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My First Taste of Exhibitionism

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My first episode of exhibitionism and voyeurism, which I now thoroughly enjoy, began simply enough in my backyard. Let me start out by describing myself. I have what is considered very nice breasts of 34DD. I also have a pleasant enough figure to complement them at 34-24-36 with a nicely shaped ass that pleases my husband immensely, along with an pleasing looking face. I am used to compliments and attention from men. Of course my girls receive plenty of attention from the opposite sex and I can and have encouraged the attention by dressing somewhat sexy at times as my husband enjoys the attention I get from other men.

We live in an area in Arizona where there is a lake and river. We have a nice boat that we use a lot when it is warm and is so nice to go boating. My husband encourages me to wear as little as possible when we are on the boat so I have a few bikinis the fits the bill. I think he likes to show me off to the other boaters as there is a friendly competition to have the hot looking lady in your boat. Anyway as a result, I work on my tan quite a bit by laying out by our pool a few times a week. I mostly do my tanning during the AM and during the week when it is quiet around the neighborhood and most everyone is out at work. I prefer the AM before it gets too hot.

Occasionally I will remove my suit top to get an overall tan to help keep the tan lines down. I want to look my best when we are boating and tan lines don't help. So my story begins as I was laying out one morning. I had my top off and was just relaxing and enjoying some iced tea. I heard some rustling from the next door backyard and realized that the gardener was back there working. I thought about putting my top back on but decided against it since our yard was kind of private. A few minutes later I heard the gardener close to the fence trimming bushes. Then it got quiet. I had on my sunglasses and looked over to the fence and saw the gardener looking over the fence at me. He didn't know I had seen him since my eyes were covered by my sunglasses. My first reaction was to cover my breasts but I felt a sudden rush of heat and felt my nipples begin to harden, which happens when I am sexually excited. So I decided to stay lying on my lounge chair and let him look. I figured it couldn't do any harm and it felt good having him stare at me. He continued to watch me until his fellow gardener called his name and he went away. I was amused and felt flushed from this event.

I had decided not to tell me husband about the event as he might tell me to knock it off and I didn't want that to happen in fact I was kind of looking forward to the next week. When Wednesday finally arrived I again went out from some sun, this time wearing a regular 2-piece suit but this time I had a plan. I laid out on my lounge and right on time I knew the gardener was looking over the fence. I had both pieces on and wanted to tease him a little. In a couple of minutes I reached up and untied the strap around my neck and folded the cups of the top down to just to my nipples. I left it there for about 5 minutes knowing he was still watching. Then I reached back behind and untied the back strap and removed the top, freeing my girls for him to see. Then I took my hand and cupped my tits and played with my nipples a little, feeling them getting hard. I then laid back giving him a full view. Then, after about 5 minutes, I reached down to my bottoms and folded them down a couple of folds so that more skin was exposed and the bottom barely covered my pussy. I stayed that way, letting him watch until his boss called him again and he disappeared. I found myself getting wet while thinking about him watching. Right away I started planning what to do next week.

Now I was nervous with anticipation waiting for next week to roll around. Wednesday finally arrived and I got ready to go out. I had repositioned my lounge chair so that I would directly face my friend. I was short of breath as I prepared to go further with our little game today. I went out and took off my top, laying it over the top of the lounge. Sure enough my friend made his appearance. I of course pretended not to notice. As I lay there, I began to play with my breasts, feeling my nipples getting harder. I licked my fingers and rubbed my nipples. I felt so good. I could feel the heat rush to my pussy as I got ready to make my next move. After a few minutes with him looking on, I stood up and removed my bottoms. I couldn't believe I was standing fully nude in front of a complete stranger. I felt both nervous and very excited at the same time. The same feeling you get when you have sex with someone for the first time. I have a fully waxed pussy with no hair so my pussy was completely visible to him. After a few minutes passed I wanted to do more, so I pulled my knees up and I spread my legs wide giving him and even better view of my gaping pussy. Needless to say, at this point I could barely breathe I was so excited. I also noticed that he had repositioned himself to get a full view. As I pretended to relax, I let my hand wander down to my pussy and I began playing with myself, rubbing my clit and feeling the excitement building. I fantasized that he had his cock out and was jerking off while watching me. In about 10 minutes his boss called him and he left. I was so turned on I went into my bedroom and fucked myself with my dildo. I must have come 5 times before I was exhausted. I couldn't believe what just happened but my mind was racing with nasty thoughts about it. I was really turned on by this episode. I had to do more next week, but what?

It had been 3 weeks now that I had played my little exhibition game with my voyeur. It was hard to think of anything else from week to week. Now I had to see how much further I could take it. Wednesday finally arrived again. This time I had put on a sheer see thru short lacy top that buttoned up the front and went to just above the knee with nothing on underneath. Our bedroom has a balcony off the side and is upstairs where I have a view of the neighbor's backyard. When I spotted my friend, I stepped out onto the deck and walked over to the railing. He spotted me right away and looked up. I was standing with my legs spread knowing the light behind me would reveal everything. I waved to him. He stopped short, and then waved back smiling. I then asked if he could come over when he was done and take a look at a couple of my plants that were sick. He said definitely he would in about 15 minutes. I told him to let himself in thru the gate. I went down to my sunning place but he wasn't looking over the fence. It sounded like he was very busy getting his work done. I sunned in the nude for a while. Finally, I heard the gate open and close. I put on my sheer see thru top and left all but 1 button in the middle undone. He came back and shyly asked which plants. I walked over to a couple of low growing plants and pointed. He came over and knelt down to pretend to look at them. I came close and bent over to look. I so doing, I felt my top open up completely giving him a full on view of my breasts that he had enjoyed from afar for 3 weeks. He was stammering as he told me my plants just needed watering. As I stood up I casually undid the one button holding my top together giving him a full up close look at my pussy and tits. He stood up and I could see his cock as hard and bulging in his pants. I reached down and felt his cock and asked him if that was uncomfortable being in such tight jeans and wouldn't he like to free it up. He reached out and roughly grabbed my tits and it sent a gasp thru me. It felt so good to finally have him feel what he had looked at for so long. I unzipped his pants and freed his bulging cock. It was beautiful, hard and glistening from the sun. Then his boss called his name. He started to put his cock back in his pants but I stopped him, bent over and took him in my mouth, quickly sucking him. He stopped for a minute then pulled it out and said he had to leave. I told him to allow more time next week. He said he would leave his boss home next week.

Needless to say there is more to this story, but that is for my next chapter. Oh, one more thing. This has opened up a whole new experience for me for exhibiting my goods. The following weekend my husband and I were out on the lake boating. I had bought a very tiny bikini with the bottom more like a thong, and the top barely covering my nipples. As we were cruising, he mentioned how sexy I looked and acted lately. He commented that my top was so brief that I might as well go topless. I said sure, why not! And took off my top. He was shocked but grinning from ear to ear. As we passed other boats I waved my top and showed them my beautiful tan without tan lines. We got a lot of hoots and hollers. My husband was the hit of the lake and I got a lot more attention from the guys and girls. I love my newly found freedom and am thinking of new ways for exhibition.

Next chapter coming soon. Arizona Girl.!

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