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Finally on vacation

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Having finally taken on a partner the long never ending working hours were behind us and we could completely turn off from the worries of work for a short time at least. When I say completely turn off I suppose it had taken most of the first week to wind down but now both Brad and I were totally relaxed and just enjoying every little luxury.

It had been the holiday that we had longed for ? just Brad and I, no kids and no stresses. A tough few years has passed since we had had a real holiday and at last we had some time alone together. We were staying at an incredible resort that offered every luxury you could imagine. Not only did every little service come to order but crystal clear warm sunny days and balmy tropical evenings came free of charge.

The last 10 days had almost been like a second honeymoon. We?d talked, we?d relaxed, we?d wine and dined and we made love like we used to do when our relationship was fresh and exciting. We had spent the long summer days lazing by the pool and lying on the white sands, swimming, shopping and sharing the days together in a way we hadn?t done for such a long long time.

Once again it had been a perfect day and we decided that we would finish the night at the outdoor restaurant beside the pool. I was looking forward to the night and was feeling particularly aroused after another day of lying around with next to nothing on.

Earlier yesterday, even though he hates shopping, Brad actually showed real interest when I started trying on some of the more revealing outfits. He became particularly interested when I tried on a slightly sheer white cotton dress that had a very high hem line. I know what he likes and I know he loves to see my shape when light shines from behind me and I knew this dress was performing that role admirably. I thought tonight, with my deepening tan, this dress would be the perfect choice for the evening.

I stepped out of the shower and towelled myself down. Brad was already dressed and sitting on the balcony reading his novel. I held my dress up against me and turned and swirled it as I watched myself in the bathroom mirror. I stepped into my dress and pulled it up and over my shoulders. I stared at my knickers still lying on the floor. My body tingled at the thought of not wearing them. Brad would love it. I?ll keep it a secret, I thought to myself and surprise him by telling him when we get downstairs.

I checked myself in the mirror to make sure the light didn?t make things too revealing. I could probably just make out my nipples but that was probably because they were a little hard in anticipation and since I had kept my pubic area well shaven throughout the holiday I felt would be safe from leering eyes but a little nervously insecure nonetheless.

?I?m ready Honey? I called to Brad. ?Wow? he said as I stepped out onto the balcony. ?Thankyou? I smiled back to him. He still continues to throw me with his compliments. He always seems to be genuinely excited to see me, especially when I dress up. I watched him look me up and down and I stood with the setting sun shining its bright crimson light through me from behind. ?You look beautiful. God that dress makes you look sexy?. I stood up on my toes and kissed him lightly so not to smudge my lipstick. ?We?d better go. The table is booked for 7 o?clock?

We made our way to the door. ?I feel like I?ve forgotten something.? and Brad said. ?I think you?ve distracted me?. I wanted to give him another hug. ?Don?t know what it was? he said as he shut the door and we turned for the elevator. The bell soon rang, the doors opened and we stepped inside. Brad put his arm around me and ran his hand down over my backside. I felt a flush run over me when he squeezed my butt cheek as we stepped out of the elevator.

We made our way into the restaurant and a waiter immediately attended to us. He was about to usher us to our table when Brad said ?Do you mind if we have a drink at the bar first?? ?Of course sir? he replied and motioned us in the direction of the bar. Brad ordered our drinks and pulled over two bar stools. Awkward at the best of times in a short dress I was particularly conscious of the fact that I was wearing nothing underneath as I shuffled my backside up onto the stool. Brad noticed nothing as I finally settled into a comfortable position.

The sun continued to set behind Brad and while our faces were shaded I could still feels the rays of the sun on the rest of my body. It was particularly arousing having that warmth upon my thighs and reflecting up my dress. ?Your tan is coming along nicely?. I jumped out of my dream world. ?Yeah. Well the weather has been great and I?ve been a good girl using my tanning cream.? I said to him in polite reply.

?Are you working on an all over tan tonight?? Brad asked. ?What do you mean?? I said bashfully turning pink. ?Well I looked down at the sun shining on your leg and I can see more than just leg down there?. ?God!? I though and quickly crossed my legs. ?Don?t worry? he said. ?I like what I see? and smiled his beautiful shining smile at me.

