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It was already past four and I had told my wife Sally that Gary and I would be back home by 3:00 o’clock at the latest. We had gone to Lodi to play golf early in the morning and had no excuse for coming home this late. Gary and I had not fooled around or wasted any time, it just took longer than I had planned. I finally called and listened to her bitch me out. I said I would make it up to her by fixing dinner if she could persuade Gary into staying long enough to eat dinner with us. I handed Gary the phone and told him Sally has something she wants to ask you. I heard him say he would stay for dinner, but only if Sally wore something sexy for him to look at while I was in the kitchen cooking.

Gary hung up the phone and we got back in the car. We drove the last 30 miles to the house, but first I had Gary stop at the store. There were some items I needed for dinner and I didn’t want to leave again after getting home. It didn’t take me long at the store. I picked up some steaks, and some salad fixings. Dinner would be good but nothing special.

When we arrived Gary brought my golf clubs into the house and I carried in the groceries. I was amazed when I saw Sally. She had on one of my favorite “come fuck me tank tops” and a very short skirt. I liked the tank top because it left nothing to my imagination!

It surprised me that she would be so daring in front of Gary as to wear the top with out anything over the top of it. The top had little designs of dragon flies but they did nothing to cover her up. Gary couldn’t keep his eyes off Sally’s tits, and neither could I. I heard Sally ask Gary if what she wore was sexy enough for him. Gary said that he not only would stay for dinner, but he might never leave!

Sally walked over to Gary by the couch. She actually pushed herself against his chest and asked if he still had any crank left. She knew Gary brought some along for our golf game. I guess she wanted Gary to fill up her pipe if he could. Gary reached around Sally’s back and put his right hand square against Sally’s back. As he pulled her tightly against his chest he sat down on the couch. Sally sort of fell onto the couch next to Gary as he pulled her in.

Sitting side by side on the couch, I saw that Gary still had his arm behind Sally’s back. It was pinched between her back and the couch. He told Sally if she bent forward so he could use his hand, he’d fill his pipe and let her smoke it. She leaned forward and Gary removed his arm. He told Sally he thought the crank might be in his left pant’s pocket, but he wasn’t sure. Sally reached into his jeans and felt an empty pocket. It’s probably in my other pocket he told her. When Sally reached over and down into the other pocket I could tell Gary was trying to rub a fairly stiff cock up against Sally’s arm.

I think Sally picked up on his very slight upward movement as well.

While Gary filled, and Sally took hits off the pipe, I went in the kitchen and started dinner. I stuck my head into the living room and asked if anyone wanted a drink. They both said yes. I came right back with their drinks only they had moved into the bedroom.

Sally had an extra big king size bed we often used to play games on. The VCR was also in her room hooked up to her 30 inch TV.

I took the drinks into her room and gave them each one. I made a point of fixing Sally’s drink a little stronger than normal. I figured she could use a little loosening up before dinner. Seeing Sally sitting on the bed next to Gary in her “fuck me” top started to make my dick swell up. She had great tits. Not to big and not to small. Firm yet soft with nipples that wrinkled up when she got turned on!

I took one hit from the pipe and went into the kitchen again. I heard the TV on and went back to see what they were doing before starting the meat. It wasn’t the TV I had heard, but the computer Sally had in her room. Sometimes we used it to play video games. Usually we played the short home movies I had taken of Sally in her different lingerie outfits. I had 3 CD’s filled with 30 second movies of her. That’s what I heard in the kitchen. Sally had picked one out and started playing it.

I reminded Sally that Gary hadn’t seen any of our home movies and not to get him too excited while I was cooking. Gary had quite a big bulge in the front of his pants. It was very easy to see what Sally had already done to him as he was lying on his back with a pillow under his head watching the screen. See what you’ve already done to poor Gary I told Sally. She reached over and slid her hand up and down along his zipper. You’re right again she said as she moved her down the zipper a third time.

As I went back to the kitchen I felt my cock really stiffen as I wished I had taken a photo of that scene. It would have made a great short movie too! I started the meat cooking and completed the salad. I fixed the french bread and walked down the hall back into Sally’s room. They were still watching the movies of Sally in her lingerie. I noticed that Gary was now rubbing his cock on the outside of his pants with one hand while rubbing Sally’s back with the other.

