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Finding and Training a New Sub

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Finding and Training a New Slave

I’ll admit it. I get very turned on by gaining control of a woman who is not easily controlled. Women who have never been a sub, but who are faced with circumstances where they have little or no choice.

Such an opportunity arose, last Thursday night. I was sitting at a small table overlooking the bar in a local club. A group of four women in their 40s, married from the rings on their fingers, were having a girl’s night out, with the drinks flowing freely. In addition to buying their own, a couple of guys at the bar were buying the girls drinks.

One of the gals in particular was a real knock out. A blond, about 5’5”, maybe 120lbs with great tits and from my vantage point a very nice ass. She was dressed rather conservatively wearing one of those black cocktail dresses cut just above her knees. It was also obvious that she had a few too many drinks as she was slurring her words and rocking back and forth on the bar stool.

As I was admiring this beauty, it seemed like the girls were ready to call it a night. I heard my beauty ask the bartender to call her a cab and overheard the address she gave him. The other three gals put on their coats and said goodbye to my beauty who stayed in the bar waiting for her taxi. As soon as her friends left, a fellow came over to her. I’m sure he noticed like I did that she was tipsy. They began to chat and I noticed that he placed his arm around her waist. He must have taken this as a positive sign as next I know he rests his hand on her knee. Again, she did not seem to protest mostly I believe because she was not even aware of what he was doing. As I continued to watch, his hand slowly moved up her leg, pulling up her dress until I could see her pantyhose covered ass.

Having my high resolution picture phone on the table, I began to snap a few shots. The best one being one of his hand between her legs. This last move must have woken her up, because she immediately moved his hand. They then shared a few words and he left the bar. Good news for me, as this was my opening.

I walked over to my beauty and politely introduced myself. She immediately said that she was married and going home. To this I responded that I thought that that was a good idea, but I had something to show her before she left. Taking out my phone, I began to scroll through the photos I had taken stopping on the one with the guy’s hand all the way up between her legs. She gasped, saying that she was not even aware that his hands were all over her until this last move when she had him stop. I told her that the photos told a different story, one that looks like she was enjoying herself.

After being silent for a moment, she asked if I would please erase all the pics. Continuing by saying her husband was the crazy jealous type and that she would never want her three children to see them. I told her I would, but that she would need to do something for me in return. She would need to spend the next hour with me at my place just around the corner doing what I asked her to do. We are not going to have sex and I promised her that I would not touch her in any manner. She was of course hesitant so I reminded her that I had the pics and that I knew where she lived having overheard her telling the bartender when she ordered the taxi. I then wrote down my address telling her that I was leaving and that I would give her 15 minutes to show up at my place. The decision was hers.

With that I left the bar. Twelve minutes later there was a knock on my door. It was her. I invited her in, helping her off with her coat. The first thing out of her mouth was a request to erase the pics to which I responded that I would give her my phone to do so as soon as the hour was up. She then wanted to negotiate the hour time frame and being a nice guy I said sure let’s make it 30 minutes, but she would need to do everything I asked when I asked her to do it without hesitation. Her head shook yes.

I then sat on the sofa and asked her to stand in front of me. The first thing I want you to do is a sexy dance for me. As she just stood there I reminded her that the 30 minutes was dependent on her not hesitating when I told her to so something. This got her gyrating in nice, slow body movements. Now,, continue to dance but begin to lift your skirt. I guess she now understood the rules, as ever so slowly she began to raise her skirt. I kept encouraging her to go higher, until her pantyhose covered pussy was staring me in the face. Okay, I told her, take off the dress. Again she hesitated so I reminded her that every minute she delayed was being added to the clock. With this, she slipped the dress over her head. Now, please remove your pantyhose I told her. Dancing there before me was the great piece of ass in a lace covered bra and a black thong. She had one of those perfect bodies.

With only about 15 minutes to go, I told her to play with herself while I watched. Not bothering to touch herself over her bra, she let a hand slip into her thong and then into her bra. I was as hard as a rock, so opened my zip and I began to stoke my cock. As I continued my stroking, I had her remove her bra and thong while continue playing with herself.

A glance at the clock told me the time was up so I thought that it would be nice if I was the one to end it. She seemed to appreciate it. After she got dressed and I zipped up, I handed her my phone to let her erase the photos.

As she headed for the door, she told me that she hoped that she would never see me again. My simple response was to tell her that she would be back tomorrow evening. As she looked at me in what seemed anger or disbelief, I grabbed the remote control for my 50 inch plasma TV. A couple of buttons pressed, the video began. Our 30 minutes together recorded in HiDef. I think she said something like you bastard to which I responded, maybe but I’m sure that your husband would be even more pissed if he were ever to see the video.

As I opened the door to let her leave, my parting words were for her to be back tomorrow at 6pm and plan to spend an hour. I then closed the door.

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