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One Heck of A time

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This really happened as told.

Rita was beautiful woman and I had been seeing her for several months and we were having fun. She was terrific in bed, actually she was wild. You name it she liked it. She was 37 and had had an active sex life for many years. She told me that for a time she was involved with another couple in an ongoing threesome and she had sex with the wife and the husband many times. Although it was her only woman experience, she told me she would like another someday.

I was intrigued with the idea of Bi sex, as I had never experienced it except in adult videos which we watched at times. Years earlier I had attended a swing house in the bay area and really had a great time. One day I asked her “want to go to an orgy”? With no hesitation she said “yes”. I was surprised, but excited.

I called around to a number of houses in the bay area and found one that sounded right, and they had to speak to Rita so they knew that she knew what happened at the house and gave us reservations for the next party.

Rita was a little nervous as she realized this was about having sex with strangers and had never actually had sex with someone she had just met like that before, although I had. I was ready and excited. We travelled to the house and when we went in; several couples were sitting in a living room talking.

I counted 15 couples in all. Most were about our age, or younger and all were attractive. We found a place to sit on a couch and looked around wondering what to do next. I said to Rita lets look around the house and we got up and went looking. We passed a room and looked in and a couple was on the floor fucking for all to see. She was on her hands and knees with him behind her giving it to her hard and fast. Her face was all flushed and her eyes wide open and just for a moment she and I made eye contact and I could see the lust on her face as she was being fucked. A moment later she grunted several times and lowered her head and got off with this guy and he pulled out and squirted all over her butt and back groaning as he came.

Rita said wow. I said that will be you and I in a little while if you want, and she said wow again and we moved on. We went back to the living room and I asked her are you ready for this and do you really want to? We made eye contact and she said it was wild. She said I feel like a very bad girl with just being here, considering having sex with someone I have not met yet and in front of all these people.

I am very nervous and very excited both. I will have to take it a minute at a time and see what happens; I said ok lets meet some of the other couples first. I said how about you and another woman, you want to do that as well right? She said yes that would be exciting. I said many of the women here, I am told, are either Bi or Bi-curious.

We looked around and one couple stood out for me. He looked older than her and she looked to be the youngest girl at the party. She had long hair and was stunning. Rita looked at her and said she is beautiful as we approached them to introduce ourselves. As we approached them I watched him checking Rita out. Everyone who came to the house knew what it was about and came for the same reason.

I shook hands with him and we are Jim and Rita. He said I am Randy and this is my girlfriend Sheri. It is her first time here and I said ours too. It was obvious he was saying he had been there before. We walked together out to the patio and found a table and sat down to get to know each other a little. He started talking to Rita and me with Sheri; all knowing we might be fucking in a few minutes. I could see Rita focusing on Randy with a definite interest in getting to know him, as she knew he wanted to fuck her. She relaxed a little as they talked and I figured she was going to do this guy soon.

Sheri and I chatted and she said it was a wild place and Randy had told her all about it. I asked so you are here to have some fun? She made eye contact with me and said yes or I would be somewhere else and laughed. I said great, because I hope we get together soon. She said we will see.

I watched Randy make his move on Rita. He offered her his hand and said shall we? He was inviting her to go fuck somewhere. She looked over at me and I smiled and nodded it was ok with me. She looked at Randy and smiled and said yes I would love too and we all moved to a room.

Randy pulled Rita to him and kissed her and she relaxed in his arms. I was about to watch her fuck for the first time. I pulled Sheri to me and whispered you are beautiful and I want you and she said yes and I unbuttoned her top and her breathing increased and her face became flushed. I looked over to Rita and Randy had her top off. I moved closer to them as I wanted to watch Rita get fucked up close and personal. I was as hard as a rock.

Sheri removed her top and her skirt and stood in her panties. I pushed her down to the floor and slid her panties off and she was naked. Rita was watching her and she licked her lips as Sheri spread open for me. I went down on her and she gasped and shuttered as I licked her. I got busy with Sheri and loved the taste of that young pussy. I heard noises behind me and heard Rita say oh yes and a sound of skin slapping against skin. I looked up and over to Rita and Randy had her on her hands and knees fucking her hard and fast As Randy was fucked Rita hard, we made eye contact, I could see the lust on her face. She lost it and gave it up to him and had a cum for him. He just kept on fucking her and I pulled Sheri around and entered her and went deep. Her legs went up in the air as I plowed the field. So we all fucked for what seemed like a long time. Randi now had Rita on her back and she was so hot. Her face flushed and pure lust in her eyes as he gave it to her. He really knew what he was doing and she was totally into him and him into her.

