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Tobi Loves to Show Off I

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The game was over for today. J. D. McCall packed up the video camera and went across the mall to pick up his wife tobi Lynn. It had been a good day, they had gotten some good film, and L.D. knew they would have mad passionate sex while watching Tobi's games tonight. You see, my beautiful wife is an exibitionist, has been since she learned in her early teens that she could turn men on with her body J.D. had first seen her in this same mall five years ago, and had been hook from the moment he saw her....five years ago.....

She was heare again, just as she had been every Tuesday for the last month. it was her regular activity for her day off, but today her day off would be very different, today J.D. McCall was going to kidnap Tobi Lynn Johnson, because J.D. want to join in her little games.

The mall had been a favorite hangout for J.D. McCall for years, for here the women tended to let their inhibitions fly out the window. They were down right careless with their short dresses and halter tops. And then you had women like tobi Lynn, she was an exhibitionist. She enjoyed showing her pristine white panties and her small firm titties. Not to mention her legs....ohhhh..her legs....long, sleek, and perfectly tanned. A true feast for a leg lover like J.D, McCall. For a while her visits to the mall had been sporadic, then a month ago she had gotten a new job in a convenience store, and her day off was Tuesday, every Tuesday for the last month she had been coming to the mall to flash her beautiful body, and every tuesday, J.D. had been there to watch her. Even though J.D. now "lived," right next door to her. He had assigned one of his lackeys to follow her...discreetly, and found out where she lived, worked and played. When he found out where she lived, he had bought the building and moved in to the apartment across from her. When he implemented his plan, and Tobi became a willing participant, which he was sure she would, they would both go back to his palacious estate, but for now the apartment would do, because it was close to Tobi.

Tobi Lynn at home was truly a sight to behold. After moving in, J.D. had spent many an hour watching tobi parade around her apartment in little, or nothing, with the windows wide open. From his vantage point across the courtyard, J.D. had a birds eye view. On many occasions he had chased young boys away from her windows, of course he couldn't very well blame them. the most he had ever seen her wear at home was panties and a bra.

Sometimes the bra was missing, and sometimes both the panties and bra were missing. When she did wear underwear, it was always pristine white!! What a turn on!!

She was not, by any means a 'closet,' exhibitionist, she flashed everywhere she went, even at work. For the past month she had worn a series of short dresses, and they were getting progressively shorter. J.D.

was on to her. She was testing her new boss. The convenience store where she worked was a small neighborhood 'mom and pop,' operation, with no 'mom'

in sight, and it was apparent that the 'pop,' in this case enjoyed Tobi's attributes as much as the next guy, for there had been no protests about the inappropritaeness of Tobi's chocie of wardrobe for her new job.

And then tobi Lynn played tennis, not very well, but then what red blooded american male would be interested in her tennis game when those beautiful legs were on display for all to see. And of course her tennis dresses were always that little bit shorted than normal, so her pristine white panties were on display as well. J.D. had an extensive library of pictures and video of tobi on and around the tennis was time....

Today, Tobi Lynn Johnson's world was going to change. He was sure when she heard about his plans, she would be more than willing to participate.

He was going to make available to her every penny of his dear departed Daddy's millions, just for the privilige of participating in, and watching her little exhibitionist games. She always left the mall around three o'clock, it was ten 'til right now. It was nice to have money. You could hire someone to do anything and everything at your slightess whim. These guys had done far worse for him than what they were going to do for him today, for they had orders, strict orders, not to hurt a hair on Tobi's beautiful body. Twenty minutes later the door opened and tobi Lynn Johnson walked in. She was obviously frightened, but J.D. would soon put her fears at rest.

"Ah, Tobi, welcome, my name is J.D. McCall, these gentlemen had orders not to hurt you, did they?"

", who are you? What do you want?...You were in the food court earlier, watching me, right? Look, what you saw is just a little game I play, I never take it any further than what you saw. If you just let me go, I'll forget about this, I really will."

"I am well aware of your little games, Tobi, I have been watching you for months, I have lived in the apartment across from you for the last four week and have quite a video and photo collection of you.

"Really? You have pictures of me?"

"The idea turns you on, I can tell. Listen Tobi, it is not my intention to hurt you. I will never hurt you, you are far too beautiful for that.

You are free to go at any time, but I think you will want to listen to my proposition first. If after listening to me, you still want to go, there is a brief case next to you with $250,000.00 in cash and the keys and title, in your name, to a brand new candy apple red Mercedes in it. Both are yours to keep as an apology for any pain or suffering you may have endured today."

WHO ARE YOU!?? And what if I choose to go along with this plan of yours, what then?"

As I already told you, my name is J.D. J.D. McCall, and I am really nobody important, it just so happens my Daddy, God rest his soul, made millions, many millions, in oil, and when he died he left it all to me. Your little exhibitionist games excite me, and I want to participate. In return you get to live on my estate and can have anything your heart desires."

"That's it? That's your plan? What about sex? I won't fuck you, I'm a virgin, and I plan on staying that way until I marry, I just get a kick out of flashing, that's all."

"I won't lie to you, Tobi, sex with you would be the most beautiful thing in the world, but I can live without it. There are ten or fifteen women hanging around my estate at any given time, more than willing to take care of my needs."

"How big is this estate of yours, and if you have an estate, why are you living in my apartment building?"

"My estate is big enough for you to walk around stark naked all day, and nobody would protest, as far as why Iive in your apartment building, I bought it. So I could be near you want to see the estate?"

"Maybe...I'm flattered that you would buy an entire building, but what do you get out of this plan of yours, if not sex?"

"I like your little games, Tobi, and I want to participate. I get a kick out of watching you, and others reactions to you. The men trying to act like they're not interested, when the hard on in their pants says otherwise. The women acting scandalized, when in reality, some of them wish they had the body to do what you do, and the courage. There was even one man whacking off under his coat."

"Yeah, I saw him. That was gross. So that's it? You just watch peoples reactions?"

"That and take pictures and video. Maybe we could put videos together and sell them on the internet. You could make lots of money."

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