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Part 1 - Pole Dancing 101

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Her husband had gone out of town again. It was a familiar pattern. She stayed home; went to work; took care of the house; read; and waited until he returned. Life was good. She enjoyed her time alone. It gave her reasons to do those little things that she might hesitate about doing when he was around. It was sweet. She had no idea how much sweeter life was about to become.

It started very simply with a phone call. Her fingers clenched around the phone as she listened to the voice on the other end. She recognized the familiar voice of her husband. She wasn?t certain if she liked what he was asking her to do.

?It is very simple. Everything has been arranged. All you will have to do is show up.?

?I understand what you are asking me to do, but I am not certain why.?

?Remember that excited feeling you get when you are doing something naughty or something hot for the first time. Remember how we have talked about this ? you got all hot and wet.?

?But I wanted you there with me. Not to be alone.?

?Take your cell phone and call me when you arrive. I can?t be with you in person but I can be there with you on the phone. You WILL enjoy it. Let yourself be free to enjoy this gift.?

She hung up the phone after a few more minutes with him and sat down on the floor. She was certain that he was trying to surprise her somehow but couldn?t even imagine that he would tell someone about her fantasy let alone arrange for it to be fulfilled with out him being there to enjoy the results of his planning.

She had to admit her palms were sweaty but so was her panty. Just the idea was a big turn on. With that, her mind was made up. She organized in her mind all that needed to be done. First was to decide what outfit to wear.

Getting up from the floor, she practically ran with excitement to the bedroom and flung open the closet doors. Standing inside she slowly examined her clothes? She need provocative and understated. Sexy yet every day type of clothes. She selected a pair of black pants, boots, and a nice button down silver shirt. Next she went to her lingerie drawer and selected her favorite pieces? a front hook bra and matching panty.

After laying the items on the bed, it was time to take a shower. She had to restrain herself from masturbating. The soap felt good on her skin. Her nipples perked up at the idea of what was going to happen in just a few minutes.

She quickly finished her shower and finished getting ready. In a matter of minutes, she was out the door with an address written on a piece of paper in her hands. The drive wasn?t that far away, but as city led into country her nervousness increased with each house that disappeared into darkness. There up ahead was the neon light. The sign was party lit. ?Tex Ro d Ho se? it shined in the dim light. She turned off the car and sat for a few minutes trying to get her thoughts together. She looked at her cell phone and gripped it tightly. She didn?t want to call her husband yet, but would soon.

She noticed that there were no windows. At least I don?t have to worry about the neighbors seeing me here, she thought as she stepped into the place. The first thing she saw was a black wall. Ok, now what to do. Looking around the small entry area, she noticed a door to the right. It didn?t open. It was locked. Then she noticed the sign. Ring bell for entrance. She rang the bell and waited. Strange place, she thought. Not like a normal bar.

The top of the door opened and on the other side was a woman in a red halter top. Her brown hair was loose and cascading down her back. ?Good Evening. Can I help you??

?I was sent here by my husband. Is Margie here yet??

?You must be the one we have been waiting for. Margie has been telling us about what you want to do. Great! Promise we won?t bite, not much anyway.? She said as the door clicked open and she was able to enter into the next room.

Sights, sounds, and smells assailed her senses at once. The place was larger than she thought it would be and there were only four people in the room. The smell of cooking food wafted through the air, reminding her she hadn?t eaten lunch or dinner today. She was too nervous to eat... but there in the center of the room was the reason she was here.

?Hey Margie your lady friend is here!?

Over by the bar a woman turned and started to come over. It was a little too dark in the place to see facial features yet, but the outfit she was wearing was hot. Her mouth started to water a bit at the sight of the shorts and the torn tank top. The heels added at least 4? to the woman?s already tall stature. Compared to this woman, she looked like a frump. She started to change her mind about doing this when light from above shined on the woman?s face.

?Your called Margie?? She said laughing and hugging the woman like a long lost friend. ?I only know you as Tom?s wife. I am so glad to know your name and that there is someone I know.?

Margie took her hand and guided them to a table at the edge of the dance floor. They sat down and knees touched. The site of Margie?s bare knees touching hers covered in black sent a chill down her spine. She wanted to touch Margie?s knee to feel if it was as soft as it looked. She restrained herself.

Turning around in her seat she asked the bartender, ?Max! Can you bring us two daiquiri?s?? She turned back to me and began to talk.

?Tom and your husband travel a lot. They talk about all sorts of things. I guess your husband doesn?t tell you all that they talk about. But Tom shares a lot? more than your husband may want him too, but in this case it works out to your advantage.?

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of our drinks. I took a large sip of mine just as it was set on the table. I needed some false courage if I was going to follow through with this plan. ? I think I?d better bring another one over here soon, judging by how much you drank on that first sip,? he said as he walked away.

Margie took a small sip from hers and leaned in closer. Her arms rested on the table top.

?Tom told me yesterday that you have wanted to learn how to pole dance and that it would be a turn on for you. Well, I have the pole here? some free time before the place starts getting busy and I have to work ? so I told them to have you come by for a lesson or two. You want to still try??

She looked at Margie in amazement and awe? She would finally learn a how to pole dance. The tingling in her crotch was starting to become a nervous twitch that would need relief soon.

?Yes? I would love to learn. If I was good enough, perform for my husband. I think the gyrations and moves are hot.? She took another sip from her drink. The coldness slid down her body cooling off the rising heat.

?Ok,? she said, ?let?s get some action going. The place officially opens up in an hour. I am one of two waitresses so I may have two hours tops before I really have to work.? With those words, the two ladies stood up and moved to the center of the floor, where the brass pole stretched from floor to ceiling. In front of the pole was a black leather couch.

?Sit here and watch me. Listen to the music and see if you see a move you want to learn, let me know.?

As if magically some music started. There was a good rhythm to the tune. I recognized it immediately as, ?Simply Irresistable.? Margie began by standing in front of the pole with her back to the couch. Her hands rubbed her ass as her hips swayed to the beat of the music. Her body turned and soon she was gripping the pole like a lover... Margie began to make love to the pole? rubbing it between her legs. She rode the pole up and down. Never stopping but speeding up and slowing down. Then Margie turned to the couch and offered out a hand.

She nervously accepted and allowed herself to be pulled closer to the Pole. Margie put her hands on the pole, high over her head. Then Margie proceeded to run her hands down her arms to her waist before settling on her hips. Margie began to guide the hips into a movement that mirrored hers. Together the two women were becoming one movement. Under Margie?s tutelage, she was learning how to pole dance, but also what it was like to have another woman touch her. She began to yearn for Margie to touch her breast and nipples.

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