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Watch Out Below!

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My wife and I just returned from the Rooftop Resort in Hollywood, Fl. The place bills itself as a ?Lifestyle Retreat, ? but we went to indulge our exhibitionist fantasies. The 1930?s era building features an internal courtyard surrounded by rooms with large picture windows. They all overlook a common area on the second floor.

Within minutes of arriving, my wife and I were nude on the double bed in our fourth-floor room with her next to the window.

As luck would have it, a single guy soon showed up on the floor above us and peered over the railing in our direction. His reaction to my wife's naked body was immediate and to the point.

Like everyone else, he was already naked, so there was no mistaking his arousal. It's funny in a place where nudity is de rigeur and people fuck in public downstairs on the second floor that he still looked sneaky as if he was worried about getting caught. His first reaction to seeing me stroking her nude body was to take it all in, but then he quickly looked around for anyone else.

Spotting no one except us, he reached for his cock and started to stroke. Apparently, it didn't matter we could see him. We were fellow conspirators.

I want you to know I am as straight as they come, but I will admit I enjoyed seeing another guy beating off, especially when the object of his desire was my wife.

As he rubbed himself, I rubbed my wife. She was lying on her back, legs spread with her eyes closed. I relayed to her all the details about the oogler.

She actually could see for herself, squinting through her lids to maintain the fiction she didn't know anyone was looking, as if that were possible in a bed, inches from a picture window with walkways outside as well as above and below.

For some reason, I really wanted this guy to see my wife's pussy as deep as possible. She didn't mind, but worried about exposing too much of her asshole.

Women are funny that way: half-closed eyes and hidden hemorrhoids were essential to maintaining her female sense of decorum.

The guy was about eight feet away up one floor. He was staring at us as intently as was humanly possible without having his eyeballs fall out of their sockets. He was massaging his cock off and on, pausing to look around for anyone who might see him watching us.

He was now as stiff as I was.

Soon, another guy showed up, one floor down from us. The two men didn't seem to know the other was there.

The new arrival soon staked his claim at watching the naked lady. Wouldn?t you know it, he chose the same viewing angle as the one above to see my naked wife, placing him directly beneath the first guy.

For me, the more the merrier. I loved other guys seeing and, upon occasions, fondling my wife. I was a long-time exhibitionist, who had recently begun to include my wife in the process.

Having shown my cock to women on many occasions and having received only moderate attention in return had convinced me it was not that big a turn on to them.

But on the rare occasions I had caught men stealing glances of my wife I knew most of them shared my love of catching a lady undressed. Forever afterwards, I was hooked on exhibiting her instead of me. Soon, it became my primary sexual fantasy.

Now, you might ask yourself, why would a man want other men to see his mate? That seemed so un-Darwinian. Such behavior could only lead to others wanting to procreate with the one with whom you were supposed to reproduce.

Well, interestingly enough, my fellow evolutionists, this behavior only appeared after we had raised a family.

A perfect example of the natural selection of those traits best suited for their times.

Fortunately for me, my "empty nester" wife had maintained her girlish figure well into her "milf" years. She is slim and trim and, sorry to report to you hair haters, the proud owner of a healthy bush.

With that very hirsute pussy on display and two guys watching and stroking, I amped up the thrill level. I stopped rubbing her and started finger fucking her.

That seemed to encourage the two guys. Up until then, both, unaware of the other, had been nervous about getting caught masturbating. Now, with my wife?s cunt spread eagled and my fingers pumping away, they threw caution to the wind and started working on their cocks full time. I joined them with my free hand.

My first circle jerk!

My wife was moaning with pleasure as she squinted out at the guys, maintaining her modesty. She had loosened up down below and her legs were now spread about as wide as they could go so I could plunge my hand ever deeper.

I was on the verge of fist fucking her when all four of us reached climax nearly at the same time.

My wife and I cam within seconds of each other. I bet it had something to do with the fact her excitement had finally led her to expose her asshole.

That drove me over the edge.

I spurted a stream of jism all over her pussy and it curved down her crack while she writhed in pleasure.

The two guys cam soon thereafter. That must have been a surprise to both of them and anyone else caught underneath. Remember, they were standing at the railing of a courtyard, one above the other, with people walking around below.

As they shot their wads, I bet they experienced a moment of panic as they watched their sperm fly off uncontrolled into the wild blue yonder, some to land on the head of the other, the rest to cascade into the courtyard.

My wife, finally opening her eyes wide, made me laugh by yelling a belated, "Watch out below!"

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