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Nicole - I love the warm weather and strangers as well.

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Hi Guys and Gals?Nicole here. Remember me (19, 4?10?, 91 lbs). Wow, what a day. I love it when it is warm outside. Here it is Monday, Feb 11 and living in the OC in So Cal is where everyone should be. Today they said on TV that the temps should be 80, my kind of day! So after showering and a little makeup (don?t wear much), I chose a little tunic top and shorts to wear. I have to wear those or my parents would be shocked to see what I really wear in public. It is ok to be nude at home since I have been a nudie since I was a preteen, but my mom and dad limits this activity to the home only ;(. Oh well.

After kissing my mom good-by, I headed out the door to my Miata, took the top down and off I went. My goal today was to expose my body to 10 strangers. As soon as I was about 2 miles from the house, I pulled into the usual park and removed the shorts in the bathroom. Now I was down to the tunic top and black leather boots. Looking in the mirror, my top was about a tiny too short and exposed a little of my bottom, but the goods in front were covered. It?s not that often I wear something this short in public, but I love the rush. I shoved the shorts in my bag and walked outside to see the park guys mowing the grass. My car was about 50 yards from the bathroom, so I knew I was definitely on display for these guys. I was about 10 yards from the bathroom, when I heard the mowers shut off. There were 3 different guys, so I knew I could be down to 7 in a matter of seconds. One of the guys yelled something in Spanish and I raised my arm and hand as high as I could and waved to him. This completely exposed my huhu to him as I watched his mouth drop. I walked over to him and asked him if he knew what time it was. He just kept looking at me and saying something which I didn?t understand, so I thanked him put my arms around him and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. He was stunned! By this time, the others walked up and one of them said ?what about me?? I walked up to him and did the same, but he reached down and picked me up in his arms. My bare butt was cradled in his arms as he told me that I was the cutest thing he has ever seen, as he patted my bottom. I told him that if he put me down, he can see even more of me if he liked. As he lowered me back to the ground on my feet, he made sure my top (dress) was against him, so it would rise up above by waist and held me there while asking me what I meant. Now that his friends were staring at my naked butt, I pulled away from him and pulled the top over my head and completely off, standing completely naked in front of all 3 guys with only my boots on. They were howling and stunned at the same time. I then gave each one of them 1 more hug (which they prolonged by running their hands all over my body) and kiss on the cheek and walked the remaining 40 yards to my car nude. I was trembling the whole time, hoping some cop wouldn?t come up and bust me. As I reached my car, some guy pulled into the parking lot and asked me if I was ok. I said, ?Do I look ok?? He said ?From where I am, you look fantastic?. I laughed and asked him if he would give me a hug and kiss before I left. He came flying out of his car and lifted me up and gave me a big bear hug, a kiss on both of my nips, and lowered me to the ground with a little slap on my butt, and asked if he could fuck me. I told him that I was a virgin in that area, and want to stay that way, but it was nice seeing him, and got into my car and took off. When I was about a mile away, I pulled over and put my top back on. My huhu was drenched as I fingered my swollen puss. Now that took care of 4 guys. I was down to 6.

