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Stranager in the Bookstore

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My wife and I are very hard workers with a couple of kids to go along with those long hours of work. Both of our careers had taken off and our professional responsibilities were unbelievably high. Like most couples, in similar situations, it had become too easy for us to get bogged down and lose some of our sexual energy we?ve always had towards one another. However, this past June our kids were enrolled in a summer sports camp which kept them away from home and at the local University every weekday from 8 AM until 4 PM. Both of us decided to take several days off together through out the course of the month. We had fallen into the routine of dropping them off on the mornings that we were off together and going back home and climbing in the bed for some much needed sex. I don?t mean the normal got a little extra time let?s have sex type sex. No, as a matter of fact on those days it usually got kinda kinky. Let?s just say when those mornings were over, we both were usually in need of a serious shower, brushing of teeth and strong mouth wash. I know?.TMI (too much information) LOL just wanted to make sure you all got the point! Well one morning towards the middle of June ?06 we had just completed a multi-orgasmic session when my wife suggested we go to the book store. I know this seems a little weird but, we are both highly educated people that love to read and often have fun just hanging out in the book store looking at all of the new literature. So her suggestion wasn?t really out of the ordinary. I thought that this was a good idea because it would give us several hours to browse and sit in Borders and share a quiet mid-day together. Those of you with kids know that it is rare to have times alone like this and they shouldn?t be taken lightly! We jumped up took a shower got dressed and headed to the book store which was only about fifteen minutes from our house. It?s super hot here in Georgia during mid-June so we dressed accordingly. I wore a pair of beige linen shorts, black sandals and a black dri-fit Nike T-shirt! My wife wore a white tank top, a sexy mid-thigh length denim skirt and a pair of white Nike tennis shoes. She threw on her black Ray Bans and pulled her shoulder length hair back into a simple school girl pony tail. She had recently turned thirty-five but she easily holds her own with any twenty-five year old. She was looking, what I call, comfortably sexy! On our ride to the store she sat on the passenger side rubbing the back of my neck as I drove. We were listening to Jamie Fox CD when the song ?Sex? came on. It was bumping loudly through the speakers in her SUV and we were both feeling really care free. I had the air-conditioner on full blast and the vent blowing the stream of cold air directly at her made three things very apparent. Number one the nipples on her 38 C breast could get really hard. Number two she had decided not to wear a bra. Number three her white tank top was made of really thin material. So thin that not only did the nipples protrude through the material the blackness of them were clearly visible. I was going to make a comment but before I could she twisted in her seat and seat belt so that her back was resting on the passenger side door and the front of her body was turned towards me. She did this for one purpose and one purpose only and that was so she could open her legs just enough to give me a peak at a fresh shaven pair of brown pussy lips. That?s right?.no panties. It was close to eleven AM so traffic wasn?t heavy yet with the lunch hour crowd and that was a good thing, because the sight of her uncovered pussy made me slightly swerve into the left acceleration lane. With a devilish smirk on her face she instructed me to keep my eyes on the road. I obeyed, although my eyes being on the road didn?t allow me to concentrate one bit more on driving. We rode for about thirty seconds without me trying to sneak another peek which motivated her to reposition her self again so she could open her legs even wider. I finally couldn?t stand it anymore and stole a quick peek in between those smooth caramel brown thighs and onto the thick bald folds that were puckered up and shining. She was actually riding in the middle of the day with no panties on and a wet pussy. I felt a slight stir in my pants as my manhood (that had been totally drained less than an hour ago) came to life. The fact that she was turned on turned me on! I asked if she had a problem. She informed me yes she did! She told me she was horny and that coming out with no bra or panties on was probably a bad idea. She let me in on her plan to tease me with how she was dressed but that it was actually backfiring on her because she was really arouse by how naked she felt. I asked if she wanted to go back home but she declined my offer. She thought that she would be OK! As we pulled into the parking lot of Borders, she adjusted her skirt and top to try and not look so obvious. Before she could get her skirt in place I pulled in a space, put the vehicle in park and reached for her thighs. She grabbed my hands to stop my exploration of her privates and pleaded for me not to make matters worst. I removed my hands reluctantly but as I did another brilliant idea popped in my mind. I asked her if she would give me a taste sample of her pussy. She looked at me in horror. It wasn?t because she didn?t want to, but I think the mere suggestion caused another leak to spring up in the pits of her womanhood. I was on a roll so