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Finally Getting My Wife to go Wild

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This started a couple of years ago when; we both realized this marriage was not going well. C is a complainer, our daughter calls her a whiner, which she is at best and a real bitch most of the time. So like most guys, I found other things and stuck it out for the kids. I had seen what a divorce does to kids, so I was not going to do to that again. One thing I observed was, that C only wanted to have sex, rather than just going along, right after she had a ?girl?s night out? with her friend J.

C never hid it, that she and J played around with other guys when they were out together, and C even said she would do anything short of intercourse when she was out. I fully encouraged it; I told C if she found someone who turned her on go for it. But until last year it was only an occasional flash, or a few kisses. Last year we had great sex for a week after she let some guy suck her tits in a bar and slide his hand into her pants. Her jeans were too tight to finger fuck her, but she was really turned on when she got home. She was so hot she was willing to fuck even me.

C got it on with Eddie at a martini bar and after making out for a while they went to a more private area and then really got going. Eddie had his hands up C?s top at the bar, when then got to the private area Eddie had C?s top up and her bra off. He sucked her nipples for two hours. She was so hornie when she got in the car to leave with J, she told J what she had done and J told her ?go girl?. Once home C came to bed nude and her nipples were like rocks. She let me know what happened and after sucking her tits I ate her to three squirting climaxes. I got an excellent fuck; C climbed on top of me and rode me hard.

The great part was, when she climaxed for the first time on my cock, it was her forth climax of the night and she again squirted all over my cock and balls. With that climax she rolled us over and told me to ?pump her pussy and fill it with cum?. I did not take long and filled her. The next morning we fucked again, with C on top riding me and playing with her clit, this was not my bored wife, she was energized, when she came, she again squirted soaking the bed, as she came down she rolled onto her back and again told me to ?pump her pussy?.

As we relaxed after the fuck, I asked her if she fantasized it was Eddie fucking her. C admitted she had, and it really turned her on, she was really worried I would be upset. I asked her if she wanted to really fuck Eddie, she said no, but the fantasy was wonderful. I told her I did not care if she fucked him, with only two rules, she told me all about it and I got to eat her afterwards. C said, J had told her, she should have fucked Eddie and let me watch. I told her, I could only dream, and I liked the way J thought. We laughed and she told me it was not going to happen. I asked her if she was going to see Eddie again and she said no, if she saw him again, she would have to fuck him and she was not going to do that.

She wanted to get up, but I showed her my rock hard cock and said her husband need a little pussy, she said she just fucked me. I said, no she just fucked Eddie and now it was my turn, she rolled over to me kissed me deeply fucking my mouth with her tongue and whispered ?baby I just fucked Eddie now I need you to eat me.

I went for her trimmed pussy and licked and sucked her to a very nice climax eating a lot of my load out of her. She then pulled me up and took me in her wet hole, saying how do you like sloppy seconds. On every in stroke C?s pussy squired, my balls were covered with our juices, C urged me on as we fucked, I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell before I shook in the best climax I?ve had in a long time.

That night was wonderful, after fucking me to exhaustion, I ate and fingered C to six climaxes in a row, and we only stopped when C could not take it any more.

Within a week C did not want to talk about it any more, and put the whole thing out of her mind, when I asked her why, she said it bothered her, and she should not have done it. I told her, why let it bother you it brought us closer. The subject was now forbidden, life went back to the way it was, sex once a week, no communication, because there was no sex, all the same bull shit.

Then four weeks ago, C told me she and J were going out, for the girl?s night out, I asked if D and Ju were going also. C said no, only J and her as the other two had backed out. Besides, J really wanted to go to the martini bar after the dance club and D and Ju would not approve of ?a sluts night out?. I looked at her and said I approved and hoped she had a good time; C said I?m sure you do.

When I got home on Friday, C told me our daughter was going to spend the weekend at her moms, and would I take her over. I said sure, and asked when she was meeting J. She said, J would be at our house at 8:30 pm or so. I got our daughters things together and was off to grandmas. I go back around 8:00 and went up stairs to our bedroom to check on C.

C was wearing her sexiest pink bra and g-string set and was getting ready; she asked if I would cover for J that night, as J told her husband she would be with C, D, and Ju at the beach for the D?s birthday. I said ok, but I wanted something, C looked at me, and said ?No we will not do a threesome? I told her relax, and asked what was she wearing for the night, C said her pink top and the short brown skirt. I said ok, I want to shave your pussy, and you go commando. C looked at me and said, I have shaved, and I said if you want my help, I get something.

C turned to me removed her g-string and said go ahead. I took a towel and placed in to the counter and had C set on it. I had her spread her legs and then shaved her pussy smooth, I really enjoyed using my razor on her cunt, when I was done I checked it out; she was wet and very smooth. C asked why I wanted to do that, I told her it was something I have always wanted to do, and now I could. Just then, J rang the doorbell and I went to do the door to let her in.

