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The whirlpool

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When I drove my car towards France, I wasn't in an especially good mood.

Ok, being sent by my boss to a meeting in France wasn't so bad, but this would be a long week. I just met Karen, and whoa, this girl was really a hot one! I knew I would miss her. This week would be long and boring?

So here I was, sitting in my car and driving south, thinking about how much I would miss her, specially our hot adventures in bed. Hmmm, she had such a talented tongue?

You know, when it comes to sex, I have only two problems. Well, three to be honest. First one were my nipples. I have nice dark aureoles, about two inches diameter. They really look nice. And in the middle of them are the nipples. Dark. Little knots of about half an inch length. When they are not aroused. When they are, they grow almost to the double length and are very hard. And when I don't wear a thick sweatshirt, they are in that state clearly visible through almost every fabric.

The second, almost bigger problem is my clit. Normally its hidden under its hood, but when I get aroused, it leaves this protection and comes out for almost half an inch too.

You mean, with these attributes, I am the dream of every man? Well, you hit my third problem. A man very rarely turns me on.

No, I don't think I am a lesbian. I would consider myself as bisexual. But a nicely shaped female body turns me just more on. And sometimes I use my body to get a woman into my bed?

Anyway, after a 4 hours drive I finally arrived at the hotel. It was summer, and because my car don't have air condition (you rarely need that in Switzerland), I was wearing a skirt (knee length), a yellow blouse and no bra ( as usual, cause my tits aren't big). I entered the reception and had two wait for a moment, because an old lady was discussing something with the girl behind the desk.

As I was waiting there, with my bag over my shoulder, I had enough time to watch the young woman. Hmm, she really looked nice! She had very sensual lips, long dark hair and her smile just made me smile back. My eyes followed her body further down? hmmm? the hotel uniform suited her really well? dark blue jacket, white shirt? nice breasts, just the size I like, about the size of a small grapefruit? well tanned skin? I let my thought drift away a bit, thinking about it would be to caress this sweet fruits?

"Vous desirez?" Her voice interrupted my thoughts without mercy. "Oh? do you speak english?" I asked her, because I'm not speaking french very well.

She smiled to me. "Yes I do. What can I do for you?" "You should have a reservation for Weber. Paula Weber. " "Oh yes, here you are. Room 208" As she looked up from her computer, her eyes stopped for a moment on my breasts and her smile grew a little bit broader.

Without looking down, I knew what stopped her eyes. Thinking about her body aroused me a bit and my tits showed that fact quite clear. Oh, my nipples were'nt fully erect, but the belt of the bag over my shoulder pressed the fabric of the blouse tightly to my skin. She looked right in my eyes and for a moment I was lost in her green eyes. "If you need? something? just call the reception" she said with a warm sime, without breaking the eye contact for a moment. 'hmm, I'll sure remember that!' I thought. She gave me the key for my room and as my fingers touched hers, I felt a slight tingle between my legs.

The room was really nice. Ok, the furniture was a bit classic, but at least the bed was soft and big. I had to prepare some papers for the next days meeting, so I ordered the dinner to my room and worked until about 10 PM.

As I was finished with that work, I felt the knots in the muscles of my back and decided to jump into the whirlpool of the hotel.

I went down to the reception to ask for the way. To my disappointment the young lady wasn't behind the desk, so I had to ask a bored looking old guy.

He described me the way, not without mentioning they would close the pool at about 10:30.

I went down, changed into my swimsuit and slided with a light moan of delight into the water. Oh god, the warm waters felt so well! I closed my eyes and dreamed a bit about Karen and me. Feeling the warmth between my eyes rise, I glanced quickly around and as I couldn't see anybody, I closed the eyes a gain and let my hand glide between my legs. I was feeling quite sure, cause the bubbles of the whirlpool hid the action under the water quite well.

I felt my clit raise as my finger touched it through the fabric of the swimsuit and arched my back. I licked my lips and spread my legs wider.

Sliding with one hand under the swimsuit I teased my shaved lips. Again I licked my lips and moaned quietly, as my finger glided between my already swollen lips. I brushed my finger over my erected clit and arched once again my back. I rubbed myself quietly, only moaning lightly from time to time, until I felt, I was near to cumming. Because I know, I can get quite loud when I come, I wanted to check if I'm still alone and opened my eyes again.

And there the girl from the reception stood in the shade of the entrance!

Not sure, what she was able to see through the bubbles and not knowing, how long she already was there, I decided to play innocent. "I just wanted to close the pool room.." she said with a slightly shaking voice. "I'll be out in a minute" I said with a dry mouth. She stepped one step closer into the light and I remarked her flushed face. "Oh, don't hurry, just finish what you were about to?" her voice broke, as she remarked what she was about to say and she flushed even deeper. I looked up at her. She was now standing on the other side of the pool, her eyes staring openly on my breast with the fully erected nipples under the swimsuit.

"I only need five more minutes" I said and she quickly turned around and left. I heard the door close and close my eyes. 'Shit', I thought 'too bad she didn't stay'

Slowly I started to rub my clit again. I started to pant, as I was feeling the heat building up between my legs. My left hand went up to my breast to massage it and squeeze my long nipples. I pushed two fingers deep in me and rubbed my thumb with circular motions over my clit. I felt my pussy grip my fingers. Knowing, I was getting close, I started to finger fuck myself faster and faster, my thumb pressing everytimes against my clit, when my hand pushed against my sex. The warm feeling started to spread all over my body from my sex. I pinched my right nipple hard. The pain pushed me over the point of no return. I felt my pussy grab my fingers as the first spasm of the orgasm washed over me. I opened my eyes and saw her sitting on the bench opposite the pool her own hand burried between her legs. "Don't stop, please!" she said with slowly moving hips.

As I felt the second contraction in my pussy, I opend my mouth and took a sharp breath intake. Our eyes met as the third contraction hit me and the orgasm started to take control over my body. I pressed the fingers deeply in me and started to rub my thumb in fast circles over my clit. My clit felt like it would burn and explode every moment and my legs opened and closed rapidly, trying to catch the hand. Normally, I would have stopped long ago abusing so much, cause my clit was getting more and more sensitive from the treatment it received. But my eyes were locked into hers and watching the expression of raising lust in her face made it just impossible for me to stop.

Finally her legs started to tremble and she closed her eyes. She was still wearing her skirt so I couldn't see her pussy, but judging from the movement under the skirt she was fingerfucking herself like mad.

I started to thrust my fingers in me, matching her speed. Suddenly her legs started to jerk violently and her upper body was pulled forward by an invisible force, as the orgasm hit her. Her whole body started to convulse.

As I saw her orgasm hit her, my own body started to convulse too. Tears of lust filled my eyes and I had to close them. I felt my pussy press on my fingers in a ever faster getting rhythm. Every contraction caused my stomach muscles to contract, pulling my breast forward, pressing the air out of my lungs. When the contraction subsided I throw my head back, fighting for air, until the next wave hit me. I heard a scream echoing from the wall, not knowing, if it was hers or mine.

I lost track of time, of the orgasms that hit me. Finally my power left me and I slowly started to relax and opened my eyes to look for my masturbating new friend.

She was laying on her side on the floor, her legs pulled up to her breast and her hand still buried between her legs. She didn't move it, but still her body twitched from time to time and her face was still a grimace of lust. I watched her coming down slowly. I wanted to get out of the pool, but I felt so weak, I couldn't move. She slowly opened her eyes, smiling at me. "Merci beaucoup" she wispered. "You're welcome" I managed to whisper back in a hoarse voice.

I smiled. This week wouldn't be as boring as I thougth!

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