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Miranda&8217;s naked shopping trip by Lady Grey A sudden impulse brings an exciting change in Mirandas life.

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Miranda was harassed, as usual; it was Monday morning, Jim her husband was, as usual, eating his breakfast stood up, and the twins Michael and Jane were at the breakfast bar tucking into large plates of cereals and already late for school.

“Hope the traffic’s not too bad this morning, I’ve got an important ten o-clock appointment,” Jim said between mouthfuls of toast. “You two got anything on today?” he asked, glancing over at the twins.

“Football practice in the afternoon,” Michael said. “By the way is my kit clean?” glancing over at his mother.

She smiled and nodded. “It’s already cleaned and ironed and in your bag.”

Jane looked up from her breakfast and informed them that she would probably be home late tonight as she was rehearsing for the school pageant. “They’re doing a medieval theme this year and our group is doing Lady Godiva.”

Michael looked up, interested, a spoonful of cereal raised to his mouth. “You’re not playing Lady Godiva are you, Sis?” he asked with a smirk.

Jane shook her head. “No, that’s Andria Franklyn, and before you ask she won’t be naked, she’ll be wearing a body stocking.” Michael looked a little disappointed.

“Could just see you riding down the street naked,” he said with a cheeky grin. Jane slapped him lightly and laughed.

“Have you got anything on, dear?” Jim enquired. Miranda shrugged.

“No, nothing more exciting than a bit of baking. I promised I’d make a cake for little Harry next door; it’s his birthday tomorrow.”

The three of them looked at her, “You do have an exciting life, mom,” Jane said. Miranda thought to herself, yes, really exciting, but a little boring most of the times.

“You need to do something exciting, mum,” Michael said. Miranda looked at him.

“What exciting things are there to do around here?” Then a thought flashed across her mind about what Jim had just said, the words echoing in her mind: “Have you got anything on, dear?” And she smiled at her family. “I suppose I could ride down the street naked like Lady Godiva did; that might cause a stir.” The three of them looked at her shocked.

“No way,” Michael exclaimed. “Anyway we haven’t got a horse,” he said with a cheeky grin. “But I suppose you could always use my bike.” Jane looked stunned and Jim just shook his head and smiled.

After the three of them had left Miranda cleared away the breakfast things and tidied up the kitchen, she made herself a cup of coffee, selected three of her favorites from her hidden store of chocolate biscuits, and sat and watched one of the morning shows. Truth or Dare was where contestants had to either reveal embarrassing moments from their past or do a dare. She was bored and switched the show off halfway through and made her way upstairs for a shower.

As she slipped out of her wrap and nightdress and made her way naked to the bathroom she caught sight of her body in the long mirror. Turning to examine her body she admitted to herself that it wasn’t all that bad for a woman of thirty-eight who had produced two children. Her breasts were still reasonably firm and her stomach flat from her regular workouts at the gym and her swimming.

As she soaped her body in the shower a germ of an idea crept into her mind, but she shook her head, it was silly and audacious, she could never do it, but the more she thought about it the more she felt the urge. What would it feel like to actually walk down the street naked?

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself, walked to the bedroom and was about to get dressed when she stopped. It had been a long time since she’d allowed herself to walk about the house naked. Two sixteen year old children were one of the problems. She smiled; it really felt nice to be free and naked.

So she didn’t bother to dress; she made her way over to the twin’s rooms and tided them up, she cleaned the bathroom and when she decided to go down stairs she had to pass the large landing window but she didn’t feel concerned, maybe just a little excited.

Miranda continued with her housework. It felt strange and somewhat exciting to be naked and she was beginning to enjoy the experience. She was a little concerned when the refuse collectors came but she kept out of the way of the windows until they had gone.

With the house work done she got out the ingredients to make little Harry’s birthday cake, a nice chocolate sponge with lots of chocolate drops on top. She prepared the mixture and greased the tin, set the oven and filled the cake tin, placing it in the oven, set the timer for thirty-five minutes.

