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Playing for A&J was Meant2B- Cyber cam sex

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Playing for A & J was meant 2 b By Bear

Aaron and Jenn like many married couples wanted to add just a bit of spice to their marriage. Although this wasn?t the first time they spiced thing up, it was a new and interesting way. They had just bought themselves, their first web cam. Aaron hurried to install the cam and program on his computer, the installation of which seemed to take forever. Lets face it their fantasies had taken over, it was like a drug, and driving force. They leaped from one kinky adventure to the next, all motivated by their sexual curiosity. Aaron and Jenn were once again in that adventurous mode, they had a curiosity of all the scenarios that could take place. Maybe it would be seeing some people who would simply flash themselves or masturbate, and if nothing else they would get a laugh out of it. Maybe Jenn would see some well hung stud or even some sexy woman. Yes, a woman she could find some bi sexual fantasy for, something Jenn had enjoyed before. Then again they would be able to fulfill their own personal favorite, which was being watched as they played. Jenn so did love putting on toy show for Aaron, almost as much as Aaron loved to watch her hot shows. Jenn would sometimes fuck herself dizzy, shoving her favorite dildo in her ever wanting pussy. Stretching her pussy to its max and buzzing her clit with a vibrator at the same time. The site of Jenn?s shows, drove Aaron fucking nuts! She would pinch her nipples and she would offer her firm ass for Aaron to spank. Jenn had such a nice ass, spanking it would have been cruel had she not enjoyed it so much.

Although quite kinky at home, they did live respectable lives. Their everyday vanilla world had no idea what kind of lusty, kinky couple they were. Never in either of their wildest fantasies had Aaron and Jenn ever thought cam sex would be as hot as it turned out to be. Both seemed so surprised to find friends who when behind closed doors, could be as kinky as they were.

The couple logged into the first room, the first one that Jenn could find that she felt fit them both. ?Couple who wanted to be watched!? How appropriate, that was just what Jenn wanted. Imagine the idea, hordes of men and woman masturbating, as she put on her dildo show. The idea of sucking Aaron?s cock deep down her willing throat while other men dreamed of her doing the same for them. Aaron and Jenn were excited at getting to see the kinky things that others would think up, and then the two of them could try them out on each other.

What a room they did choose, filled with swingers and exhibitionists, and horny men and women who needed their show as erotic material for their own masturbation.

Jenn and Aaron chatted casually at first, taking that slow back seated voyeuristic approach. The two did warm up rather quickly to the kinky goings on.

They listed themselves by their initials, A n J so clever and covert nothing to tie to their family life or the rest of their vanilla world. Never would anyone know who they really were, not that they really cared at all. They were happily on the way down the road of debauchery and exhibitionism, and never would they ever regret it.

Not long after they logged on with their cam, were they inundated with request to view and be viewed. Who was real, and who were just bots, and did they want to view singles or couples. Questions soon became endless, and pointless at the same time. Every cock and pussy in the world seemed to opened its web cam and begged for them to do the same. Let them all watch and play! Both Aaron and Jenn decided, the erotica of so many getting off at the site of them and their sexual antics was just such a turn on .

After a bit of flash and play with all the couples and single in the room, they were invited by a couple to do some private cam to cam chatting. Jenn already moist from all the attention, looked at Aaron with an agreeing smile on her face. Someone they could both enjoy watching, getting to watch without those hectic requests interruptions. Checking the profile of this friendly couple, and took their next step , in this torrid world. A n J opened their cam to a couple named meant2b.

Meant 2 b was an experienced couple, named Charlie and Rose. Both of whom knew why they came to the rooms, even before they got there. A confident couple who took what they wanted out of the rooms and left so many wishing they had the nerve to do the same. They invited Aaron and Jenn to view their show, a show as a couple they both loved to do.

Charlie and Rose were insatiable when it came to sex, they could fuck all day and all night. They especially loved knowing other couples and singles were all getting horny and playing with themselves watching them play out their exhibitionist fantasies.

Rose was petit in her build but yet as sexy as an porn star ever could be. Charlie was a well hung stud who was lucky enough to find his soul mate.

Soul mates, not only in their love for each other, but for their sexual appetite. Charlie was the ying to Roses yang, they played on line , they played off line, they played every chance they had.

Aaron and Jenn were almost the model couple, in the eyes of Charlie and Rose. So attractive and similar in body types, the two couples almost mirrored each other. Jenn had that model like body, very similar to Rose?s with champagne glass breasts, and perfect nipples. The both couples enjoyed wild sexual escapades in one form or another. One could say, both couples had a mutual passion for being naked and having as much sex as they could.