J needed to change into her slut outfit for the night. I took her up to our bathroom so she could join C, and change. C was wearing her skirt and top now asked what I was going to do as I started to leave. I told her I was going to a movie and would not be back until midnight. J said not to expect them back until after 3:00am since it took about an hour to get back and the bar did not close until 2:00. I said I well let you girls get dressed.

The girls came down around 9:00 pm and they both were showing it off, C was really showing off her tits, which were barely covered by her bra and top and her brown skirt is short and tight. J was killer with a top that showed off her tits and nipples and a pair of skintight pants. I told the girls to have fun and not to leave the poor boys frustrated, when J piped in ?but only if you can watch? laughing I said good by, and then C leaned in and kissed me and said I am not wearing panties as you asked, and I showed J your handy work. With that they were off.

The following is what C had told me happened that night and the following night and what I observed later:

J and C drove to a dance club, on the way, J asked if I had really had C go commando, and C told her, I wanted C to fuck other men, so I could enjoy the sex with her afterwards. J thought I was nuts and said she could never tell her husband what she was doing; he would explode if he knew. J agreed she was really hornie after playing around and fucked him when she got home to relive herself, but she could not let herself fuck someone else, it just would not be right. J just could not believe I would let C fuck other men, let alone encourage it.

Once they got to the dance club, it was packed and they had a few drinks and danced together for a while and were going to call it, when four guys all started hitting on them at once. They both danced with all the guys, one at a time and all together and started getting really nasty, the guys were in their late 20?s lean, cute and good dancers. At one point C was dancing with two of them at once and as one ground his cock into her crotch the other did the same on her butt crack sandwiching her. C said it unnerved her at first then she got into it, as it went on the guy in front started feeling up her tits as the guy in back was holding her hips and pulling her into him. As he did this, her skirt was hiked up to the crack in her ass.

Just as it was getting out of control, the song ended and C pulled her skirt down and kissed both of them. They sat out the next song, and J told C her dance looked like fun. C admitted it was, but she was trying to keep it under control. J asked why? Isn?t this why we are here? They were back on the dance floor for the next set and this time C was riding one of the guys leg as the other humped her ass, in no time C had her bare pussy grinding on the guy in front?s leg, with her skirt above her cunt and the guy in back had her ass bare. This continued the entire music set with the guy in back this time playing with her tits, just as the last song of the set was finishing he ran his hands up under her top and cupped her bra filled tits. They left the dance floor and C joined J who had just experienced the same thing as C, both of them said they were very turned on and J told C a lot of people were watching her. C said I came here to be a slut, I am being a slut; J said I?m joining you girl.

For the first time C admitted she really enjoyed showing off and letting people see her get it on in public.

The next group playing was not C or J?s kind of dance music and the guys asked them to join them at one of the guy?s apartments to continue the party, the girls said they had enough and were going. The guys tried to convince them to stay as it was only 12:30 and there was plenty of time to party. As they talked, the guy sitting next to C, who was standing, was caressed her inner thigh, C said it felt so good she did not notice when he went above her skirt. C then felt his fingers find her pussy, she knew if she let it go on, she was going to come right there and she did not want to do that for fear of squirting. C squatted down and kissed him, forcing him to remove his hand from her pussy.

C and J then left, as they got to the car, J asked if C wanted to go the martini bar. C stated she was too turned on, not to; she needed to get more than a little relief. J stated she needed a little relief herself and needed a good fuck. C said we can go back and join the boys, J replied I need to be fucked not gang banged. C replied it was heading that way wasn?t it. The arrived at the martini bar parking lot and headed in laughing over the fact C had been a complete slut on the dance floor. C reminded J when she was younger she was very slutty and had done that before, just not in a long time.

Once inside the bar, the girls went to the patio and ordered drinks, there weren?t many guys and none the girls were interested in, as they wondered if this was going to be a bust, two guys C says were hot hunks walked in. The girls paid them some attention and in a little while the guys joined then. After a little heavy flirting they paired off with J moving Gregg to a bar stool and C getting Nick to join her. Nick was leaning against a chair with his back to the crowd. Nick started caressing C, who leaned in and kissed him, then, he kissed her back, when he did. C opened her mouth and they shared a tongue kiss that lasted a while. As it went on Nick slid his hand up to C?s tits and started caressing then and running his fingers along her bra line.

When the kiss broke Nick did not stop playing with C?s tits and C said she leaned in and licked his lips this was all the encouragement Nick needed to slide his fingers into C?s bra. C again leaned in a kissed Nick for a long time; at this point C stated she could feel the wetness running down her legs.