She mixed up the icing sugar and looked in the cupboard for the chocolate drops but they were nowhere to be seen; obviously one of the twins had been there before her.

I’ll have to go down to the corner shop and get some, she thought to herself. She looked at the oven timer; twenty minutes left, plenty of time to nip to the shop, it was only a few houses away at the end of the road.

Miranda washed her hands and brushed her hair, It’s a pity, now I’ll have to get dressed, she thought. It had been quite enjoyable wandering around the house with no clothes on. Then she thought maybe she could slip on just a coat; it was only a few yards. As she reached for the coat an exciting thought struck her, why shouldn’t she go as she was? Dare she? She looked in the mirror; she had nothing she was ashamed off, her breasts were firm and she had bikini waxed only the other day.

She was suddenly feeling this tremendous urge to do something out of the normal routine. Maybe this was a little extreme. She smiled to herself as she picked up her purse and gripped the door handle. She opened the door and stepped out and the warm sun bathed her naked body. The thrill and exhilaration of standing naked outside her house was now overwhelming.

She stepped briskly down the short path that led to the road, she took hold of the gate and looked down the road. At the moment there was no one in sight. Her excitement at what she was about to do was already tinged with some nervousness. What if a police car came by, or someone reported her? She knew she could probably be arrested.

When she stepped out onto the footpath and began to stride purposely down the road, she could see the shop. She suddenly heard a car approaching from behind her; there was a tooting on the horn and the car went past with the driver leaning out of the window waving at her.

Her next encounter was with the postman. Tom had been delivering in the area for several years but as he stepped out from number 42 he was confronted by the delightful sight of Miranda, the lady from 52, walking towards him, completely naked.

He stepped back and watched Miranda, her breasts swinging slightly with the movement of her body. She smiled as she passed him and then treated him to the sight of her perfect rear.

Old Mr. Gardener was tending his roses. He was a little short sighted and tipped his hat as Miranda walked passed but then he blinked, and rubbed his eyes. “I’ll have to get my eyes tested,” he told himself, “it almost looked to me as if she wasn’t wearing any clothes.”

She reached the shop without any more encounters. Mrs. Parsons, the vicar’s wife, was just coming out. She looked at Miranda and her hand went to her mouth. “My god woman,” she gasped, “you’re not wearing any clothes!” Miranda smiled at her.

“It’s such a beautiful day I couldn’t bear to hide from the sun.” Then she quickly slipped past her into the shop.

Mr. Clarke, the shopkeeper, looked up from the latest copy of Playboy he had hidden beneath the counter. He blinked and rubbed his eyes; it was Miranda, that attractive woman from 52, and she was totally and completely naked! Mr. Clarke couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He stared open mouthed as Miranda casually browsed the sweet selection picking up the two packets of Chocolate Buttons she required for young Harry’s birthday cake.

She smiled at him as she made her way to the counter, but Mr. Clarke’s eyes were on her breasts, on her erect nipples and the neatly trimmed pubes. He felt an arousal in his pants. Miranda placed the sweets on the counter. “Is there anything else you require?” he blurted out.

Miranda smiled and shook her head, “No thank you, those are all I require at the moment,” holding out a £5 note. He could never remember what change he gave her; he was too interested in looking at what she was displaying.

Miranda took the change and made her way out of the shop. Outside an old guy was just propping his bike up before going into the shop; he stared at the naked Miranda, shook his head and stepped into the shop. “Did you see her,” Mr. Clarke inquired. The old guy looked at him still a little dazed, “Who?” he inquired.

“The woman with no clothes on,” Mr. Clarke went on. The oldster looked at the door. “You’re right, she was bloody naked!” The two of them made a rush for the door.

Bu the time they got outside Miranda was almost back at her house. A few more cars had tooted at her as she made her way back up the street. She smiled and waved at them. Tom the post man had just delivered to her house and he held the gate open for her. “Have you enjoyed your little stroll?” he inquired.

