery PART 1

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It was the end of a busy week. The office was winding down, most of the girls in the office pool were talking about their plans for the weekend. I was just thinking of what I got myself into. You see I answered a add in a swing magazine. It was a mysterious one in fact I still don?t know what made me call the number listed. The guy who answered the phone seemed to be nice and proper. He asked me if I like to dress for a formal dinner and dance? My answer was certainly. He then inquired if I was up for an adventure of pleasure? I answered, yes. He then asked if I believed that with pleasure was I willing to receive pain. I hesitated and then answered sure. He then told me to write down these directions and to meet him at 7:00 Friday evening.

I rushed home which was only a ten minutes drive from work. I looked at the clock and thought that I have only a half an hour to take a shower and get dressed. I went to the bathroom and thought no I?ll just freshen up. Going to my dresser I picked out black nylons, garter, panties, half-cup bra, which was on the directions that I wrote. The bra showed off my cleavage with my black strapless dress he insisted that I wear. Since I stood at five foot three, I picked out black Patten leather spiked heals for the occasion. I place CK cologne for a final touch at my neck, at my bosoms and reached under my dress and placed some on my thighs.

I was wondering what this guy was like? The photo in the magazine made him look like he was the athletic type? His profile stated that he was five foot nine inches tall and was 10 years my senior. He was seeking a special woman to fulfill a fantasy. The woman who answer this add, it stated, was to be a petite brunette, under five foot seven and 110 pounds. Further it stated she should have sensitive breast and buttocks.

Recounting the add, made me wet. As instructed I called a taxi during dressing to insure I would not be late. A horn beeped out side, just as I finished. I looked and the cab was waiting. I grabbed my clutch bag, and instructed the driver to go to the downtown Hilton. We arrived on time. I walked into the lobby of the hotel, and went to the lounge as instructed. The hostess at the desk asked did I have reservations? I answered I?m waiting for Mr. Lance Edwards. She looked at the book in front of her and said he called a few minutes ago and said that he was running late and too seat you.

I was seated at a table in the back of the lounge. A waiter came to the table and asked me if I was Helen? I said yes. He said that he had a package for me. He returned with a box, which was wrapped in silver paper and a white and black bow. I removed the wrapping carefully not to tear it. Looking inside there was a note and a leather chocker with a silver ring and a cameo attached.

The note stated that if I wanted to continue with his fantasy to wear the chocker and wait for further instructions. I looked around to see if anyone was looking and placed the chocker around my neck. Within a few moments the same waiter came to me carrying a phone. He plugged it into a wall jack and said there is a phone call for you.

I picked up the receiver and answered hello. The voice I recognized was Lance on the other end. He directed me to go to the lobby and meet his driver Vincent at the west entrance. I hung up the phone and went to the west entrance of the lobby. There stood a stocky built man in an older style driver uniform. As I approached him he spoke, are you Miss Helen? And tipped his hat. I answered, yes. He directed to the doors, to Market Street, holding them open for me to pass through and then to an older limo. He opened the back door of the car and I sat further in the rear of the car. He got in and reached over to the passenger side and retrieved an envelope and past it back to me, I opened it and read the note. It stated that the next choice was mine. I can go on with the evening, or tell Vincent to take me home. I thought this is so mysterious that I have to go on.

Vincent I said lets go on and take me to Mr. Edwards. We drove for about an hour. We were in an area where the homes were mansions. Turning into a lane we drove to a stately place where a few cars were parked in the circle. The car stopped and Vincent got out and opened the rear door to let me out. An arresting older gentleman greeted me by taking my arm interlocking it with his and escorted me into the mansion. As we were a few steps from the ornate carved door it opened, allowing the sound of the party to spill out. A well-dressed woman in her 40?s greeted me, saying you must be Helen; she stepped as side and gestured for me to enter.

Once inside there were couples mingling, sipping drinks and snacking. She introduced herself as Miss. Wise and pointed to her husband who was across the room and waved for him to come over to us. When he approached she said this is Ben, my husband. And this is Lances guest Helen. His smile was devilish and his eyes were undressing me. Now, now Ben his wife scolded you will get to know her better later. I asked? Is Mr. Edwards here? Lance is running late and he will be here in about an hour or so. My dear, come with me and I?ll introduce you. The three of us walked into the large living room. Ben asked he could get me a drink? I said yes. Martini? He asked. I nodded. He returned quickly with the drink and we made small talk. He told me that Barbra his wife worked for Lance. I learned that parties like this were on an average of once a quarter. I noticed that couples were gathered in small groups; it appeared that most everyone knew each other. Barbra took me by the hand and introduced me to most everyone as Lances new fling . . . or did she say thing?

I noticed that the older gentleman who showed me to the front door was now approaching me from across the room. Miss he said, Mr. Edwards will see you now. Once again he took me arm in arm and lead me down a hall past the dinning room, to a door, opened it and said please wait here, Mr. Edwards will be in shortly.