?Oh shit! That?s what I forgot. I left my smokes upstairs? Brad said jumping off his stool. ?I?ll be back in a flash?. I turned and watched him walk away from me striding out in his pair of grey chinos that highlighted the gorgeous shape of his bum. Whilst not a gym freak Brad does like to keep himself in good shape. Stocky, a square cut jaw and dark well groomed hair always had other women sending him admiring glances but that only made me all the more in love with him knowing that each night he was mine to take home.

I took another sip of my drink. The holiday atmosphere overcame me once again. I?ll have a few drinks tonight, I thought to myself - not too many so that I fall asleep but enough to just relax and let my hair down a little. I ran my eye over the tables at the restaurant. Again hardly any people here ? a reflection of how quiet the hotel was in general. There were three guys at one table, dressed casually, cold beers in front of them, and each guy with contented smiles on their faces. Golfers I was tipping ? away with the boys - golf by day, beer by night.

At another table a couple sitting quietly together with not much conversation going on. God, Brad and I have hardly stopped talking this holiday. Its been amazing how often our conversation has turned to sex and it had often been me that had instigated it. Our sex chats had been amazing. I would never have thought that we could discuss the things we had. We?d talked about past lovers, we?d talked about desires and fantasies, we talked about one night stands, pornography and anything else that came to mind. So many things had changed in my outlook over this last week as I challenged so many of my of my sexual beliefs and values. All of a sudden sex had become an exciting and new challenging adventure where the thrill of the situation was as exhilarating as the orgasms they led to.

On one table sat a single guy, another a single woman. I wondered about them both and why they were here. The guy was quite attractive. Dark complexion and with matching dark hair tipped blonde. I quickly fantasised about undressing him. God what has this week done to me? I could imagine him standing there in front of me ? fully naked, a massive erection and me reaching out and taking the head of his cock into my mouth. I wondered whether he had noticed me or whether his concentration had been the single woman at the table.

Unconsciously I swang in the stool and pointed my legs towards him. A brief rush of adrenalin ran through my veins at the thrill of being discretely exposed as I was. The confidence that Brad had generated within me this week and the renewed pride he had me restore in my body had me feeling excited about myself.

?I?m back? said Brad. I almost fell off the stool ? I was miles away. ?Will we grab our table?? ?Sure? I said as I shuffled down off the stool and straightened my dress. We picked up our drinks and walked across to the table. I sat down facing the dark and handsome guy with Brad sitting to my left.

?You found your smokes then?? I said. ?Yeah? he replied ?I left them on the balcony. Enjoy yourself at the bar??. I told him how I was people watching and wondered why it would be that people would be at this place by themselves. Brad looked around to see who I was referring to. ?Shit! I know that guy!? he said. A hot flush ran through me as I remembered what I was thinking about just two minutes beforehand. ?Its Matt Reynolds. I used to work with him at Hedessons. He was a sales rep there. We used to have some great fun together.?

?MATT!? he called out. ?Brad Duncan! For goodness sake. I don?t believe it!? They both stood up and shook each others hand. Long lost buddies without a shadow of doubt. ?What are you doing here?? Brad said. ?Remember Ken Freeman? He put me in charge of arranging this year?s sales conference so I was up here for a couple of days just checking out the place and finalising the details. And you?? ?I?m up here with Kerry my wife. I?ll introduce you.? Matt offered his hand as Brad introduced us and I felt somewhat awkward with him now standing in front of me ? but clothed this time. I couldn?t help but quickly glimpse at his pants as if by reflex. ?God! Stop it!? I thought to myself.

?Come and join us for dinner? Brad said. ?Are you sure? Matt asked politely. ?We?d love the company? I agreed with Brad. Matt sat down opposite me and the boys were in full swing immediately. Talking shop and the good old days. The evening went by in a flash. Every so often Brad wouldreach over and rub his hand up to the top of my leg and flitter his finger across my vagina. At first I?d squeeze my legs together embarrassed by his brazenness but as the night went on and the wine lifted my spirits further I looked forward to each advance and became excited by each touch.

Soon the three of us were left alone in the restaurant. The golfers had adjourned to another bar no doubt and the single lady must have called it a night. The bar and waiting staff had begun looking anxiously at us hoping we would follow the lead of the others. Brad suggested we buy a couple of drinks each and move out into the warm night and sit on the poolside lounge chairs.

