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The Resturant

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As I sit at my desk working on reports I look up to find a delivery guy standing in the door way holding a vase full of sterling roses. As he sat them on my desk I removed the card attached which read ?You only deserve the best?.dinner at 6? and the name of our favorite restaurant. Intrigued by the delivery I thanked the man and reached into my purse to get my cell only to find another note reading ?I can?t wait to taste your sweet cum for desert.? After trying to call you and not getting an answer I decide to go home and freshen up before going to dinner. Upon arriving at home there was another note that read ?Kids are taken care of; bring your tight bald pussy to me.? Wet with anticipation I make it to the restaurant and find you sting at a table in the back corner. As I slide in next to you, you lean over and kiss me passionately before saying a work. The look on your face lets me know that you have something special planned for the evening. As we talk about our day and the children they serve our dinner which you had previously arranged. During dinner you reach over and take my hand pulling it over to your exposed cock. I smile and start massaging you as you grow harder and harder in my hand. You lean over and kiss my neck as you tell me that you are going to make me cum before we leave. Stilling trying to eat and act like nothing is going on you place your hand on my leg and slowly start pulling my skirt up. About the time they come to take the plates away you run your hand up my thigh to find that I have no panties on and that my pussy is dripping wet. You quickly slide you fingers in me making me gasp. The waiter asks if everything is ok and you answer that I feel great as he hurries off with a curious grin. Your cock starts to throb in my hand as you continue to play with my clit and finger my pussy. I try hard to be still and quiet but a few people are starting to glance with only excites us more. Before you explode you grab my hand and move it away from your cock. You continue to pound my pussy as the waiter returns with the check and while reaching to pay him I cum in your hand; once again leaving the waiter wondering what is going on. As we leave the restaurant and get to the care you lean me up against the car, raise my shirt and slide you dick deep into my wet pussy. ?Fuck me baby? I whisper as you probe deeper and deeper rocking the car side to side with your thrusts. I cry out as you cum inside me, I can?t wait to taste our cum off your cock. You slowly move back and open the car door for me to get in, them move around and slide into the driver seat. As you start the car I reach over and take your cock in my hand and then lower my head to your lap. I start running my tongue up and down your cock as you pull out onto the road. The taste of our cum on your dick is making my pussy wetter and wetter. I move my lips over the head of your cock then down your long shaft sucking harder and harder as I take more and more of you in. You rest your hand on my head and then slide it across my face until your fingers are resting on my lips and you can feel your hard cock moving in and out of my mouth. You want to cum so bad but try to focus on driving. As you pull into the drive way and park the car you slide your seat back to give us more room. However just as you are about to cum I stop and move over to sit on your lap with my back to you. Your hard cock slides into my wet pussy and begins to throb. While I bounce up and down on your cock you grab my hair and pull me back to you. Biting my neck you tell me that my pussy feels so good wrapped around your hard cock. As I cum all over you once again you pull me down hard on top of you and cum deep in my pussy. This time we sit there for a while without moving, trying to collect our thoughts and composure. Then as I move over to the passenger side to get out you quickly get out and go into the house. Not sure what is going on I walk into the house and turn to close the door just as you grab me and lower me to the floor. Quickly you remove my skirt and place your face between my legs. You suck hard on my clit as you run your tongue over my dripping hole. I start to wiggle away but you reach around and grab my ass pulling me back towards your face and keeping me there. Your tongue wildly fucking my pussy as I squeal and moan with delight; I tell you that I want to cum so bad and you reply please do! Suddenly I can not hold back any longer and I cull all over your face. Eager to share you take it all in then move up and kiss me. As I continue to kiss and lick your face you slide your cock in my. My pussy still quivering from the last orgasm makes you cock want to pulse. You fuck my pussy harder and harder going deeper with every thrust then just as I am about to cum again you suddenly get up and go to the bedroom. Once again I follow eager to find out what is next. As I get closer and closer to the bed looking for you, you come up behind me and bend me over. You reach down and pick up our favorite toy and gently slide it in my pussy. As you watch the toy move in and out of my pussy while you fuck me your cock grows harder and harder driving you crazy. Carefully you place your cock in my ass as you continue to play with my pussy. You start to move both faster and faster and the sight of you fucking both my holes at the same time makes you want to explode however you hold back for me. As the passion builds I can no longer hold back and cum all over the toy and your hand making you cum deep in my ass. Both of us can?t seem to stop the excitement and continue to buck against each other as we cum a second time together. The passion does not seem to end as you roll me over and ram you hard cock deep in my pussy and kiss me madly. I cum again and again not having control any longer; you smile with delight as I squirm and shake from you driving me mad. One last time you cum then just as quickly as it all got wild you lean over and kiss me passionately then move to my side continuing to hold me until we both fall asleep????

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