Miranda smiled, “Just had to pop out for these,” she said holding up the chocolates. “Seemed such a pity to put clothes my on, on such a nice day.”

Tom looked at her attractive naked body, “You certainly know how to cause a little excitement,” he said with a grin. Down the road he could still see Mr. Clarke and his customer staring up the street in his direction.

Miranda was quite disappointed to be back inside her home again. It had been an exciting interlude; maybe she would go a little further next time.

At dinner that evening Miranda served out the food, and as everybody tucked in Jim looked up. “Interesting day, darling?” he inquired.

Miranda smiled, “Didn’t do a lot; made Harry a cake, walked down to the shop naked.” The three of them looked at each other. “Yes, we believe you,” Michael said with a grin.

It had been a funny evening, and Miranda was still a bit nervous; She couldn’t stop herself thinking back to what had happened that morning; her anxiety was still tinged with excitement about what she had done.

How long would it be before Jim found out what she had done? Somebody was bound to say something to him, someone from the corner shop, maybe Mr. Clarke himself when Jim called in for his morning paper. There was no way that Mrs. Parsons wasn’t going to say something. Then there was old Mr. Gardener. Jim sometimes stopped and chatted with him. She knew he was bound to find out, should she tell him herself? Would it be better coming from her?

Suddenly she realised that something was happening to her, something that had not happened for a long time. Her hand moved slowly down to rest between her thighs. She could feel she was hot, she could feel her juices flowing; it was a long while since this had happened without some stimulation. She squeezed her thighs tightly together and clutched onto the material of the sofa.

Miranda couldn’t wait to get to bed. While Jim secured the house she quickly showered and slipped into bed naked. Jim was surprised when he pulled back the covers to get in, as she usually wore a nightdress. It was a while since she had done this. She put her arms around him and pulled him tightly against her naked body, groaning as she whispered in his ear, “I do love you so much.”

When his hand felt between her thighs he was surprised to find her wet. She groaned again and clung to him as his finger penetrated her, slipping easily into the warm wet interior. Jim was bewildered. What had caused her to get in this state? Usually she had to be encouraged but tonight she was wanton. He licked his lips; he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

He had never known her so hot; well, not for many years. She responded to him like a rutting animal, thrusting her body up to meet his every stroke, and when she came he had to cover her mouth as to prevent her cries from waking the children.

They lay together, tightly clasped in each other’s arms, and slowly came around. Next time their lovemaking was more tender and sensual. And later she let him lay on his back as she sat astride him, his still rampant cock buried deep in her body. She smiled down at him and slowly worked herself up and down as his strong hands gently caressed her breasts.

It was early morning before they finely allowed sleep to overcome them. Miranda slept with a smile of contentment on her face.

The following morning Miranda was up early to get the kids off to school. When Jim appeared she gave him an embarrassed smile. His reply was to kiss her lightly on the lips. She squeezed his hand and whispered “thanks for last night, it was wonderful.” He responded to her squeeze with a nod and a smile.

Jim said he would drop the twins off at school as he didn’t have any early appointments that morning. He kissed Miranda tenderly, he was still a little uneasy there was something strange about her since yesterday, something he couldn’t explain. Last night in bed had been wonderful, it had been a long time since they had made love like that, and he hoped it was a sign of things to come.

He had just closed the door when he popped his head back inside, “Don’t forget, Miranda, the cable guy’s coming this morning to fix the TV.” Miranda smiled and nodded, she had forgotten but it wasn’t a problem, she wasn’t planning anything.

After they had gone she made herself some breakfast, scrambled eggs, then cleared away and set the dishwasher going and made herself upstairs for a shower.

She turned on the shower and slipped her robe off, stepped into the shower and let the warm water wash over her body, She cupped her breasts feeling her nipples rise, she remembering affectionately Jim’s hands on them last night. Oh how she loved that wonderful guy.