As I was driving my car, I noticed that the wind would blow the bottom of my top up, exposing my bare puss to all drivers who pulled up next to me. When I would stop, then my top would go down and be covering me. Since it was just after 1:30 by now, I was trying to decide where to eat. I seem to be in the mood for Indian, so I put the info into my GPS, and found a little place in Tustin. I didn?t want to go to some chain restaurant dressed like this, so this little place in the mini mall seemed perfect. I parked right near the door and walked in. The waiter looked stunned as I walked in. The place was pretty dark, so I knew I would be somewhat safe in this outfit. I asked him if I could still get lunch and he commented yes of course, and led me to a table in the center of the room. There were about 6 people having lunch and all heads turned to see me. As we got to the table, I slowly bent over and sat my purse on the floor, making sure the 2 guys at the table nearby got an all out show of my butt. I then sat down and made sure the top barely covered my puss, but the sides of my body were completely exposed to show that I was not wearing anything under this top. The waiter then asked me if I wanted the buffet or I wanted to order something from the menu, so I told him to give me a minute. As I started to look at the menu, I dropped my napkin on the floor. As I leaned over to pick it up, I was giving quite a show to the other guys sitting on the other side, showing off my puss to them. I then sat back up, and noticed the top now was not covering me in the front, so I made no attempt to move it. Instead, I parted my legs a bit so my lips were revealed and called the waiter over. His eyes almost came out of his head, as he stared at my pussy on display. I then asked the guys what they preferred to eat, and of course they made a remark about ?you mean for lunch or dessert?. I laughed and said ?lunch ?. Dessert comes after. They said I should go for the buffet, that it was a better choice. I knew that would be their choice, due to the show they were about to get from some girl in a tiny dress coming into the restaurant. I said, ok, and then looked back at the waiter who was still mesmerized with my pussy. I said to him that I will go with the buffet, and handed him the menu back. He was shaking as he poured water in my glass, trying not to stare at my pussy. As he was pouring, I spread my legs further open and heard him moan a little. He then thanked me and walked away and disappeared in the back. I then got up from my seat and walked across the floor past these guys, feeling my top slapping my bottom as I walked. I was trembling as I reached the buffet. I have never been this displayed in a restaurant before and I had the need to reveal even more of myself to these strangers. All eyes were focused on my revealing outfit as I walked down the line with my butt exposed slightly. As I got to the end, I dropped my fork. I sat the plate down and bent over, bending my knees, but still exposing my entire bottom and picked up the fork. I had felt my top now bunched up on my lower back as I stood. My entire butt was now on display. I made no effort to cover myself, and proceeded to the end of the line. I held the plate against my top, so the front of my top now was above my pussy. What a site for all the people in the restaurant to see. I was soooooooo nervous. I thought I would be thrown out. The manager asked me if everything was ok. With a shaken voice, I told him yes, and proceeded to walk back to my table with my head down. When I got to my table, I put the plate down and sat on the chair. I was so wet and needed to be fingered so bad.

After a few minutes, I had noticed that 1 couple had left and not the only people left in the place was the waiter, manager and the guys sitting next to me. Finally the guy next to me starts to talk with me.

?Excuse me, but are you aware that you have no pants on?, he says, staring at my side.

?Yes?, I told him, ?I was told to come here for lunch and just wear this top?.

?Who told you to dress like that, your master??

?Yes,? I told him, still looking at the table.

?Well, I must say that you are pretty young to be walking around, exposing your pussy to everyone like this and getting every guy all worked up. Do you know that? Do you like teasing guys?? he said ?Yes I do like teasing guys, but guys like looking too,? I said, so nervously.

?Follow me, little one over here?, he said as he got up from his chair and took my hand. He must have been almost 7 feet tall. I followed him to the booth in the corner and he then told me ?Stand at the front of this booth, facing me. You know, for a while there, I thought you were wearing some type of panties. But when you walked back from the buffet line, parading that little pussy of yours as if to say ?look at this and you can?t touch?, I thought this little cocktease needs a lesson?.

I did as he told me and he slid into the booth to the back of it and said to me ?Lean over the table and put your hands into mine?.

I leaned over the table, felling my top rise above my bottom. I was so vulnerable in this position.

?Now, spread your legs so everyone here can get a good look at that pussy of yours?.

I did as he told me and laid my exposed tummy on the table top.

?We are getting rid of this top of yours right now? he said, as he pulled it up and over my head.

?You can leave the boots on. It?s a nice effect?.

Now here I was, lying across this table with his hands locked on my wrists, completely nude with my legs spread wide in front of everyone.

?Waiter, please come over here, he said. Tell me, was this little tart teasing you until your dick was hard? What do you think this little girl deserves?, he shouted.

?Well, sir. A good hard smack on here rear to start with?, he said, as he caressed and squeezed my butt, running his finger in my crack and his middle one teasing the folds of my pussy. He then gave me 5 hard smacks on my ass, calling me a very bad little girl.