Sheri whispered to me oh yes. She gave me full access and spread wide for me giving me her all. Randy grunted several times and I looked up just as he had pulled out of Rita and exploded squirting all over her pussy and tummy.

I rammed into Sheri and she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deep and ground her pussy against me. She was very wet and I could hear the sound of my cock going in and out of her. I looked up and Rita and Randy were both watching me fucking this beautiful young girl. I increased my pace and Sheri was gasping for breath and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. Her legs started to quiver and she moaned oh yes and I knew she was going to cum and I exploded deep in her pussy and holding on to me tight she climaxed with me. It became quiet except for the sound of heavy breathing. Before we said goodbye to them Randi gave me his phone number and said call me and I said I would.

I said to Rita well we did it. She said oh yes. Randi wants me to call him. She said than call him. I said no you call him and laughed.

After we got home I asked her how it went for her. She said she had a great time and really enjoyed Randy. It has been a long time since I have been with a woman and I would really like to get together with Sheri sometime if she is interested. She said I liked you watching me and me watching you. I got off really hard a couple of times with Randy.

The next week Randi Called and I let Rita do the talking. He invited us down for the weekend and Rita accepted. They talked for some time and I heard her say yes I would love to do that, and I really had a good time with you. She hung up and said well we have a date. Randi wants me to seduce Sheri. She has never been with another woman. He wants me to surprise her and get her to play with me. Did you know she is only 20?

We arrived at their house and it was nice seeing them again. Sheri looked beautiful and sexy. Rita just gave her a hug. Randi kissed Rita and I kissed Sheri. The mood was set for the night. First we went out to dinner and dancing. The girls sat next to each other in the car on the way back to their house. We sat in their living room and Randi put on some slow music. Rita was sitting with him and me with Sheri. I slipped my hand up her shirt and rubbed her legs and she opened up a little. Sheri was still new with the swing style and was looking at Randi for encouragement and direction.

Randi whispered to Rita and she got up and asked Sheri to dance with her. Rita pulled her in close and whispered something in her ear and Sheri looked over to Randi and he nodded a yes. Rita kissed Sheri a couple of times and her face became flushed. Rita moved her arms down and put her hands on her butt and pulled her in very close. Sheri looked unsure about what was happening. Rita whispered something again and Sheri looked over to Randy and he nodded a yes again and he moved over behind Rita and I behind Sheri.

I pressed against Sheri and she could feel my hard cock against her butt and I whispered that is for you. She pressed back against me. Randy unbuttoned Rita and took her top off and I did the same to Sheri. Rita pulled Sheri in and pressed her boobs against hers and continued kissing her. I whispered to Sheri that Rita wants to seduce you and go with it. We guys stepped back and Rita made her move. She got naked and undressed Sheri and pulled her down to the floor. Randy and I got undressed.

Rita was all over Sheri and moved down her body kissing and licking as she went Sheri just went with it as she was really turned on. Rita lowered her head and had her first taste of another woman in a long time. Sheri gasped and looked surprised at Rita licking her and spread for her not knowing what else to do. Rita fucked Sheri with her mouth and fingers.

Sheri started to moan and quiver. I motioned to Randy and he moved behind Rita and she raised her butt in the air and he went in deep. I heard a muffled grunt from Rita. Randi and Sheri made eye contact as he fucked Rita. She could see the pure lust on his face as he watched Rita licking her pussy. Rita was really into Sheri and Randy both. She was being fucked hard by Randy and making all kinds of noises. She made a muffled grunt sound. Raised her head up from Sheri and said oh yes cumming and buried her head back into Sheri. Randy pulled out and moved over to Sheri and she grabbed his cock and went down on him tasting Rita on his cock. Her exploded in her mouth and she shuttered and thrusting against the fingers in her pussy and climaxed. Rita kept licking Sheri as her pussy was quivering as Rita licked it. I just stood watching with a very hard cock. Sheri had a surprised look on her face as she realized what had just happened. A woman had just got her off in a big way.

