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Halloweenie 2007

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Two weeks ago, I decided to attend a private halloween party in the valley at this huge house. The past few years I have been dressing up in all kinds of outfits from a Cheerleader, Dorothy, Nurse and Tennis girl. Going trick or treating is easy for me, being 19 yo, 4?10?, 90 lbs and a shape of 32AA-22-32. I will tell you, there are a lot of dirty old men out there who were more interested in the trick part and wanting to hug, squeeze me, and run there hands under my outfits than to just give me the candy. This year, I wanted something different to do, so I looked on the net and found this party. I wanted this one to be fun and exciting, as well as living out a fantasy of mine. Since everyone thinks I look like a little kid, I decided to dress the part. I went to the local store and bought a Barbie T-shirt and all the items that a baby uses?.pacifier, diapers, wipes, baby oil, powder and a diaper bag. When I got home, I put on the shirt and diaper as well as a coat, and proceeded to drive to this party. When I got there, the line to get in wasn?t too long, so I struck up a convo with this couple in front of me. When we got to the door, the guy thought I came with them, so in I went. When we got in, the guy who was taking our coats asked for mine. I took it off and right away, he took me into the room and said this was not a party for little girls. I showed him my license to prove I was 19 and then told him I was here with my fiancée, so he said it was ok. I gave him a kiss and told him thanks. So into the party I went in with my Barbie shirt and diaper on and nothing else. I was an instant hit with the all the guys. They all wanted to pick me up and cuddle me and tell me that they would love to change my diaper. I told them someone would get this chance tonite and then turned away, listening to all there comments.

After about an hour, I decided to pee a little in the diaper, something that was pretty hard to do. Finally after a little squirt, I was looking for my daddy to change my diaper. I saw this guy dressed as a pirate across the room. He looked about 60 and I knew he would be gentle and not like the obnoctious young ones there. I walked over to him and said ?I think I need my diaper changed. Can you please do that for me??. He was not only stunned, but he spilled his drink trying to put it down. I laughed like a little girl and asked him where should we go. He said probably in the back room, so he took my hand and we proceeded down the hall to the bedroom. I laid on the edge of the bed facing him with my legs spread wide open as he started to get the things out of the bag. He told me it was years since he had done this and asked me again if I was up to this. I shook my head yes and he proceeded to pull the two tapes on the sides of the diaper down to expose my perfectly shaved pussy to him. He then grabbed my two ankles together, pulled my legs straight up in the air, and removed the diaper. He moaned and said this was the most perfect pussy he had seen in a long time. He then got a wiper out and ran this along the outer folds of my pussy, making sure it was nice and clean. He then got another wiper out and did the same on the inner folds. I was writhing around on the bed as he was toying with my pussy. He then asked me to get up, so he can wipe my butt as well, so I stood up, turned around and bent over the side of the bed, spreading my legs so he can enjoy the view. He then wiped my butt and wanted to use the baby oil next. He then massaged this on my butt and in the crack between my butt cheeks, making sure that he ran his finger back and forth on my clit. I was in absolute heaven having orgasm after orgasm. When he finally stopped, he had me roll over so he could do the front as well. My pussy was on fire as he spread my legs wide open and put the oil on my lips and then slipped his finger in me. I was humping his hand so un lady like and he lifted my shirt to play with my nipples too. At this point, I needed his cock. As I looked down at his pirate pants, he had this huge erection and wet spot where the head of his cock was. I then had him stand in front of me while I pulled his tights down to reveal this beautiful dick. I pushed him back on the bed, got in the 69 position on his chest, and ran my tongue around the head and scratched his ball for about 20 seconds before he came. He came all over my face and shirt and I just kept licking the head and massaging his balls, while he squeezed my butt and lapped at my pussy until he was exhausted. We just laid there for a minute and then he just started licking me again and again, while running his hands up and down my thighs and butt. After I had another shattering orgasm, he then picked me up and laid me down and put my new diaper on. Since my shirt was cum soaked, I just took it off and put it in my bag. He asked me what I was going to wear. I told him just the diaper, and walked out of the room to join the party. Now I was the main attraction at the party for some of the guys. Some felt I looked way to young to be there in just a diaper and most of the women were getting pissed, but I didn?t care. I got all the attention. After about 12 guys had me on their lap running there hands on my chest and playing with my nipples, it was time for my grand finally. I asked who the host was. They pointed out to this older guy who looked so dapper in his tux. I walked over to him and asked him to change my diaper. I took his hand and we walked over to the dining room table. I hopped up on the table and laid back and told him I was ready. There was about 30 guys and some women watching him as he pulled the strips on my diaper down and pulled it up off of me. He then sat down on the chair and proceeded to lick my pussy and finger me in front of everybody. I was looking at everyone having the biggest orgasm ever. He then turned me over and proceeded to finger my butt and gently spank me as well with little taps on my butt cheeks. I looked sideways and saw this guy jerking off. I reached out to his dick and stroked it a few times and he exploded all over the table. I then felt a cock smacking on my butt cheeks, and then turned just in time. I told him I couldn?t put it in my pussy, but I would suck him instead. Before he could answer, I put the head of his dick in my mouth and ran my tongue around inside as I played with his balls. In a matter of seconds, he was cuming. I then hopped off the table and asked for a soda to drink. I had guys now feeling me up everywhere I walked around. While some guy ran to get me the soda, some old bitch came over and said I should leave because this was no place for little tramps like me. I told her that if she looked like me, she wouldn?t be bitching. She then took me over to the couch, pulled me over her lap, and started giving me the spanking I was craving all night. Here she thought she was punishing me and I am having orgasm after orgasm as she swats my butt. I look around and notice there are a few guys jacking off while she is spanking me. I opened my legs as wide as I could to give them all a better view of my pussy while she is spanking me. After about a minute (her hand was probably sore), she pushed me to the floor and told me to leave. I then got up, retrieved my diaper bag, and walked across the room to get my coat in tears. Tears of pain and pleasure. The host gave me my coat and asked me if I needed anything else to wear. I told him I would be ok and he picked me up. I gave him a hug and French kiss on his lips while he gently moved his hand across my sore butt and then lowered me to the floor. I said I will see him soon, and walked out and down the street to my car. I was completely exhausted from this night and for anyone who was there, I hope you enjoyed my show. For the 2 guys that gave me pleasure, thanks. For the old bitch who spanked me hard, thanks for that too. This was a Halloween party I will never forget.

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