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The ClubRound 2

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So we get to the bar and we order drinks. The bartender says this round is on her. She says everyone is talking about us and wanting to get in that room with us. We both laugh but I see a look in your eye that I know so well and instantly know what you are thinking. Up to this point it has only been you and I and that?s the way we?ve always wanted it. But?..tonight we went to an all new level and I can tell your wheels are spinning. I see that look in your eyes and the hunger in your crooked smile as you look into my eyes to see what I?m thinking. You can tell by the way I look at you that I am game for anything you suggest. Just as you were about to ask me, two guys came towards the bar to get a drink. One guy leaned over the bar, and grazed my ass with his body. The other guy stood behind us and exchanged small talk with you and within seconds you can tell he knew it was us in the room. You give me a wink to let me know he knows it was us, and as you did, he caught his friend?s attention and gave him a nod letting him know exactly what he thought. He had no idea I saw him nodding to his friend as he turned back to talk to you, but I could see the hard on growing in his pants as he looked at me from the corner of his eye. I was about to excuse myself and go to the ladies room, when all of a sudden I felt something very hard rubbing against the small of my back. Knowing it was his friend, I let him rub his cock against me for a few more seconds as I turned to you to let you know what was happening. You were so engrossed in your conversation but you grabbed me by the hip to bring me closer to you. I quickly took this opportunity to lick your ear and tell you his friend was rubbing his cock against me. Just as I predicted, you were instantly aroused. Your cock got rock hard knowing another man was turned on by your girl. Wanting to take advantage of the moment, I suggested we go back into the room. You eagerly agreed and asked if I would mind if we brought some spectators INTO the room with us this time. I again saw that look in your eyes and knew you were so turned on by the idea of two strange men being in the same room with us, watching as we had wild, hot sex, so I immediately agreed. I excused myself and headed to the ladies room while you made the arrangements. You were waiting for me at the door when I emerged from the ladies room, but you were alone. The room right in front of us, I could see the two guys waiting for us. One was sitting on a couch and the other in a chair between the bed and the couch. You pulled me close to you and began to kiss me. Just the feeling of your lips on mine gave me goosebumps and sent a warm tingly sensation throughout my body and made my hot love tunnel wet with desire for you. Satisfied knowing I was ready, you grabbed my hand and led me to the room. As we walked toward it, the lights in the room went out. We opened the door and the room was silent. The stage was set and I now knew just what you have planned with the two strangers sitting quietly in the room with us. Darkness is all around us and the only light in the room is the one softly lit right above the bed.

This time in the room, it's a little bit different - we know we are not alone. A little nervous feeling in our bellies, as we do not have the safety of the glass between us and the strangers this time. Though sitting silently, we know the sharks are in the room with us, two of them anyway. The rest of them will be circling the room shortly for sure. You sense the nervousness in me as you reach out to touch me and I can tell that although you are excited, you are a little nervous too. A very comforting feeling comes over me knowing we are feeling the same exact way and knowing we will be experiencing something for the very first time and we are doing it together. With this deep feeling of comfort, I easily melt into your kisses, so soft and slow at first, they eventually escalate to deep, hot, passionate kisses. I feel your yearning for me in your kisses and my desire for you is equally matched and so much more than either of us can bear as you slowly undress me moving me toward the light in the center of the bed.

