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Penn Station Quickie

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It was a long train ride from work in Virginia back to New York City. My wife had called and said to pack light and that she would meet me at Penn Station so that we could spend the weekend together and see the sites. She had also told me all the things that she would be doing to herself as she waited for the train. My wife is tall with thick red hair almost to her waist, nice full figure and a tiger. I knew that I was in for quite a time.

She stood up as I walked off the train. I was a little disappointed thinking that she would be wearing something that showed off skin and daring. The long plaid wool skirt and button up shirt with a vest and wrap presented all sorts of obstacles to my plans of teasing her into a quickie behind a pillar in the station. I commented on her conservative style, she just smiled and told me to follow her over to the chairs with the tv sets and take a seat so that we could plan our weekend. We kissed and as she ran her fingers over my face saying how nice it was to see me, I thought I could smell the faint aroma of her sex on her fingertips. She handed me her panties as I followed her thinking that tv was the last thing I wanted to do. I realized that she had her hand deep in the pocket of her skirt. Now this is three in the afternoon on a Friday in the busiest station in NYC and she is fingering herself as we walk over to the waiting area. I broke out into a big grin and decided that this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. I took a seat and put some quarters into the box as my lady motioned for me to scoot back so that she could sit on my lap. She leaned in over me to put her wrap behind us and I could see down her shirt and that there was no bra in the way. Her nipples were hard and very tempting, but with all of the stuff in the way, there was no way to get to them After laying the wrap behind and around my shoulders she leaned in for another kiss. Then further forward so that my face was in her neck and hair. She unzipped my pants reaching in and pulling my erection out into the open and gave it a quick stroke saying that she knew it would be ready for some fun. No one around seemed to be paying any attention and the arms of the chair shielded some of the view. I didn’t really care at this point, her hand was very warm and her grip was perfect. Letting go she turned away and I thought the party was over as she motioned for me to let her sit down on my lap. She bent to sit and I thought maybe I had seen a flash of thigh but put it off to wishful thinking. When she sat on my lap I found that the back of the skirt had a fold that covered a slit. She sat on my lap and my cock slipped between her thighs. She settled in and I found myself deep inside her with her ass wiggling in the most delightful way. I decided at that point that my light colored khaki pants had been a good choice for the trip up. I was directed to keep my eyes on the tv as she started to squeeze her thighs and vagina in the most wonderful fashion. The station was really starting to fill up and most of the other seats around us were taken. Directly across from us sat two nuns and other travelers were constantly walking by bumping our knees. There I was buried in pussy. My wife started talking about all of the sites that we had to see and squeezing me and rubbing my face, running her fingers under my nose at the same time. I was trying to pretend to be watching the tv set. I suppose we got distracted. The nuns stopped smiling and two transit cops came over to us and told my wife that only one person could use the chair at a time asking for her ID. She leaned way forward wiggling more as reached to get her wallet from her backpack and the older cop just stopped talking. He had figured it out. He got this funny look on his face and was staring down my wife’s shirt as she kept digging around. She finally found her wallet and settled back with my cock going right back deep into her. She turned to me smiled said “luv you” and squeezed again then turned back to the cops handing the older one her ID. She offered her hand and introduced herself to the younger guy making sure that she rubbed his hand as they shook in greeting. The older cop checked the ID as she kept squeezing me and then leaned back and whispered into my ear that she was ready for me to cum. I was immediately refocused. The younger cop kind of rubbed his chin and then stopped and looked at his hand. Then in an attempt to be discreet smelled of his fingers. The two cops looked at each other and then at my wife and I sitting there, me trying not to wiggle too much, and my wife squeezing my penis. Finally, I just couldn’t do it anymore and starting shooting. My wife being a redhead and having a light complexion flushes in the neck and chest when she gets really excited and nothing turns her on more than when I cum into her. She stopped talking briefly closing her eyes and sighed. The older cop looked around at the crowded station and back at us. He told the other guy “well it looks as if things are finished up here” and he hands back the ID and tells us to have a nice day. My wife thanked them and bent over again to put her stuff away giving them both another view of her chest. When I popped out of her things went right back into my pants although there was wet spot. I glanced over at the nuns as we stood up to leave and the older one mouthed the word “nasty”. The younger one smiled and winked. My wife smiled at me and asked, “wanna go to Grand Central?”

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