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The Milkman Cummeth Part 2

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As I continued to work my convenience service station job, the owner kept hounding me about how I had increased his revenue by 40%. I finally gave in. Ben, the owner sat at the deli counter and I caved in.

I confessed, expecting to be fired. Ok, I had a weak moment. I was trying to keep the walk-in cooler clean by monitoring the cooler deliveries, and I had sex with the milkman, OK? The farm workers saw it all and now they come in every day to see if I am going to fuck for their viewing pleasure. He paused in thought and commented, Oh, I am relieved! I thought you were selling drugs or something like that. Keep up the good work!

Now Ben is a local entrepreneur, dabbling in several successful businesses. His brother is the local sheriff. It wasn?t long before I suspected he had shared my confession with his brother. Soon, every day, I served several deputies at lunch. One of these days after presenting five half priced pizzas to what seemed to be the entire sheriff?s department, one of the deputies commented on my ?fine ass?. I smiled and thanked him for noticing. I had to pee really bad and I asked the complimenting deputy to watch the front for me, then I excused myself to the restroom.

I had just dried myself with a tissue, when the un-lockable restroom door opened. It was my fan; the deputy. I tried to cover up and I asked who?s watching the front? He smiled and continued to come in. He said, we are all infatuated with you. I have been elected to approach you concerning the possibility of maybe, uh, well, uh, you know, uh. I had to save him from his stumbling, so I asked what you guys want. This made it easy for him and he replied a simple, YOU! I replied, here? In this restroom? What the hell? He responded, no we can make it nicer than this. I was shocked, but intrigued. All five of you, I asked? Yeah, all of us, he replied.

I pulled on my jeans and walked out the door with the spokesman deputy in tow. As I walked into the store area, I noticed that it was darker than usual. The shades were down and the sign on the door had OPEN printed on it, facing me. Oh, so we are closed at lunch today I said. And the door is locked chided one of the deputies. I noticed that two of the tables had been pushed together and were covered in a thick pile of blankets. I asked What if you guys have to respond to an accident. None of you have blankets in your patrol cars and its cold outside! They all chuckled.

I?m thinking, either I do this or get a speeding ticket every day. Decisions, decisions! I announced, what about Ben, the owner of this place. They in unison replied, He knows! So hopelessly, I say to them, So, you all want to fuck me. Why me? My fan deputy replies, it?s because you are beautiful. I blushed. I couldn?t think of anything else to say, but Ok what do I need to do? With that I was swarmed by 5 sex crazed deputies. My shirt flew off, my shoes were gone. My bra unhooked, my jeans lay on the floor, and God knows where my panties went! I was picked up and laid upon the blanket covered tables. With my last hesitation, I begged for a 40 ounce beer. One appeared immediately and I chugged it until it was empty. I laid back on the blankets and announced, OK boys, Do me good!

Five gun belts clanked onto the counter. Body armor followed suit. Five fresh Police Academy graduates stood naked before me. I asked for one more 40 ounce beer and one magically appeared. I gulped it down and sighed in acceptance of my situation.

I looked around. There were two men at my head, one on each side of the tables at my breasts, and one deputy between my legs. All I could think of saying was Bon App├ętit. With that, I felt two dicks ram the side of my cheeks, two devouring mouths on my breasts and a tongue in my vagina. I have to admit, all of this attention made me horny. I was tipsy with a beer buzz. I laughed to myself thinking I am today?s special!

My head hung off the end of the table as two deputies tried to stretch my mouth open with their two cocks. My nipples were stinging with the overly aggressive biting from the two deputies invading there. The deputy at my pussy was eating me raw. I somehow went to my happy place and before long I was moaning in ecstasy. The deputies removed the table from under my legs. My pussy deputy mounted me as my legs were now hanging from the single table. He was an average cocked man and he fucked me well. I felt him jerk and my pussy was enveloped in cum spurts.

I was surprised when one of the deputies removed his dick from my mouth and took his position at my crotch. He dove in head first. I didn?t expect that. He cleaned me up with his tongue and proceeded to eat me like a porn star! I was relieved to only have one dick in my mouth, when one of my breast attendants moved to my head and double loaded my mouth again. The pussy porn star mounted me with his gigantic tool and I came all over him. He fucked me hard and sprayed his cum all over my belly.

Once again, it was changing of the guard time. I looked over at the deli counter and the two deputies that had finished were drinking long necks. One of the deputies fucking my mouth took over at my pussy. The deputy that I had been sucking since the beginning moved to my breasts. My remaining breast deputy eagerly loaded my mouth with his lone shaft. Oh this is much better I thought. The deputy at my breasts showed tenderness. He pleasured me. As a result, I sucked the deputy at my mouth with intensity and he spewed cum in just a few minutes. The deputy at my pussy wasted no time and fucked the hell out of me and then pulled out. I anticipated his next move as he pressed his cock into my bottom. I begged, please lube me up first! He took his hand and swiped up a gob of cum from my belly and applied it into my ass with two fingers. He then entered my ass with his cock and fucked me hard.

I know it sounds like an unpleasant experience, but I began to enjoy it all. I couldn?t stop the orgasms. I came in waves, over and over. The deputy fucking me told me to get up and he laid down on the table. He instructed me to mount him and I did as ordered. The other deputy took his position at my ass and I was DP?d. I peed on them just for spite, but I was still cumming over and over. I felt the warmth of cum in my ass and in my pussy. I just wanted to sleep by then. I heard the deputies dressing and cleaning up everything they had disturbed. I sat down in a chair. They took their blankets back to their patrol cars. They all left their beer money on the counter and each one dropped a twenty on the table in front of me. I scr*ped up the money. I told them to lock up. I walked out of the store naked and got into my car and drove home to recover.