Leaving to return to my kitchen duties I saw Sally scoot back and up against Gary. As she did he took his hand away from her back and Sally took hold of his fingers. I decided I would walk out back and around to Sally’s window and see what really was going on. When I peeked through the blinds Sally was lying back against Gary. I guess she had taken his hand and put it round her neck and under the front of her tank top. That gave him access to her tits and nipples. He was now playing with both tits as he watched the movies.

Sally in the mean time had placed her left hand on Gary’s crotch and was rubbing his hard on. She seemed to be getting off on making him suffer while he was still sipped up. I came back into the house and check the meat. It was almost done, I went into the bedroom and saw neither Gary nor Sally had move. They were still going at it as I entered. I told them we had a few minutes until the meat was done. Sally remarked that Gary’s meat was already done. She reached for the pipe and handed it to me.

I took a big rip and asked if they wanted to play a game before dinner. Gary said he would rather finish watching the movie shorts of Sally and play a game or two after we ate. I told them both it was OK with me and I went back to finish cooking dinner. Within a few minutes dinner was done and I set up three plates and filled each with food. I took theirs into the bedroom and came right back with two glasses of milk.

Gary and Sally both had to sit up on the bed to eat dinner. When Sally leaned forward her tits almost fell out of her top. She was really looking hot tonight! When we were done eating we each took our own plate and silverware to the kitchen and put everything in the sink. Sally lit a cigarette on her way to the bedroom and sat back down on the bed.

Sally asked Gary and me if we had a game preference. If we didn’t care, she would pick one for us to play. Just as she got off the bed to pick out a game the ash fell off her smoke and fell on her top leaving a black smudge mark. She told us she would bring out a game and then was going to change her top for a clean one. I asked Gary if he wanted to pick a top for her while she found the game. I was sure Sally wouldn’t mind. Besides and I got a thrill thinking of Gary picking out lingerie for Sally to wear.

Gary got up and went to her walk in closet and started checking out what he wanted to see her in. He’d already seen Sally in a lot of her lingerie. She usually would wear something like that when she got ready for bed. Gary never came by before 9:30 or 10:00. By that time, Sally had put on her lingerie for the night. He finally came out of the closet about the time Sally came into the bedroom with the game.

I told Sally I had asked Gary to choose a clean top he would like to see her wear. He picked one out while you were looking for the game. I guess Sally didn’t mind since she asked Gary where it was. He said he left in the bathroom on the hanger for her.

Sally put the game on the bed and went into the bathroom to change out of her spotted top and into the clean one Gary picked for her.

When Sally shut the door to change Gary leaned toward me and said he would be surprised if she put the one he picked on. He said it was a wide fish net type of material. I asked him if it was yellow. He nodded yes. I knew the one he was talking about. I told him that Sally would wear it for him. Not only did she like him but he’s seen her dressed like that a few times before.

When Sally came in the bedroom Gary couldn’t believe what he saw. He had no idea how he was going to concentrate on the game with Sally dressed like se was. I asked Sally if I could take a photo before we started to play. I knew I didn’t have any of her wearing that particular yellow top. She said OK, but told me to be quick because she liked the game she picked for us to play.

I got my camera and sat Sally on the bed. I asked Gary to sit on her left side so I could take a picture of them both together. After he sat down on the bed next to Sally I asked him to put his arm around her shoulder and I snapped the photo. I checked the picture out before I took the next one. The photo really showed off Sally’s tits. For the second photo I asked Gary to reach under her top and take hold of one of her tits. I began the movie cycle on my camera as soon as I finished asking him to grab hold of her tit. I told them both the movie short I just took will make a nice addition to my next CD.

I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was becoming as I watched Gary feeling Sally’s tits. I noticed she was breathing a little harder and faster as well. Of course Gary still had the makings of a tent in his pants. Sally said that I took enough pictures. She wanted to start the game before Gary wanted to leave for home.

I told her OK and put the camera down on the dresser. Sally opened up the game. It was one that I had see4n her bring home from one of the lingerie parties she had gone to. It was called slap. The game had two decks of cards which were shuffled and dealt to all three of us until they were gone. The game began by the three of us placing one card on the board at the same time. If two cards were alike, the first person saying “slap” got to pick up the pile. The last person to have any cards was the winner. The winner got to pick from a stack of 12 wish cards. We each had made 4 wish cards each. They were mixed up and placed in the left corner of the board. No one knew what wishes the others had written.