We all took a break; everyone needed one except me LOL.

Rita said to me wow that was really exciting. Sheri got really wet before she came. I had forgotten how a woman tastes and it was really good.

Randy brought us drinks and gave Rita a kiss and said you were wonderful. Sheri really got off on you. Maybe she will do you tonight, not sure. Rita said I will talk to her.

We laid around for a while and Randy took Rita by the hand and led her off. I moved over to Sheri and she knew what I was going to do to her. We fucked for a long time; I was really ready. I heard sounds coming from the other room and knew Randy was giving it to Rita again. I heard her say oh yes fuck me.

Sheri was listening and said he really likes doing her. I said I like doing you too and went deep and she gasped. Her young pussy was so tight. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she held on to me tight and I felt her pussy quivering and she said oh good and grunted and climaxed with me. I just kept fucking her. She whispered in my ear I am going to cum again and shuttered and gasped. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep and said oh yes fuck me and lost all control. I humped her lost my control as well and exploded in her pussy. I felt her pussy quivering around my cock and just kept squirting inside her. We collapsed together. I looked up and Randy and Rita had been watching.

Rita moved over to us and took Sheri by the hand and led her off. Later that evening Rita told me that Sheri was feeling a little overwhelmed. I sat with her we talked about what we were doing. After a while she calmed down some and told me she had never done anything like this before and that the swing house had been her first time.

I asked her if she wanted to stop and she said no I am actually having fun, but I feel like a very bad girl and I like that feeling. I told her I was a very bad girl too and we laughed together and she seemed to relax some. I told her that I had really enjoyed her. She looked at me and we made eye contact and said you want me to be with you? I said oh yes I would love that, but would understand if you would rather not. She said I will try. I really like you. I said I want to make love to you, you are so beautiful. She said I will try. Rita said I will help you.

Rita and Sheri came back to the living room hand in hand and sat down on the couch. The music was playing and Rita asked Sheri to dance with her. They were dancing very close. Rita gave Sheri a long kiss and Sheri kissed her back. They moved to the floor and stretched out together kissing a lot. Rita whispered something to Sheri and Sheri unbuttoned her top and felt Rita up.

Rita pushed her head down and Sheri sucked her boob. Rita gasped and through her head back as Sheri played with her boobs. Rita whispered to her again and she removed her skirt and slid her panties off. It became obvious that Rita was telling Sheri what to do and how to do it.

Rita took her hand and moved it down to her pussy and took one of her fingers and pushed it inside. I heard Sheri gasp and say you are so wet, and Rita said just for you. While Sheri fingered her Rita once again whispered something to Sheri and Sheri made eye contact with her and Rita mouthed a yes and pushed down on her head showing her the way to her pussy and spread for her.

Rita said I want you to be a very bad girl and guided her head down and Sheri had her first taste of another woman. Rita said oh that feels so good lick me. Sheri was so hot by now she did whatever Rita told her to do. Once she got started she lost any doubts. Rita held her head in place as she licked and fingered her. Rita began to jerk against her mouth and holding on to her head and exploded on her face falling back panting and gasping for breath. Rita said good girl. Sheri looked up her face all wet. Rita said sit on my face and swung around and Sheri sat on her face and Rita buried her face in her pussy. Sheri grunted and her legs were shaking as she had her second cum with a woman. She fell next to Rita panting she had cum so hard. Sheri said wow that was incredible.

The girls slept together and Rita told me that in the morning they made soft love getting each other off.

Randy invited us to spend the day and Rita with a smile on her face, said that would be nice, and I knew she wanted to fuck him again and so I agreed.

We paired up for the day.

Randy suggested we take a drive up to a wooded area that he and Sheri liked and spend the day. So we got in his car and drove to a nice quiet place not too far away from their house. There was a trail leading into the woods that ended at a small stream and there was no one else around. Randy had brought a couple of blankets and we spread them out. It was really nice sitting in the shade with the sound of running water.

Randy took Rita by the hand and said how about we take a walk. After they left I asked Sheri how her first woman to woman had been for her. She smiled and said I just love Rita. We really had a good time together. So you will do it again I asked and she said oh yes. It was strange but I really think having sex with another woman is fun and Randy wants me to do that, so I will.

