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Sherri Meets Two Of My Friends

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Almost as soon as I got to the base in Orlando I met Nancy. She was a cute buxom girl with long brown hair and she was what became a good friend and lover. We went a lot of places together just as friends and sometimes as lovers but whatever the situtation she was always there to cuddle or make love. She had a best friend named Quinn that was a really beautiful blonde bbw. She is one of those girls that some guys (the ones that are really stupid) say, she is really good looking but.....well guys, forget saying "but" cause if you turn down a bbw because she is full figured you have missed it. Well, anyway, Nancy and I dated for about a year on and off and spent more than one weekend at her apartment. Quinn was, at the time, a virgin and was shy about her verm firm but ample body. She had an hour glass figure and her breasts were something to behold. Her nipples were not really large and in fact she though they were out of proportion with her 40EE titties cause they seemd so small but they got hard as little rocks and drove her crazy. Well, anyway, whenever Quinn was there and Nancy and I got romantic she would find something else to do but later we both found out that she was actually watching us and was thinking more and more about taking the step. After I met Sherri these relationships cooled off some but not entirely as I would go over to visit Nancy for some loving and after Quinn took the step she wanted to play also. She became about the best lover anyone could ever want. Her blonde hair was to her waist and her face was so beautiful that she could be on any magazine cover. Well, one day Sherri and I wee were out at a park and who shows up but Nancy and Quinn. They came over and introduced themselves. Sherri was not really uncomfortable but I could see Nancy was up to something. This was after Sherri had begun making it with other women so she was not shy on that part, she was just trying to figure out what the seeming plan was. Nancy and Quinn kept showing up whereever we wereat the park for a couple hours that day and finally Sherri said to NAncy, "You know, if I did not know better I would say you are following us and trying to get Steve alone." Nancy told her, "Well, you are wrong one both counts, you do not know better cause we are following you and it is not steve we are after it is you." Sherri was sinelnt for a second then said, "Well, I have to go pee." Then she walked into the ladies room as she looked over her shoulder as she went in and smiled. Quinn followed her and they were inside for a while. Nancy and I kissed and talked some and I found out that when Quinn had seen Sherri she had wanted to go to bed with her right off so Nancy had helped her set it up. Sherri came out glowing (from and orgasm) and kissed me, the taste of pussy on her face told me her and Quinn had been having fun. Then Quinn kissed me and said, I want to make your wife screm all night. Good for me I said, so lets go to the apartment. Nancy said, No lets go to our place. Well, Quinn took Sherri by the hand and they walked to her car, Nancy walked with me and we followed them to their place. On the way we could see Quinn kissing Sherri and playing every chance she got and when we got there it was not a surprise to see both of them with the blouses unbuttoned and skirts all a mess, panties in the seat of the car and not on them. We got to the door and inside and Quinn and Sherri almost did not make it inside before their clothes were on the floor and they were on the floor in the living room. THey were 69ing in the middle of the floor and Nancy and I sat on the couch enjoying the show. Nancy was slowly playing with my cock and I was undressing her as we watched Sherri and Quinn eating each other thru multiple orgasms. Nancy and I always did enjoy making love slow and easy so that is what we were doing while we watched them. Soon we were on the couch imitating Sherri and Quinn in a nice slow 69. It took us a while and Nancy reached her first orgasm as she soaked my face and then I filled her mouth with my cum. We relaxed a little and looked over to see Sherri and Quinn laying together watching us as they carressed each other and played building each other back up to the level of passion they had been at before. Sherri looked at Quinn and said, I want to be with Nancy now and you can fuck Steve, okay. Love to Quinn said and I remember the wonderful times we had spent in Quinn's bed as my cock began to harden again. Nancy suggested we go to the bed and we all got up exchanging partners on the way, Quinn was hugging me like we had just seen each other the day before and Nancy took Sherri by the hand and kissed her deep. Sherri flushed as her passion began to build again. We laid on the bed and Sherri told Nancy, I want to watch Quinn and Steve first, okay? Nancy said sure. So Quinn took the que and began licking my cock to hard again, she alwys was the best woman that ever lived in that department. I began biting her little nipples remembering what she always liked. She laid on her back and spread her beautiful legs and invited me to eat her which I did in a very special that she and I had come to do. She loved to be taked just to the edge of orgasm and then I would back off then up again and back off until she would pull me to her and guide me into her sweetness and explode around my cock in multiple orgasms. Well, we made love that way and after we laid together kissing and Quinn said, Okay, now we watch you two and Nancy began her work on Sherri. First she told Sherri that shewas never going to have a better woman than her and that Sherri would always remember how how Nancy was and that this is why I used to be with her so much. So took her time teasing Sherri and making her beg for release and finally made her explode and then took her again making her beg for more. I never heard Sherri beg as Nancy made her that night. After a long time NAncy said, Well, I think it is time that Steve let us girls do our thing and he can just watch, what do you think Sherri as she kissed her again. Yeh, good idea Sherri said and Quinn pushed me off the bed. Come on, we need some room. They began kissing, licking and playing with each other slowly and built their passion until they were having passionate orgasms that they continued to go on thru a couple hours. My cock was rock hard and felt like it would explode but each time I began to massage it to relieve the pressure one of the girls would tell me not to touch it but leave it for them for later so I did. Well, the night went on and I found Sherri riding my hardness sometime in the night. Sher had mounted me and was more excited then I had ever seen her. Quinn and Nancy were laying together watching and playing with each other. Sherri was wild and begging for release until she soaked my lap with her juices and I filled herwith my built up load. We all were together on the bed when we woke up about noon the next day. Nancy got up and went to the kitchen, Sherri followed her and soon there were noices of passion comeing from the kitchen. I went in and Nancy was on the counter with Sherri between her legs eating her pussy as if she was starved. Quinn came in and said, Looks like breakfast is ready and joined them. After a real breakfast we all dressed and said bye, Nancy and Quinn telling Sherri that they would be over to take her with them to Daytona the next weekend. She asked if she could go and of course I told her sure. Don't worry Quinn said, We will bring someone to keep you company while we take care of your wife. Thanks, that is really considerate of you I told them and Sherri slept all the way home.

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