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Red and Black......

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The night was starting out slow but not for long. I got home from work early to get ready for what was to be a night to remember. You were not to be to my place for another two hours, so I decided to put on a red v-cut top and a black leather skirt. After a long hot shower, I went to to my closet to find my outfit for the evening. I could remember the last time I had put them on. The night I had every man at the restaurant looking my direction and every woman jealous with rage, something I truly enjoyed. I looked through the closet and found them, grinned and giggled.....I decided that tonight I needed to tease a little more then last time. I slipped out of the towel from my shower and put on the half bra that was in my secret hiding place and then the red v-cut shirt. I notice my nipples were standing erect and pushing against my top. I then reached for my leather skirt. I debated not putting on underwear but think this would be uncomfortable, so I got one of my black split crotch ones out instead. I ran downstairs to locate my knee high black spiked heeled boots.

Classy-slut of my favorite looks. I looked in the mirror and laughed so devilishly....I should turn a few heads in this outfit. Grinned and wondered if I was going to more than you can handle tonight.

I finished getting ready, I start thinking about what will happen tonight. I hoped that it will be exotic and fun. You ring the door bell........I paused before I answered the door........I take my time coming to the door to meet you, making sure to grab my coat before I answer the door to greet you.

I do not want you to see my outfit before dinner. I answered the door and I gave you a kiss. The look on my face tells you I am up to something, so you ask to see what I am wearing. But I only let me see my legs and the bottom of my black leather skirt. This puts you at ease because you were afraid I had nothing on under the coat. I then tell you where I want to go to dinner. You are reluctantly......but agree. You kept glancing my way in the car trying to get a look at what I have on. I made sure not to allow you to peek....I make a point of not showing anything. You are going nuts not knowing what I may or may not have on.

I tell you that I would like to go to the most prestige?s restaurant in the city. Once we get there you help me out of the car. The hostess has been expecting us. I had the idea earlier in the day, so I made reservations. As you take me to the table you look to see how many people are already there. I am pleased on how many men were there. I still have not taken off my coat. Your mind is starting to wondering what is your surprise. As we reach the table you ask for my coat and come behind me to get it. I slip it off and you hand it to the hostess. From behind you do not notice my nipples pushing against my red very low cut v-neck, but several men in the room do and stare my way. Several ladies give them a cough, nudge, or look to bring them back to where their minds should be. You come around to your seat and finally notice what they were looking at and what I had been hiding under my coat. You are very pleased. You are the lucky man tonight. You are dying to know if I have panties on or not. As we look at the menus our server spends a long time looking at me before he ask what we would like to drink. We order drinks and he leaves, but as couples pass by, the men look down at me to the dislike of their ladies. Our server comes back with the drinks and asks for our order. I take a long time giving my order so he has to stand there a long time. I know what is going through his mind and hoping that I am driving you insane also. I wonder if both of you are starting to bulge. I lick my lips to tease the both of you. By this point I slide my foot over to yours. Slowly my foot goes you your leg, there it is.....a hot hard bulge in your pants. I smile at you and you turn red and giggle. We enjoy a great dinner, we had wonderful laughs and got to know each other better.

We are ready to go. By this point the gentlemen at the tables closes to us have made a point of staying past when they should have been done. The ladies with them are not happy at all and are starting to give you a dirty looks. They will not give me eye contact. We get up to leave and the hostess brings me my coat. This makes leaving easier. After we get out of the restaurant, I insist on going dancing, so you take me to your favorite night club.

The club is packed, but we find a table in the back.

At the table I grab your hand and put it under my skirt. You now can feel the split panties that I am wearing and I inform you that I was flashing all the men at dinner. I whisper in your ear and tell you that I need you to finger-fuck me there at the club.

You try to convince me that it is not a good idea.

But I pout a little and give you a kiss that was deep and warm.......I wink and whisper the fun will have to stop if I don't get what I want.

Reluctantly, (only because you will get more bothered then you already were). You start to play.

You ask if I really wanted to dance or be fondled in public. I smile, and tell you that we will dance but not yet. Because the club is packed and we are at one of the back tables..... I undo your pants and start playing with you also. You place one finger, two fingers, three fingers four inside me......wetter, hotter, I become. You ask me to slow down because you're already hotter then hot. So I agree and decide it is time to dance. You have a difficult time standing up because your'e already standing in another sense. I grab your hand and lick one of your fingers and let you lick one with me. I know you want more......but later.

Throughout the evening we would sit and play until you were close to exploding and then we would dance until you came down. I did this until about an hour from closing time. At that point I decided to go down and nibble on you. I could only do this for a short time were wanted no one to see. How you wanted to play in my hair........but having people notice the pleasure you were receiving mad you nervous. Then I hopped up on your lap and started kissing (and riding) you. Several couples here setting this way, so to be sitting on your lap was not noticed. You started to relax. Up......

down, I went----you held me tight not wanting the night to end. You held back your moans...I teased you by whispering that I wanted to hear you moan. I rode you until you were about to cum and I STOPPED, kissed you and giggled.

You were so frustrated, but I (and the Club) said it was time to go home. We went to the car and headed to my place. On the drive home I played with myself the whole time. You wanted to join the fun....hotter and more frustrated you became. I was in control of this night!

Once we were back at my place I pulled you in and closed the door. My crotchless panties came off as well as my shirt and boots...... but not the skirt or half bra stayed on per your request. I pushed you down on the floor and hopped on top telling you that you needed and wanted me all night. You asked me ?After all the teasing you did, you held me off till now to go all out?? I told you that the teasing was what I wanted and needed. We continued to have sex throughout the rest of the night. You roll me on my knees and started your fun teasing me beyond my wildest dreams. I have felt pleasure I have never experience before! You fucked me with a frustration; I love........hard and powerful. Your body tensed more than I have ever seen before when you gave me your sweet manly kisses. Thank goodness the next day was Saturday and we did not have to go to work. Morning sex is the best.........feeling you wake up next to me large and hard. No teasing just completely making love to each other. The next morning I asked if we could go out again next Friday night. You tell me only if wear Red and Black.

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