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Our First Swinger&8217;s Club

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Our First Swinger’s Club By:WeAreDiscreet on

We wrote this story because we couldn’t find one like it as we prepared to go to our first swinger’s club and we didn’t know what to expect. Although this isn’t all about the sex we sincerely hope this helps.


My wife and I have eased very slowly into the lifestyle. We are very much in love and are very secure in our relationship. We began with a MFM threesome in about 1999 and she LOVED it. Since then we have had only a couple of encounters (FF and MFMF) and she enjoyed them as well.

When we fantasize in the bedroom she says she wants many things but gets cold feet when I tell her I will make those dreams come true. I am the more dominant in the relationship and I seem to have to coax her into each new level. I don’t feel guilty because she always has fun and thanks me for dragging her into the next new situation though.

We had both talked about going to a Swinger’s club for quite some time but we were nervous. I had read about one on a Swinger site in which we are members. All the reviews were positive but none really said exactly what was expected or what exactly happened. I guess it was the not knowing that made it the toughest.

We made plans to attend one about two hours from our home. We got to the area early and hit an adult shop for a corset and a mall for some sexy heels for my wife. We were anxious about going to the club. We checked into a suite at a nice hotel and my wife began drinking beer to take the edge off. She doesn’t typically drink so it didn’t take long for her to loosen up.

As we drove to the location we talked about what we were and were not looking for that night. We also discussed our personal rules about what we wanted and didn’t want from the other. We decided just to go slow and see what happened. We were up for just about anything and made no definite plans. I am glad we didn’t close options.

We arrived about 9:00 p.m. and pulled up to the valet. My heart was racing and I could tell my wife was edgy too as we got out of the truck and began walking to the door. The staff was friendly and helpful when we told them we were newbies. We paid our fees and walked inside. The club looked like any other nightclub with a full bar, dance floor, DJ booth, elevated platforms for girls to dance and even a couple of stripper poles. I guess I thought we would be walking into a huge orgy but it appeared to be just another club.

The medium sized crowd seemed to be doing normal club stuff (a few dancers, people mingling and drinking, etc). We went to the bar and got drinks and then picked a quiet table near the dance floor. It was relatively early and as we sat and drank more and more folks entered the club. We are in our late 30s and it would appear that we were near the bottom end of the age group with most folks in their mid to upper 40s.

We sat down and I could see my wife visibly relax. She was actually having a really good time almost immediately. She began pointing folks out and making comments about the people, mostly ladies, dancing provocatively. She was laughing and I could see in her eyes she was having a better than expected good time.

We consider ourselves to be a good looking couple. My wife is movie star beautiful and I am not just saying that. She is hot as hell and turns just as many heads as she did when we met nearly 20 years ago. As we looked around the club my wife commented there weren’t that many cute couples. I asked how many did she need jokingly! She laughed and said she didn’t know yet!

Two couples sat beside us. They were near our age and good looking. They introduced themselves and were very friendly. They said they had been to this club 10 times. The two women were obviously a couple within the foursome. They were gorgeous and I thought how lucky those guys were to be able to watch those vixens tangle. I would soon get to watch them myself!

The person out of the group that sat closest was very outgoing and funny. He flirted with my wife and she flirted back. He rubbed her leg as he joked and brushed her DD tits “accidentally” a few times. My wife ended up in the restroom a few times and each time she got hit on by women. One time she went and the two girls from the next table made a flattering comment about me. That didn’t hurt my self esteem AT ALL!

As the night went on and the people got more intoxicated the club began to transform a bit. The elevated dancing platforms had women sans panties doing many wonderful dance moves. The dance floor had many women with very tight dresses on that kept riding up over their ass as they gyrated exposing their bare asses. The stripper poles had barely dressed women, who knew how to use them, giving one hell of a show.

On another side of us (opposite the two cute couples) a woman who had been dancing in assless chaps was being fingered by her man. My wife was getting very excited by this point. The good looking couples on the opposite side went off into another area that we were told the “fun stuff” happens in but we hadn’t been yet. My wife got into my lap facing me and she began rubbing her clit on the front of my pants. I pulled her tits out of her low cut top and it excited her to be watched by all of the folks around us. I pulled her dress up exposing her beautiful ass; she was in heaven.

After we made out she sat back down and was even more excited than before. She dragged me toward where we had seen the other couples go. We made our way through several corridors and found the place where nearly half the club had gone. There were a series of areas (no doors) where couples and groups were in various stages of sex. The two girls from the table next to use were wrapped up with a third hottie in front of a fireplace.

There was sex everywhere and there were even more people watching it. It was surreal and VERY erotic. One part that was unique was the people who were watching. There was no gawking or anything rude but many couples just watched and commented quietly to each other on the shows in front of them. In many cases there were lines in which to wait to see the acts. My wife and I watched as we walked through the well decorated areas.

Watching all of this got my wife’s pussy dripping. She dragged me into a small empty room and she sat on a couch. I leaned over her and pulled out her beautiful DD titties and then pulled up her dress and I stuck my finger in her pussy. A couple sat near us and the woman pulled out the man’s cock and began to suck it. My wife was as hot as she has ever been as I fingered her. As more people gathered to watch she got even more excited. It wasn’t long until she pushed my head between her legs and made me eat her pussy. She was cumming and bucking wildly in just a few minutes. The crowd appreciated my wife’s performance. My wife and I realized, just then, that she was an exhibitionist!

We went back to our table and we exchanged information with the cute couples and then headed for the door. We talked excitedly as we drove back to our suite and once we arrived we fucked like wild animals. We then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We encourage anyone in the lifestyle to find a good club. Everyone was polite and we had a great time. We simply cannot say enough positive things about this experience!

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