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Louisa My Exibitionist Girlfriend Part III

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I didn't see Louisa for a few days. I was at the health club working out when she called. I asked her where she had been. She said that her older brother had called and he had some immigration problems in Florida and that she had to go there to help him out. She said that she was going to come to the club that she needed to work out. When she got there I was already working out. She was dressed in white leotards with a blue top. The top was a thong type and this really showed that great ass that she had. I was lifting weights when she walked in. She gave me a quick kiss and I told her she had to tell me what went on at the shoe store. "No: how was your trip, How is your brother". She put on a pouty face and walked away. I followed as she walked to the exercise machines. She went right to the thigh master and sat down. I told her that I was sorry but I couldn't think of anything since the day at the shoe store. "Oh, I guess that I am your private little slut now? I thought for a moment as she tossed her long raven black hair. You know something you drive me crazy you're the one that ran off to Florida without calling. She turned her head to me and had a serious face on "I had to take care of my brother". With that I just gave her a quick kiss and a pat on her ass. I looked right at her and said "we can fight later". She just smiled and snapped her teeth at me. About an hour later she came up to me and was covered with sweat. Hey, she said, how about a little time in the dry sauna? Dress sexy and I'll see you there. A short time later I was in the sauna waiting on her. She walked in and she took my breath away. She was in a yellow, string bikini, her dark brown skin was wet with sweat and a stark contrast to her bikini. Her hair was wet with sweat, and it hung in long stings that clung to her body. I was sitting on the bench as she came in she acted like she didn't know me. Hi I said, "Sorry I don't talk to strangers" she placed a towel on the bench and sat down a few feet from me. I reached over and grabbed her by her hair and said "Careful or some mad rapist might just get her". Oh please sirs, please, protect me I am just a innocent little Mexican girl. With that she turned and laid down on the bench using my lap for a pillow. I guess you want to hear what happed, she snapped in a matter of fact way. I have been waiting for a week. It took that long for the scratches and bites to heal. She snapped her teeth and just smiled. "Publosito" she said as she stoked my face. Just then an older man of about fifty walked in the sauna. "Hi, how ya doing" he said as he sat down. Damn I thought, I really wanted to hear the story. Louisa could see the disappointment in my face and she giggled quietly. I could see the guy stealing little glances of Louisa, he had positioned himself over to one side of her giving a great view of her full body. She lifted the towel she had in her hand, this hid her face from the man. She smiled at me and whispered "Am I your slut?" I placed my hand on her forehead and shook my head saying yes you are. She began to complain about a sore ham string on her right leg. I told her that she just pushed it to hard. She lifted her leg straight in the air and started to rub the back of her thigh, moaning softly. This gave the guy a good view of her crotch that was just covered by the cloth of her bikini. And I mean just covered it. I noticed a little of her black hair sticking out from it. After a short time the guy put his towel in his lap, but that didn't cover the bulge in his shorts. Louisa was making the most of it she knew she was driving the guy crazy and me in the bargain. I told her that it was time to leave and we got up to go. I had to use the towel to hide my erection. We met outside and it was a short drive to my apartment. When we got there she followed me in, pulling me by my belt. Once inside she went right to the bedroom leaving a trail of cloths as she did. All she had on when she got to the bed was her thong panties. Louisa stretched out on the bed arching her back. The sight was enough to drive me wild. "Ok, tell me now, right now". She just curled up in a little ball and said "what will happen if I don't tell you". I grabbed her by her throat and said "don't you forget who you belong to". With that she started to back up from me on the bed . Well I could see the shoe salesman's dick. He had a raging hard on. He couldn't take his eyes off of my pussy as he sat there. When he took my leg by the ankle to help me on with the shoe, he opened my legs a little wider. I just slid down a little to give him a better view of my pussy. After he put the shoe on I leaned over to give him a good look of my tits. My nipples were hard, to demonstrate this she pulled at her tits to hold them out to me. I reached out and gave her nipples a twist, this made her close her eyes and take a breath in. The story continued, I