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Getting Pictures

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PROLOUGE She finally got up the nerve to ask, something her husband has been waiting a long time for her to do. He had been pushing her towards it for a long time, almost all of the ten months he has been gone. Determined to please him she picked up the phone and called her friend Jessica, telling her what her husband wanted, seeing if Jessica would offer to ask her husbands friends to do it. Now it was almost time, Misty was nervous, but totally excited, knowing that within a half an hour she was going to be naked for three guys.

Early Saturday afternoon Misty was getting dressed for company, putting on her thinnest white tank top and flirt skirt, anxiously waiting for the three guys her friend Jessica talked to about taking some topless pictures of her. Misty thought about the conversation with Jessica, feeling a little bad about not being completely truthful with her. Misty had told Jessica that she lost a bet with her husband and had to let some guys take pictures of her without her shirt on, and he wanted them in the pictures with her. But in reality, he wanted Misty to be completely nude in the pictures.

Misty walks into her bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, her nipples clearly visible through her shirt, sticking out against the material, her body responding to the arousal of being naked for strangers. She turns around and looks at herself from behind, her flirt skirt only covering ¾ of her ass, she knows that if she bends over at all while the guys are there they will be able to see all of her ass and her pussy.

She walks downstairs into the spare bedroom, grabbing her dildo she calls blue and taking it into the living room, placing it on the coffee table. Misty thinks about the fun she is going to have, knowing when the guys see blue they will want to watch her use it, and that is exactly what she wants cause she knows how much it will turn on her husband, seeing the pictures of her getting herself off in front of the guys.

She hears a car pull into her driveway and goes to the window, seeing it is Jessica?s friends, she runs up the stairs and opens the front door. Misty steps out onto the steps and sits down, waiting on the guys to get out of their car. She watches as not three, but four guys get out, all looking at her sitting there.

Between the cold and her arousal she knows her nipples are extremely hard, feeling the shirt rub against them turns her on even more than she already is. As the four guys walk up to her she lets her legs open enough that they can see up her skirt, her uncovered pussy exposed for their pleasure.

?Hey, how?s it going?? asks one of the guys, his eyes finding Misty?s exposed pussy as he talks to her.

?Great, just waiting on you guys,? replies Misty, spreading her legs wide for them as she moves to stand up.

Misty turns and opens the door, knowing they are checking out her ass as she does. She leads the way into the house, motioning the four guys downstairs.

?Hey, one of our friends heard us talking about why we are here and asked to come along, you don?t mind do you?? ask one of the guys Misty knew from the time they were both at Jessica?s house.

?Not at all.?

?Good, I didn?t want to make him wait outside,? the guys says, smiling at her.

?Oh, we wouldn?t want that,? replies Misty with a smile of her own.

As Misty follows the guy downstairs she sees the other three already sitting, two on the couch and one in her husbands chair, their eyes alternating between her tits and the dildo on the coffee table. Misty walks into the laundry room, grabbing them each a beer from the fridge they keep there for that purpose.

As Misty takes the guys their beer she watches their eyes, all of them staring at her hard nipples, or traveling up and down her scantily clad body. Handing one of the guys on the couch his beer, Misty bends over the coffee table, taking her time so the fourth guy, still standing in the middle of the living room, can see her ass and pussy.

?So, what exactly do you want us to take pictures of?? asks one of the guys sitting on the couch.

?You with your shirt off and us in the pictures with you is what Jessica told us,? states another.

?Yep, that?s what I told her,? replies Misty with a mischievous grin.

?Do we get to at least touch you a little?? asks another, his eyes staring at her nipples.

?We?ll see, depends on how it goes I guess,? Misty looks at his crouch, his hard cock visibly pressing against his jeans.

Misty grabs her camera form her computer desk, handing it to the guy still standing. ?You guys control the poses; just tell me how to stand and what to do.?

The guy with the camera smiles. ?Why don?t you face me and let me get a couple of you with your shirt still on.?

Misty moves to the center of the room, making sure she stands so the camera will capture the guys behind her in the picture. She poses for the camera, letting the guy take several of her standing there.

