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The Guest

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The Guest I was sitting on the lanai waiting for Paul to bring over Angela so he could study for a big test, she likes coming over to get rides on the equipment and play in the pool. I was trying to type in a report on the computer, but as Diana my wife's secretary has told me numerous times, I hunt and peck. Anyways, I was doing my best, having some wine, and enjoying the day. It was near the time when Paul said he'd be there, so I was trying to listen for the door, but I hate typing, between the cussing and hitting the table, I was making a lot of noise, when I heard a females voice instead of Paul's, I turned in my seat to see this vision of loveliness, she was beautiful, standing there, her hair was pulled up on her head, her smile would melt butter in the winter time, her breasts weren't the biggest I've seen, but they certainly were the fullest, she said hi I'm Kelly Nelson, Heather's aunt, I'm dropping off Angela, but she's crashed, we wore her out, so she is going to be easy to watch until Paul gets done. I turned back around and stood up, she gasped as she saw my nude body, she blushed and tried to turn slightly, I said is there something wrong, she said well yes, you're naked, I looked down at my body, I said so I am, so?, she said would you please put something on, I said no, this is my house, and I like being nude, plus I said this is a nudist community, didn't you see the very large sign as you came threw the gate?, she said no, I wasn't looking at the sights, I was trying to remember how the guard told me to find you. I laughed and said well Paul should have told you, she giggled and said he can't even remember his name right now, let alone anything else. I said well I'm sorry you can either accept this, or leave, either way, I'm not putting on clothes, she took a deep breathe and said well you are right, this is your house and if this is a nudist community then, I'm wrong, so sorry, I said no harm, would you like some wine or a beer or something else to drink, I have a large selection, she said I'll have whatever you're drinking, I held up a wine glass, she said that will be fine. I went past her and asked her to sit down, so she did, I said how long you in town for, she said well I planned on two weeks, but I'm not sure, I am going through a divorce with my cheating husband, and he'll get his woman, and I'm getting everything else, I said wow, that must have been one hell of a woman for him to cheat on a vision of loveliness like you, she blushed a bit then thanked me for the compliment. I handed her the glass, and I had the bottle in the other, when she took it from me, my cock was only a foot or so from her mouth, she was fixed on it, I smiled and sat down, she said so what do you do, I said I'm the head of maintenance for a large corporation that my wife is second in command, she said wow, that must keep you busy, I said yea, but then there are perks to it too, so it works out. We sat there sipping on the wine, it didn't take long before we had that bottle done and started on the second, we were almost to the end when she said I need to use the restroom, I pointed to the door on the other side of the lanai, she started to stand and almost fell back down, she said wow, that is some good wine, I laughed and said you need help getting there, she said I'm not sure, let me try that again, so she did, she got up and started on her way, I said well yell if you need help, she said ok, I will. When she came back, she said I'd better slow down on that stuff, it's pretty potent, I said yea, but it tastes so good, she said it does at that. We laughed and talked some more, I could see the wine was working fast on her, I said would you like to lie down for a bit, we have plenty of bedrooms, she said no, she would be fine, I said well how about a swim, that usually works for me, she started to say she didn't have a suit, then remembered where she was, she said sounds good, she stood up, and started taking off her clothing, I sat there watching her, she did it very sexually, she was enjoying the attention, when she got done, she jumped in, I dove in and as I came back up, I saw her pussy real close and personal, I cleared the water and she smiled and said enjoy the view, I smiled and said you have no idea how much I liked that, she blushed again, then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, then all or a sudden, she pulled back and released me, I said what's wrong, she said you're married, I said yes, very much so, she said then I can't do this with you, as much as I'd love to, I can't, it's not right. I tried to explain to her about our open marriage thing, but she didn't buy it, I looked at the clock and said ok, Michelle gets home in thirty minutes, then she'll tell you herself, ok, she looked at me with a strange look, she said you're serious about what you just told me aren't you, I said very. I said hold off for thirty minutes or so, then she tell you right out, she doesn't care, we have a very good marriage and we love to have fun, so we put them both together and it works for us. Well Michelle came home and confirmed what I said , Kelly was confused but wanted me in the worst way, so she accepted it, I said well there is one more thing you should know, she said what, I said well