Quiet as they are, we are totally aware of the two guys in the room and we are so fuckin turned on by it. They are so close and can see every move we make, so you make a show of seductively undressing me.... first you take my skirt and slowly unzipper it. You slide it over my thighs and down to my ankles. Next you start unbuttoning my shirt, one button at a time starting at the bottom and working your way up. You get 4 buttons up and my breast are exposed above my bra, pushing up and out of my shirt. You unbutton the last button and slide my shirt down my shoulders. We hear movement in the room and my nipples get hard thru my bra as I hear the sound of zippers coming down. Excited knowing the guys are starting to get hot, you cup my breasts and start licking my nipples. Your warm breath and the wetness from your mouth on my bra only makes them harder as you undo the clasp of my bra and toss it to the bottom of the bed. You lay me back on the bed, your tongue and lips still working my nipples. I reach out to pull you to me, but you move away teasing me and start working on taking my panties off. You bury your face between my legs and feel my wetness on my panties. You lay there for a few minutes taking in my smell knowing you are teasing the guys in the room who no doubt want to get a smell of your girl?s pussy as my juices start flowing. It?s getting me wetter as I see the silhouettes of the guys jerking off while watching your face clamped between my legs as I bury your face deeper into my pussy. You untie the ribbons on each side of my panties and pull them off exposing my bare mound. We hear a loud moan and instantly know the sharks are turned on by what they see. In the dark a chair moves closer and we can hear the sounds of the guy on the coach taking his pants down. With the light of the bed I can now see the guy sitting in the chair fully naked and much closer now than he was before. So turned by this and wanting you inside of me I pull your shirt over your head and suck on your nipples, slowly moving up to your neck and then up to your ear. I whisper how much I want you and how wet you are getting me and instantly I feel your cock get harder through your jeans. My hands reach down to rub your cock as I unzipper your jeans to let free the huge throbbing cock bulging through your boxers. Quickly you take your jeans off and I start to give you a handjob with your boxers on. I can feel the wet spot from your precum and it makes my pussy throb. I wrap my legs around your thigh and I hump you while taking off your boxers. The sight of your huge hard cock makes my pussy wetter as it slides up and down your thigh. While laying on my side I tell you what I see at the windows while your face is buried in my tits, softly biting my nipples. Men and women starring at us, the hungry look in their eyes. Faces pressed up against the windows as cocks are being stroked and sucked. Your cock grows bigger and harder in my hand as I tell you and I feel it dripping from the tip. I bring my hand to my mouth to taste your warm hot cum and it tastes so good. I can see the guy on the chair is right up against the bed trying to get a peek at my pussy that is riding you leg. I tell you how close he is and you turn me over and spread my lips a bit so he can see the wet juices from the glow of the light above us. You spread my legs slightly and I feel my juice dripping so turned on by the touch of your fingers on my lips and knowing someone is right here getting turned on my the sight of my pussy. We feel movement on the bed and realize the guy from the couch is on the bed with us moving in quickly to get a view of my pussy too. You want to show off what is yours so you spread my legs wider and we watch him licking his lips so badly wanting to taste the white thick juice dripping from my pussy. You take your finger and slide it up and down my slit and spread my cream onto my lips and then on my clit, as you do this I get wetter and you swirl more of my cream around my ass using it as a lubricant on my hole so you can slide your finger in easily. I let out a loud moan and start girating my hips to the rhythm of your finger sliding in and out of me. You take your other hand and spread my lips and I get wetter instantly knowing you are going to lick me and suck the juices dripping from my pussy. I feel the hands of one of the guys on my legs by my ankle. I nod my head in his direction to let you know what he is doing and when you look back at me I just know how turned on you are by the look in your eyes. Your cock is throbbing harder and faster in my hand. Just as turned on as you are, I slowly arch my back and let my head fall back. My tits pointing right at you and my hips girating, you can tell how turned on I am as you let him move his hands slowly up to my knees, spreading my legs wider as he does so. His hands finally making their way up to my thighs, he spreads my legs as far as they will go and you get on top of me and thrust your cock so deep inside me. Tits bouncing in the air towards your face, you try to lick them, but we are moving to fast. I feel someone standing behind breathing on my neck and realize it?s the guy that was on the chair. Naked with his big cock in his hand, he is slowly stroking it while watching you fuck me. So close to my face I can see he has cum dripping out of the tip of his cock. Looking at him, you can see that he wants to touch me too and you let him move closer. I feel his breath near my tits and my nipples instantly get harder longing to be in your mouth. You stare at my tits, knowing you are unable to keep them in your mouth as you are fucking me. The shark knows what you are thinking and with his free hand gently grabs my tit and lifts it to your mouth. Still in my arched position, I bring my head up to face you and get so turned on as I watch you with my tit in your mouth as you are fucking me. You look in my eyes and I can see you are turned on as much as I am. Knowing we are both okay with all that is happening I give in to all the hands that are touching my body and the feeling of your cock deep inside me. I feel my lips grab your cock tighter and I feel your veins throbbing against the inside of my pussy. You look at me and can tell that I am ready to cum. I moan louder and you slow up your pace a bit so I can rub my clit against your stomach. They guy holding my thighs open wide can feel my juices on his hands and he is so turned on