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The Dark Aisle

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My husband and I have an amazing sex life. One that everyone wishes they had. Still we love to make it hotter. Whether it is bringing someone into the bedroom or just fantasizing about it, which can be just as fun. I wanted to find something to get him really hot! Then I found him, Dylan, the boy from the hardware store across from where I work. We had flirted a bit on the occasions when he would come across to my shop for a donut or a soda. I knew he was just what I needed. One morning I casually started talking to my husband about Dylan. About how he smiles as he watches me through the big glass windows of our stores that face each other across the street so perfectly. Seeing my husband get more attentive as I tell him how he watches me working. “Mmmm, sounds fun” he said. “Why don’t you let him know we are going for drinks later and to stop by”. We both chuckled, aroused by our thoughts. I kissed him good bye as I left for work. But I knew he would be thinking about the cute boy from across the street, watching, and wanting me. I got so wet just thinking that my husband could get so horny imagining me with another man. As I parked the car I was still wreathing from our conversation. I punched in and tried to get to work. As I entered the front of the store I tried not to look through the front window. It was taunting me through the corner of my eye, begging me to look. I finally gave in and looked up. There, slouching behind the counter, I saw his handsome face. I watched him for a moment then went back to work. But in the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about him or my husbands cock becoming so hard just talking about him. An hour went buy, customers came and went. I let the fantasy slip my mind. Then I heard the door, I looked up and in came Dylan. His smile gave me a very warm feeling, and I don’t mean my heart! He stood at the cooler deciding what to get. I knew what I wanted to give him. He turned and smiled, my heart was beating fast. I was sure that he knew that my panties where soaked all the way through. We talked for a moment and then he was on his way. Back across the street and into the hardware store. When he got to his door he turned and gave me one last look. That was too much for my hot pussy to handle. I knew I had to have him. I had a plan. When the customers thinned out, I went over to start washing the windows. I made sure I was in full view of Dylan. As I started to clean I provocatively bent over to start, first at the bottom then working my way up. As I stood I looked across the street and his eyes locked on to mine. I smiled and then continued to wash some more. I knew he couldn’t stop looking. I pretended I was getting hot. Well I was but not from the work I was doing. I wiped my forehead on my sleeve then unbuttoned first one then two buttons on my shirt. I felt like my breasts were trying to bust out, calling him over. I pretended as if I couldn’t reach a spot on the window. Stretching and pressing my breasts into the glass. I could feel his hot penetrating eyes undressing me with every move. I knew I had to have him. Both stores closed at the same time. I timed it just right so that I was locking up my store as he was turning over his open sign. I ran across the street and yelled “Wait!”. He shyly came over to the door, his hand hiding what was obviously a large bulge in his pants. I knew I had done something right. I felt myself tingling and pulsing. He asked “Can I help you?”. Since they also sold household goods there I told him a story about how I had broken my measuring cup and really needed one to make what I wanted for dinner that night. He grinned and opened the door. Since he had been closing he had already turned off the lights in the store, which was part of my plan. He walked me down a long dark aisle toward what he thought I wanted. Little did he know, or did he. As he turned and pointed toward the measuring cups I couldn’t take it any more. I lunged at him, kissing his lips so passionately. I could feel him hesitate at first then he just let go. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him. His touch melted me. I gently grabbed his cock through his pants and started to stroke. I could feel him growing in my hand even harder. He leaned his head back in enjoyment. I couldn’t stop thinking how hot it would if my husband was watching me from behind one of those dark aisles. I needed more. I went to my knees and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his cock. A moan escaped my lips. It was so thick and long. I softly put my lips around the tip and let my tongue slide around the head. He groaned loudly. I knew he wanted more too. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust, filling my mouth with his cock. I never wanted to suck a cock as much as this. I knew he wasn’t going to last long. I felt his cock start to pulse then his cum filled my mouth. I was so turned on I started to feel myself orgasm out of control. As I sat there on the floor, him standing, I slowly let his cock slide out of my mouth. He was not moving a muscle in fear of cumming again. I smiled and told him I had to go. I stood and scurried out of the store longing to share every detail of my dark aisle fantasy come true with my husband while his rock hard cock penetrates my hot, wet pussy.

Pages: 1

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