?Bend over and put your hands on your knees,? the guy tells her, moving a little closer to try and get a picture down her shirt.

Misty does as the guy instructed, knowing the three behind her are now looking at her ass and pussy, arousing her even more than she already is.

?I think I?m about ready to see those tits,? says the guy taking the pictures.

Misty stands up, pulling her shirt over her head, then dropping it to the floor. The guy with the camera stares at her. ?Damn, you?re either really cold or really horny.?

?Well, I?m not cold,? Misty looks down at her tits, the nipples small and hard.

?Turn around so they can see you,? says the guys with the camera.

Misty turns around, enjoying their eyes on her tits. She reaches up with both hands and squeezes her nipples for them, knowing it will turn them on.

Misty turns back to the guy with the camera, letting him take a few pictures. ?Touch yourself,? he tells her, continuing to take pictures.

Misty totally gets into squeezing and playing with her tits, then slowly slides a hand down her body, rubbing her pussy through her skirt.

?Why don?t you sit on the coffee table.?

Misty moves to the coffee table, sliding her skirt up as she sits down, then letting her legs spread open. The guy taking pictures can?t believe it, she looks almost naked, her skirt not covering anything. He motions for the guy sitting on the chair, wanting him to see how exposed she is.

?Damn!? he exclaims, looking at Misty?s almost naked body.

The two guys sitting on the couch stand up, wanting to see what their friends see. As they step around the coffee table they take in Misty?s body, knowing it won?t take much to get her completely naked.

?Sit next to her,? says the guys with the camera.

The two guys from the couch sit next to Misty on the coffee table, looking at hr body as their friend takes pictures. One reaches up and squeezes her tit, watching as she closes her eyes and moans softly. The other guy, see that Misty didn?t protest being touched, slides his hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy.

Misty moans, their hands on her body feel so good after going so long with nobody to touch her. She spreads her legs wide as the guy slides two fingers into her, moaning with pleasure. As his thumb brushes against her clit Misty?s body trembles, then she tilts her head back, moaning loudly as she covers his fingers with her hot juices, not being able to take anymore of their touching without a release.

Misty opens her eyes, her face flushed with excitement, then turning red with embarrassment as she realizes they all just watched her cum. The guy with the camera moves close, kneeling between her spread legs he takes pictures of her moist pussy.

?Get on the floor doggie style so we can see your ass,? says one of the guys next to her.

Misty moves to the floor, looking over her shoulder as three of the guys move behind her. She feels her skirt being lifted over her back, completely exposing her ass to them. One of the guys squeezes her ass, then slaps it, watching her close her eyes, enjoying being spanked. He continues, Misty?s ass turning red with each slap.

?You like that, don?t you?? the guy asks.

?Oh yes,? she replies.

The guy with the camera takes pictures as his three friends play with Misty?s body, their hands touching her ass, tits, and pussy. He knows they are really turning her on by the expression on her face.

?Take off you skirt and turn over,? he commands, watching as Misty instantly obeys, wanting to be seen completely naked.

Once she is naked Misty sits on the floor, spreading her legs wide, letting them see her completely exposed, her pussy opening invitingly. The guy takes pictures of his friends surrounding her, their eyes on her nakedness.

?Why don?t you make yourself cum for us,? he says, getting nods of agreement from his friends.

Misty squeezes her tits, rolling her nipples between her fingers, then slides her hand to her pussy. She rubs her clit, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation. She feels something being laid on her stomach and opens her eyes. Looking at her dildo she picks it up, turning it on then letting it rub against her clit, the moans of pleasure escaping her lips. She lies completely back, reaching down with her other hand she spreads her pussy open, then slowly slides her dildo into herself. She works her dildo in and out of herself, then she feels a guys hands on her, his fingers spread around the dildo, rubbing against her pussy lips. She buries the dildo inside of her, the small vibrating nub at the base pressing against her clit, the sensations of pleasure pulses through her throbbing pussy. As another of the guys leans down and takes her nipple into his mouth she screams as she cums, soaking her dildo with her sweet juices.

As her orgasm subsides Misty slowly slides her dildo from her pussy, the guy with the camera getting close to take pictures. She lies there for a minute, then opens her eyes and sits up, looking at the guys look at her.

