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Simple Pleasures, as in a Sheer Blouse...

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One of my fantasies has been to go to a high class club or something with no bra, wearing an almost/nearly sheer blouse and have all the men craning their necks to see if they can see something. And of course, the fun is that if they are standing close enough to me, they CAN see something.

And of course, that will have them all pitching tents and I would act kind of oblivious, as if I were not aware that one could see my erect nipples poking up against the fabric, my breasts gently bouncing and swaying as I walk....of course, YOU would be with me, and occasionally you would cup my breast and kiss me and rub your thumb over my nipple while you were kissing me.

The men in the room would be completely coming in their pants watching you do this, and then you would give me a kiss on each cheek like you were leaving and I would wave a little good bye and look at my watch and sit there for a while looking forlorn. I wonder how long it would take for one of those guys to come up and start a conversation with me. And if he'd try anything.

Maybe if he did, and he was attractive, I would go outside the bar with him in the parking lot and he would kiss me up against a car and feel me up.....and you would be off in the darkness in your car watching. You’d be stroking yourself gently, watching this guy as he tries really hard to control himself so as to not scare me away. And you see that he's got his hand on my ass, and his thumb is stroking my nipple, just as you had done moments before, and he's kissing me and pressing himself as hard as he can against me. You just know that he wants to enter me, to relieve his physical pain. I stoke his desire by reaching down to feel his hardness through his pants.

He undoes the top button to my sheer blouse and cups my breast, then regarding my tits almost reverently, he goes down on both knees, grabbing me around the waist as he does so, and with my knees and body tightly against him, he is in the perfect position to knead with one hand and suck my freed nipple. My head leans back, his arm is the only thing holding me up and then he ravishes my neck and stands again, gently moving us towards his truck, his hands on my ass, and I know what his plans are...

I am wearing fishnet stockings and a tight knit black mini skirt with this nearly sheer white blouse. My lips are dark red, and my hair is loose and flowing, a little wild; wanton.

He aims his remote, unlocks the truck and lifts me up onto the back bench seat. He stands on the edge of the runner and starts to unbuckle and unzip his pants while I lie back.

You can see that my legs are spread, you see fishnet stockings and shiny black high heels - very bewitching f*ck-me heels- and then you see me gasp as he pulls me toward him in the opening of the truck and pushes my skirt up around my waist. He sees that I am not wearing panties, and you see him bend over to ask me something. I nod slowly, and then he hooks a finger in the stockings at the crotch and tears a hole for himself to enter.

After a short pause, his thrusting commences, I gasp with a smile, and his hands are on my waist, to keep me in place while he legs are hooked around his neck, and the fish net stockings and heels are unbearably sexy. He closes his eyes momentarily, and then he's looking at me with naked lust on his face, and my eyes are closed, feeling him join us with hard, demanding strokes. He pauses, and you just know he is pausing because he doesn't want to come yet. You see me squirm a bit, as if to say, "don't stop!" and the rhythmic movement of my hips against him shows you that I am determined to get my pleasure. He's fighting to regain control, and it's the sweetest torture. He begins again, with hard, swift, rhythmic strokes.....and you watch as his thumb reaches down to find a little hard nub in my thick wet softness.

His other hand is stroking my nipple and he continues to thrust, and after a little while you hear me cry out softly and arch my back to get as much of him inside me as I can. And again. You know this response, and very shortly thereafter he loses the battle to his pleasure, shudders, strokes with urgency, chasing his pleasure, and with one last deep thrust he's completed his conquest and he collapses against my already limp body.

After a bit, you see him withdraw and he shoves his spent member in his pants and leans over....and lifts and spreads my legs again to very gently suck on my clit, and I gasp as he plays with me there with his tongue, softly and slowly, and I gasp and come yet again. Then he leans over me grabs me around the waist, stands me up and pulls down my skirt.

We kiss deeply, then I walk slowly away while he's watching, tucking in his shirt, and I come over to your car, get in the darkness beside you, and since you are not finished, and clearly about to explode, I can't resist and I go down on you gently, covering your hard cock with my whole mouth, wetness, intense feeling overcomes you and transports you to a bliss you rarely know. Just before you come, I pull off and stroke your rock hard cock with my slick wet fingers, and I watch and stroke your balls ever so lightly, suck you off one last time and watch you explode in my hand, while I reach down to rub myself and share your pleasure.

As you come to awareness again, I tell you in a hoarse voice that we have to f*ck as soon as possible, because I can't wait to feel your cock inside me, joining us in nakedness and the sweet sweat of our hot fever for each other. I can't wait, I am swollen and wet for you and I can't wait to have you make me yours in one swift act that is fundamental to the human condition. I want to feel you inside me and rubbing my clit with your cock as you stroke my slick wet pussy and we seek our pleasure together. And you know that I really want you. That all of this was just an hors d'ouvre to the main course that is our urgent sex and hot insatiable desire for each other.

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