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Swap Meet

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The light from the television spilled across the room as they sat watching the new X-rated video they just bought. The anticipation of hot sex filled their minds as they portrayed the fantasy unfolding before their eyes on the screen. She could feel his hands kneading her flesh as she watched everything that happened to the female on the video. They had only recently begun using adult videos to add excitement into their sometimes mundane sex life.

The scene ended and another began. Only this scene had two couples in it. As the husband and wife watched the videotape of the four persons sharing sexual fantasy, their minds whirled and they saw their own bodies filling the roles. The scene led to some of the most ravenous sex the two of them had ever experienced as a couple.

Later, the reality set in. Could it be that they were both secretly desiring this scenario for themselves? She brought up the topic first. Breaching the idea that since they enjoyed sex while watching others have sex on video, then maybe they would enjoy it in the same room while live sex was happening. He just kind of shirked it off but she could tell he liked the idea by the flush of his face.

Could she really do that, he asked himself? Could she have sex with me in front of another couple? Could she even allow another man to touch her while I am with another woman? The pictures he was seeing in his mind were almost too much for him. But he tried to maintain composure and act uninterested as she talked on.

The mere thought of it was driving Jane wild with desire. But Jack?s seemingly lack of interest offered no damper to what she thinking. She loved the idea of watching him fuck another woman. Of feeling a strange man?s hands on her body. Of pleasuring another woman while her husband watched.

He could see that she was really getting hot just talking about this. So he got up the courage to ask with assuredness if she was serious. She took his hand and placed it between her legs against her dripping crotch. In response to his question, he could see that she meant business.

So they talked about it long and hard. They looked into going to a swingers club to meet other like-minded people but were afraid of running into someone that was not safe. After all, they set certain ground rules to follow without infraction. One of which was that if either one of them became uncomfortable at any moment, it was over. For both of them. And they would just go home , back up and regroup.

Instead of picking up someone, they decided to go online and search out nearby couples. Someone with some experience that understood that sometimes insecurities exist that need overcoming. It would certainly take a special couple to fill the bill.

Browsing through the adult profiles, they ran across a couple that was very similar in interests as themselves. They professed to have been ?in the lifestyle? for over 10 years and that they were happily married and in love ONLY with one another. They were an attractive couple, somewhat average-looking. She was slightly older than him but they did strike you as a couple who fully trusted one another. They used the nicknames Joe and Loretta.

So, Jane decided to email them and see where it went. They were also online using a chat program and quickly responded to the email. It was Joe that answered.

After a few casual hellos and introductions, Jane got right down to the business of asking questions about the lifestyle. The first thing she discovered is that Joe was a bisexual. She hadn?t even entertained the idea or possibility of that but she surmised that it would be unfair of her to not allow her husband to experiment with his sexuality , IF he chose to. After all, wouldn?t that be like the pot calling the kettle black?

Although the conversation was rewarding as far as gaining knowledge and insight, there were still a lot of unanswered questions. Jane asked if Joe and Loretta would consider meeting them for dinner one night. They jumped at the chance.

Two nights later, Jane and Jack sat in a Chinese restaurant watching the door. It was easy to recognize Joe and Loretta when they walked in because they had seen pictures of them. They came over and joined them at the table.

It was perfect. Loretta had worn a tight, sheer blouse that showed off her small but firm breasts.

Joe was dressed casually in jeans and pullover shirt. The conversation was amazingly light and Jack and Jane were amazed at how easily they had taken to this couple.

Jack was retired military and Joe was still active duty. So they definitely had a lot to chat about.

Jane could tell just after a few minutes that she and Loretta had a keen desire for one another. And they sat idle chit-chatting, anticipating.

Dinner was great and Jack asked if they wanted to come over to their house for drinks and more conversation. Jane said it would be great if they could then they could get into more in-depth detail about the lifestyle and the questions surrounding it. So off they went.

It was about a 20-minute drive home and Jack and Jane discussed how they felt about it all. Jack expressed an sincere interest in the other couple and Jane shared her thoughts as well. They would do their best to accommodate this other couple while in their home.

It was raining real hard when they arrived, so they rushed in and toweled off. Jane went into the kitchen to make drinks and Joe and Loretta followed her. They made themselves comfortable at the kitchen table, remarking how relaxing the atmosphere was in this home.

Jack came back from the bathroom and joined in the already-in-progress conversation. Loretta shared many experiences, both bad ones and god ones. It was so that Jane and Jack could understand that no matter how much you might THINK it will be great, sometimes situations arise that need contending with. She was very informative and enlightening.

As she talked on, Joe slid his hand underneath the table across Jane?s leg and up her thigh.

She repositioned herself to lessen his access. It was still unclear to her how Jack would react if he knew. She got up to fix another drink and noticed that Jack?s hand was teasingly rubbing the back of Loretta?s sheer blouse. Jane?s pulse quickened at the thought of watching Jack fucking Loretta.

She sat back down and used her knee to gently nudge Joe?s and get his attention. He quickly responded by casually sliding his hand up and exploring her heated crotch.

The conversation went on and it was decided that perhaps Jack and Jane needed a little more time before they made the decision to engage in this kind of activity. Meanwhile, Joe strode to the living room and glancing through the videocassettes, found an X-rated one and popped it in the VCR. The four of them moved to the living room and seated themselves beside their respective mates on the sofa.

Wouldn?t you know it? The video he ad chosen was one of couple swapping. They sat in almost perfect silence except for the occasional low moan or sigh from Loretta and Jane. Joe began massaging Loretta?s body as he watched the video and Jane found herself watching them more so than the video. She glanced over to see Jack fully engrossed in the scene on the sofa.

Jane reached over and placed her hand on Jack?s crotch and felt a massive throb as she touched him. She slid her blouse over her head and exposed her full breasts to everyone in the room. She heard Joe gasp with delight as he gazed at her large tits. Loretta removed her blouse as well and the ladies began to explore one another?s bodies.

Jane bent and kissed Loretta squarely on the lips. A long deep kiss that brought about groans from both men. Jack was unzipping his pants and Joe was already exposed. They began to slowly slide their hands the full length of their own tools. Jane could see a small drop of juice forming on the tip of Joe?s dick and she bent over and lightly licked it off. Loretta had now placed her face right over Jack?s crotch and was deeply sucking him in her mouth.

Jane crawled down on her knees and shoved her face between Loretta?s legs, lapping up the cream that was rapidly forming while Joe crept up behind Jane and buried his dick inside her dripping pussy. As he pumped and thrust his body into her, Jane could feel the excitement raging inside her.

She stopped licking Loretta and Loretta climbed on top of Jack and slid his rock-hard cock into her cunt. Jane took her tongue and licked at Jack?s balls and slid it up the length of the shaft every time Loretta raised off it. As the four of them fucked and sucked, the video suddenly became so miniscule and unimportant.

The event raged on for hours. The men cumming and maintaining their erections while the ladies played endlessly with one another. Jack laid back on the sofa and Loretta climbed up and planted her crotch right over his face. Jane slipped over and took Jack?s hardened cum-soaked cock in her lips and took every inch of it in her throat. Jack could no longer contain himself and exploded, erupting thick cum all over Jane?s face. Loretta had placed her fingers on her clit and brought herself to climax as Joe was cumming deep inside Jane, who was also in the throes of an orgasm brought about by the very idea of the sights before her.

They fell apart, lovingly touching one another. Talking softly about the event. Kissing one another in near gratitude. As they dressed, they all smiled at one another. They knew this would be a long-lasting friendship with a closeness none of them had ever experienced.

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