She watches as they get up and go back to the couch and her husband?s chair, sitting down but continuing to watch her. She is told to get them another beer, pictures are taken as she hands each guy his beer, bending over and pausing for each picture, knowing her husband is going to be so turned on when he sees all the pictures.

After the four guys have their beer Misty sits in her chair by the computer, putting one leg on the ottoman she spreads them for the guys to see. She stays that way even after her picture has been taken numerous times, enjoying the guys eyes on her exposed pussy.

?Hey, let me get pictures of you sitting on everybody?s laps,? says the guy with the camera.

Misty stands up, walking towards the couch. The guy on the end of the couch closest to the window stands up and sits on the coffee table.

?Sit so you face me,? he tells Misty.

Misty straddles the guy, her legs over the opposite side of the end table, her tits even with his mouth. She can feel his hard cock pressing into her ass, she squirms, liking the way it feels against her naked body. As his friend starts to take pictures he takes Misty?s tit into his mouth, teasing her nipple with his tongue. She slides her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy while the guy sucks on her tits, totally enjoying herself.

?Come on, I want her on my lap too,? says the guy on the couch.

Misty climbs off the guys lap, standing in front of him for a minute, letting him look closely at her naked body, then moves to the guy on the couch, sitting on his lap. Once again she feels a hard cock pressing into her ass, she reaches between them and squeezes him through his pants. He reaches around her and cups both tits in his hands, squeezing them and then running his thumbs across her hard nipples. After letting him touch her for a while Misty stands up, the guy grabs her hips, holding her in front of him.

?Bend over,? he tells her.

Misty bends over, then feels his hands on her ass, moving to her pussy. The guy with the camera moves to where he can get pictures of his friend as he plays with Misty?s pussy, his fingers sliding into her. He fucks her with his hand, telling her how good her pussy feels. He slides his fingers from her, then slaps her on the ass, telling her the guy in the chair feels left out.

Misty moves to the guy in her husband?s chair, standing in front of him, waiting to be told how he wants her to sit.

?Kneel down,? he tells her.

Misty kneels down, wondering what he wants. He leans forward, taking her head in both hands then guides her down on his lap. She turns her head and can feel his hard cock pressing against her cheek. She lifts her head and faces down into his crotch, then lightly bites his cock through his pants. She works her mouth on him, teasing him, then his body stiffens and she can tell he came. He sits there afterward, not knowing what to do, then smiles, happy to have been pleased.

The guy with the camera hands it to another, telling Misty now it is his turn to feel her. He sits in Misty?s chair and makes her stand in front of him, facing away.

?Now bend over for me,? he tells her.

He makes her spread her legs for him after she has bent over, then he takes the dildo that is handed to him, turning it on and rubbing it against her pussy. He slowly slides the dildo into her, enjoying the close up view of it in her pussy. He starts working it in and out of her wet pussy, then pushes it completely inside of her, turned on by her moans of pleasure. He holds it tight against her, letting the little nub at the base do its job, driving Misty to another intense orgasm. He watches her ass shake as she cums, begging him to pull the dildo out. He laughs and keeps it pressed against her as wave after wave of intense pleasure wracks her body. Finally he pulls it out, watching as her pussy close on itself after the dildo leaves it.

He pinches her ass, then tells her to go sit down.

?Man that was cool,? he tells Misty after she has sat down.

Misty smiles, ?Oh, I really liked it too.?

They sit there for a while, the guys drinking beer and Misty keeping her legs spread for them. She is still turned on, realizing how much fun it is to be naked for guys, especially liking that they were so turned on by her naked body.

?Well, we better go,? says one of the guys.

As they stand up Misty does to, wishing they could stay and continue to look at her, but knowing they better not. She walks them to the door, standing on the top step watching as they climb into their car, not caring if anybody was to drive by and see her standing there naked.

After they leave Misty goes downstairs and sits in front of the computer, still turned on knowing how much the four guys enjoyed seeing her naked. She picks up her camera, loading the pictures onto the computer to send to her husband, knowing how happy he will be when he sees them.

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