?Pull up a chair and put these legs on your shoulders and enjoy the sweet smell of the sex this little one is giving. I bet you are so wet right now, I could slide the biggest cock in your twat?.

?Squeeze her ass for me. I want to tell me how hard it is.?, he told the waiter.

The waiter then started feeling my ass and kissing my thighs. I could feel his breath on my pussy as he told him ?Man, this is heaven. Thank heaven for little girls, because in a few years, this tramp is going to be worthless?.

?Yea, what do you think of the waiter having his way with you know? Here you were cockteasing him a few minutes ago, and now here you are, naked on your little tummy and lying on this table with your thighs between his head and I am about to tell him to taste your sweet pussy?.

?Nice tip, huh waiter?, he laughed. My head was swimming and I wanted him so bad to lick my pussy.

?Hey waiter, run your tongue up and down this area and tell me how it tastes.?

OH MY GOD, I was saying to myself.

I felt his tongue start at the top of the crack in my bottom and I was trembling as he slowly ran it down my crack. I started to moan as he reached my butt hole and rimmed me with his tongue. I moaned so loud, that he said ?Stop.

This little slut is enjoying this. Do you like the waiter licking you like this?

?Yes?, I said.

?Tell the waiter where you want his tongue??

?I want it in my pussy, please?, I said.

?Well well well, the little cunt wants to be satisfied?, he said.

?But what about his tip, first. What kind of tip were you planning on leaving him, a dollar??

?No, I said, my voice shaking. I was going to leave 15%.?

?How nice. You pull up in that showy car, come in dressed to thrill, cocktease a little for your own pleasure, and then leave 15%. That?s sweet. But I think he wants something else besides money, right waiter??

?I would like a taste of this expensive pussy,? he said.

?Ok, go ahead and continue, but if you want to enjoy the pussy on this sweet thing, take your pants down and stroke your dick as you are having your kind of lunch, ok??

?Yes Sir,? he said, as I heard his pants being undone and he sat back down, with one hand squeezing my butt and the other one I was sure was stroking himself.

?Wait a second, the guy said. Let me make this pussy a little more comfortable for you. Hey Paul, bring me that pillow off of that booth over there?.

Paul came over with the pillow and handed it to him.

?Lift up, sweety. I want you to put your tight tummy on this so your pussy is more elevated for Mr. Waiter?.

I then lifted off the table and my butt was now in his face.

?Stay like that for a minute, pretty one, he said. Hey waiter, is this doggie style better for you??

?Much better, sir?, he said, as he put a napkin in his shirt front. This is my buffet time?.

I felt his breath now on my thighs as he worked his way up and finally started licking my pussy. I was wet and moaning as he worked that tongue in and out of my pussy. As I opened my eyes, the guy in the booth now had his dick out and was waving it in my face. I opened my mouth and starting sucking his dick as the waiter continued licking my pussy. I looked to my left and saw another dick being stroked by someone else. The waiter now was finger banging my pussy while I sucked on the booth guy?s dick. I felt his balls rising and suddenly, he erupted in my mouth. He kept hammering my head into his crotch as he came a few times. ?What a sweet little girl, suck me baby girl. Suck all that cum down your pretty little throat. Ah, so sweet. Look at you. Slamming your pussy into his hand like that, you little whore.?

?Hey Paul, we got a good cock sucker here. Come get some.?

Paul walked over and put his dick now in my face. I started to suck him, but he only lasted about 10 seconds before he pulled it out of my mouth and let his cum hit me on the face. He came in my eyes, hair and mouth.

About now, my knees were killing me, so I slid around and lay on my back with my head over the front of the table. The waiter took his dick and stuck it down my throat, while the guy in the booth was eating my pussy. The waiter kept pulling his dick out of my mouth and slapping my face with it.

