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Sharing with a friend - Part 1

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We have plans to get together with Jim tonight for dinner and drinks?the usual. You wanted to be ready by 6:00, but time slipped away and you are running late. You are still wearing your tiny pajama shorts and wife beater tanktop (it?s what you put on after your shower) when Jim shows up at the door. I start to get up to greet him at the door, but without thinking, you go to the door and open it to let Jim in. I start to point out to you that you are in no condition to open the door, but what the hell?this should be fun! I?ve always wanted you to answer the door dressed ?inappropriately? anyway. You open the door and Jim?s jaw immediately drops and he is speechless. After all, the shorts leave little to the imagination and your nipples are clearly visible through the thin material of your shirt. He manages to mumble something like ?Is that what you are wearing?? You immediately realize you are near naked in front of Jim, you are quite embarrassed but unexpectedly a little turned on. Your nipples immediately harden and you feel your pussy moisten. Personally, I think you knew exactly what you were doing. It?s the time of month when you are especially horny anyway. He?s been a friend for some time, so it?s really no big deal anyway. You go ahead and give him a hug as you usually do and he places your hands on your waist, as he usually does, but this time they are on bare skin at the top of your shorts. Being that the shorts are VERY low cut, his hands are very low on your hips, almost groping your ass. But as usual, you don?t mind a little casual groping amongst friends. You cover up your visibly stiff nipples with your arm, apologize for the attire, and excuse yourself to go get ready. I am still on the couch as you head upstairs. Jim tries not to be obvious as his eyes follow you up the stairs?.how could he help it? The shorts barely cover your ass as you go up the stairs step by step. I suspect you are enjoying yourself more that you would ever admit. Jim?s cock is visibly a little stiff from what had just happened, so he sits down on the chair in an attempt to hide it. We have a few beers while waiting for you, talk about football, work, etc. For god?s sake, what is taking so long?

After about 45 minutes, we finally hear you coming down the stairs. From the cautious sound of the footsteps, it?s obvious that you dug out some extreme high-heels. It?s been a while since you have been on those and they make you feel very sexy. You hit the bottom stair and what we see is unbelievable. It?s a warm day, so you dug deep in your closet for something special. You decided to wear a dress that I have never seen before?you say I have?..but hell, I don?t remember. The dress is black and very low cut in the front, plunging at least 3 inches below the bottom of your breasts. It?s kind of loose fitting and potentially very revealing so it?s obvious you are a little nervous about it. As suspected, a pair of 4? black heels are on your feet. Your hair is amazing and you really went all out with your makeup. Even red lipstick?it must be a special occasion if you are wearing that lipstick. Absolutely stunning. I think to myself ?god I hope I get laid tonight?. Jim was enthralled with what was on TV, so he was a little slow to notice what I already had. When he finally does, he tries not to make it obvious that he was having the same thoughts as I. I offer you a glass of wine and you accept, sitting down on the couch as I go get it for you. You then lean over to adjust the strap on your shoe. As you do, you realize that both your breasts are fully visible. You reach down and hold your dress tight to your breasts before Jim notices. You are obviously thinking to yourself that you should go and change, you look like a tramp?.but decide against it. Fuck it, who cares. We all finish our drinks and head to dinner, our reservations are at 7:30.

We make it in time, but end up having to wait in the bar until our table is ready. We manage to find a table in the bar and order a round of drinks. Tom Collins for you, of course. We have the usual chit-chat back and forth, but I have a hard time concentrating on what anyone is saying because the way your top of your dress is laying. Your left breast is very visible from where I am sitting. If you made the wrong move, I?m sure I could see your nipple. You know this, but don?t seem to mind. You turn to your left to speak with Jim and notice that his eyes were looking at your breasts as well. He knows he got busted, so you let him off the hook with a big smile and reposition your dress so it?s not so revealing. What you don?t notice is that every guy walking to the bathroom is glancing down to see. The guy at the next table can?t seem to stay focused on his wife, he keeps trying to get a better look. I swear it seems like you know this and are sucking up the attention. I am fighting a hard-on?..I don?t want to have to walk across the restaurant with one.

