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My Fantasy Fulfilled (a wife's story)

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Hi there its Traci again, I just love the website ad when my husband gets back from out of town lookout everybody we will be out there looking for more great times together. I want to tell everyone what happened this past weekend. I wrote the story about the cable guy. To make a long story short my hubby signed us up for this site after a trip to Chicago where I had a wild five days flirting with other men while my husband conducted business. I even got to give a blow job in a hallway of a very nice hotel. I have a secret fantasy to have sex in public. I have kept it to myself for a lot of years and after my trip to Chicago and chatting with a guy on this site I have decided to act on it and have fun. I met Trey the cable guy when he knocked on my door as I was chatting on the site. In less than 30 minutes he was fucking me on my pool table and on my swimming pool. He was such fun I even went ton his house where I met his roommate Jeff who has an enormous cock. They both had me for three hours and I got Trey again the next day because he still had not installed the neighbor?s cable. It was a wild time and I shared it here so my husband can find it and know I?m ready. On to the fun I had last night. Trey?s roommate Jeff called and asked if I wanted to watch him play softball and go get drinks and fuck afterwards (so forward). I told him that I would love to fuck him only that it had to be in public as that was my fantasy. He was up for anything and gave me the address to his game. I fed the kids and called my husband and told him I was going to a movie with my girlfriend and that I would see him in a few days when he gets home. As I pulled up for the game Jeff was just walking towards the field I called out his name and he waited for me. He said they would be finished by 7pm and some of the guys would like to go to a sports bar and watch the World Series game. He said we would be free about 9pm. The game was exciting as they won in the last at bat. Jeff had three hits and made a great catch in the outfield.

