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Wife shows all at pool party

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This is a mostly true story. Some names and details have been changed to protect the not so guilty ‘cause I can't say they are innocent.

It all started with a call from Jen, our new friend. We were talking about the night before and how she fell asleep (or passed out depending on who's story you believe). Anyway I wound up inviting her and her husband, Richard, and their friend Sue over for a pool party last Memorial Day.

Mark setup his DJ gear and started playing some good classic rock while I put together the eats and drinks.

The music was jamming when everyone arrived and the party kicked off with a blast. We celebrated our new friendship together with a couple of shots of some Malibu rum and then started on the jello shots I had made a few days earlier. After a quick bite we decided to get some sun and do a little swimming. I went in and put on the new boy toy swim suit that Mark had bought for me. When I came out I smiled as Mark and Richard gave me the old double take.

At 45 years old I think I have taken pretty good care of myself. I work out at the gym most everyday and feel like I keep myself in pretty good shape. Apparently the guys did too from the way that they were looking over at me.

I asked Mark if he would lotion me down and that's where it started. I laid down on the chaise lounge and Mark began rubbing sunscreen on my shoulders and back. As he moved his way down to my legs I noticed the rise in his swim trunks. It's nice to know that after 17 years of marriage that I can still cause him to get a hard on. As his hands lotioned me down and he began rubbing in on my thighs he slid his hands between my legs. I immediately started getting wet and really wanted him to do more but what he did was to have me turn over and then covered my front with the sunscreen. When he did the front of my thighs I spread my legs slightly so that he could have better access. All this rubbing had me so turned on that I was sure that he could see a wet spot on my suit. He finished putting on my sunscreen and then turned and jumped into the pool.

The rest of us joined him in the pool for a while splashing and playing. As things settled down, Richard got into the hot tub and Mark went to go keep the music going. Jen, Sue and I gathered at the shallow end of the pool and it wasn’t long before talked turned to sex. Sue was dating this 18 year old and said that he fucked like the Energizer Bunny. He kept going and going. She said that he really liked her pierced nipples. I told her that I never wanted to get mine pierced because they were so big and so sensitive. Sue told me that it hurt like hell at first but now it didn’t bother her. I told her that I would worry about them getting caught on something and ripping off the nipple. Sue just laughed and said that it wasn’t a problem and then pulled down her top to show me.

“They used to look better.” Sue said as she cupped her breast in her hands jiggling them up and down.

I couldn’t believe that she had shown her tits like that. I looked over at Mark and saw him smiling and then saw that Richard was grinning too. Jen just laughed and said “Mine look so much better than yours.” and proceeded to pull down her top to show us. Sue reached over and grabbed Jen’s tits and said that they used to be much bigger but that Jen had had a reduction. As big as they were, I thought that they must have been the size of mountains then before.

“Richard likes them, but I don’t have much feeling in the nipples.” Jen said. “They cut off the areolas and then put them back on where they would look natural.”

“When I had my reduction the doctor never removed mine. He kept them attached so that they would still have the sensitivity and responsiveness.” I stated.

“So how do they look now?” Sue asked.

Since I was the only one not showing my tits I decided to join in and pulled down my top. I looked over at Mark and saw his approval and appreciation for the show. I could tell how much he was enjoying the view by the tent in his pants. I glanced over at Richard in the hot tub and saw that he was rubbing himself under water. This added to my already aroused state.

Sue, Jen and I kept talking about our boob jobs and would occasionally reach over and grab one of the others tits. Both of them agreed that mine looked best and then turned around to ask the guys. They agreed and I proceeded to show them off some more. I had always talked about getting naked in front of other people but this was the first time that I had even come close to doing it. Between the playing and the showing off I was getting horny again.

“So this Energizer Bunny guy of yours, does he have a big dick?” Jen asked Sue. “Cause if he does I might to fuck him. I don’t want no small dick but sure would like to have another dick as big or bigger than Richard.”

“So how big is Richard? And what do you consider a small dick?” Sue replied.

“Well your ex had a small dick. I don’t know how you even liked anything that small. Richard starts off around 2 inches but it grows to 8.” Jen responded.

“I’d like to see that.” I said.

“Maybe after a few more drinks,” said Jen, ”he’s kind of shy.”

The conversation then turned to blowjobs and we started talking about all of the dicks we had sucked and how good we were at it. Mark says that I give the best blowjobs but when Sue said that she could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, I noticed Mark reach down and adjust himself. And when Jen said that she had probably sucked over 1000 dicks I thought he was going to cum in his pants. She then said that she had also been with over 1000 women. I was totally surprised!

“You mean that you have eaten pussy too?” I inquired.

“Oh yea. I’ve done men, women, twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and group sex.” Jen responded. “And I think you are so fucking hot.”

I didn’t know what to do. I had never had another woman come on to me like that. I was intrigued. She placed her hand on the side of my face and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was electric. I could feel the tingle all the way down in my pussy. I looked over at Mark and the look on his face was priceless. I could tell that he was so worked up.

I mentioned to the other girls the uncomfortable position our men seemed to be in and said that we should give them a bit of a show. So we began to slowly dance and grind against each other. I didn’t know about the other girls but my pussy was on fire and in desperate need of some relief.

After several minutes of driving the men and each other crazy with the grinding and fondling, Sue told us that she had recently been to one of the local swingers clubs. She told us how she had gotten hooked up with several couples and said that we should all go one night.

I told her that we had never done anything like that before but it did sound interesting. I asked her how it worked. She said that the couples got to basically pick and choose who they wanted to play with. She said that we would probably be in demand. I asked her how you went about having the sex. She said the club she went to was an off premise club and that you hooked up in the club and then went to someone’s house or a hotel to have sex. I said that we were already at someone’s house so did we need to wait to have the sex? The words were out of my mouth before I realized it.

I guess due to all the drinking we had been doing my question went unanswered but since I had said the words I was ready to do more than to just show my tits. I wanted to show off my pussy too. And I wanted to see Richard’s dick for myself. I poured myself another drink and climbed up on the my favorite float. Feeling rather frisky I decided that to show Mark how hot my pussy was and pulled my swim suit aside flashing him. When Jen asked what was going on Mark told her that I was showing off my pussy and asked he if they wanted to see. Without waiting for an answer I once again pulled aside the fabric between my legs and with my legs spread eagle gave them a view that only Mark had seen in the past 17 years. It was totally exhilarating. I had never felt so alive. I gently slid my finger across the slit and could feel the slickness coming from within. I inserted a finger and slowly began to play with myself. I didn’t care that there were other people watching. In fact I wanted them to watch as I brought myself to climax. I opened my eyes long enough to see Richard stroking himself in the hot tub and Mark just watching and enjoying the show.

It didn’t take me but a few minutes before I came, gushing all over the float. Jen and Sue applauded causing me to laugh and fall off the float. I was still turned on and more than ever wanted some dick. What I really wanted to do was to take Richard’s dick into my mouth and suck him while getting fucked by Mark. It was not to be because Jen’s daughter called and our new friends had to leave. It was a day to remember and certainly brought me closer to this lifestyle.

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