We eventually make it to the table, which is a semi-secluded part of the restaurant. The table is one of the circular types in the corner with a high backs that sort of shields you from view of the rest of the restaurant. You choose to sit in the middle between Jim and myself. We get more drinks, order, etc. By the middle point of dinner, you have had enough to drink to make your inhibitions go away a little. You are no longer even attempting to adjust the dress. Your breasts look great and Jim is getting an eyeful and seems to like it. Most men would be insanely jealous, but I don?t mind. It?s a compliment when other men gawk at you. I look down and I swear you are wearing a garter belt and stockings. I reach down to touch and find out and you lightly smack my hand away, smiling. By end of dinner, your dress rides up high enough several times that it is obvious that you are in fact wearing them. Once, even the waiter notices. You catch him looking as well and slowly pull your dress down while smiling. It?s obvious that you are liking this. You are driving me wild. We are finishing desert, and Jim asks ?do you wear underwear with that dress?? It?s a moderately tight dress, so I guess it was a legitimate question. You about choke on your wine at the question. After mulling the question over for a few seconds, you grab Jim?s hand and place it on your inner thigh and guide it all the way up to answer the question. When his hand reaches its destination, you give a quick gasp from the touch. You immediately push his hand back to his lap, smiling. I assume you have none on, wasn?t my hand?..we pay the tab and head out the door. As we got up, out of the corner of my eye I swear that I saw you reach over and rub Jim?s cock through his pants. Not sure what you are up to or what you have in mind for the night, but you seem to be taking control. Should be fun.

We are in the car on the way home, Jim and I in front, you in back in the middle. Because you have to straddle the hump with your legs, they are slightly apart, enough that I can now see that you definitely have no underwear on. I see that you are freshly shaven, and that you are extremely wet. Jim doesn?t notice, but your right hand is between your legs and you are slowly caressing your clit. You look me straight in the eyes and smile as I notice. Because of the alcohol, you don?t notice that the right strap of your dress has fallen off and your nipple is almost exposed. Only the fabric hanging on your stiff nipple is stopping your whole breast from being exposed. By the look on your face, you want to be fucked so bad you can?t stand it.

We arrive home, get out of the car and go into the house. Jim helps you up the front stairs by placing his arm around your waist, cupping your breast as he does. You of course don?t notice or don?t mind. We go to the living room; you again offer a round of drinks. Jim is sitting on the couch with you, I am sitting in the chair. Because you are on the couch, your dress wants to ride up and reveal the garters and stockings. You long ago stopped caring about revealing too much. We click on the TV, not knowing what to watch?more for background noise than anything. I have to go to the bathroom, so I get up and take care of that. From the bathroom, I hear the two of you talking about your body bouncing back from having a baby, etc. Something about your breasts and wanting implants. When I come back out, you are cupping your breasts, apparently demonstrating what you think are sagging breasts. Jim is disagreeing, saying they look fine. Frustrated, you get up on your knees on the couch within inches of him and slide the straps of your dress off your shoulders. The dress falls to your waist and exposes your breasts for him to see. ?Look?don?t you think they sag?? you ask. They of course look great. Jim reaches up and feels your breasts lightly, brushing across your stiff nipples with his fingers causing you to break out in goose bumps from head to toe. ?No, I think they are great? he states. The sexual tension seems to be reaching an exploding point. Here you are sitting on the couch with your breasts exposed to us and your dress hiked up enough that the tops of your stockings are visible. I imagine that your pussy is very wet by this point. I hesitate to take any action, I?m not sure how far you want to take this. You know how much I like to see you exposed to other people and in public?.you have taken it to a new level. We both have rock hard dicks and you are half naked.

To be continued??

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