saw a wet spot starting to show at the end of were his dick bulge was. He would swing his leg back and forth to rub it on his leg. I licked my teeth several times making sure he saw it. Then I reached out and touched his leg on the inside sliding my hand up to his dick. The wet spot got really big and I couldn't stop rubbing it. After he led me to the back room he walked up behind me and ground that hard dick in my ass. He grabbed both of my tits and pulled them like this. Again she demonstrated with her hands as she was on her knees. He looked around and then he placed two bar stools close to each other. He led me to them and bent me over face first. I pulled up my dress and pulled my blouse down. I lay on the stools with my breast hanging in the air free. He walked to my head and I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. I couldn't believe it, it was the first uncircumcised dick I ever had. I loved it when I skinned it back, showing the head. It was wet and hard. It looked like it was choking it was full of blood and purple. He grabbed my hair and I reached around to his ass and pulled him in my mouth. His dick was wet and hard and tasted salty. I couldn't get enough of it in my mouth. It went all the way to my throat. It caused me to gag but he didn't stop pumping. I thought I was going to suffocate. I finally got him to pull it out, I gagged but I finally got my breath enough to tell him to fuck me, fuck me hard. He walked around and he didn't wait a second. He was in me in one big push. I lifted my head and he grabbed my hair and pulled it like it was a rope tied to my head. I told him It hurt, but he didn't stop. Right then I noticed a movement from the side of me. There was a woman, I guess she worked there. She was standing just out of the light but I could see she had her hand in her blouse. I kept watching her, she was in her early 40s, tall and slim. About then I started to cum and he was pounding me hard I felt him start to cum. He was pumping loads of cum in me. He slapped my ass and pulled my hair. I loved the pain and the shame. After he came he just stood there trying to catch his breath. The lady lowered her head and said excuse me and hurried out the back door. The young man said he couldn't leave the front alone for long, I told him ok and I put my panties on because his cum was running down my leg. But you wouldn't fuck me; she slapped me on the chest and then twisted my nipple. I wanted to fuck but you made me wait. I needed you then. And when you finally decided to fuck me you ripped my panties off. They were my favorite pair.

I looked at her and said like this. I reached for her thong and she grabbed my wrist trying to stop me. No No No not again. I pulled hard until I heard them rip free. Louisa grabbed my underwear and pulled them down. How would you like it if I tore yours off. I just grabbed her hair and then with the other hand I held my dick. I pushed it to her face but she kept her mouth shut and tried to turn away. I continued to guide my dick until she opened her lips. All of a sudden she reached out and took the head of my dick in her mouth and then bit down. Looking up with an impish look on her face, she said, "Ill bite it off. I'll take that chance. She started to suck it loud and slow. She took it deep in her mouth to the back of her throat. She took it out and said "I am yours baby, tell me what to do." I told her that she had to be punished for making me wait a week. I told her to get dressed. "But I don't have any panties" I told her not to worry she wouldn't need any. Louisa got dressed in her blue jean skirt, short of course, and a red top without any bra. We walked back to my truck and left. Where are we going now. I told her not to worry about it just show me that pussy. She turned sideways in the seat and spread her legs apart. I told her to play with it. She started by pulling her pussy hair and then spreading the lips and running her fingers in and over it. I couldn't keep my eyes off of here. This proved to be a problem because of a lack of attention to driving I almost rear ended a truck. Louisa just laughed and then took her finger and said here it is baby. She then put her wet fingers to my lips were I promptly lick them clean. A short time later we arrived back at the Northpark Mall. We went in and started to walk around. Louisa was holding my hand with her arm around me sometimes letting my rear pants pocket support her arm. We went up the escalader and she made sure the two teenage boys got a good look. A little later we walked by the shoe store where it all happened. We stopped at the window as to shop but there was no young salesman in the store. Right then a lady walked out from the rear of the store, she was in her early forties with long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. She had to be at least six foot one, slender and large breast but not out of per portion to her body. Her face was slim and lovely with deep blue eyes. Louisa said, "oh shit, shit I think that, that is the