It took Gary and me a few minutes to get used to the game. After that we both did alright. Some how Sally looked to have more cards that either Gary or me. When we ran out of the first set of cards and had to reshuffle, it was obvious Sally did have more cards that Gary or me. Since we had stopped to shuffle, Sally asked Gary to fill his pipe again.

He did and we each had about three big rips before starting the game again.

I ran out of cards first and had to shuffle the ones I picked up. When I was ready I saw Gary had about twice as many cards as me and about the same number as Sally. My third hand had only about 20 cards, and I knew I’d better do something before I was out of the game. It was too late for me. I didn’t get any cards that time. The game was up to Sally and Gary to finish.

It appeared Sally had more cards than Gary but that soon changed. After Gary shuffled, Sally had to shuffle as well. Sally ran out of cards and had to shuffle the ones she had “slapped.” Gary now had the most cards but not a lot more. Sally had to shuffle again. This time it liked like she had about half as many cards as Gary. The game continued and Sally had to shuffle again. The number of cards she had was getting really low.

Gary started to make some comments about winning the game. Of course Sally was not about to concede. In fact she started a small rally before loosing her last card. Sally pushed the wish cards toward Gary. She said before he picked a card she wanted to freshen up her coke and take another hit from the pipe.

I told her I would freshen up everyone’s coke and took the glasses to the kitchen. Gary filled his pipe one more time. When I came back with the cokes it was my turn to hit the pipe. When I was done with the pipe, Sally told Gary to pick a card and see what wish he picked. Gary picked the top card from the wish pile and turned it over. He read it aloud. It was a card that I had made for the wish pile. The card said that Gary’s wish was to pick another outfit for Sally and to let me take some more pictures of them together.

I know they both probably knew who wrote that wish. Right then I didn’t really care one way or the other. Sally told Gary to go back into her closet and find something for her to change into. She looked at me and kind of frowned but told me to get the camera.

Sally always was a good sport when she lost a bet. She never reneged!

When Gary came out from the closet he was carrying a short wasted black see thru top. Sally went into the bathroom and quickly changed. While she was changing Gary asked me if I thought the top was too much for Sally to change into. I told him not to worry, that Sally was a good looser and never went back on a bet.

Sure enough, when Sally came out she had changed into the top and asked where she wanted them to be for the photos. I suggested the living room since I already had a couple of pictures of them in the bedroom. We all got up and went into the living room. I suggested they sit next to each other on the couch which they did. This time I said I wanted to do the same as last time. Take one photo and one thirty second movie. I asked Gary to move to the other side of Sally since I already had a picture of him on her left side. He got up and moved on Sally’s right side.

I asked him one more time to put his left are around Sally’s shoulder and reach under her top and grab hold of her right tit. When he was in position, I took the photo. I could see Sally’s nipple start to wrinkle up. She must have enjoyed Gary’s hand there. For the thirty second movie, I asked Gary to pull the top up over Sally’s tits and pull her close enough for them to kiss. While they were kissing I asked them to fondle each other until the 30 seconds were over. They did an excellent job, almost too good. My cock was getting hard again, and I saw a huge lump by Gary’s zipper.

We decided to play another game. This time the game went fast. Sally won going away. She reached for the pile of wish cards and picked one. The wish card she picked she must have written. It said that her wish was to have all the males remove their pants and underwear for the next game. So we did. Both Gary and I were naked from the waist down, except for our socks and shoes. Sally made some comment about finally getting something she liked to see for a change. At least I didn’t have to take a photo Gary or myself.

We played another game. We were starting to get used to calling slap when there were duplicate cards. This game took a little longer to finish. In the end Gary won his second game. He reached over and picked up a wish card. I know we were all hoping it was we had written. As it was, it was one Gary had made. It said that I was to pick out an outfit for Sally to change into and take more pictures of Gary and Sally together. I guess Gary and I had the same idea. I went into the closet and found one I liked from earlier in the year. I don’t remember when Sally wore it last.