She wondered if he would still love her if he found out about her escapade yesterday; she felt a tingle between her thighs as she remembered the excitement of walking down the road naked. Her hand went down to her pussy, it was still feeling a little tender from last night. She slid her finger between the pouting lips into the warm silky interior and began rubbing herself.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this; it was years since she had masturbated, but it felt wonderful. She pressed on the nub of her protruding clit and shuddered. Then she worked herself until spasms of relief flooded through her body. She leaned gasping against the shower wall as the water continued to cascade down on her.

After she had come around she washed herself and stepping out dried herself on a large white fluffy towel. She walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed; she sighed as she remembered last night in this same bed. She couldn’t wait for Jim to return. Was tonight going to be as exciting? She hoped so.

But what about today? She needed to feel the excitement she felt yesterday, it had become like a drug to her, a wonderful drug. She knew she couldn’t expose herself on the street again; she had got away with it once, but twice would be pushing her luck. Maybe she could go somewhere different where she was not known or would be recognized. She looked at the clock, it was 10.30, the cable guy was due at eleven, maybe afterwards.

Then it came to her. Yes, the cable guy was coming, maybe she didn’t have to go anywhere. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, she smiled at what she saw, her high firm breasts, topped with rosy erect nipples, her flat hard stomach, gained from many hours hard work out at the gym, and then below her pussy, a dark triangle of neatly trimmed pubes that directed eyes down to the inviting cleft of her pouting lips.

She ran her hands over her pussy and shivered, could she do it, could she actually display herself to the cable guy like this? She was already beginning to feel hot and excited. She opened the wardrobe door and after some searching found what she was looking for, a pair of heels in red patient leather. She remembered Jim’s comment when she bought them. “Wow, Miranda ,those are real ‘fuck me’ heels.” She smiled; we shall see, she thought, as she slipped her feet into them.

She sat in front of the dressing table mirror and did her make up, nothing too brash, she didn’t want to look like a slut. She tidied her hair and then she was ready. She was trembling as she made her way back down stairs.

She glanced at the clock, 10.50. Would he be on time? If he kept her waiting she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off herself. It was just two minutes past eleven when she saw the van pull into the drive. Her heart was beating like a trip hammer, then a thought occurred to her. What would the guy be like? She had never seen him before. What if he was some fat old guy with a large belly? It was too late now.

She was standing by the door when the bell rang, she steeled herself and turned the handle. A tall blond haired good looking guy in overalls stood there looking down at a sheet of paper. “I’ve come to sort out the TV,” then he looked up, his eyes widened. “Oh my god!” Miranda smiled confidently, although deep down she wasn’t feeling all that confident. “Wont you come in?” the guy looked at her, still not sure of the situation.

He was only new to the job; just a couple of months out of training school, he had been told by some of the guy down at the depot about the sex hungry housewives he could come across doing this job. “Their husbands are too tired to service them when they get home, one of the guys had explained to him and they are on the lookout for a bit of extra marital satisfaction.

He was uncertain what to do. Miranda smiled again. “Are you coming in? There’s quite a draft standing here like this. I hope you don’t mind me being like this, but I don’t usually dress before I go out.” He shook his head and clutched onto his tool box a little more tightly and sidled uncertainly through the door. “It’s the TV in the lounge; I’ll show you the way.” As he followed her down the hallway he couldn’t take his eyes off the firm tight globes of her shapely arse.

Miranda was excited, the guy was attractive and she felt more than a little aroused displaying herself to him. Once in the lounge he switched the TV on before moving behind and removing the back. He tried to keep his eyes off Miranda’s exciting naked body, but it was difficult. “It’s the sports channel you are having problem with?” he inquired.

Miranda nodded, “Jim, my husband, loves the soccer and it keeps cutting out.” She thought about Jim sitting at his desk, and wondered what would he say if he could see her now standing naked in their lounge chatting with the cable guy.

Just then the phone rang. She sat down on the sofa and reached for the phone; she couldn’t believe it, it was Jim. She shivered. Had he read her thoughts? “Hello, darling, it’s nice to hear from you.”

