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The Weekend at Lake Meredith

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The Weekend at Lake Meredith

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On this day it so bright out and we are living in Texas in a town called Stratford, Texas near a lake called Lake Meredith. It is 10:30 all the chores are done. I call out anybody need the shower because I want to take a shower. So I disrobe an get in to take a shower turn the water on and Charlie say hey baby I gonna take one with you not knowing Frank is already in the shower. I said sure more the merrier I wash Frank and I turn around to wash Charlie and he is washing the front of me as I am doing the same to him. I bend over to give a lick to his cock and then Frank is putting his dick in the back of me. I get all hot and warm from the over welling of my men. And they I go to give Charlie a kiss. As I straighten Charlie is down sucking on my pussy. I turn and Frank give me this passion kiss knowing I am about to cum all over Charlie face.

It like is the first time we have met the kiss is long and intents and I bend over to suck on Franks cock and he cum?s in my mouth. And I cum again on Charlie . We all decide let get out of the shower and take this to the bed room. Its noon time fly?s by when you are enjoy the love of 2 men.

Frank is putting passion oil on my back as I lay down on my stomach and sucking Charlie cock and again as the oil his patiently heating me up in a hot and sexing mood. As Frank turns me over and starts between my legs and the joy begins all over again. I suck hard and hard on Charlie cock and he cum more then once in multiply time. Then we switch but Charlie put his cock inside me deep and hard. And I am sucking on Frank cock his is play and suck on my breast they are so hard. And he turn and gets the oil and put on the front of me. And he is heating my body into a rag of passion once again. And I suck Frank hard and hard and then real slow and slower and then real hard and until I get all his juice from his cock. Charlie move up my body kissing me as he goes along and put his cock in my mouth and Frank is fucking me harder and harder and as he cum again in me. I bit down with ease and Charlie say hey baby not so hard he pulls out his cock.

The phone rings and it one of Charlie?s friends at work wouldn?t to know if we want to go to Lake Meredith and have some fun with 2 other ,

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couple, Charlie asked hold a second.

Hey Ralph down at my job wants to know if we all want to go to Lake Meredith and get one of the large cabin with 2 other couples I sit up and Frank say well we don?t know these people Charlie say Pat you want to talk to him sure why not. Hello Ralph what are you asking now me and my 2 women and another couple want to know if you all want to get a large cabin and do some swinging. I said sure what?s the harm are you D&D free sure. Well here is Charlie by the way when and what time. I will tell Charles. So I go back to frank who still has a harder on and start sucking him off again. Charles get off the phone want to know how fast can we get there said they will meet them at 3o?clock. Hey will only have one hour it take 45 minutes to get there. So I finished up Frank and I have to take a shower again. Well I go to take a shower Frank yell in and say hurry up baby because I need to take one to. Told to come on in and he grab my breast and we kiss and he puts his finger?s inside my pussy and he tells me I only want you and no one else. Charlie yells in are you taking a shower or what Charlie opens the curtain and say hey we aren?t going to get there if we keep doing this all day. So we stop I finish up Charlie drys me off and franks gets out still with a harder on.

We are dress and in the truck Frank say I drive and I will suck on your cock while you drive and you say hmmmm. Charlie say when you are finish you can come back here baby and do it to me.

Well we get there the guard at the gate say can I help you Charlie say we are with Ralph Getz group man say last cabin at the left, thank you and we drove to the last cabin. Ralph answer the door with nothing on. Wow hey take you clothes off the girls are in the hot tub. So I go back taking my clothes as I am going and the guys are in the other room. As I am getting in girls are saying hi I am Peg and this is Sandy and you are Pat well you can sit between us. Sandy is sucking on my breast Peg say we are Bi are you no just Bi curios oh you will like this then Peg is fingering me and then the guys walk in with another couple George and 2 more gals they say I Peg and Sandy we got us a new gal. Come on in the water is fine.

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This is Patty and Pam and this is Charlie and Frank gal her name is Pat. Nice to meet you, You all know each other oh yes we work together where your men work they never told me there were gals there. We work in the office oh that explains it. We come here every weekend also two other couples come too. They might show up but you never know if they will be here or not. We have our own nudist camp here. Is that the reason of the fence yes and we own this cabin its ours, oh how long have you own it about 11 yrs wow. Where were you before you moved here we lived in Maryland wow that funny George was from there too he lived in a place called ECI. Do you know what that mean yeah Eastern shore Correctional Inst. How did you know that because that?s where Charlie and Franks is from I lived in the mountain?s of Garrett County called Deep Creek Lake Peg goes oh my god I lived in Oakland oh how weird.

