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Vacation Without The Kids - Chapter 4

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It was the last day of our vacation without the kids and we were reminiscing about the last 4 days as we loaded the boat onto the trailer. This was going to be a long day as we headed from Eagle River to Door County where we would drop the boat and picking up the boys before continuing home. You were being very playful on the road home, flirting, teasing and talking dirty. We hit highway 29 when you reached over to rub my thigh and a few moments later work your way under my shorts and find my cock. You smiled at me and said "Nice" as you found it responding to your always seductive touch. I glanced at your face and saw the hot smile that says fun is on the way and your blue eyes sparkled as if to back up what your smile was saying.

You changed your angle of attack and instead of reaching up through the bottom of my shorts you went in through the top, pushing the elastic of my shorts and boxer briefs down and forcing your hand inside. I backed the cruise control off from 75 to the posted 65. It was then that you said "I wanna suck your cock". I responded by asking "How badly do you want it in your mouth"? You said "Badly baby, so bad I will do anything". Okay I thought as you were playing right into the nasty thoughts you had been placing in my head since we hit the road and your tits jiggled under the tight top you were wearing. "Strip down to your bra and panties young lady" were the next words you heard from my lips as I gave you that fake stern look. Your response was to open your eyes wide and mouth the word "Oh" without actually saying it.

After thinking for a few seconds you sat up, taking your hand out of my shorts you unbuckled your seat belt and undid your jeans shorts, pushing them to the floor. I had a hard time keeping my eye on the road and you scolded me "Watch the road Dear" as you laughed. I now watched out of the corner of my eye as you pulled your top up and tossed it on the back seat. Before you could reach back over I undid my seat belt and while maintaining control of the Suburban I pushed my shorts and underwear down and wriggled them down and off past my flip flops. Just then I was coming up on a semi as we were heading up a hill and had to pull into the left lane to get passed it. He had a great view looking down into the suburban and seeing how your tan was contrasted by the bright white of your lace bra and yellow of your satin panties. Later you would tell me how he smiled at you as he reached for his air horn to announce his approval of your choice of clothing and the body barely contained within.

As the horn sounded from the truck you blushed and looked at me with an even sassier smile. Looking back at the truck driver you traced circles around your nipples as they stood taught against your bra. You were blushing really bright red but you couldn’t stop looking at him as you reached down to your panty covered womanhood. Teasingly now you rubbed your finger up and down your over your satin covered mound. The driver was giving you a thumbs up as you reached into your panties with your finger, out of the corner of your eye you saw my cock.

My cock was now fully hard and waiting for you. You reached over and grabbed it as I accelerated to pull ahead of the truck. As soon as I was back in the right lane ahead of your new admirer I reached over and grabbed the back of your neck and with little unnecessary persuasion from me, you were now leaning over the center console and licking at the head of my meat stick. Then you actually got up on your knees pointing your satin clad ass at your window as you began to suck me in earnest. In order to make sure you got it all into your mouth I reclined my seat a little further and soon you were making me groan as I tried to concentrate on my driving. To make sure you understand what you were doing to me I talked to you; "Baby your mouth is like heaven on my cock". "Suck it honey, suck it" I continued as I played with your hair and stroked your back and shoulders. "I need your bare tits on my thighs" I said as I undid your bra. You got it off your shoulders and tossed it on the dash without taking my cock from your mouth. Then you obliged me by pressing your hard nipples into the top of my thigh while you managed to find just a little bit more of my cock to get into your mouth.

As you continued to try to suck my life's essence right out of the end of my dick we started heading down a hill and our new friend was now on our right. I looked up to see him leaning over from his drivers seat to look down on us. He slowed to keep pace with us and you looked up with the head of my flesh pole still in your mouth, smiling past my cock at him for a split second, you went back to what you were doing, forgetting about him. He finally got ahead and back in fDont of us, followed by several cars that could not see in at the pleasure game we were playing.

I'm not sure how many miles you were giving me that most exquisite head you always do, but sometime later I was announcing my impending orgasm, "I'm gonna cum hon". You let go of your lip lock on my cock and began stroking me hard and fast, "Cum all over my tits baby, give me your hot sticky body lotion". Well, that was all I needed and bang I was off, shooting all over your tits. Funny thing is that we made love, fucked, sucked and played for four solid days; but your mouth, by what it did to my joystick and the words that came out of it, well, your mouth was responsible for another good load of guy grease. You sat up and began looking for something to wipe your chest of with. I stopped you and said play along with me. I sped up, still naked from the waist down and you naked from the waist up. As I pulled alongside the semi yet again, you looked at me with a "What the hell" kind of look. "Slowly rub that stuff into your tits while we drive by". You smiled and without looking at the truck you did as I asked. I leaned over a bit to look up at the truck driver and saw a huge grin as he looked down at your lovely tits that I just turned into the snow covered Rockies. It was clear he was enjoying not only looking at fleshy globes but watching you rub my cream into them as well.

I pushed the Suburban above 75, leaving your new admirer behind for good and we both dressed while heading closer to Green Bay, you helping me and me helping you. We got to Door County and unhooked the boat because we were heading back up in just a few days. It was then that your Mom and Dad said they were going to keep the boys until we got back. "Yippee" I thought to myself again and again as I looked at your ass in your jean shorts and your profile as your turned sideways, "Yippee"!!!!

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