“A couple of things. Has the cable guy arrived?”

“He’s here now; what’s the other?”

“I just wanted to say thanks for last night; you were wonderful it was just like old times before the kids arrived on the scene.” Miranda smiled to herself.

“Yes, it was good, I enjoyed it myself.” There was silence on the line for a moment.

“I just wondered what brought it on so suddenly,” Jim asked. “Not that I’m complaining, but it was so unlike you, more like the girl I remember at college”.

Miranda thought back to their college days when she first met Jim and the exciting times they had, especially the nights spent in his small single bed in that untidy little flat.

“I just thought we needed some excitement back in our lives, we needed to find each other again, I didn’t want you to be taking me for granted, and I didn’t want to become a dowdy old housewife.”

“I would never do that, I love you too much.”

“Thank you so much, I love you too,” and she blew a kiss down the line. Again there was silence.

“Has he found the problem with the TV?” Jim enquired. Miranda put her hand over the mouthpiece and asked the cable guy the question. He shook his head, he was beginning to gain a little more confidence in her presence.

“It might not take me so long if there were fewer things distracting me.” He grinned. She smiled back at him, she liked this guy.

“He says I’m distracting him,” she said again, speaking into the phone.

“Distracting him, how?” Jim asked.

“Maybe it’s the fact that I’m sat here without any clothes on that’s the problem.” There was a laugh at the other end of the phone.

“I can’t believe you, you say the wildest things. Can he hear you? You’ll embarrass the poor guy.” Miranda smiled to herself. The cable guy was kneeling back on his haunches looking at her, she smiled at him.

“He can’t hear what I’m saying, I’m on the other phone,” she lied.

“Good for you. I don’t want him to walk out because you’ve embarrassed him.”

“Like the time you embarrassed me?” she asked.

“When was that, I don’t remember.”

“At your flat when you dared me to remain undressed when your roomy Ken was due back.” There was a laugh at the other end of the line.

“Oh, that time.”

“Yes, that time.”

“But you said afterwards that you had enjoyed it, and you didn’t even bother to dress when you got the chance. If I remember rightly it was Ken who finished up being embarrassed. You got up and got us all a beer and then you sat in that big arm chair and started playing with yourself. Ken got such a hard on that he had to walk out.” Miranda laughed.

“They were fun days, weren’t they,” she sighed.

The cable guy was replacing the back on the TV. “Is it okay now?” she mouthed silently. He nodded and gave her the thumbs up. “He fixed the TV,” she said into the phone.

“Great. Ask him if he wants paying or will he bill us.”

Miranda smiled. “Maybe he’ll take it in kind, save us some cash,” she said, smiling at the guy.

“I can’t believe you said that,” Jim replied with a laugh, “I don’t know what’s come over you.”

“Well, seeing that I’ve got no clothes on, if I spread my legs for him he might be tempted when he sees what I’ve got to offer.” The cable guy’s eyes opened wide as Miranda spread her legs wide and displayed the intimate delights that up to now had been almost hidden from view. She licked one finger and ran it slowly down her open pussy lips. “He’s considering the offer,” she said huskily into the phone.

“You get worse,” Jim said. Miranda ran her finger up and down her open lips, then lifted the finger to her lips and sucked on it. She smiled to herself as she could now clearly see the bulge in the front of his overalls.

She eased herself forward so that her hips were now resting on the edge of the sofa. Still with her legs spread wide she beckoned him to come to her; he shuffled forward on his knees until he was between her open legs. With her free hand, the other still gripping the phone, she pressed his head down between her open thighs. When his tongue first touched her open pussy lips it was as if someone had touched her with a red hot poker and she gasped.

“Are you all right, darling?” Jim inquired. “What happened?”

“Nothing, I nearly dropped the phone,” she said, desperately trying to control her voice as the cable guy’s tongue slid deep into the warm wetness of her pussy.