When we went to the bar only the single guys came along and none of their girlfriends had even showed up for the game so Jeff, my self and five guys all piled into the bar. I made Jeff get a big booth in the corner. The TV. was right in front so the guys were all happy. It was a very close game and by the time I had my second margarita I was feeling very loose and was ready to fulfill my fantasy of having sex in a public place. I whispered into Jeff?s ear that I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth right now. I place my hand over his cock and made it bulge from his baseball uniform. I pulled him along like a puppy dog and took him outside. It was dark around us, but about 200 yards away was a Costco store that was full of shoppers coming and going. The back door of the bar was also propped open so we could have an audience from both sides. Jeff was a little nervous, but as soon as I unzipped his uniform and freed his cock with my teeth he was lost in lust. His cock is not exactly the right size for a parking lot quickie it is at least 9 inches and very thick I could not get too much in my mouth, so instead of head I pulled my jeans and top off and laid on the hood of a car with my legs hanging over the edge. Jeff wasted no time in putting his huge cock into my body as I was so wet with excitement the even his size was no match for my wetness. He had his hands all over my tits. As he was slowly pushing his cock into me his hands were attacking my 34DD tits like he had never had them before. When he finally sank his whole rod into me I was climaxing right then without him even pushing. When he pulled out and started thrusting I was lost and soon I was screaming for him to ?fuck me harder? ?ooh yess fuck me with that huge hard cock? I was delirious as he was fucking me and he was telling me to keep it down, before someone came out or heard me. I had another orgasm as he was fucking me so hard and fast. He came in buckets and collapsed on my chest. I told him that was wild and was hoping that we gave someone a show. When we went back into the bar I soon knew we had an audience as the bartender personally brought me another margarita. From the bulge in his pants he liked the show. I was feeling very wet right now and still very horny. I excused my self to go to the ladies room as I passed the bartender I stuck my finger in my mouth and waved for him to follow. Outside we went and in less than 20 second I was sucking his cock as he was playing with my tits he was saying how he was going to cum soon and I then buried my mouth to his pelvic bone and put my hand behind his ass and pulled his cock to the back of my throat and swallowed every drop of his nice load. I stood up pulled my shirt back down and patted his cock and said maybe later we can have some more fun. When I went back to the booth all the guys were smiling and getting up to let me in the booth. It seems that one of the guys saw me giving the bartender a blow job and told Jeff. He then told them about me and my fantasy. To my delight they all volunteered to help me out. The waitress brought over another drink from the bartender and I was on my way. I was feeling very sexy and the drinks were definitely helping me lose my inhibitions. What was to be a fantasy fulfilled by a nice guy with a huge cock was now becoming a suck fest with the baseball team. I slid under the table and started with the outside guy first and as he chatted with his teammates I released his cock from his uniform. He wasn?t very big, but was as thick as a beer bottle and just as hard. He had that athletic musky smell and that made me even hotter. He had his hands on the table top and was thumping the table as my tongue worked his cock. My hand had firm control of his balls so he would not shoot off so soon. He spread his legs so he could reach under and find my rock hard nipples, I released my grip on his balls long enough to pull my shirt up so his hands had free roam on my tits. My mouth never left his cock and when I tried to replace my grip to his balls he rewarded my mouth with a nice load of his cum. I crawled to the next guy and freed his hard cock from his uniform. He had a very nice cock about the same size as my husband. He also shaved his crotch area like my husband and he even had a nice scent under the musky scent from him sweating during the ball game. Where on the first guy I just pulled his cock out of his uniform and my mouth went to town, this man was going to get the full treatment because he reminded me of my husbands cock. I pulled his uniform down around his ass and dug my fingers in to his hard ass and swallowed his hard cock. I was feasting in all my glory when he started slapping the table top above me. He started to buck and thrust his cock into my mouth like he was fucking me and it was pushing my head against the table top. Just as I heard a bottle fall over he released a huge load of his seed in my mouth. When I moved to Jeff and his enormous cock the waitress returned and asked where their lady friend was. The guys said I would be back soon to bring her another drink. She then talked the guys into a round of shots when she returned I had Jeff?s big cock out and had my tongue on his balls and my hands on his length. I was tonguing his cock from the tip to the bottom of his balls when from above came this shot of Jaeger I put it in my mouth a swished it around and the buried my mouth on his cock the warmth from the Jaeger caused him to erupt his load into my hot mouth. I milked him dry and moved over to number four. This guy had a very nice cock with the same musky scent that the others had except that his cock had been out and he had been jerking himself in anticipation of my mouths arrival. I went right to swallowing his whole piece of meat and was very quickly rewarded with another load of warm man juice. He stuck his head under and asked me to suck him again and promised he would last longer this time. I had been under the table about a half an hour when the waitress came back and wanted to take my drink away thinking I left. While she was chatting with the guys I crawled out from under the table and announced that I had indeed found it. My bra was hanging thru my shirt and my nipples were rock hard. I think I embarrassed her. I sat between the two guys I had yet to suck and told them we could go out back and finish. They both grabbed and arm and as we walked by the bartender he stopped me and handed me a note that I shoved into my pocket for later. When we got outside by the Costco store they were closing up for the day and there was a lot of traffic. I decided that I wanted to be naked and was going to fuck both these guys instead of giving them a blow job. The guys were the youngest of the team at only 21 and 22 and they were definitely the best looking on the team. Each was blond and blue eyed. I was talking to them both as I looked for a suitable place to lie down and have they each fuck my hot body. I found a pick-up that appeared to be lowered. I opened the tailgate and had my jeans off and was guiding the first cock into my hot body very quickly. His cock felt incredible as he thrusted into my body I was experiencing wave after wave of pleasure. I was so vocal that people started to look our way. Eric the guy waiting his turn stood over me and fed me his cock as much for the fun as to keep my mouth shut. Danny managed to bring me to two orgasms before he filled my cunt with his cum and wanted to put his cock in my mouth to clean him off and get him hard again. Eric wasted no time in putting his bigger cock in me and sending me to another climax. As Eric was fucking me to a perfect rhythm Danny was feeding my mouth his cock and in very quick time this 21 year old was fucking my mouth. Eric was in for the long haul and seemed to like the outdoors and he had an exhibitionist streak in himself also. He was telling me that he would not cum until I had at least 3 orgasms and was begging for him to empty his cum in my body. I let him fuck me harder then harder then slower and I was nearing my third climax when Danny flooded my mouth with his second load of cum. Just as I released him from my mouth Eric shouted for me to ?take his cock and make him cum? people started looking at him fucking me on the truck. I know he enjoyed it as much as I did. When he finally shot his load into me he collapsed onto the bed of the truck over my body and we both were exhausted and resting when I noticed Danny was gone but was replaced by a young looking guy who was watching from afar. I told Eric we were finished and should get back inside when from the darkness came the guy watching. He had tent in his pants and announced that we were fucking in his truck I told him I needed to thank him for the use of his truck and if he would pull out his cock I would give him a memorable blow-job. He wasted no time in unzipping his jeans and I had yet another cock in my mouth that was about to explode. Eric had joined the guys in the bar when I returned from sucking the stud who owned the truck. All the guys asked me to come to their next game and I told them my husband would be home soon and that when he reads what I am going to write he might just be up to hosting the whole team. Jeff walked me to my car and I gave his huge cock one quickie for the road in his back seat. As I watched him leave I was still hot for cock and went back inside to see the bartender. He got the waitress to watch the bar and took me into the office and he had me on the desk and he went down on me and when he emerged his face was covered in cum as he sent me to a very nice climax with his tongue. I wanted him to fuck me now and hard he wasted no time in putting his nice cock inside of me and drilling my cunt for at least 20 minutes and 3 positions as I had 2 more very intense orgasms before he buried his cock in me and like a volcano slowly erupted into me for what seemed like an hour. I felt spurt after spurt and when I was sure he was done spurting he would have another. I was now exhausted. When I got dressed and was driving home thinking about my new found sexuality I pulled out the note from the bartender. It said in big letters ?I love you, will you marry me? How sweet, if he only knew that my husband will soon find out his always proper wife has gone 180 on him and now is a certifiable cock loving cum loving slut.

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