We heard some familiar sounds coming out of the woods. Sheri laughed and said Randy is doing Rita again. He really likes her and so do I. Sheri made eye contact with me and said I am really turned on listening to them. I want you to do me right now please. She pulled her skirt up and slid her panties off and I moved over to her and I was up and ready and fully dressed we fucked out in the open on the blanket. I went in deep and she gasped and said you fill me up. She held on to me tight and I flipped her over and she was on top riding me.

She looked down at me as she rode my cock and said I love being with you. I could see the lust in her eyes as she got into the ride. I felt her pussy get very wet and she grunted several times in a row and with her pussy quivering around my cock jerked and gasped cum and climaxed. I just held on for the ride and finally felt my cum rising and said cum and she Jumped off and took me in her mouth and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all. She whispered to me you are only the second man I have done that with, I wanted to do that for you.

When Rita and Randy returned we were sitting on the blanket fully dressed with her panties in her purse. Rita had that I just got fucked look with her face still flushed and her hair all messed up.

Rita told me later that when they were out of our sight Randy got behind me and I bent forward using a tree to brace myself. He pulled my shorts and panties down and fucked me from behind. I loved it. I have never done it in the woods before and it was wild and I really got off. He held off and said he wanted to save it for later.

Randy said to me we need to go get lunch and so we drove to a chicken place down the road and bought lunch. When we got back we could her sounds coming from our sitting area and approached quietly and stood in the woods watching Rita and Sheri, both naked, on the blanket, in a 69. We just stood and watched. They were really into each other. We moved back to the car to wait for them to finish and he said I have to get them some girl-girl toys.

We made some noise and by the time we got back to the blankets the girls were dressed and we ate lunch. Although I wanted so say to them they had already had lunch, but kept quiet.

Rita and Randy took another walk and were gone for quite a while. So Sheri and I took a walk of our own. We went down by the stream and I said I want to see you naked, you are so beautiful. She smiled and said sit on that rock and stood in front of me and slowly took all her clothes off. She stood there naked with her long hair down to her waist. She took my breath away, she was so beautiful. I looked at her and said I am a lucky man. She smiled and said thanks and turned around and placing her hands on a large rock bent over exposing her pussy that was glistening in the sun. I knew what she wanted and got naked and moved over to her. She spread wide open for me and we made eye contact as I entered her.

She said yes do me. Somehow it was different this time. It was not just fucking. She was making a gift of all of herself this time. She held nothing back. I wanted it to last for a long time so went slow and easy. I was so hard and she was so wet. She turned around and gave me a loving kiss and I picked her up and she put her legs around me as I entered her and with her arms around my neck kissing me passionately we made love for the first time. She whispered I want you to cum inside me. I felt her pussy quivering around my cock. She said I am so turned on and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she moaned and said oh yes give it to me I am going to cum for you and shuttered and kissing me grunted and climaxed on my cock.

I was close to exploding and she felt my cock get bigger inside her and said yes give it to me and tightened her legs around me and pulled me in as deep as I could get. I lost it and exploded deep in her pussy, squirting and squirting more. She held on clamping down on my cock with her muscles. I came so hard I almost dropped her and we fell together on the blanket. We held each other for a time and she said although I have had sex with several men, you are only the second man I have given it up too. It was wonderful. I said I think I am in love and in a way I was. She said me too.

We walked back hand in hand looking for Rita and Randy. It was near time for us to head home and we went back to their place. Before we left they insisted we get together again soon and we agreed and we did several times.

About a month later they came to our place for a visit. Randy and Sheri had gone to a adult book store and bought a couple of girl on girl toys that they brought with them. The girls were excited about trying them out as they had talked on the cell phone and Rita had agreed with they had bought.

Randy wanted to get with Rita first and me with Sheri. We did separate rooms although we could hear each other. None of us were holding anything back now. So the house for a time was filled with the sounds of fucking and smells of wet pussies and people getting off on each other. We had become a true foursome in every way. There was some real affection between us all.

In the evening we had dinner and watched some adult movies for a time. Most of ours had girl-girl action and the girls were sitting together holding hands watching what the women were doing to each other. Some were using toys, the kind they had brought with them and the girls were going ooh and giggling as they watched as they knew it would be them soon.