lady". Are you sure I asked, she replied I was a little busy at the time but it looks like her. Ok then let's go in. She was hesitant and resisted me, baby I'm not into girls you know that. I just pulled her harder and said lets go see. We walked in and started to look around when the saleslady looked up. You could see right away she was startled and she started to blush a little. She looked as if she could run away she would if she could, but she stood there. She was dressed in a blue business suit with a pleated skirt. Damn she was sexy looking in it. Can I help you? I looked at her name tag it said Denise. Well we are looking for some new sandals for her. Louise jumped in and pulling on my arm hard she said that she was in earlier and she was helped by a salesman, I think his name was Robert. I think you mean Ronnie, Denise said. Oh, Oh yes is he here? I'm sorry he is off today I am the manager, can I help you. No I think I will come back later. Sure I understand, he will be in tomorrow at 9:00 he is going to open with me. Louise all but drug me out of the store. When we got a short distance from the store she was out of breath and just started to laugh and couldn't stop. After a while I told her Look we are going back and you are going to shop. Louisa pleaded but I insisted. We walked by the store twice. Denise was by herself still working, arranging the stock. On the third time by I pulled her in the store. Denise looked up saying "oh your back". Yes I said she is looking for those Sandals and I told her to get them today. Denise said well get your size. Louise sat down and Denise sat on the stool in front of her. She had both of her legs on one side of the stool. Very shyly she helped Louisa taking her sandal off. I was holding on to her arm and when she looked at me I nodded forward. Louise eased her knees apart slightly and I saw Denise glance up and toward Louisa's bar crotch. Denise quickly looked down but you could tell that she couldn't keep from looking. She quickly got the shoe size and then said I think I have just the thing. She got up and then went to the back. I took this opportunity to lay down the ground rules to Louisa. I want you to show it to her and if you get a chance to touch her do it. Louisa just sat there. Denise quickly returned with three boxes. She sat on the bench but this time her skirt was slightly above her knees. Louisa again gave her a good look and started to make small talk. She took her time admiring the shoes moving her knees left to right. Denise was really looking now. Every now and then I would get a good look up her dress. Denise would look up and just smiled. Ok baby walk around and see how the look. Louisa's eyes flashed at me but she obayed. As she got up Denise got a great look at her pussy and then her tits as she bent over. As she walked around Denise made some small talk. I think I remember her when she came in last time. Didn't she get a couple pair of black heels? I looked her right in the eyes and said Oh yea and a little more to. Denise blushed bright red and just dropped her eyes a little. You take good care of her do you she asked. Yes and she always does as she is told. About that time Louisa returned, I'm not sure can I see the other pair. Denise unbuckled the sandals and was holding Louisa's ankle. I love your pedicure you have lovely feet. She held them up as to inspect them, this opened Louisa's legs. I saw Denise lick her lips as she saw that black haired pussy. Louisa asked, "where you hear when I was hear last" Denise blushed and said yes I was. That was you in the back wasn't it. Denise said yes and I would have fired Ronnie but he is my nephew. During this conversation Denise shifted her leg over the stool letting her shirt shift up. She had on all shear panty hose and I think she had no panties on under them but it was hard to see. I asked her "have you ever taken a hot Mexican to the back. She just giggled and she said she hadn't had the opportunity. I took Louisa's arm and pushed her hand towards Denise's leg, placing it on the inside of her thigh. What about now? Louisa started to rub the inner thigh of Denise working her way down to her pussy. Denise closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. I would love to but they put in a new surveillance system and the back has cameras. I would lose my job. I asked her what about out here. She said no, just the back and the cash register area. By now both girls were rubbing each other's legs and Denise ran two fingers inside of Louisa's cunt. I thought she would go crazy right there. She started to hunch on Denise's hand and just then gave her a full hot kiss. Denise said that she got off at 2:00 today and she could call later to meet us. I gave her my card with my number on it and Louisa watched a Denise removed her fingers and then licked them clean. We left with Louisa in pure heat again. I told her she would have to wait till we got together with Denise before she got any relief. More to follow

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