?15%, huh, you little bitch. Here you are, the whore that you are, having me now slapping your face with my dick. Your whole face is covered in cum from all of the customers, and now it is my turn to spray 100% of my cum on your face. Lick my balls, bitch?, he said. I was coming and coming as I was being fingered by the guy in the booth, my little titties being pinched by the manager, and the waiter dick slapping me and shoving his dick down my throat. I started to massage his huge balls when all of a sudden; he tensed up and screamed ?I?m coming. I?m coming. Squeeze my balls for all my come, bitch.? He started coming and his dick was like a hose, cum being sprayed on my face, titties, hair, eyes. My whole face was glazed. I was coming soo hard from the many fingers shoved in my pussy this whole time. Finally, I could take no more, as I was trembling in sensitivity down there. I was a limp rag lying on the table, covered in cum.

For about 20 minutes, I laid on the table when he finally said to me ?Little one, I hope you enjoyed yourself today. This incredible body of yours should always be on display for men to admire and use?, he said as he was pulling his pants up. He then picked me up off of the table and laid me down on the sofa near the back. The waiter got a warm wet towel and wiped off my face and hair, and got another warm one to wipe the remaining parts of my body. The manager then brought out some nice lotion and rubbed this all over my body, massaging my muscles and legs as well. Paul then sat me up and put my top back on for me. I was so worn out and thoroughly exhausted. ?By the way, my name is Norm, he said. And it has been my pleasure to sexually satisfy your desires and hope that we can repeat this adventure in the near future. I think you are still way too young to be fucked, but soon enough, this desire of yours will be fulfilled.?

?I promised myself to remain a virgin until I marry,? I told him. ?I just enjoy sex and exposing myself to strangers. I like satisfying older men like you guys because I feel safe and secure with you. Today can?t be done again. You are no longer a stranger. It has to be with men I do not know and will never see again.?

?I understand, he said. Take care of yourself and be cautious.?

?I will?, I told him. I then stood up and walked across the restaurant to get my purse. I gave a hug and kiss to the waiter. ?Thank you for not sticking your dick in my pussy. I had fun?. He picked me up, gave me a kiss, and put me back down with a gentle pat on my bottom. I then gave Paul a kiss and hug. He seamed a little guilty. ?I?m sorry that I abused you sexually?, he said. ?Paul, you gave me what I wanted. Thanks.?.

I kissed the manager good-by and walked out the door. Wow. It was like 4:00pm and I just wanted to nap, maybe. Oh wait, that was just 8 today. I still had 2 more guys to go. I got in my car and drove away thinking where else could I go to meet my goal of 10 strangers. As I drove, I saw a car wash. Hmmmm. I think I could find the remaining ones here. I was getting excited again, as I touched my pussy and found it wet again with excitement.

As I pulled into the car wash, I noticed a few guys at the vacuum hoses. The one guy proceeded to tell me to pull into the far right lane, so I did. I made sure my top was at my belly button, completely exposing my pussy. He came up to the car and said ?whoa?. I asked him was everything alright? He stared at my crotch and said yea. I told him I needed a car wash and gas. He told me to put the top up, so I did and opened my car door and put one leg out showing him my pussy. I pretended to be getting my purse that I had sat on the floor, keeping my legs splayed wide open for him. Since I couldn?t reach it, I then got out of the car, put my knees on the car seat, and bent all the way down to retrieve my purse, giving him full access to my bottom and pussy. While I was getting the purse, I felt 2 hands starting to caress my butt and a finger being inserted into my pussy. I started to rock back and forth against his hand enjoying this finger banging I was getting. He finally stopped, and I proceeded to get out of the car, pull my top down to cover what I could, gave him a kiss, and then go into the car wash lobby. What a rush. I was the only car there getting a car wash. I went in and paid for the car wash and proceeded to the little waiting area. 1 more guy for the day.

When I turned the corner in the waiting area, there was an older guy who shines shoes. I said hi to him and asked him how his day was? He said it was boring until I came in. he asked me what kind of outfit was that I had on. I told him it was my sunny day outfit, short dress, boots and that?s it. He then said ?Turn around so I can see how it looks from the back?.

?Here you go?, I said as I twirled around.

?Look little girl, I don?t want to alarm you, but do you know how short that dress is in the back??