The warm night, full moon and star lit skies complemented the evening we?d had. Brad had me wanting him badly through his brash under table touches but we were having such a great time together it would have been a pity to excuse ourselves now. The boys conversation turned to past conquests as the scotches started to kick in. I should have felt jealous but I must say that after this week I had grown to enjoy these sorts of stories.

?Oh well boys. All in the past now for you conservative old hacks!? I said cheekily. ?Hacks?? said Brad. ?Old?? said Matt. ?Conservative?? said Brad. ?You are calling me conservative? What about you?? ?Oh I?m not conservative? I continued to stir. ?Not conservative?? said Brad. ?That?s right!? I said smiling broadly. ?Try me!? I said before I knew it had come out of my mouth. My god those wines had kicked in.

?Okay, Okay? Brad slowly drew out the words. ?Not conservative eh? Stand up then?. ?Hmm? ? I thought to myself ?what have I done here?? ?Take your dress off? Brad said. I instinctively looked around me. ?Brad you know I cant do that? I said. ?There you go? he said to Matt throwing him a wink. ?Conservative!?

Thoughts span wildly in my head. I was feeling as sexy as I had ever felt but ? I had nothing on underneath. I had even shaved my pussy clean today as a surprise for Brad because I know how much he likes to eat me when I am like that. Brad could see my mind racing and no doubt could also see the excitement in my dancing eyes. ?Well ???? he asked.

He didn?t really believe I would do it but as quickly as I stood up I saw an erection start to bulge in his pants. I turned my back to the boys and reached over my shoulders and pulled my long blonde hair so that it fell over my breasts then reached back to unzip my dress. I turned to Brad as I reached around behind my back to undo the zip completely. His eyes darted between myself and Matt - beyond excitement himself and eager to catch Matt?s reaction.

I slipped my arms out through my sleeve and then let my dress slip slowly down my back over my naked bum and down my suntanned legs until it lay crumpled at my ankles. I stepped out of my dress and reached up to flick my hair back over my shoulders. The atmosphere was electric. Brad was the only man to have seen me naked for more than 15 years and now here I was standing naked in front of his friend Matt and to anyone else who cared to walk in on us.

To the sound of the poolside music I began a slow seductive dance raising my arms high into the air before slowly turning to face the two gentlemen at the table. Brad looked at me, awestruck by the change in me over this last week. A week ago I would not believe that I could do this myself but here I was loving the moment. Matt seemed dumbfounded and sat forward with a delighted smile on his face. It made me feel so good as he obviously loved what it was he was becoming privy to.

Then something broke the moment, a door banging, a glass clinking I don?t know, but I stopped, felt strangely exposed and embarrassed and so I turned and ran to dive into the pool. As I leapt I heard the boys laughing and felt the rush of water cool my embarrassment instantly. I came up for breath and swam over to the edge of the pool. ?That was a beautiful show? said Matt. ?You are stunningly attractive?. I didn?t know what to think but the honesty in Matts voice filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement.

Blushed, I pushed off the side of the pool and breast stroke my way across the water. Matts words were swimming in my head. I stepped out of the pool and walked over to the table upon which lay the complementary poolside towels. Invigorated, I rubbed the soft towel down my arms and legs. Small goosebumps appeared on mu arms as the light breeze dried each globule of water. My nipples stood erect.

The boys attracted my attention by their silence. As I towelled down my long hair I turned to them. Both sat in their chairs apparently captivated by my movements and that of the light reflecting off the water and dancing across my breasts. As I dried my hair I walked around the pool toward them. ?The water is beautiful. You should have come in.? I said breaking the silence. ?Didn?t have a costume? Brad said in reply as a broad smile broke across his face. ?Nice one Mr Conservative!? I said.

I walked over to Brad?s chair and dropped my towel. Pushing his legs astride I sat with him on his chair leaning back into his chest my head resting on his shoulder. Matt was directly opposite and just a few short feet away. To my surprise I felt incredibly empowered now. After so many years of vulnerability - of being conservative and protective perhaps even frightened of my body this empowerment that I felt at this moment was becoming overwhelming. I could feel Brad?s erection against my back behind me and I purposely watched as I detected movement in Matts pants. Brad reached his arm around me warming me with his massive hands.

