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Unforgettable ride

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My wife really came out of her shell when she agreed to swinging. She has expanded her comfort zone, and I am loving it. I used to try to get her to flash her huge tits while riding in the car. She was always too afraid, so I stopped asking. Five years into our swinging career, she asked if that was still a turn on for me. I said Hell yeah! Then I started watching flashing videos online and could imagine every guy on the highway getting a boner from seeing her Big Twins. We had to go on a three hour drive a few weekends ago to visit relatives. I was NOT looking forward to the drive, or the visit. We had the truck all packed for the weekend and I noticed she was wearing a nice button down blouse and a denim skirt. She looked great! I just didn't get why she dressed up to visit the cousins. We left and were talking on the way, and soon were on the interstate. I drive a little fast, so most of the time, we were in the passing lane. I was enjoying the music on the radio, passing a couple of semis, when my wife cleared her throat loudly. I looked over, and her blouse was completely unbuttoned and open, and she was braless. My cock got hard and at the same time, I realized the trucker beside us was staring at her tits! What a turn on! He must have got on the CB radio and told the others, because as we approached them, they had their heads out the window, waiting to view her tits. She was giggling, but her nipples were stiff as pencils. She was liking this as much as I was. We passed the last truck and he gave us a thumbs up. Finally, I asked what made her decide to do that. She just shrugged her shoulders, and said there was more to come. In the next few miles, I was sad that we passed no trucks. Then we noticed way up ahead, a convoy of at least eight semis She said it was time to get ready. She unbuckled her seat belt, raised up and hiked her skirt up. NO PANTIES! She laid down with her head on my leg, and her widely spread legs pointing out her window. She opened the glove box and pulled out a big dildo, and pushed it into her soaking wet pussy. She told me to match the semi's speed, so they get a good look. As we neared the first truck, he must have heard about her tits already, as he was leaning out his window. His mouth fell open when he saw her fucking herself with the dildo, her big tits bouncing with every thrust. I let him get a long look and moved up to the next truck. Nine truckers in a row watched her fuck her pussy with her tits exposed. I was so hard, I wanted to fuck. It would be too dangerous to do it driving, but as luck would have it, we approached a rest stop. She smiled. She expected this, and reached under the seat for a blanket. At the rest stop, we walked into the woods behind the building and put the blanket down where we thought we wouldn't be seen. She started sucking my cock, licking the sticky pre cum off. We could hear trucks and cars coming and going, which added to our fun. We were so focused on our pleasure, we never heard the two guys walk up to us. She never stopped sucking me, but I thought we were going to be arrested. Then I recognized them as two of the truckers we flashed. They asked if they were invited to the party, or if she was all show and no go. Before I could answer, she let go of my cock long enough the growl out, "Shut up and fuck me!" She went back down on my dick as the drivers dropped their pants. One was skinny, the other was well built. I could see the well built guy had an average cock, but she moaned loud as he shoved it in her dripping pussy. He was hammering her hard as the other guy went for her tits. When he came to her side, I could see his cock was at least ten inches and very thick. She reached for it and gasped at its size. The guy fucking her let out a groan as he came on her ass cheeks. She told the skinny guy to lay on the blanket. She straddled him and worked his anaconda into her cunt. Her eyes rolled back, as they usually do when she gets a giant dick. The other guy was surprised when she pulled him to her and began licking and sucking the cum off his cock, tasting her own pussy. Well, I wanted my turn so I went for it. I knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks. I spit in my hand, lubed the head, and put it to her asshole and pushed. As it cleared the outer ring, she moaned. As I buried it balls deep in her ass, she went crazy. She was bucking like riding a wild bronco. I reached around and pinched her nipples. She gushed when she came, flooding the blanket. That sent the skinny guy into his orgasm. As his cock slipped from her pussy, I hammered her ass hard until I blew my load. We collapsed for a moment, catching our wind. My wife, always prepared, pulled out a little package of wet wipes, and we all cleaned up. The truckers began to introduce themselves and she stopped them. She said let it be what it was, and we'll all be on our way. They thanked us and left. We got dressed, gathered our things and went back to the truck. I told her, we should visit the cousins more often.

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