Michelle might come in and join us, she loves having another woman as I'm having sex with her, she said oh she's bi, I said yep, she said well I've never done it, but hey, this day hasn't been my typical day, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We went into my room and Michelle came out of the bathroom naked, she looked at Kelly and Kelly at her, I said could we have some alone time first honey, it's been a while for her, she smiled and said sure, but Kelly, save some for me, ok, I'm horny too, Kelly said I'll try Michelle, really I will, and with that Michelle left and closed the door slightly. Kelly knelt down and pushed me down on the bed, she started to suck my balls and cock, she would lick me, then suck me, she was very good at it, she was really into it, she kept me from cumming several times, as she did her magic, I was going nuts, I smiled and she finished em off, drinking the whole load down her throat, she said damn Jack, you can cum a bucket full, I said hum, I guess so, she sat on the edge of the bed and said ok, your turn to do me, I smiled and pushed her back atop the bed, she fell back and spread her legs, I went up between them, just touching the tip of my cock against her pussy, she moaned at the touch, I started kissing her neck, then lips, then back to her neck, moving down slowly, working my way to her pussy, she was moaning so loudly, I knew when I finally got to her pussy she was out of control, as soon as my tongue touched her, she let out this scream of passion, she came so many times, she squirmed all over the bed, squeezing my head between her legs, wrenching with pleasure, I tried to stay with her, but she was all over the bed, when she finally settled down, I went back to her pussy and started licking her again, and again she went nuts, she really clamped down on my head with her legs, I pried them open, and she started giggling, she said sorry, but I haven't cum this much every, I've lost count on the number of orgasms I've had, damn your good, I smiled and said well we're not done yet, she smiled and said oh I'm so glad to hear that. I moved back up between her legs, she said I have one request, I said ok, shoot, she said when you get the head in, please, oh please, slam your cock in fast and as hard as you can, it drives me wild, I said well I'm longer than the average guy, don't you think we had better go slow the first time, she pulled me close and said do it for me, slam fuck me hard, please, please, I said ok, s I stuck the head into her wet pussy, I slid it around a bit, then I arched my back and slammed it into her, she let out another scream and with that said OH HELL YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD DAMN IT, DO IT NOW she screamed, so I did, I slammed her pussy until I couldn't hold off nay more, I said I going to cum, you want it inside you or out, she said oh hell yes, inside me, please cool my hot pussy off, cum inside me so I did, I flooded her pussy, I felt it running down out of her, she laid there exhausted, I was panting pretty well myself. I then felt Michelle licking her and me, Kelly came once again, she was into that, she loved the feeling of her tongue, my cock inside her, she came over and over again, I pulled out and stuck it into Michelle, she moaned as I fucked her, she continued to lick and suck on Kelly's pussy, I flooded her and I said ok ladies, it's your turn, so Kelly turned around and for the first time, started to lick Michelle's pussy, it didn't take her long, she was getting into it. They kept it up for a while, then they laid there laughing and smiling, Kelly said I need a steak and potato now, with a salad and some more wine, I said that sounds fantastic, Michelle said yes it does, so we got into the shower, Kelly got it once more form me as we dried off, she loved it, she said damn Jack, that was fantastic, Michelle looked at me, I waited until she was in our room and nailed her ass when she bent over, she screamed as I pounded her ass, she was cumming with me, she fell onto the bed, her ass was gaping wide, Kelly said I need to try that, I've never had a cock there, I said hum, later then, after we get back here, she said it's a date then. So we dressed and went to dinner, Diana said damn, you guys were really loud in there, I'm jealous, Michelle said we'll join us when we get back, I'm sure Jack wouldn't mind seeing three ladies going down on each other, I smiled and said oh hell no, they all giggled at that. Kelly spent most of her visit with us. Paul and Heather came over and he finally got to see her nude, he was looking hard at her, I nudged him and said go ahead, do her, she loves it hard and fast, he looked at Heather, she smiled and came over to me and sat down on my cock, she said go for it, I've got a cock, so he went over to Kelly and she took him into the guest room, they were a long time, but Heather and Diana were having some fun, so when they came out, they both had a big grin on there faces, Kelly said well now, I'm in heaven, she said I'm leaving next week so if your in Pittsburgh, you always have a place to stay and a sex partner so don't be a stranger, we told her the same thing, she smiled and gave Paul's cock a squeeze and licked it a few times, he got hard and she smiled, he slammed her ass right there, she was very happy and very content.

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