The room was lined with books; a fire was burning in the fireplace. There was a desk, a wooden chair behind it. Other furniture in the room was two leather chairs and sofa. A large screen TV was opposite the sofa.

I felt as though someone was watching me but there was no one in sight. I was waiting in this room for what seemed to be hours. Weary, I thought that I?d look at some books. Interesting reading I thought most of the books were titled in the time period of Victorian era. I picked out one book that caught my eye. It was titled ?To Serve My Master? I paged through the text to find illustrations of women bound. Some were dressed in corsets, stockings underwear garments another was gagged and bound to a wooden chair. I was startled when a flash of light on the screen of the TV came on.

The sound of someone moaning was coming from the speakers. I turned to see the screen better. The pictures slowly brighten to reveal the camera shot of what appeared to be the back of a young girl. She was dressed like me. She was sitting in a chair with her wrist bound with rope. The camera view changed and went overhead. The view showed that she had a leatherhead gear on with covering over her eyes and mouth. A figure of a man came into view. His hand reached out to touch her shoulder. The girl jumped as if startle. I was intently watching what was being played out on the TV that I found myself, backing up near the sofa.

He slowly massages her shoulders, neck, back, then went to her shoulders. Involuntarily my hand went to my collar toying with it and my neck. Now a voice from the TV said does this make you feel comfortable? She returned a muffled sound mum. I in turn sat quite intently watching the performance. The voice said, now I need some pleasure my dear. As the hands went to the top of her chest, too massage her breast one at a time. The scene was hot! And I closed my eyes too imagine his hands on my body.

He flattens her breast and roughly exposed each one outside her dress. He pinched her nipples hard enough for her to cry under the gag. She lifted herself from the chair to free herself from his attack. My hands found my own breast. Then he helped her up out of the chair. With a swift forceful jerk down he freed her from her dress. She stood in her undergarments, sobbing, breast cupped over her bra. I recounted the action in my head. Intently I studied her figure she was beautiful.

She was lead to a rope hanging from one of a rafter of the cathedral ceiling. He reaches be hind her takes her wrist bring them up over her head and attaches her wrist to the rope. My thoughts were hear you go girl, he?s going to have you his way. He leaves her side her arms went limp only to be hoisted over her head, as the rope was pulled tight. God I don?t know why but I whished that I could trade places with her.

He touches her hair, she jumps once again. This time he says, be calm my dear this is for both of us. He massages her breast roughly pulls her nipples straight out lets go of them. Her slim torso barely moves too this assault. Involuntary my hand found the hem of the skirt and my other, my thigh, witching the TV screen. He then rolls her nipples between his thump and fingers. She cries and wiggles each time, which makes her captive furious. Stop trying to free yourself he demanded. He reached inside her panties. I followed his lead and did the same to myself. You can see that he is fingering her clit. She is flailing her legs trying to kick free. I close my eyes and start to bring myself too an orgasm. Stop it! He demands. I open my eyes just to see her moving her pelvis away from his advances and him trying to dig into her flesh he harshly said in a stern voice, ?That?s it.? He leaves the scene and you can hear the sound of chains.

He returns and places leg irons on her and attaches them to the floor, She struggles more as he leaves to hoist her from the floor. He has spread her legs to give him access to her. Then out of no were sounds of a bullwhip. The whip handle was raised over his head and with a straight-arm motion towards her, his target, the leash wrapped around her torso. The end found its mark her breast. He repeated his attack this time the end found her belly. The next few flicks of the whip cracked the air. I though but he was stripping her panties from her. The last stroke she cried in pain.

The camera zoomed in for a close view of her reddens buttocks. I was transfixed to the hot scene on the TV that I never noticed a man in the room watching me. ?Well? a voice from the behind me said. I turned in the sofa towards the voice. ?I see that you like Ellie?? I recognized this person from the picture in the magazine it was Lance. ?She is one hot lady don?t you think?? I smiled in return to his questions. ?Helen you see that I am into the satisfaction of giving pleasure and pain.? My friends are also in too the same erotic lifestyle. It also appears that you are a victim of the same pleasures aren?t you my dear? He seems to know my deepest desires, and needs. Softly I answered his questions. ?Yes.? ?Just as I thought so if you are not afraid to explore come join us.? He reached out for me to join him.

We left the study and went past the dining room. Strange I thought the absence of the party. We reached the front room and all that was there were some glasses. Some were empty others part full. Plates, silver wear, and napkins but no guest. As we past the front door we stopped. Lance turned to me and said, ?Now is the point where make you final decision. You can chose to leave and go home or you may chose to stay. Might I caution you my dear once you stay you cannot call your ordeal off. You are here for all that is in store for you.?