After the video ended Sheri got her bag and got they toys out. She had brought two. A dido with two ends and a strap-on. I thought these two ladies want to go wild. They went to the middle of the room and Rita said you guys are not invited this time and laughed; Showtime.

The girls spent some time kissing and slowly removed their clothes until they were both naked. Rita pulled out the dildo with two ends. The girls giggled a little and then got serious. The dildo was about 14 inches long which meant 7 inches for each. Since Randy and I were both over 7 inches they would be able to handle it. I heard Rita say ready Sheri? Sheri smiled and said ok you go first.

Rita moved one end of the dildo down to het pussy and pushed and the head slipped in a little spreading her pussy lips apart. She jerked a little and said oh it is big. She pushed again and it went in about 2 inches and stopped. Her face got flushed and she said it really feels good, now you. Sheri moved forward across from Rita. Took the other end of the dildo in her hand and pushed into her pussy until it was about 2 inches inside. Sheri became wide eyed and gasped and said oh yes good.

The two girls dr*ped their legs over each other in a missionary position facing each other and made eye contact. There was lust on both their faces knowing they were about to fuck. Rita said ready and Sheri nodded yes and she said push and they pushed together and the dildo disappeared inside them. They were now pussy to pussy touching. Rita said on that feels so good and Sheri had her eyes closed and was gasping oh yea. The girls began to move back and forth fucking each other and banging their clits together. They grabbed each other by their arms for leverage and fucked faster and faster.

The pulled each other close and kissed each other passionately, then holding each other tight. Sheri said I am going to cum and went rigid and still and Rita kept moving in and out of her and Sheri cried out and jerked against the dildo in her pussy and climaxed holding on to Rita. Rita moved faster and said oh yes fuck me and climaxed with her holding Sheri tight kissing her as she came. The two girls were both panting and the dildo was still deep in them both. Slowly they moved a part and the dildo slipped out making a popping sound. Rita said wow what an experience. Sheri just lay there quietly with her face very red; breathing hard. We guys sat there with hard-ons.

We all took a break the girls stayed close together and were kissing each other and holding hands. Randy went over and whispered to Rita and they disappeared into the bedroom. I approached Sheri and she kissed me and said I need some recovery time. I said ok no problem although I was a little disappointed. I sat with her and we listened to Randy doing Rita. She said to me he really likes her. Rita is a woman who can fuck all day and still want more so this weekend was perfect for her. I heard loud slapping sounds coming from the bedroom and knew she was on her hands and knees getting it from behind which she loves.

A few minutes later the returned and Rita was flushed and had a lustful look on her face. She had a good time with Randy as usual. He had been fucking her for almost an hour. She moved over to Sheri and they sat close. Sheri had apparently recovered from their earlier session with the dildo. Rita kissed Sheri several times and Sheri got that I want to fuck look in her eyes, but it would not be by me. Rita turned the lights down low and moved back to Sheri wearing the strap-on. Sheri looked up and knew what Rita wanted to do to her and smiled.

They sat kissing and feeling each other up for a time until Sheri made eye contact with Rita and said yes now. She spread for her wide open with and with an excited look on her face. Rita slipped the end of the strap-on into Sheri and pushed in slowly letting her adjust to the size. She went deep. Sheri gasped and said oh that feels so good, you fill me up. Rita moved back and both, slowly fucking and kissing Sheri. Sheri rapped her legs around Rita and was lost in the sensations she was feeling. The passion was high between them. Rita looked down at his lovely young girl she was fucking and you could see the lust on her face.

Sheri was grunting and gasping for air and saying oh yes good, good. Rita pulled out and Sheri said oh no, but Rita just turned her over and entered her from behind and now was riding her hard and fast. I had raging hard-on and moved behind Rita and went in and went deep. Rita gasped and said yes and I fucked her as she fucked Sheri. It was a scene to remember. Randy just watched.

The three of us got into a rhythm and I was so hard and Rita was so wet. Sheri was being doubled fucked and did not know as she was faced away. I grunted several times and exploded pulling out squirting all over her butt and back. Sheri said cum and shuttered and climaxed as Rita gave it to her and Rita said me too and climaxed with us both. We all collapsed together in a heap, panting.

It was near time for us to head home and so we agreed to meet up again sometime soon.

The girls kissed several times before we left obviously with a lot of affection between them. We would be seeing them again. We said our goodbye and headed home.

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