?It feels kinda short, but I am only 4?10?, so everything is short to me?, I said.

?Are those leather boots?, he asked.


?Let me polish them up then for you, no charge?, which really meant let me polish your boots and look up your dress.

?Thank you, your sooooo nice,? I cooed, as I hugged him. He then picked me up and sat me down in the big leather chair.

?Put your heel in the stirrup here little girl?, he said.

?Ok?. As I did my legs naturally were spread apart about 12 inches. I quickly pulled my top down between my thighs, but I knew I couldn?t cover my pussy. As he started to put the polish on the first boot, he glanced up my thigh, getting quite a show. I saw him blink like he couldn?t believe what he was seeing. He stared at my pussy for a few minutes while he was polishing my first boot. I decided that he needed a better view, so I asked him if he had any magazines I could look at while he shined my shoes. He gave me one and when I started to read it, I placed the binding of the magazine against my tummy and proceeded to move the magazine up, so it would lift my shirt up above my tummy. I kept talking with him as I continued to raise the top. My top was now above my belly button and he finally said, ?Where is your drawers, little girl? Because that is the finest pussy I have ever seen!?

I said to him ?Thanks Mr. Would you like to touch it??

?Sure, just don?t tell anyone, ok? he said.

?I won?t?. He then took his finger tips and ran them across my hairless mound into the folds of my pussy. He toyed with penetrating me until his want came over his guilt. Since I was soooo wet, his finger went inside me so smooth. Back and forth he fingered me as I mashed my pussy against his hand. I was this little slut letting this old man finger my pussy and then he proceeded to lick me as well. I was now pushing his face into my crotch as he licked and tongued me for a few minutes. After I came for the third time, I was limp. He looked so afraid that he might get in trouble that I told him everything was fine. I told him I just needed one more thing.

?What?s that, pretty thing??

?I need you to spank me 7 times on my bare bottom for being a bad girl. Right here. In front of all the car wash guys.?

?Are you sure?? he asked.

?Yes?, I moaned. ?Please Mr.?

He then took me by my hand and led me outside to a bench where about 15 guys were standing.

?This little girl has been bad today,? he told them.

?She left her house in this outfit and wore no panties. She has been teasing guys all day dressed like a spoiled little rich girl and now she needs to be spanked.?

?Come here, sweetie.? I walked over to him with my head down.

?Come over here and lay across my lap?. He said.

I lowered myself over his lap, completely exposing my bottom to all the guys there. He then pulled my top all the way up to my shoulders so I was completely in view of everyone.

?Open your legs for us honey so everyone can see your sweet pussy.? I spread my legs wide apart so all 15 of the guys got a perfect view.

?What do you think guys? Nice, huh. Let?s take the shirt off as well.? This I was not counting on, but in the position I was in, I couldn?t argue. He pulled my top off so now I was just in leather boots.

?I am going to spank you once. And then every guy here is going to get an opportunity to finger your sweet little pussy and butt and get to spank you as well.


?No, please Mr. Not everyone.?, I pleaded.

?Sorry sweets, but this is what you wanted, right??

?NO!?, I said.


It stung like never before.

?So, a little tease like you expects to get your way? Sorry, little slut. Not this time?. He said.

He then spanked me 3 more times and asked the guys to line up and have at it while he held me down. After the 4th guy fingered me and smacked my butt, I was drenched in come. I was having wave after wave of orgasms knowing I was being humiliated by this group of guys. After about 15 minutes of this torture, he finally released me. Again, I was limp.

?Now, you little rich bitch. Get your ?supposed to be a dress? back on and get out of here before I let all 15 guys fuck you.?

I walked over to the car, carrying my top and got in. I was drained. What a day. I wanted to tease 10 guys and had 23 have their way sexually with me. I slipped the top over my shoulders. It was coated with dried cum and sweat and stretched out. I drove for a few miles, got out of my car, and retrieved my shorts from the trunk. I pulled them on and proceeded to drive home, sore bottom, sore butt hole and sore pussy. I can?t wait for another sunny day.

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