I was back at my job the next day. Ben came in and sat at the deli counter. He smiled at me. I bitched! I am so sore I can?t walk! Promise me Ben. Only one at a time! I raised my tee shirt and showed him my purple nipples. Ben walked around the counter and hugged me. He said I?ll never let that happen again. He slipped a one hundred dollar bill in my pocket and kissed me. I felt comforted, but cautious. I kind of back tracked, saying Ben I love to fuck, but 5 guys are too much! Once again, Ben hugged me and promised never again. He stuck another one hundred dollar bill in my pocket. Again he kissed me, this time on the lips. He hugged me again and I could feel his penis growing against my thigh. I said, not now Ben, it?s time for the farm workers break. He backed away and sat back down at the deli counter.

Sure enough, in walked the tribe of migrant farm workers right on schedule. I took deli orders and filled them as fast as I could. Ben saw I was falling behind and came behind the counter to help me. He wasn?t much help and was obviously distracted. He kept playing grab ass with me. At first, I was irritated and just trying to do my job, but his persistence won me over. I started sticking my ass out as he passed. He would take a swipe at my crotch as he passed. As I was taking another order, Ben approached me from behind and reached around, gently holding my breasts. The customer?s eyes bulged from his sockets. I heard a roar of comments around the deli in Spanish. They are going to do it! They are going to do it!

I am beginning to wonder if this is a deli or a brothel. Ben made a brash announcement. He shouted, does anyone want our waitress to be topless? I glared at him during the chorus of Si, Si, Si, Senor. I commented to Ben, You are giving me the reputation of a cheap whore! He replied, you are not cheap dear. Ben continued his announcement, five bucks on the counter and she will serve you topless. Money flew onto the counter from everywhere. I couldn?t believe all these guys wanted to see my tits! Why not, I pulled my shirt off and continued to work. I?ve never seen so many smiling men! Even with my purple nurples, they were all happy! Ben announced, No touchy! No touchy! Before they all became a restless mob. They all settled down and I became quite comfortable and free being topless. Apparently Ben saw dollar signs and broke into another impromptu announcement. Would you like to be served by a waitress wearing only panties? Again a chorus of Si, Si, Si rang out. Five more dollars Ben continued. Money came from everywhere. I scolded Ben. These guys are suppose to send this money home to their families!

I looked at Ben in surrender and told him, you owe me big time! I?m glad I wore some decent panties today. I dropped my jeans and tossed them onto my employee chair. I looked down, oh my God! I wore lace sheer panties! I took a deep breath and continued to serve the customers. After a few minutes, I grew comfortable in my new uniform. I joked with Ben; you are running out of announcements. With that, he upped the ante. How many of you would like your waitress to be naked, he announced. I replied, Fuck it Ben, we will be in violation of health department regulations. And of course, the packed house yelled Si, Si, Si! As if to know what was coming, a giant pile of five dollar bills flew onto the counter. What the hell, I peeled off my panties. I shook my finger at Ben, don?t auction these off! They are my best pair of panties! A temporary flood of reality overcame me and I said to Ben, if my husband finds out you made me a stripper whore, you?ll support me the rest of my life! He laughed. Even though Ben kept yelling no touchy! No touchy! I was groped endlessly as I delivered plates to the tables.

Then Ben made his boldest announcement of the day. I stood dumbfounded as he made his announcement. How many of you would like to see me make love to our beautiful waitress? Ben? No? Not in front of them. This is how all this got started in the first place. I fucked the milkman, so sue me! Again louder than ever SI, SI, SI, SI, SI, SI! Ben winked at me. I begged Ben; I do want to fuck you but here? Really? Ben nodded with an evil grin. This is what you want? Yes, he replied. You are going to have to build a larger dining room I said! With that Ben picked me up and put me on the deli counter. As a last resort argument I said, Ben what if your wife walks in. He laughed. You think for a minute she would enter a place where she may have to actually go to work? The farm hands rather watch porn than eat and each one removed their plates from the deli counter. I watched as Ben removed his shirt. Ben was in his late forties. He was in good shape even muscular. He removed his pants and boxers. His erection pointed up toward the sky. He climbed up onto the deli bar and looked at my crotch. He smelled me and then dropped into my pussy with his tongue. I forgot that I was on stage and I strained to feel every sensation of his tongue. All of a sudden, Ben stopped and announced, if you want me to continue, it?ll cost twenty dollars on the counter. Twenties covered the counter immediately. Ben dropped back into my pussy and ate me with great passion. Feeling like an actress, I exaggerated my moans and sighs. I looked around to see a crowded room, all eyes on me! A hot blush flooded across me as Bens tongue began to have a wonderful effect. I pulled my knees back to my abdomen and held my breath. Oh God I came so hard!

Ben, feeling cocky by now shook his cock at the crowd. A cheer erupted! Ben crawled up to my face and kissed me passionately as he pressed his cock into me. During his thrusting, Ben whispered to me, I didn?t know what I was missing. I will be returning often! I bore down on my pelvic muscles and milked Ben?s cock. He was no match and screamed at the ceiling as he could no longer control his cum. His warm liquid spewed into my hole and I was content. The crowd of workers cheered and then walked out to return to the fields. Ben fell limp upon me and kissed me. He arose and said you are a treasure!

Ben gathered up all the money and stuffed it in a paper bag. He handed me the bag. I dressed and we closed up shop. When I got home I counted the money. There was over two thousand dollars in the bag!

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