Hey Frank and Charlie you never told me that you knew George from the pen. Well we didn?t know him, until we met him at work. Isn?t that weird. Yes Pat it is So what are we waiting for so come on out Pat yes my lover. Peg and Sandy say let see if the other show up first and we all can go to dinner at the club. What club is that Charlie asked well is a place to eat and have fun. Frank say kool! down Frank Pat say, ok lover and he come over a play with her breast and gives her a passion kiss. And George goes and pulls my legs apart and start licking my pussy as Charlie just looks and watch?s and then the gals call him into the hot tub.

And then 3 other couple walk in the room and Bill Booie yell anybody want to go to eat a meal before the fun starts George yells to Bill hey you want to taste something taste this and he begin to taste me. Say you taste good and you are who Frank speak up she is mine and Charlie women. As I am still sucking on Franks cock and he cream me with a large load of cum. And I am still sucking to get every drop, franks say that enough for you baby.

George say to us you don?t have to wear much clothes to this place because your not to aloud to wear clothes in this club at the tables. I say why is that, you will find out why.....

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So we walk into the club , everyone there has no clothes on even the hostess has no clothes on she show us where we can take our clothes off and where to put them. Frank is holding on to one of my breast as I unbutton his and Charles shirt. Peg speak up can?t they undress them selves but we always do this. Because as long as they were in ECI they never had a women to do this for well we don?t do George how long was he there about 3 years. Well that?s why because the guys have been in there longer then that.

Well let go get something to eat the rules are as follow:

1.) Any man can touch and suck on any women in here 2.) Any women can touch and suck on any man in here.

3.) There is no such word as NO you can?t.

All agree, yeah sure are you sure Frank and Charlie and Pat. Frank and Charlie gave me a kiss as I did to them long and hard. Frank went to the buffet and got strawberries and cream and put the cream all over me and put big strawberry in my pussy and licked the cream off of me and ate my pussy with the strawberry in it. This Big Black man came up to me and told Frank excuse me but I want too suck on your women and fuck her and my women will work on both of your men. And she will lick your women dry and then your women will suck on me as one of you will suck on her pussy and other will get there cock sucked by her. As this big black guy had strawberry dizzle poured it very slowly from my neck and to my pussy. He licked it off of me as he put his cock in my mouth. And since we where the newest couple in there we got the full treatment from everyone in there. They moved all the table and chairs out of the middle of the room and put all three us there and everyone took a turn women on Frank and a man on Charlie and two women working on me. And then two women on Charlie and Frank thus went on f0r five hours. Since we are new to this will go on for one month as new members. So as we all where leaving this black man came up to us and said we will be seeing you all again. And of course we said yes.

Charlie was saying in the truck boy does my cock hurt asked Frank his was sore as was my pussy. It was Saturday morning everybody slept

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in about 1 pm. This cabin had 5 bedrooms in it nice size kitchen and 3 bathrooms , large living room , dining room , outer room with two large hot tubs and a swimming pool out back. And a big play room in the basement. With whips and weird stuff since I am not into pain I stayed away from that stuff. Well the other two couple and enter duce there selves to us One of the guys new Charlie as Lone Wolf and I knew him a Wizard. Frank called him a young wise guy. I knew him as Howard he had Shirley and Connie we talked a little. And then there was big Bill Booie from Maryland with his two women Cher and Fanny and a dog Butch was the women?s play toy. And Cher had this dog mounted on Fanny fucking her I told Frank that is gross I went running to throw up.

Peg yelled down and asked does any one know how to cook I yelled yes I do let me put some clothes on.

So I made a big lunch we all ate, and told everybody we will have to leave we have a small farm and we had to feed the animals. Well you all are welcome back anytime don?t need and invitation just come on down on the weekends someone will be here they gave us a key to the locked gate. Well when we were walk out to the truck a car pulled up and there was Charlie?s boss Herb are you leaving so early Charlie say will have to get back and feed the animals. What kind do you have 2 male steers, bunch of red island chickens, three horse, Frank yell come on Charlie or we are going to leave you here. So Charlie stayed and we back home and you know what Charlie is up too. We went back to the house turned the air conditioner on changed into our work clothes went and did our chores, then went for a horse back riding for a while. Came back to the house all sweaty went running upstair to take a shower and to find a handsome man standing in behind the shower curtain waiting for us.