I picked out a sheer pink top that was short and matching thong. I think there was a matching sheer robe but I never found it. After Sally changed and came back into the bedroom, I saw Gary’s cock twitch as it started to stick out a little farther. Mine did too, but not as obvious as his was. For the picture I had them stay in the bedroom and lie back on the pillows. I put Gary on Sally’s right side so he could put his left arm around her shoulder and sort of face her at the same time. Once again I asked Gary to slip his right hand under the top and reach Sally’s tit and nipple. I told him it didn’t matter which one he took hold of this time. As he slipped his hand under the top his dick came to full attention. I took a couple of photos, and then told them I would set the camera to the movie cycle next.

I told Gary for the movie I wanted him to take off his tee shirt which he did. Just as I started to record on the movie cycle I asked them to face each other and for Gary to lift Sally’s top over her head and put it on the bed behind her. I told them both to get close and kiss each other and had Sally take hold of Gary’s now completely exposed and stiff cock and stroke it gently.

Sally started to laugh when she discovered how stiff Gary’s cock had become for this movie shoot. I noticed Gary pulling Sally into his chest as he kissed her and his hand dropdown toward her thigh. Before the thirty seconds of movie time was up, Gary had his hand in Sally’s thong rubbing her pussy lips. Sally stroking Gary’s cock just about had Gary shoot his load. I saw pre cum drops on the head of his dick when the movie shoot was over. I found that shoot most erotic and can say my cock was almost as stiff as Gary’s now.

The sight of Sally and Gary naked and playing with each other was exciting to say the least. Something I had not seen before, let alone take photos and shoot a short movie of the action. I thought maybe I should try and do porno movies. I didn’t think Sally would go for it. This once in a while thing might be OK with her, but I don’t think it would fly on a permanent basis.

Sally asked Gary to fill his pipe one more time before he left and told me to refill the cokes. Gary and I both did as we were told. I picked up the glasses and went into the kitchen to fill them up. Gary filled his pipe and Sally took some big hits.

When I came back with the coke glasses all refilled I was surprised to see they had not bothered to get back into their clothes. Sally said she didn’t see any need since I probably would like to shoot a couple more short movies for my collection. Never in a million years did I think I would hear Sally say that. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I wasn’t stupid enough to question her either. Sally gave me the pipe and laid back down on the bed, this time on her right side.

I must say Sally looked fine with her tan tight body. She had done a lot of work outs to get back in shape and it looked like she had gotten where she wanted to be. After Gary took a swallow or two of coke, Sally told me to start taking another movie. She pulled Gary down on his back next to her and took hold of his cock. She started to stroke it slowly in an effort to bring it back up.

Gary had reached around Sally and had his hand on her butt all the while approaching her pussy lips from the rear. As Gary’s cock got harder, his hand found its way inside Sally’s pussy and he began to enter and exit with the same rhythm she was using to stroke his cock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Never in a million years had I ever thought Sally would do something like this with some one other than me. I knew she had a thing for Gary. As long as she let me take photos or short movies I would be happy.

Gary had turned out to be a good friend and I had no real issue if Sally wanted to fool around with him a little. I knew this was not something Sally would do without me being there. At least I didn’t think so. Sally was usually so shy and conservative no one would believe she did these things with Gary without the photos and short movies to prove it.

By the time I had reset the camera for another thirty second movie, they were both on their knees facing each other. Sally tried to cover her face with one hand while stroking Gary’s cock with the other.

Then without a word as I started to record the second movie, Sally pushed Gary on his back again. This time when she took hold of his cock she forced it into her mouth. I could hear Sally sucking as hard as she could. Gary had his eyes closed and said something about it feeling good. Sally remained there stroking and sucking Gary’s cock for about a minute after the recording ended. He finally shot a full load into her mouth.

When Gary had shot his load, I started the movie recording again. This time while they both relaxed, Sally let Gary play with her tits a while before getting up and putting on a new nightgown.

After Gary got dressed and ready to leave he kissed Sally one more time. I told him I would walk him out to the car, which I did. We spoke for a couple of minutes about how erotic the evening had been. I told him Sally and I were planning a weekend trip to the mountains to pan for gold. I asked if he thought he might want to come with us. You never know what might happen now I reminded him. Gary said he would be glad to come with us, but this time he would bring a lot of crank with him. The more the better I reminded him.

When I came back inside and told Sally Gary may come with us gold panning she got a big smile on her face and said she would look forward to the trip even more now!

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