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Show In The Park

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?I wonder if she knows?? the man sitting so still on the bench, his eyes firmly fixed upon the sight of the blonde laying on the grass, her knees drawn up to her chin as she read into the thick looking book.

He wondered if she knew that she was revealing her white panties, if she knew that the panties on show fitting tightly, snugly, showing off her lips?

Carol, at the age of 38 sat there on the grass, her knees drawn up. Over the top of the book, she could see the man on the bench, no further than 12 feet away, separated only by the concreted path, splitting the pieces of park grass. She could see his eyes were fixed upon the show she was allowing him to see. She looked, through the dark sunglasses, looked at the reaction she caused. Teasingly, she moved, turning over. Her legs opened further as she turned onto her stomach.

?Jeez? he whispered as he saw her moving, as he saw her legs part open even further, as he saw the white panties dig deeper into her pussy lips. He felt the rising in his pants, the rising of excitement.

Carol chuckled as she brought her toes off of the floor, kicking her heels to her buttocks, with the full knowledge that the action of her doing that, would yet again, let him see the white panties. She wanted him to see, she wanted him to gain an erection, to think of her as he stroked himself, as he came over his hand.

?Fuck? he said as his hand fell to his groin, his fingers clutching his cock. Nervously, he looked around, plenty of people walking around, too many people walking around. How he wanted to get his throbbing cock out, stand over her, stroke and cum over her white panties.

Carol kicked her legs up and down, it looked so innocent, but designed to have the desired affect of showing him those white tight panties, the ones that now fitted snugly, snugly into the folds of her pussy lips. She flipped the pages of the book she was reading, albeit reading sparsely, not really taking the words in to her minds eye. That, her minds eye, was too busy, conjuring up her next move. Yes, she wanted to show him her pussy lips. She wanted him to see the wet spot that formed. Her nipples were solid and aching. Such tender nipples, nipples that loved attention, soft attention, then HARD attention.

Carol turned over onto her back again. She held the book high as she lay there, her knees started to part, the dress slipped higher on her thighs. She smiled to herself from behind the book.

He watched her turning, watched the way her knees parted as she lay there. His fingers closed around the cock, contained in his jeans. It was begging for release, begging to be stroked, sucked. It was throbbing and begging. He continued to watch her, the teasing actions she was going through, the way her knees parted a little more, the dress, falling down her thighs. The panties, digging into her pussy lips. How he wanted to get closer.

Carol lifted the book slightly higher, enabling her to sneak a look at her onlooker. She saw his hand, saw it rubbing at his crotch. She gasped, for at even at the distance she was away, she could see that it was huge. Carol continued to look at his big hand, groping, gripping and rubbing that big cock. She felt herself getting wetter, felt her nipples aching even more than before. How she now, wanted to release her 34C breasts, let him see her full breasts, her hard nipples. How she wanted him to stand over her, watch him jack his cock, watch the cum spurting, hitting her breasts, coating her aching nipples. She parted her knees further, dug her buttocks harder on the grass, trying to rub the dull ache between her legs. All she managed to do, was to pull her panties tighter into her pussy lips.. She let out a low moan as she watched him.

His hand rubbed over the bulge in his jeans, his fingers gripped his cock as he watched her, this blonde, laying no more than 12 feet away from the bench he sat upon, her legs open, her panties, hugging her pussy lips, letting him see the panties sneaking inside her lips. He watched her teasing ways, the way she wiggled her ass, the way the panties slipped, revealing her dampness. His hand rubbed the engorged cock, he felt the blood pumping through. He looked around as he unzipped his jeans, looked left and right as he slipped his hand inside, covering himself with the magazine he had been reading. It was dangerous, he knew he could have his ass hauled off to the jail. The risk was going to be worth it. He HAD to feel his cock. He HAD to grasp it. He HAD to try and stroke it as he looked at the display of her pussy. He stopped, did he hear her moaning? Did she moan? Was SHE watching him now? His hand started to move, slowly, up and down his throbbing cock, his eyes, fixed, so firmly on her pussy.

Carol looked as he placed the magazine on his lap. She smiled as she realized why. She had visions of him stroking his cock as he looked at her. She loved to watch a man tugging and stroking his cock. She placed the book on the grass, sat up and looked directly at him. She smiled as she him stopping, heard him coughing, trying to cover the fact that is cock was out, that his hand was sliding up and down on his shaft. She smiled at him as she too looked around. A clear coast, no-one looking at her as she slipped her hand inside her legs. She watched his eyes dropping to that motion, watched his face turn red as her fingers stroked her lips, pressing the material deeper inside them. She watched him lift the magazine, revealing his cock, his hard throbbing cock, his big cock. Carol stared at it, stared as his hand moved up and down. She gasped as she saw the swollen angry looking tip, her fingers pulled her panties to one side, revealing to him and to him alone, her bare pussy lips, freshly waxed pussy, lips devoid of pubic hair, lips that were wet.

She watched him, he watched her. She watched him stroking his cock, his thick fingers closing around the equally thick shaft.

He watched her, watched her pull the panties to one side, watched as she slipped a finger inside the pink moist pussy lips.