Over the next few minutes she carried a weird conversation; later she couldn’t even remember what was said, she just agreed with Jim and said yes in hopefully the right places as the cable guy continued to eat her out. Thankfully Jim was suddenly called away. She dropped the phone on the floor and concentrated fully on the job in hand.

It wasn’t hard to get the guy out of his overalls and boxers. The bulge she had noticed earlier was satisfyingly large now she was stroking it in her hands as he was lying besides her feasting on her breasts.

She groaned and clung to him when he finally moved between her legs and she felt the excitement as he penetrated her, slipping easily into her well lubricated pussy. He was a very competent lover for a young guy, and she orgasmed several times before he finally deposited his juices into her more than willing body.

The cable guy stayed for over an hour, he was good and a stayer. He took her several times and when he wilted she obliged by taking him in her mouth and working on him until he was back to full strength again, and after all her hard work he managed her again.

They showered together before he left; he gave her his card saying that if she wanted any servicing doing she could ring him personally. They kissed on the doorstep as his hand gently caressed her breast.

The following morning Miranda was beside herself when she woke up. Immediately, her mind went back to yesterday, when, after an afternoon of torrid sex with the TV repair man, she had again ferociously fell upon her now amazed husband, giving him another incredible night of lovemaking, and her pussy was still tingling. She touched her lips and found them still swollen and tender. Still, she ran a finger through the already creamy cleft, sighed as she remembered how amazing it was to open the door yesterday, clad only in high heels, the only thing which she was now wearing around the house, loving the way they accentuated her long shapely legs.

She shook her head, what had come over her? From a simple comment about a school play to this? She had always been a faithful and loving wife and she knew that her husband was faithful as well, so there had been no reason for her to act this way, exhibiting herself to neighbors and strangers. And when she saw the look on the TV man’s face as she opened the door, well, she lost control was the only way she could explain it. Up until then she had thrilled to be seen, but at that moment it turned to something else, and she knew at that moment that she had to take the next step.

She thought she might be dreaming but for the tenderness in her nether lips and the dampness that now seemed to be occurring every day. She smiled to herself as she felt the sense of pride she’d developed in appearing nude in front of total strangers, from that first exciting trip down to the local store, where she, much to the delight of Mr. Clarke, the store owner, she had displayed herself in all her natural beauty. She had been worried about the recriminations, but so far there had been none, no phone calls to her husband, no visits. No, it wasn’t a dream, it was real and she was loving every naughty second of it.

Her family duties called, however, so she got dressed, today in a simple button through sundress; she wore nothing under it, as she knew it would be coming off as soon as everyone had left the house. Thinking of being again seen naked was already getting her nipples hard; she had to stop that.

When the house was clear she slipped out of the dress, excited to be naked again. She cleared away the breakfast things and then made her way upstairs for a shower, and as the water cascaded down over her body she wondered what today would bring. She could almost feel her nipples hardening at the thought and she couldn’t resist slipping her fingers between her still tender pussy lips and gently rubbing her clit.

The phone rang just as she got out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around her dripping hair and answered it, and it was then she remembered that today was the day the new furniture would be delivered. She’d been in such a state of mind over the last couple of days that she’d forgotten. “Yes, I’m so glad you called, or I’d have forgotten completely.” As she listened to the soft tone of man from the furniture store she felt her arousal growing; he didn’t realise he was talking to naked woman, and she felt her nipples stiffening at the thought. She gave him the directions to her home and they agreed on a time, right after lunch, which would give her a few hours to do her usual chores around the house. As they talked she wished he could see her now; watch his eyes as he took in all her curves, knowing that he would be lusting for her, wanting to do more than only look at her lush body.

“Yes, I’ll be ready for them, thanks. In fact, I’m ready now,” she said jokingly,” her long fingers beginning to probe into her silken wet slit,” and she sighed. “Will it be you making the delivery?” Her finger probed a bit deeper. But, no, he was only the shipping coordinator; the delivery crew would be seeing her later. Seeing her indeed, she thought.

