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Thanks Dick for the Memory

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I often look through the want ads to see if there is anything that I can?t live without. I have occasionally picked up a nice piece of furniture from a ?must sell? moving ad for not very much money, but never have I seen an ad like the one I saw last week.

The ad was in the personals asking for a person to meet a man in a public place where he could expose himself to the willing person. He said that he would cover his cock with a piece of webbing like the kind inside gym shorts or sweat pants. He didn?t want to expose himself to any one else, just to the person who had responded to his ad. He was also very clear that he did not want to get caught and land up in jail. This ad was so unbelievable that I thought it would be ridiculous to respond to. It had to be a hoax. So I folded the paper and put it into the pile by the fireplace and went to bed.

But I didn?t forget what it said. I couldn?t stop wondering what this person needed to make this fantasy become a reality. I woke up the next morning, did my usual, check e-mail, make tea and I found myself making up the words to respond to that exhibitionist ad. I almost felt like I was outside myself, watching myself retrieving the newspaper out of the pile, writing this number down, picking up my phone and dialing the number and leaving a message with my phone number. I was saying to myself that this could be a police sting, it could be an ax murderer, or it could be a really sick man that jacked off at the school grounds. But I did it anyway, and just forgot about it and went about my day.

I was busy with my routine when the phone rang. I answered it and there was a very pleasant sounding male voice on the other end. I said hello and he introduced himself to me as Dick (pun intended I am sure!). He thanked me for responding to his ad and asked if I had any time free this coming weekend. I really couldn?t believe that he had called me and that he was serious about this interlude but there he was, asking for some of my time. I stammered and stuttered, but inside there was this wild feeling that I wanted to be a part of a secret plot to assist this total stranger with his fantasy.

I said that I would be in his city over the weekend visiting friends. I remembered that we had a lunch planned and shopping in the afternoon, so the only time would be Saturday morning. He said okay, he would call me that morning for my next directions. I went to bed with a certain amount of trepidation and excitement, knowing that I was going to participate in a fantasy that comes from the depths of a man?s psyche that is considered ?nasty? by the norm. Almost all of us have it, but few show it to anyone. He is not only including a total stranger, but he was becoming excited by it and I found that I was too.

Saturday morning arrived and I kept busy until the phone rang, about 9 am. I answered waiting for him to chicken out, but he gave me specific directions on where to go and when to be there. It was a local dress store and that I was to call him when I arrived. I got into my car and drove for 25 minutes, the whole way I could feel my vaginal lips becoming engorged and my right nipple becoming very sensitive, to almost orgasm level. I missed the turn to the store, and thought it might be a sign to just drive off, but I had come this far, and I knew I was safe in public, so I would only have to stand in the store and watch this man show me his cock behind mesh, that?s all. I said to myself, ?This is just too fucking weird!? But I drove around the block, drove into the parking lot and stopped the car. I picked up the cell phone and called the number and Dick answered. I announced that I was there and asked what he wanted me to do next. I informed him that I was dressed in a turquoise sun dress and sandals so he could recognize me. He said go into the store like a normal shopper, which wouldn?t be difficult since it was Saturday morning and there were a lot of women looking for a deal on a new item of clothing.

I walked into the store, acting comfortable on the outside, but adrenaline coursing through my veins on the inside. I went to a woman?s size dress rack and started looking at the clothes. I did not see him, anywhere. I moved over to the swimming suits, he still wasn?t there, I saw a man staring at me, and I went in closer to him, but he was very different looking than the image Dick had described himself. I was getting more nervous, but reminded myself that if I stayed visible, he would find me. This is his fantasy, not mine. I waited in the main corridor of the store and he appeared at the other end. I moved towards him and him towards me and we met in the household accessories isle. I felt my self shaking with excitement. I looked at him and he had lifted the large t-shirt up over his belt line and his 8 inch semi-soft cock was visible. At first I was shocked by seeing his genitals uncovered in a very busy store, but I asked myself what did I think I was there for?

I then looked at his eyes. His pupils were completely dilated to the size of dimes, his breathing was very hard and shallow, and his semi-erect status was changing rapidly. At that moment, a man came around the corner behind Dick, and I turned away and walked to the next isle. He followed me from the other direction and we met right in front of a store mirror. I backed into him with my hand out while we looked at his erection in the mirror. I touched his hard cock and started to move my fingers up and down while we watched. I suddenly realized that this was too much for my system and had an orgasm just by touching him. I moved quickly away, since I am a moaner when I come. And he covered up. I walked way over to the children?s clothes and regained my composure. I slowed my breathing, and went and looked for him. I found him in the house accessories again and I stood in front of him while he exposed himself and started to masturbate for me. A woman turned the corner and his back was to her while he exposed himself to me. I held my breath, and then turned away, moving my eyes over his shoulder so he would know that someone was there.

I was having a difficult time maintaining my sexual cool, so when we met again, I suggested that we go. We left the store single file, a distance away from each other, not like we were leaving together. I slowed down and asked what was next. He asked to sit in my car. We got in and I drove it to a shady spot under some trees and away from most foot traffic.

I left the car running, while we sat there. He took his disguise off and I again looked in his eyes. They were wild with lust/excitement/fear/curiosity/ relief and I asked quietly what is next? He looked around and pulled up his t-shirt and pulled down his pants to release an 8+ inch rock hard cock. I smiled and said, ?Nice work.? His response was ?I didn?t have much say-so about it?. He started to move his fingers along the ridge and top of his cock with the expertise of self satisfaction. I watched and moved my hands between my legs under my dress and started to move my clitoris in a circular motion. He watched, and I showed him my shaved pussy. I released immediately, moaning from the back of my throat in a very guttural way. He sighed as if he was a starving man receiving food for the first time. His face started to contort and I could tell he was going to come soon. I stopped what I was doing to myself and bent down and caught his juice in my mouth just as it was shooting up into the air. He arched his back and repeatedly shot more come into me, until my mouth was full. I was quietly stroking his cock tip with my tongue. He shuddered with aftershocks.

I slowed my mouth to still and lifted my head to look at him in the eyes. He was on another plane with adrenaline, lust and release as his co-pilots. I moved the thick, sticky fluid around in my mouth and slowly drank it down. He watched me swallow and smiled. We were quiet for a few minutes, until he made the statement that he could not have asked for a better result for his fantasy.

We actually talked for an immeasurable amount of time afterwards, mostly about his past that lead him up to this Saturday morning. He announced towards the end of our time together that this was the close to this fantasy and he would not try to repeat an adventure that was perfect. I warned him that many of the regular people in the world would not understand behavior like this, but that there are some of us kindred spirits that would. I suggested that if did something like this again, he finds one of us so that he would not find himself alone and caught. I did help him navigate this episode without anyone offended or security being called. He understood.

As he was leaving, I asked if I could kiss him. He agreed. In many years of kissing, I have not been kissed more erotically than I had by that man. It was the pinnacle of his fantasy and as I find out, a new adventure for me. I tried to contact him a day after, but I have to take him for his word that the fantasy is over and I will never see him again. Thanks, Dick for the memory?

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