He felt himself coughing as he saw her looking at him, then he let out a groan as he saw her pushing the material of her panties into her pussy. He returned her smile as he lifted the magazine. He watched her eyes drop to his cock, watched her mouth open as she saw it. He let out another moan as he watched her slipping the panties to one side. He looked as her pussy came into view, he watched as she slipped a finger inside herself. His hand started to move faster, quicker. He needed to cum, he wanted to cum. He wanted to slide his throbbing cock into that pussy, the pussy that he was looking at as her finger slid in and out. He wanted to fuck her. His hand moved faster, he squeezed his cock as he continued to look at her, at the show she was giving him, as she performed for him. He wanted that pussy.

Carol slid her finger in and out of her soaking pussy, she felt herself getting wetter with his every stroke, with her every insertion of her finger. Her finger now matching the pace of his hand, the hand holding that cock, the cock she wanted to suck, the cock she wanted to fill her, the cock she wanted to watch as it erupted, all over his hand, a hand she wanted to be pressed against her breast, fingers on that hand, pinching her nipple, tugging her nipple, twisting her nipple. She looked around again. Clear. No-one looking, no-one watching her, apart from the stroker of the cock. She smiled at him, a final glance left and right.

He watched her finger, watched as she slid it in and out of her pussy, the pace of her hand, appearing to match his own. He felt so close, so near to cumming. His hand moving faster, he was close to the eruption, as much as he wanted to hold it, he new it would be futile. He continued to watch and then let out a ?Fuckkkk? as he watched her. He saw her looking left and right, as if she was checking to see if anyone else was looking. He matched her glances and then his eyes opened wide as he saw her pull her panties down. He watched as she took them off and placed them in her purse. He watched, he saw her totally bare pussy, devoid of hair. He watched her open her legs for him. He watched the way she parted her pussy lips, just for him. His hand, blurring, coaxing, stroking. He breathing, ragged, deepening, his heart, racing. The blood pumping into his cock, causing the head to swell even more so than before as he saw her slipped two delicate fingers into her open bare pussy.

Carol?s eyes watched his hand speed, she guessed that soon, very soon, he would cum. Guessing that his cock was about to erupt, sending his warm, salty seed into the air. She checked and then watch his face as she hooked her fingers into the waistband, as she pulled them down. Looking at him as she removed her panties, stuffing them into her purse, closing the purse before slipping two fingers inside herself. She heard the sound of her fingers as she began to move them in and out, twisting them as she slammed them back inside her pussy. She too was close. The sight of his hand, the sight of his hand pumping up and down. She watched as she saw his angry looking cock head, as it grew red at every stroke. She slammed her fingers in and out of her pussy, she felt her body beginning to shake, a shake she knew meant she was about to cum. She growled as she watched his hand, as he stretched out his legs, as he looked at her fingers pounding into her pussy.

He looked at the fingers, saw the coating of her juices. He watched her facial expressions as her legs shook, as her body shook. It was too much. He let out a throaty moan. His cock exploded, he spurted his cum high into the air. It landed on the magazine, on his thighs, marking the jeans. He watched as she shook, as she slammed her fingers deep. He heard her growling as she came too. He watched the juices shoot out, the squirting of her juices from her pussy, her fingers firmly implanted deep inside herself. He heard her moaning as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy. His cock spurted high. He moaned too.

Carol looked at the hand pumping the cock. She slammed her fingers into her, felt the orgasm building. Then, she saw it, saw the eruption form his cock. This was too much for her. She let out a deep moan as she felt her body shake, as she felt the orgasm. Feeling her juices, warm juices, flowing out of her, over her fingers. She gritted her teeth as she came. She felt the squirting of her juices as she looked at the height he spurted his cum. She growled. ?Yesss, you fucker?cum? as she watched him, as she felt her own orgasm.

They smiled at each other. Carol stood up, smoothed down her dress and then brought her fingers to her mouth, she looked at him as she cleaned her fingers, licking them, tasting her juices. She walked the 12 feet to him, picked up the magazine, looked down at his cock. She smiled, her eyes meeting his. Her hand reached down, took his still hard cock, the cock covered in his cum. She bent down, opening her mouth, she took the thick cock inside, sucking him deep, her tongue licking and lapping over the head, tasting him, cleaning him. A final suction of her throat as she took him deep, she released the cock, stood up and smiled.

?Tomorrow?? she asked as she quickly raised her dress.

His eyes opened wide as she stood up, as she walked to him. He placed the magazine over his still hard, wet cock. He started to speak, but stopped as she removed the magazine. He looked at her, into her eyes, he watched her eyes lower to his cock then move back to his. His throat dry, he watches her hand, feels that hand taking his cock. He gasps as she lowers her mouth. He watched her take his cock, the whole length, the complete 7 inches of his thick cock into her mouth and then feels her suction, feeling her deep throating his cock. He feels the air upon his cock as she releases him.

He answers. ?Yes, tomorrow?. his eyes falling to her pussy lips as she raises the dress.

He watches her walk away, this blonde, the blonde he has never seen before in his life.

She walks away, her hips swaying as she smiles to herself.

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