My eyes caught a glimpse of the TV across the front room. I could tell that it was the room where I was in and the center of the picture was the sofa I was sitting on. The whole party was watching me masturbate myself. ?Yes? he said, ?Helen the whole party knows why you are here. Their comments were interesting. And your choice is??

For a brief moment I didn?t know what I wanted to do. But I knew that I wanted to find out what was in store for me. ?Well what is you decision Helen Hawkins?? ?I?m yours Lance.? ?From now on you will address me as Master and bow your head when you say it.? ?Yes master? bowing my head as, I said it. ?Follow Me,? he ordered.

We walked over to the fireplace. My master reached for a book on the shelf and a panel adjacent to the fireplace opened. He stepped in and I followed. It led to a room behind the wall. Once again I heard the sound of the party. We entered the inter chamber. My master sat in an ornate chair and he pointed to the floor to the right of him. I knelt on the floor. The rest of the guest like ourselves sat around a platform. The room was dimly lit. I noticed that may couples were in conversation. There were some girls locked in large K-9 wire kennels.

The older gentleman once again appeared this time on the stage. He was carrying a microphone. He brought the microphone towards his mouth and said, ?Good evening honored guest.? ?As your MC, I Joseph will out line tonight?s festivities.? ?There will be a demonstration of the wooden cross by Sir Charles and Lady M.? ?Followed by the auction. The proceeds will go to the highest bitters charity.? ?However, first a word from our host Mr. Edwards.?

My Master stood up and walked too Joseph. He was handed the microphone. ?Once again I welcome each and every one. Tonight I bring a new servant. Helen come here.? I stood up and walked to my master side. ?As all servants she will be rewarded for her good work and will be punished for her bad work. She is in training remember that.?

?Helen remove your dress.? I stood in shock. I didn?t know what to do. Lance lowered the tone of his voice and said once again. ?Helen remove your dress.? I reached for the hook opened it and zipped the zipper down. The dress fell off my body. I was standing in front of the crowed with my black nylons, garter, panties, half-cup bra. ?Now walk among our guest and allow them to meet you each in their own way. I?ll meet you at my chair.?

I stepped down from the stage to the first row. As I walked there were eyes of lust, kindness, some undressed me even more. I felt some hands touch my flesh and a few spanked my bottom as I past. As I got to his chair a red haired vixen came over and whispered in my ear, ?I want to make you purr my pet.? She reached down between my panties her finger was at my clit. A wave of pleasure came quickly across my thighs and I parted them for her access. My wet ness allowed her better entry to my pussy and she took my willingness to plunge her fingers into me. A moan deep in my throat was loud enough to have some of the others in the room start to talk among themselves.

I recognized my masters? voice as he approached. ?Helen, stop! I will allow you to have pleasure at the right time. This is not the time or place.? She removed her hand and my pelvises followed her. Then if felt my panties quickly pulled aside and a hand strikes my bottom four hard slaps. I jumped and yelled, ?stop that hurts!?

In a stern voice my master said you will obey or pain you will endure, now sit slave.

The lights in the room dimmed. On stage Joseph drew a curtain to the side, which reviled a wooden post at the top, and bottom was a steel ring attached. On stage was a man from the audience. He stretched out his arm with this hand palm down. A lady in a white oxford blouse, and green tartan pleated skirt, white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes came on stage. She walked across past the man and stood with her back towards the wooden post. She unbuttons her blouse and removed it. The man took out of his pocket a piece of rope. He tied her wrist together, and then tied the remaining long end to the ring at the top. Joseph brought him black leather flog. The man went to the woman and removed her bra. Her breast, which I would estimate to be a B cup, her nipples jotted from dark aerosols.

My master touched the top of my head. I looked to him. Our eyes meet, and then he glanced towards his lap. I looked back up, he jester and my hands massaged his thigh. I looked back to the stage and watched as the couple on stage continued to put on a show.

His left hand he grabbed her nipple and pulled down till she closed her eyes in discomfort. He rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb. She bit on her bottom lip an attempt not to cry out in pain. Joseph walked to her and slipped over her head a leather hood that blocked her vision. The hood had openings for breathing.

I could tell that my master was aroused by the show on the stage. His manhood was thickening under my touch. I noticed that my master?s tool was the longest I ever witnessed. I stroked him, till he said, ?you may take it out and service me.? I unzipped and unbuttoned his trousers to free his dick. His penis was a good ten inches long and thick as I ever seen a man before. I started to stroke it, then lick all around it I tried to take his monster in my mouth but only got the head of his circumcised cock in when he ordered me to deep throat him.

I licked him once again . . . and heard the swish of the flogs tentacles through the air coming from the stage. The recipient of the beating moaned after repeated strokes. I stopped to watch her assault. Her torso was red with welts the man stopped and turned her around. He pulled the skirt from her . . . stepped back and rose the flog over his head and the leather cut the air. The sound was unmistakable. The ends found their mark on her back, which within moment time she was, redden from the attack.

