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The Parking Garage, exhibitionism a narrative of actual events

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The Parking Garage (a narrative of actual events)

I know a Lady who I still hold close to my heart even though today she has no idea who I am. Her name is Judie. We met on an adult site many years ago. Since we had similar interests, or we were equally twisted, we hit it off from the first moment we laid eyes on each other. Judie suffers from a medical condition or chemical imbalance in her brain that causes her to have Grand Mal seizures. The seizures continued to increase in quantity and severity. The doctors decided radical therapy was needed. She was to receive an implanted device called a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. Since she was incapable of driving I offered to take her to the appointments for the implant.

Heading up for the initial conference about the device, we were yakking about wild things we had done and wild things we still wanted to do. Sort of a sex 'bucket list'. One of mine was finding the front parking spot in a mall or busy store such as a Wal Mart. Laying down the back seat of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and making love to a Lady behind its tinted glass as 100s of people walked by unknowingly. But alas, it was not to happen, I was soon selling my Jeep and buying a pick-up truck.

We made it to the doctor's office building and took our parking ticket from the Lady attendant and parked. Since her appointment was a spur of the moment type due to her condition, we were put in a room with a box and the basic instructions about the soon to be implanted device. Hours passed, it didn't matter we talked and enjoyed each other company and talked about what she would do if she could lead a somewhat 'normal' life.

Finally the door opened, they had forgotten we were there. The doc came, explained the procedure and left saying she needed to come back the next day to talk to the company's rep and ask any questions she had. We left and went back to my Jeep. Once there, we noticed we had forgotten the box along with the two magnetic bracelets inside it to manually control the device. I turned on the radio, and hurried back to the doctor's office praying that they were still open. They were. I retrieved the box and went back to the garage. I was inside the car and starting to put on my seatbelt when I noticed the happily smiling Lady sitting next to me was completely naked.

I needed no more urging. As she calmly sat naked in the front seat I quickly folded down the back seats, threw all the miscellaneous junk in the front and climbed in as she climbed over the center console. People walked by oblivious as I greedily drank her cum as she came to a shuddering orgasm on my face. I watched one of the nurses from the doctor's office walk three feet away as I came down her throat. People walked by as she bit at her knees to keep from crying out in pleasure from where I had folded her in half and attempted to impale her on my cock. I am not sure, but I think the guy that got in the car parked in front of us might have noticed her hands clawing at the back of the front seats, my hands on her shoulders doing doggie. He did seem to have a funny look on his face as I hammered her as hard as I could. Maybe two hours, could have been three, who cared.

The back was stifling from half closed front windows, we both were soaked in sweat, damn that was fun. This level of the lot maybe had one car left in it we finally crawled out of the back naked and sweaty but damn happy. It was cooler and I felt invigorated. I took her hand, lead her to the front of the Jeep, laid her over it and did it again. Now we both were exhausted, and hungry. We dressed, re-loaded the stuff in front in the back of the Jeep, used the validated ticket to bypass the pay booth and went to Fudruckers for a burger.

The next day we had to go back to see the company rep at the doctor's office. I pulled up to the ticket booth. It was a Hollywood classic double take. The Lady had looked away and her head snapped back around and she got this HUGE shit eating smile on her face. She leaned over the edge of the window, almost into the Jeep.

"You do know I monitor the parking garage by closed circuit TV. I knew what you two were doing and was almost tempted to go up and look in to watch on my break. Then you came out. I was so freaking horny when I got home I sat naked with the lights out and waited on my boyfriend to come over. I attacked him when he walked in the door."

The company rep looked confused when he is explaining his implant, its functions and we would suddenly both burst out laughing. Never did get to try the Wal Mart's parking lot. Do like a twisted Lady though.

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