?You truly are a beautiful woman? Matt finally said as the silence was broken again. ?Thankyou? I said sucking every ounce of sweetness and sincerity out of what was embedded in his tone. ?Do you make a habit of displaying your beauty like this?? he asked. ?I hope so? Brad and I said in unison. I giggled and stretch my head back to kiss Brad on the neck behind his ear. His hand rubbed slowly over my stomach up to my breast until his fingers started flicking ever so softly across my nipples.

I gasped at the first touch. I gasped at the softness of his fingers, I gasped at the sensitivity of my nipples, I gasped at the fact that I let him touch me in front of a man just 3 feet away. I stole a glance at Matt. His eyes were glued to my breasts. His penis grew larger in his pants and then his eyes met mine. The intensity of my arousal at that moment was greater than anything I can ever remember.

I parted my legs and ran my hand over my stomach and down to my vagina. As Brad continued to circle my nipples my fingers moved down to my clitoris. It grew instantly hard at my first touch. As I rubbed my juices over my finger and clit the pleasure of my own touch drew my wide eyes down to this amazing scene - a scene that saw me naked and masturbating ? outside ? and in front of a man who until two hours ago I had never met before. My inhibitions were gone. I was in raptures, captivated with every element of the situation.

I moaned my first spontaneous moan. As my head nestled into Brads neck, I stared back at Matt who could no longer sit passively. He leant back in his seat and unbuttoned his trousers and released his pulsing cock from his pants. It looked massive as he pulled it clear of his clothing. It had been years since I had seen another man?s penis. Sure I had looked at some porn over time but it had been a long time since I had seen a man near the peak of his arousal.

I continued to rub my finger over my clitoris occasional sliding my finger into the opening of my vagina and engulfing my fingers in what were now free flowing juices. I watched as Matt fondled his penis in long slow strokes running his fingertips along the length of his shaft then occasionally wrapping his whole hand around his cock and rubbing more feverishly.

The first stages of my orgasm started rumbling within my body. Again releasing a set of involuntary moans my hips instinctively thrusted forward into my finger. My legs spread wider on the chair and I stared distantly into Matts eyes as he could see more of me now than any man other than Brad had ever seen. I wanted to give him everything of myself now. I wanted to show him every ounce of intimate sexuality about myself.

His hand moved up to his mouth and he smothered it in saliva and quickly returned it to the throbbing rod that seemed so close to me yet so out of reach. The swiftness of my fingers seemed to be in time with the stroking of his hand. I squealed my first squeals of delight. My mouth opening instinctively as I gasped and squealed at the same time. I rubbed and circled my clit more quickly bringing me to new heights and just seconds from my orgasm Distracting me momentarily I heard a deep animalistic roar from Matt and saw the first spurts of creamy white cum burst out of his penis.

The whole surreal scene lead to an orgasm of such intensity I screamed a lust-filled cry. My feet kicked high in the air my legs spread wide for Matt and the rest of the world to see. Everything inside me felt like it was bursting to get out as the orgasm rippled though my body. It rushed and rushed, the intensity reaching several crescendos before I collapsed wrapping my legs tightly around my hand to stop it from taking me any further.

As my pleasure subsided I continued writhing in the chair until suddenly becoming conscious of Brad sitting behind me as I felt his rock hard penis rubbing in the small of my back. Matt lay back in his chair, still holding his penis in hand but spent from the experience. I lay back against my man as he ever so tenderly ran his hands over my body. We all sat silently swimming in the afterglow of the event that had just unfolded.

I reached down and picked up my towel then stood and walked over to Matt. The globules of sweet smelling cum ran over his hand and stomach. I placed the towel on his hand and watched as he looked up at me like a sweet but fallen child. I ran my hand through his hair and allowed him a gentle kiss on my stomach before he looked up longingly toward me. I wrapped my hand round the back of his head and drew him toward me again. This time he muzzled more deeply into me kissing amongst my juices and rubbing his cheeks and lips across my wet and exhausted pussy.

I pulled slowly away and bent down and kissed him on the forehead and then turned back to Brad. He held his hands out toward me. I took them both and knelt down in front of him. He was all that I wanted now. I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth and then share it with him in a lung and lustful kiss. As I slid his penis slowly in and out of his mouth I looked up at him ? telling him with my eyes how much I adored doing this to him. I looked around and Matt was gone ? too spent to watch any more of the show and leaving me alone with the man I loved.

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