They began to chat, as soon as Aaron opened Charlie?s cam. Much to Aaron?s surprise he had full view of Rose?s naked and elegantly tattooed body. Full view as she sat playing with her pussy on her bed. It was no holes barred invitation for them to play, and not just have that casual chat shit going down. Aaron?s fat dick immediately became rock hard and stood out like a bulge in his shorts. Jenn noticed how excited her husband became, and wanted the same reaction from not only Charlie but from Rose . Jenn also wanted Rose to become wetter than she already was, Rose was just what Jenn liked in a woman. She remembered back to the few encounters she had with her girlfriends throughout the years. Jenn could appreciate the tender touch of a women she enjoyed the way women felt and tasted, she was definitely in touch with her bisexuality.

Off cam Jenn stripped naked, slipping into her sexy silk champagne robe, she was not trying to cover anything, but using it to tease with. She would expose her self slowly to Charlie and Rose. Giving them small peeks of her aroused excited nipples, and peeks of her soft hands as she rubbed her pussy with the silk fabric of the robe. Her juices would flow uncontrollably and would no doubt stain the fabric, but the robe could and would be replaced, and it was the moment that mattered. Aaron watched with pride at the woman he loved, she was getting dirty and teasing their new friends. Aaron loved to see Jenn when she was dirty, he loved when she was in her slutty mode. Jenn rubbed her clit as her pussy became wetter with every stroke. She couldn?t control what her body new, the heat from her pussy was forcing her lips apart. Like a true tease and with the greatest of self control, she allowed only slight glimpses of her wet pussy. She tried to control her desire to fill her horny honey pot and pulled hard on her excited nipples. The twisting of her nipples helped suppress her desires to climax but at the same time turned her on all the more. All this done while watching Rose played with her own clit and pinched and pulled on her own erect nipples.

Rose and Charlie were so turned on, but felt they needed to strut their stuff too, after all they were the more experienced couple and wanted to show off all they had learned. The kinky games they could play and were more than glad to share with these new and special friends.

Charlie arranged a new cam angle, while Rose knelt between his legs, taking hold of his healthy already throbbing cock she started her own show. She gazed at his manhood for a bit, watching his heartbeat take control of the thick long sex tool. It seemed to twitch with every beat of his heart. She held it loosely so it could do it?s little dance for her it made her wet to think about what she would do next.

Rose was well practiced at cam sex, and like the porn star she was deep down inside, she new how to use the camera angles. She used those angles not only to show off Charlie?s fat cock to Jenn, but to let her see how it did it?s throbbing dance inches from her lips.

The new cam angle would also show her talents as a great cock sucker. Rose sucked and licked the tip teasingly for a bit, then without showing any gag reflex at all, swallowed Charlie?s fat meat to the hilt. Spit oozed out of her hungry mouth , dripping down to Charlie?s balls. Slowly she let his spit covered cock, out of her mouth. The strings of spit still clung to the tip of Charlie?s shaft. Rose sucked them in to her mouth and spit them back on the tip of his cock. She stroked it with both her hands wrapped around her favorite sex toy. She stroked it, slow at first, then she increased the speed as Charlie bucked and humped her hands, he did all he could to keep from cumming. Between watching Jenn, tease her pussy with her silk rope, and Rose?s technique with sucking and stroking his cock, Charlie didn?t stand much of a chance for long.

Aaron watched with a lusty eye as Jenn grew hornier from Rose?s experienced show. Jenn tore

the robe from her body. Her naked body in full view now for Charlie and Rose to enjoy. Like a hungry nymph, she stood Aaron up and ripped his shorts down, it was her turn to suck and play with her mans cock. Jenn wasted no time, and proved herself as good as Rose at sucking a fat tool. She sucked the full length of Aaron?s meat, from tip to balls, without once using her hands. Faster and faster she sucked, strings of spit began to hang from her chin, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Jenn just sucked on, she wanted his cum, the strings of spit now reached her tits and clung like wet jewels to her body. Aaron and Charlie tried to hold back but both men were no match for these two sex goddesses these ladies wanted their mouths filled with cum.

As if it were timed and choreograph both men shot their loads, loads so huge both woman seemed to struggle to swallow, but swallow they did.

Both ladies now sat back to get themselves off, each grabbed their favorite toys, and began to fuck their hungry pussy?s. Nice slow deep strokes were called for at first, they each began to caressed their breasts to increase their excitement. Rose quickened her pace, faster yet shorter thrusts hitting one of her hot spots. As Rose became more excited she spread her legs wide and sunk the vibrating cock deeper and deeper, as she approached her first of many orgasms. Jenn to was working her way towards a thunderous climax, fucking her big black rubber dick and buzzing her clit with a vibrator . Their bodies both started to shake, they were trying so hard to watch each other yet falling deep into their own multiple orgasm. Like a bursting dams the two ladies came, twisting and turning their toys to squeeze out every drop of orgasm. They clasped for a bit, then started over a short time later spending most of the night putting wild shows on for each other. The two couple would have many nights not only fulfilling each others sexual fantasies but the fantasies of all those horny people in the chat rooms.

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