I wasn?t about to slow down. I went even further by telling her to put some pussy on her fingers for me and give me a taste before we went into the store. She never said a word; she simply looked around out of the rear window and in the side view mirror on her side to make sure the coast was clear. Satisfied that no one could see us; she unhooked her seat belt, slowly slid to the edge of her seat where she took her right hand and slipped it under her skirt. She maneuvered her fingers between her thighs for a few seconds. The self stimulation made her collapse backwards into the head rest of her seat from pure pleasure. I don?t think she anticipated the area being so sensitive and her being so aroused. As she covered her fingers with her sweet cream, I rubbed my thumb across her erect left nipple that was trying to drill a hole in the thin material of her top. On contact with her nipple she shuddered with a seizure type movement that went all over her body. She jerked her hand out from under her skirt and moved her torso away from my touch. I quickly took her arm by the wrist so that I could feast on her saturated finger tips. I used my tongue to slide in between her fingers making a slurping noise while I devoured every drop of her cream. This always turned her on and it was no different this day. I leaned in to give her a deep kiss allowing her to taste second hand pussy cream. We often enjoyed this during the times that I ate her pussy. I would get lots of her pussy cream around and in my mouth and let her taste it during a kiss. As a matter of fact there are times that I will pull my dick out of her pussy during sex and let her lick the pussy juices off. She enjoyed the delicacy all most as much as I did. As our tongues met our kiss deepened. Just as it was getting good she shoved me away with a giggle and told me to stop and not to touch her. She scolded me for doing that to her, totally ignoring the fact that she started it all. She said she really wanted to go in the book store and find this new book some of her co-workers had been telling her about called ?G-Spot?! We sat in the vehicle for another few minutes trying to cool down enough to go into a public place. This time the cool down was needed from the sexual heat inside the vehicle rather than the 95 degree June temperature outside. Finally she looked at me and asked if I was ready to go in. I said yes turned the SUV off and got out on the drivers side. I quickly walked around to the passenger side to join her as she exited on her side. She was using her hands to press down her skirt making sure there was no over exposure going on. As she turned to face me, I put my arms around her waist, pulled her into my body so she could feel my semi-harden penis and slipped my tongue in her mouth all in one smooth motion. I felt her melt into me and that same body shudder she had moments ago returned. She broke the embrace and took me by the hand and started pulling me towards the entrance of the book store. Once we were inside, things seemed to have calmed down and a sense of normalcy returned. We did what we always do upon entering the bookstore, I headed towards the magazine section and she headed towards the African-American fiction section only this time she didn?t have to drop the kids off in the Children Literature first. She was able to by-pass this session and get directly to browsing the new stuff by Zane, Eric Jerome Dickey, E. Lynn Harris and some of her other favorite authors. In keeping with routine I grabbed a copy of Maxxim, Men?s Health, Ebony and Black Entrepreneur and made my way to a lounge area where I would meet my wife. On my way to the lounge area I noticed that there were only a handful of customers in the store and several employees seem to be preparing to step out for lunch. There just wasn?t many people in the store especially compared to the crowds that I was use to on the weekends when we usually came in. I found a spot easily. There were two lounge chairs facing each other located between two large bookshelves. The two chairs were secluded because of the fact that they were surrounded by the big bookshelves. There was a small square coffee table separating the two chairs. I sat in the one facing the aisle with my back to the wall. Before I could settle in good, my wife plopped down in the other chair facing me. Her back was to the aisle leading towards the front of the store. Without any hesitation she picked up one of her books, slid back in her chair, opened the book and placed her feet up on the table so that each foot sat on the opposite corners of the table. Her knees were bent and her legs were wide open and there her fat pussy sat again on open display. She peeked over the top of the book she was holding and looked me in the eyes and asked if I was going to read my magazines or what. I asked her how I was supposed to read a magazine with all of that in my face. She played dumb of course, and asked what I was referring to. Ignoring her attempt to play dumb I asked her to pull her skirt up a little. She moved it up a few inches. I asked her if she was scared to show me her pussy. She took the dare and said not at all. She pulled her skirt up to just over the top of her thighs. I was shocked, my wife was definitely a sexual woman but I?d never known her to be into public exhibition this was unchartered territory and it had me higher than any drug could. I told her how pretty her pussy was and how I liked it when she shaved it completely bald. She was getting turned on all over again and it wasn?t long before a creamy puddle started to form at the base