Charlie got a ride home had a girl in the shower with him hey who invited her here. I did have a problem yeah we are suppose to talk it over we everybody who lives here. This is Shama she is the boss daughter she is a kid Rape bait she is 20 and the boss knows she is here. She never had sex with anybody still a virgin. Dam Wolf she is virgin she need to be with someone her age, You say you would never be with anybody her age right sorry wasn?t thinking does she have a boyfriend yes then have

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her call him. And we can lend her one of the bedrooms we have here and they can do what they want to do. If she wants you in there to watch or join in with all of us that?s fine too right Franks what ever baby what ever goes. Just do it now we want to take a shower we smell like a barn. So Shama called her boyfriend Joe and he has no way here, so I am going with her to pick Joe up Bye see you when we get back. Hey Pick up some Beer and Chips on the way back. Ok will do bye.

So Frank and Pat go take a shower together I am french kissing him and he is kissing me back and then I get all hot all over again and I want Frank cock so I can suck on it Frank say wait until we shower and dry off. So we walk hand in hand into our room and we here the door slam, Frank yells out what?s wrong no answer hmmm maybe he didn?t shut the door hard enough and the wind blew it shut. So I am kissing Frank all over as he is licking my pussy and I heard a noise I sat up there is someone in our house Frank get his pants on and I put my night shirt on and go down stair real quiet like as I go down the back stairs to the kitchen with my hand gun.

Here is this man in my refrigerator eating my food. Frank startled him and I came behind him. Frank say, what do you want and who are you? He say this is my house no this is our house who is ours the man said. I said, mine and Franks and Charlie I told we have the deed to this place we own it. And who are you to come in our house a raid our frig my name is Howard Smith I have been in prison for 30 yrs. And my family owns this house no your house burnt down and we bought the empty part of a house and had it built into a different house. Oh I am sorry I didn?t know I been staying in the tree house I built for my son and when I see you leave I come and take a shower and eat your food. And when I saw your truck leave I thought you all left. You both have beautiful daughter we have no daughter oh you are talking about the young lady who left with Charlie oh that Shama they went to pick up her boyfriend.

I have niece by that name. But her father owns S&M Mechanic Factory, right that is my and Charlie boss then you must be Williams Smith brother yes I am.

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Well does your family know you are out of jail no they don?t they never knew I was in jail I left to go to war that?s all they knew. So you want to stay with may I sure Pat doesn?t mine more the merrier. So do you know anyone in town. Hey guys let sit down my legs are killing me. So what kind of work do you I used to work for my brother before I left they it was a little shop.... oh did I disturb you folks no we were just having some fun fucking. Oh I have done that with my old girlfriend in 30 yrs I wonder if she still live in town what?s her name Sue Kyler. Hey didn?t we hear that name this weekend Frank yeah she has a son name Joey Kyler and grandson name Joe Kyler . Well look her name up in the phone book I am hold you cock in your hand please. Here it is I will call her , Hi Sue this is Pat I met you at the cabin oh hi your not married are you know just me and my son live here well who is Joey father then his name is Howard Smith do you ever hear from him no his brother said he died, oh what a shame. Hey what is Charlie doing here picking my son up for have they left yet no tell Charlie your are going along with him ok.

Sure Pat what?s going on just tell Charlie I want to talk to him sure Pat, as Sue yells out to Charlie Pat wants to talk to you ! ! What?s up bring some wine home and stop at the chicken place and get 2 family size meals ok what ever you say.

Now, Howard let us go finish what we started and I will look for some clothes for you no you don?t have too I have some in the tree house are they clean the washer and dryer is right there. They will be at least 2 hours wash your clothes and dry them and on the third floor is two bedroom pick one and its yours there is a closet and dresser in there in the closet there is sheet and stuff in their for the king size bed. It?s your as long as you want it. Thanks, but don?t want to be a burden on you folks Just hurry and do it. Dam Pat what your really look out for others don?t you. Hey you better get up stair before I suck on your cock right now and here. I am going boy you?re my sexy women you know that, don?t you. Yes and you and Charlie are my sexy men are you.....

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