Her excitement built as she completed her chores. Oddly, there were no second thoughts. When the furniture van finally pulled into the driveway she ran to the door, and had it open even before the delivery crew knocked; there were two of them, one standing on the top step with his hand raised to knock, the other waiting at the bottom. She was surprised to see they were two young black men, but they were even more surprised to see a very attractive white suburban housewife answering the door totally naked.

“Uh, we’re here to deliver furniture to a Mrs. Miranda Wood,” the guy said a little hesitantly, but before he could finish she interrupted.

“Yes, that’s me. Please come in,” she said standing back, she wanted to get away from the open doorway as quickly as possible in case someone walked by. The two men seemed a little stunned as Miranda walked into the living room. Not hearing them behind her she turned, nearly laughing as she saw them still standing there, disbelief on their dark handsome faces.

“This way, please,” and as she shown them where she wanted the furniture she explained where the individual pieces would be placed. Her matter of fact attitude and the fact that she seemed totally unconcerned about her nakedness seemed to calm them down and in a few minutes they were removing the old furniture and not long after they had put the last new piece in place. Miranda had taken care not to disturb them, wanting to have some time with them; it was still early in the day.

“Cool drinks before you leave? You’ve both worked very hard and I do appreciate it.” Her eyes took in their mahogany bodies shining with sweat, their tee-shirts damp from it. She had been watching with approval as those muscular bodies had effortlessly carried the heavy furniture, the bulging muscles so different than her husband’s, and she noticed as well the bulges in their tight work pants.

“Thank you, missus, but we really should be leaving,” and Miranda could see that their discomfort at her nakedness had returned. She took a deep breath, approached the one who had just spoken to her.

“Please, I’d like to show you how much I appreciate what you’ve done,” and she ran her fingernails down his hard thick arm, both of them sighing at her touch. She turned to the other, her eyes locking on his, dropped her gaze and saw that his bulge had noticeably grown as he watched her touch his partner. When she looked up she saw that he understood, a slight smile on his thick lips.

“Bobo, I could sure use a drink about now, how ‘bout you?” His eyes never left Miranda’s as she continued her taunting of the other man. “Maybe we should go into the kitchen, though,” his eyes darting to the windows that overlooked the street.

“Willie, I guess I could use a Coke, yeah,” beginning to get the idea. Miranda smiled, took Bobo’s large hand in hers and led the way, giving Willie his first good look at her lovely ass.

The two guys leant against the kitchen side as she opened the refrigerator, seemingly searching the contents. She bent down to get to the lowest shelf, and as she did she spread her legs, just enough that her pussy came into view beneath her firm ass cheeks, which were spread a bit as well, and she almost blushed to think of the view she was providing. “No Cokes left I’m afraid, but I have some Bud,” and came up with three bottles in her hands. She turned, saw that her new acquaintances were wide eyed and smiling, the bulges in their pants now straining to find release.

“Here, let me help you with those,” Willie rose, and came over to her; he took two of the bottles from her. Miranda was a bit crestfallen at first, wanting to prolong the teasing, but in a second she was moaning as Willie gently touched her tender nipples with one of the cold bottles. She nearly dropped the third bottle, then she regained her composure enough to set it back in the refrigerator and close the door.

“Lady, I think it’s you has to cool off,” and he let one of the bottles slip lower, until it was rubbing on her trimmed mound. She groaned, louder this time, her knees quaking, and she leaned back. Willie dropped to his knees, pulled Miranda’s legs apart, touching one of the bottles to her nude lips. Her hands went to his head as a louder moan escaped her. She bit her lower lip as she felt the bottle top rubbing within her sodden slit. She pulled his head to her and heard the bottles hit the floor, rolling away unbroken.

Willie stood, picked her up in his strong arms. “Where?” his dark eyes hypnotic as they held hers, her arms around his neck, her mind filled with the warmth of his damp body against hers, and with his sweaty scent, which she found very exciting.