of her slit. Just as things were getting good, a young man who appeared to be in his mid twenties turned the corner and stood at the front of the aisle. He was replacing books that customers had left at the different sitting areas or at the checkout counter because they decided not to buy them at the last minute. My wife?s back was turned to him plus he wasn?t paying attention to anything other than trying to get the books back in the right place. Since I was facing him I nodded to my wife and whispered for her to but her legs down and pull her skirt down. She gave me a defiant smile and shook her head no! I laughed at her bluff and said ?Yeah right?you gonna let him walk back here and see your pussy?? She shrugged her shoulders, opened her book up and pretended to read. She peeked over the top of her book once again and asked ?Are you jealous?? I got up and said ?Not one bit as a matter of fact on my way to the magazine rack I?ll inform him what?s up and tell him to make sure he looks!? She winked at me and her smile increased in size. I took a few steps toward the young man but she never flinched. She had picked the wrong day to call me on a bluff. I walked towards the guy as he continued to put books on the shelf. As I got closer to him I figured my initial guess of his age was about right. He was an average looking brother that seem to be doing what sixty percent of all Americans do everyday and that was work at a low paying boring job. I walked up to him offered my hand for a handshake and said ?what?s up bro?? He looked up and immediately gave me a firm handshake and said ?nothing?just trying to get these books back on the shelf before I get out of here for lunch.? I said ?I hear that, but check this out!? He had this what?s up look on his face because I?m sure he thought I was about to ask him where could I find something in the store. I lowered my voice and said ?do you see that chick sitting down there with her back to you?? He looked up and nodded his head indicating that he did. I continued ?well you see I dared her to show you her pussy?.the thing is she has her legs wide open and she is totally naked under that skirt!? He swallowed hard and looked at me and said ?come on man?stop playing!? I motioned my head towards her and told him to go ahead. I said ?man you better get down there and see that pretty pussy?it?s wet too!? To my surprise brother took off with no further hesitation. He walked right past her and stopped at the end of the isle. I watch in suspense to see if she was going to snatch her skirt down and close her legs once he was close. She never moved! Her legs never closed not one inch. She never touched her skirt. There she was sprawled out in the chair letting a total stranger gaze at her naked bald pussy. I was paralyzed as the stranger slid into the seat I was sitting in just a moment ago. He gazed with a lustful stare only feet away from my wife?s naked pussy. As if that wasn?t enough she pulled her book down and said something to him in a low hushed voice. I couldn?t hear what she said, but what ever it was bought him out of his seat and around the table towards her. No way?No fucking way could I have been actually witnessing a complete stranger sitting on the arm rest of her chair rubbing and squeezing her bare thighs. She was enjoying his touch and he was much too comfortable in that spot. They were not worried about being seen because the only way to the area they were in was through where I was standing. I couldn?t see what was going on below her skirt because her back was to me. However it didn?t exactly take a genius to know what was going on when he was reaching a little further up her skirt and her head was tilted back and she was in a state of obvious pleasure. I was mesmerized and I was jealous, but I wasn?t mad I was actually turned on watching my wife get fingered by a strange man. It wasn?t long before she had completely lost control and was struggling to muffle her moans because she was grinding her pussy down on his fingers. I watched as she grabbed his wrist with both of her hands so he couldn?t move his hand away. She clinched her thighs together on his hand holding his fingers in place and rode out a wave of orgasms. She jumped up pulling her skirt down as she headed towards me in almost a run. I noticed the books she had were lying in a pile at the feet of the stranger who was standing there looking totally crazy. He was left standing there I?m sure wondering what the hell had just happened. I?m not sure whose dick was the hardest, his or mine. My zipper was under serious duress. She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the store. I thought it was due to embarrassment on her part and that she wanted to get out of this guys presence as soon as possible. However half way to the car, and we were just about jogging I might add, she informed me that she needed me to back the car up to the back of the parking lot and help get her off right then. Not needing to be told twice, I backed the SUV under a shade tree at the back of the stores parking lot where I used three fingers to rub her G-spot until she had a gusher of an ejaculation. Her eruption would have made Mount Saint Helen envious. Because she was already so turned on by the events in the store it didn?t take long. First time she had ever done that, she screamed out of pleasure and panic as it happened. Not knowing any better she was thinking she had peed on herself, me, and her leather seats. Boy those wet wipes come in handy! So did the stranger in the bookstore!

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