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Nice view

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What a view... literally and figuratively.

I was on my usual long commute to San Francisco, thought I'd take the more scenic route for the last part of the drive. Beautiful scenery, but this trip, I'd get a bit more of a view than trees on a hillside.

I pulled the company car off to one of the roadside vista points. Don't want to hear it from the motor pool that I fouled up the vehicle by eating while driving, so I thought I'd dump my garbage before turning in the car. The area had a few vehicles, so I pulled into vacant spot next to a white van. You know, the kind... van conversion with windows like a fish bowl. The sun glinted off the windows, but I was sure I could see people in the back of the van. I started thinking of that old line, "If this van's a rock'n, don't bother knocking."

Well, I had to get out of the car to dump my trash, so I walked to the front of my car and strolled casually to the windshield of the van. It wasn't rock'n but there was obviously something going on in the back of this van. I could see more clearly through the front windows and lo `n behold, there was a guy and his gal doing the nasty in the backseats.

She was lost in lust. Blonde, looked middle-aged, but had a pair of breasts that would make your mouth water. She alternated between giving him a blowjob and rubbing herself all over him. He seemed to realize I was watching from the start. I stared for a moment, got shy, so I ambled over the waste container.

I thought to myself, SHIT, go be a voyeur, STUPID.

Back for another look, this time it was obvious that I was staring for pure pleasure. He noted my return and leaned over to nuzzle her ear. She just continued working his cock and with a little shove on the back of her head, swallowed him whole, as in deep, deep throating the dude.

She came up for air, shaking her mane of blonde locks. Damn, she looked sexy. He must have said something, because she turned and looked right at me. I probably looked like a deer in the headlights. She licked her lips and motioned with her hand. Dumb me, it took a while before I realized she was gesturing to come to the side of the van.

I walked slowly in a daze and found the side door to the van cracking open. The vision of beauty seductively looked at me and smiled. I said, "Hello". Wow, what a conversationlist I am. She licked her lips again and said, "You like to watch?". I continued my brilliance in communication by responding, "Sure". She says, "Follow us."

He zips up and jumps into the driver's seat of the van. I do the same in my car and follow them out of the lot and back down the freeway. I'm tense as can be, but there's my vision laying in the back of the van, flirtatiously blowing a kiss my way through the smokey view of the back window.

The van pulls off onto a quiet rural road under a shade oak. I do the same and she saunters out of their van, now clothed, but looking hot enough to set the underbrush surrounding the cars to blaze. I roll down my window as she approaches and she leans up against my car.

"I like to watch, too.", she says. She tells me she'd like to see me stroke it for her. I look around and wonder if I'm being setup or is this my lucky day. I figure I've won the lottery and unzip. She mururs, "Mmmmmm, that looks nice. Can you cum for me?"

Well, I'm now as hard as titanium and about to shoot like a skyrocket after watching her earlier. She unbuttons her blouse as I stroke my rock hard cock. She's moaning and writhing a bit as I work my cock. I reach my left hand for her breast and she leans forward to my waiting grip. Her nipples are absolutely the most perfect erasers I've ever seen. I tweak them and get a moan for a response. Getting braver, I lean farther and put my mouth right on that firm nippled tit and lick, suck and kiss until...

I explode! White and warm all over the front of my pants. She leans back from the window a bit to enjoy the view, I guess. Much to my dismay, she starts buttoning her blouse, while I'm trying to blot up my spent seed. She licks her lips one more time and says, "Thank you, I enjoyed that."

She reached in the car and stroked my shoulder with her fingers. I stuttered a, "Me, too." as she then turned and headed back to the van.

I managed to clean up without too much difficulty, watching as they slowly drove off into the waning sunset. Whenever I pass a roadside rest stop or vista point anywhere, I think back and say to myself, "What a view."

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