She broke the stare, looked toward the doorway: “Through there, up the stairs. Hurry!” He carried her easily and his friend followed. She pointed in the direction of the guest bedroom, she didn’t want to use the master bedroom, being unfaithful to Jim was bad enough but to do it in their bedroom was unthinkable.

Willie set her down gently on the wide bed, he looked down at her laying there her legs slightly parted her pussy lips pouting and wet. “You’re some hot woman,” he grunted. Then he was pulling at his clothes. Miranda let out a gasp as his pants came off and she got a first look at his cock. It looked large and angry; she had never seen one so big.

Naked, he climbed on the bed beside her. He bent and took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking on it and biting it gently. Miranda squealed. She felt his hands on her pussy opening her up, probing into the moist wet depths. She groaned and pressed herself against his hand. She felt the bed sag and looked around to see the other guy had joined them, his muscular naked body gleaming in the bright afternoon sunlight.

“You’re a horny white bitch,” Willie said smiling down at her, “and my friend Bobo and me are going to fuck your white arse with our black dicks ‘til you cry for us to stop.” Miranda nearly swooned, now two pairs of hands were exploring her body, groping her breasts, opening up and exploring the delights of her pussy.

When Willie at last entered her she cried out as she was stretched as his monster cock eased its way into her hole. She had never experienced anything like it; she felt as if any moment he would split her wide open, but slowly she became accustomed to his size and when he began to work himself into her she clutched onto him, pleading with him to fuck her harder.

Bobo watched the whole scene before him; rubbing his hands along the length of his cock, he watched as Willie’s cock slid in and out of her pussy and he couldn’t wait to be in his place. At last with a cry Willie came, Miranda felt his cum surge into her; she was glad she was on the pill, a black baby would be hard to explain.

Willie withdrew his softening cock and moved from between her open legs. He smiled at his friend, “She got a wonderful tight pussy, my friend, you’re going to love her.” Bobo slid between her open legs, he rubbed the head of his cock over her oozing pussy before opening her up and sliding inside. Miranda grinned at him.

“Come to me baby,” she said, “fuck your little white whore.” Miranda blushed; she couldn’t believe she was saying these things. Actually pleading for a black delivery driver to fuck her.

Bobo wasn’t quite as big as his friend but he certainly gave Miranda her money’s worth, she screamed and moaned and pleaded for more as he pounded into her, when he at last shot his load inside her she gasped her thanks, wrapping her legs around his sweating body and pressing herself up against him, not wanting to miss a moment of the pleasure.

Willie glanced at his watch. “We got to get a move on lady, we got two more loads to get in this afternoon. I’d sure like to sample some more of that cute body of yours but we gotta go.” Miranda smiled, she too was a little disappointed to be loosing her lovers. “Can we shower before we go? We don’t want our next customer to be smelling pussy on us,” Willie said grinning.

Miranda slipped off the bed and escorted them through into the large bathroom; she saw her reflection in the full length mirror that covered one wall, her white naked body contrasting with their dark ones. The walk-in shower set against one wall was large enough to accommodate all three of them, and soon they were enjoying the hot spray and the pleasure as Miranda soaped down their bodies.

She gripped their cocks one in each hand and was pleased when she felt them respond to her caresses then she slid down onto her knees. The black cocks looked inviting, already semi-hard dripping with water; she gently ran her tongue over each one in turn and was rewarded with gasps of pleasure, then she opened her mouth and took one inside, still working the other with her hand.

It was hard and delicious. As she sucked it deep into her throat she felt hands gripping her hair, forcing her to take it even deeper, the course black pubic hair rubbing against her nose as she sucked hard, working her lips around the monster. When he at last came she almost gagged as his juices filled her throat. She managed to swallow some but the rest burst out splashing her face to be washed away by the streaming water. She repeated the process to the second one with almost the same results. As they dried themselves Miranda would have happily let them take her again but time was pressing. Reluctantly they said their farewells, Miranda still naked waved them away as they climbed back into their truck and drove back out onto the road.

She sighed as she closed the door on yet another adventure.

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