he moves his hands on my lips and opens them wider so you can go deeper as I get wetter. I see him lick my juice off his finger while jerking off his big cock at a fast pace. The other guy is still holding my tit in your mouth as he rubs his dripping cock on my other tit. Unable to take it anymore I can feel my pussy getting tighter as my clit rubs against you and I start to explode telling you that I am cumming. You hear me say that I am cumming and I can feel your cock moving faster and throbbing harder inside me and I know you are about to explode too?. I reach down to touch your balls and within seconds I can feel your cock pumping your warm cum deep inside me. I see the guy holding my tit in your mouth is cumming too. He is cumming all over my arm and its warm, but all I can think about is wanting to taste your warm sweet cum and feel it on my body. I tell you to pull out and as I stroke you. I get some of your load all over my tits and I rub it in all over them making my nipples harder. So turned on and wanting to finish you off, I put your cock in my mouth and gently suck out the last drops of cum that are dripping from the head of your cock. You look around and get so turned on as the guys watch me sucking you off, knowing they want a piece of my pussy and my mouth wrapped around their cocks. The guy at the bottom of the bed is stroking faster as he watches me suck your cock and he starts moaning just wanting his cock in my mouth. His hands still on my lips, he spreads them wider and he starts rubbing his cock on my thigh while looking at the inside of my pink wet pussy. He looks at me and stares me in the eye as his finger slips into my throbbing hole. Feeling the warmth of my pussy wrapped around his finger, he is imagining it is his cock inside of me. You lean back a bit and tease them as they watch me sliding my tongue up and down your shaft. You watch as the shark licks his lips as he finger fucks me and I can feel your cock getting harder in my mouth as you watch me starring at him while sucking you off. It?s getting you so turned on watching his finger inside me while I am sucking on your cock and as I squeeze your balls I feel you shooting another load in my mouth. So much cum dripping from my mouth and I so want to feel the warmth of it on my clit. Although I know the shark wants to keep his finger inside me what I want more is for you to see my pussy up close with your cum on it. Hmmmm I turn my body around and slide all the way up to your face. My legs spread wide apart, I put my finger in my mouth and swirl your cum on it. With my other hand I touch my hard nipple and then spread my lips. I can see the sharks cocks getting hard around me. I move closer to your face so you can see how hard my clit is. I ask you to hold my lips open for me and you show off the inside of my pink pussy as I put my finger with your cum on it and start to play with myself, rubbing your cum all over my clit. You love when I put on a show for you and you are getting turned on watching me put on a show for the sharks too. You watch them staring at me playing with my clit as they stroke their cocks and you know they are gonna get off on it and cum quickly. You look at my face and see in my eyes that I am so turned on knowing they are watching me. You look at the windows to see the crowd and your cock gets harder as you watch me play with myself while they are all watching me. So many people by the windows?..the guys are jerking off with a hunger in their eyes. Everyone is so turned on watching your baby play with herself while you spread my lips that are so close to your face. Wanting to make them lust for me more, you lower your head to my pussy and start licking my juices dripping from my hole as I continue to play with my clit. Oh my god it feel so good and its so fucking hot knowing everyone is watching. You love teasing them and you spread my lips wider so the guys on the bed can see the white creamy juice dripping from the inside of my pink pussy. Just as you thought, one guy starts jerking off faster and the cum is dripping out of his cock as he watches my hips move to the rhythm of your mouth and sees my love juice on your tongue. The other guy desperate to come moves closer to us and as he does I stick my finger inside my love hole. When I pull it out it is covered with a thick white creamy juice. I put my finger in your mouth and you tease him more by slowly licking it all off. He?s so close he can smell the scent of my sweet pussy and you can see he is getting more turned on and jerking off faster. Knowing he will come quick you decide to let him put his finger inside to get a taste of it. Telling me how hot my show is and how everyone is so turned on is making me wetter. You continue to keep my lips spread, and you allow him to slip his finger in as I play with my clit. He finger slides in and out slowly and I am so turned on looking at the both of you touching my pussy as I play with my clit. I arch my back and with my head back and I see all the strangers watching from the windows and you all you keep telling me is how hot my show is. I see the guy finally cum, squirting his load all over the bed as he continues to finger fuck my pussy. No longer able to control yourself and knowing how much I want your cock inside me, you push his fingers away wanting me for yourself. You pull me on top of you, my as to the window of strangers and you slowly slide me up and down your cock by my hips. So fucking hot feeling you inside me, I arch my back towards the strangers and your finger starts playing with my hard clit. I lift myself up and down sliding my pussy on your rock hard cock as you play with my clit. Lost in each other but knowing so many people are watching us just turns us on so much and within minutes I am cumming and I can feel you cumming inside me too. I let out a loud moan telling you how good it feels and how much I love that feeling of cumming together with you inside me. While still on top of you and wanting so badly to kiss you, I lay you down on the bed as our juices mix together and kiss those soft sweet lips with such passion. It feels so good laying on you with my chest rubbed up so close to yours and I pull you so tight to me. You put your arms around me and nothing has ever felt better than being wrapped in your arms??. Laying so close?..?. just you and me???.. back to ground zero???

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