I returned to my duty. I got up and positioned myself between my master?s legs. I opened my mouth and relaxed my throat mussels . . . inched his manhood in to my mouth and started to choke on his dick as it entered my throat. I knew Lance would reward me his man hood in my pussy if I?d gave him the best blow job he ever had. So I took his cock out licked my lips, closed my eyes and started to suck on him once more. I moved my head up and down continuously I though this is it the next time I go down it will enter my throat. My choke reflex got the better of me and I felt the vomit reached my mouth. My eyes watered . . . I swallow it and him at the same time. I felt his mushroom head slid down my past my uvula and throat. I thought done it! I was breathing through my nose and moved my head up and down inching it deeper and deeper. His balls were now at my chin and I felt him twitch and start to pump his cum into me. I slid him out and found her beating continuing.

I looked at my master he smiled and said. ?Helen you are a good slave get us a drink, and don?t be long.? I walked over to the bar as I arrived the same red haired vixen, I learned her name was Mary, who once was attracted to me highly praised my oral play with my master saying, ?I bet you can be just as good with a woman as you are with a man.? I returned a smile and answered. ?Why don?t we find out.? She reached behind her back unzipped her slacks and wiggled out of them exposing a heart shaped tuff of pubic hair above her pussy. I knelt down and kissed her inter-thighs. The odor of her indicated she had an orgasm recently. I thought lady hang on to your C spot cause its next. Sucking and licking her I felt a hand on the back of my head. I thought it was her holding be in one spot and I started to finger her hot wet whole. One finger then two. She was wet and relaxed enough to allow a third finger. That was when I thought she?s ready for four. In no time I removed my hand enough to tuck my thumb and I was pumping my hand to the wrist in her. That was when I heard Lance asking someone where I was.

Oh, shit I thought the drinks. ?Helen!? Lance said. ?Slave you disappoint me. Come here.? I stopped what I was doing Mary protested as I followed my master back to his seat. My master sat and I sat crossed legged next to him. I reached over to rub his leg. I meet with his hand that slapped me away.

The couple was nowhere to be scene. Joseph walked onto the stage and announced that the auction was about to begin. He called for all masters who were to supply their slaves to auction to retire to the anteroom for the preparations.

A few couples walked down and past the stage. Lance reached into his pocket and brought out a black leather leach. He reached over to my collar and clipped it on. He got up and tugged on it to lead me down to the stage and past to a room, which was adjacent.

The men once there were primping the slaves. One told his to remove her panties. Another was slapping his slave?s cheeks commenting on the redness. Another took the ice from a drink and placed it on her nipples to make them rise. We heard Joseph announce to everyone and here are what you are bidding for. That was when a door opened and we walked onto the stage.

We were the second couple in line. Joseph introduced them. Master Gordon and slave Christen. Gordon and Christen stepped to the edge of the stage Joseph read from a card giving Christens statistics. Measurements, number of orgasms, number of partners a night, she likes double penetration and is Bi. Joseph continued saying and the bidding begins at $100.00. The bidding went up by $5.00 and $10.00 at a time. Within minutes the bidding was up to $235.00. That was when Gordon asked the last two bidders to come up on stage and have a closer look at her. They stepped up to the stage and felt her tits, ass. One asked Gordon how tight she was? His comment was like a virgin. The bid went to $280.00.

Joseph introduced us. My Master took the lead and I followed. Joseph started to say that this slave is new to the stable and he didn?t have much statistics on me. That was when Lance interrupted Joseph and said that we all needed to know first hand my abilities. ?Helen,? my master said, ?disrobe.? I looked out into the audience. Without hesitation I reached behind my back unhooked the top hook and zipped down the zipper of the back of my black strapless dress. Letting it fall to the stage. I stood there in my half-cup bra, matching panties and garter, black nylons, and finished with black Patten leather spiked heals. The clasp of the bra was in front, I unhooked them and let the cups fall open. My well shaped tits were firm enough too just sway in place. The cool breeze of the air conditioner made goose bumps on my skin and my nipples stood at attention. Slipping out of my shoes I turned my attention to my garter. I unhooked the suspenders of the garter and rolled down the nylons. The hooks on the garter were in the front and were removed in a flash. Holding my breath and pulling in my stomach I placed my thumbs in the top of my panties and pulling them over my hips I noticed the wetness at the crouch as they fell to the stage. Lance took out a cloth measuring tape. He measured me to include my nipples, the space between my thighs.

Joseph said that the bidding should start high since I was new. The opening bid was $200.00. The bidding went fast. And was at $400.00 when I was sold for the night too a couple in the front. I was lead off the stage by the man. He lead me up to the second floor. We went into a room with a bed, medical table and a wooden cross.

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