C looked over at J and noticed Gregg was fondling J?s tits and they were kissing. C wanted Nick?s fingers on her nipples, and more. As the second kiss broke, Nick asked C if she wanted another drink and C agreed, and suggested they go to a more private place. Nick at first looked at C with puzzled look then C mentioned the balcony sofas. As Nick ordered C another drink, C excused herself and went into the bathroom where she took off her bra and put into her purse. C?s nipples stuck out through her top and she adjusted her top to show off.

When she got back Nick kissed her and noticed the new look, C asked him if he liked it and Nick said he did, C told him I though you would, that?s why I did it. When they got to the balcony, they found a love seat facing into the patio with a sofa and another couple facing them. The guy and girl on the sofa were in there 20?s and were making out. Nick sat down and C sat on his lap, they started kissing and Nick was fondling C?s tits and pinching her hard nipples through her top.

When Nick started kissing her neck and then between her tits, C arched her back and offered up her tits to Nick who took the hint and slid off the straps to C?s top and bared C?s tits. Nick then started sucking C?s nipples, C said she was in heaven and could feel she was totally wet. C then looked up and noticed the young guy across from her was watching Nick suck her tits. This turned her on even more, and C then saw J and Gregg walk by to another couch facing them. When C looked up again J and Gregg were making out and Gregg had his hands in J?s top.

Nick now started caressing C?s legs and thighs, finally reaching the hem of her skirt. C shifted and pulled up her skirt and opened her legs to give him access to her cunt. When Nick reached her bare pussy, he commented, you took off your panties for me too? C told him, I had her go commando and shaved her for the evening, Nick told her he liked the way I thought, and said to thank me. C said she would by screwing me good when she got home. As Nick started working her pussy, C realized the guy across from her had a clear view of what was going on, so she opened her legs even more. Nick then slipped first one then two fingers into her cunt, with his thumb, Nick played with her clit and slowly pumped her pussy with his fingers. They kissed and Nick sucked her nipples driving C to the edge of a very good climax, this has been going on for about 30 minutes, when they heard the waitress saying last call, and C asked her what time it was she told C it was 2:00 am and the bar closed at 2:30.

After she left, C and Nick were back at it in minute, C said she held off her climax out to fear she would squirt all over Nick. A little after 2:30, the lights came on and C covered her self and they got up.

Nick asked C if she and J wanted to come to his house, he was sure his wife would love to be with C and Gregg and J could use the down stairs bedroom. C knew Nick was married but she was not sure if she was ready to do a threesome with his wife. J declined for them, but as they were the last people to leave the bar and there were only two cars in the parking lot, Nick?s BMW and J?s SUV. J said, to Nick, why don?t you and C go to your car and Gregg can come with me and we can take a few minutes to say good night.

C and Nick walked to his car and kissed as they walked and then got into the back seat. Nick reached under C?s top and slid it off so she was topless and tongue kissed her then went for her nipples. His hand found her pussy and with two fingers entered her and started finger fucking her again. C said she lost it at this point; Nick kept her on the edge of cuming, working his fingers into her. C tried to hold off her climax but when she looked up and saw the bartender watching them she lost it, as she squirted all over Nick?s hand, she said it was one of the most intense climaxes she had ever had.

C then tried to apologize to Nick but he quieted her and said he loved it and wanted her to do it again. With that Nick started working his fingers in her pussy and worked his thumb over her clit; C felt another climax building and saw the bartender watching them. She then leaned into Nick and kissed him and reached for his belt, with his belt open she got his pants unzipped and pulled out his cock. C then leaned down and licked the head of Nick?s cock, he moaned and thrust up sliding the head of his cock into C?s mouth.

C began licking Nick?s cock running her tongue all around his member she worked her hands into his trousers and played with his balls. C was taking more of Nick?s cock into her mouth with each movement of her head; soon she said she had it all the way to the back of her mouth. As she lifted up, she could see the bartender still looking at her and Nick. C was really turned on by this and from the sounds she said Nick was making he was enjoying it also. C later said the bartender watching made her decide to try and deep throat Nick. C heard Nick say, I am going to cum, and she stopped and squeezed the head of Nick?s cock to stop the climax, when Nick was under control she again started licking then swallowing Nick?s cock. In no time Nick was again ready to cum and C again stopped him.

C told me she wanted all the cum in Nick?s balls and wanted him as horny as she was, after stopping Nick?s third climax, C sucked Nick to full hardness then she climaxed again, from the finger fucking Nick was giving her. C rolled on her back and pulled Nick?s cock to her pussy, Nick stopped and said I do not have a condom; C tongue kissed him and used her legs to force Nick?s cock into her pussy. Once he started C said he did not miss a beat, Nick thrust into her with long strokes and C said it was wonderful to fuck him. C said she climaxed on Nick?s third thrust and it was so forceful she pushed his cock out of her pussy, after she came down Nick reentered her and she began thrusting back against him.

C said it was a real turn on to feel Nick stiffen and then thrust into her and moan as he came in her pussy. C said she was overcome at that moment by the thought, of how turned on I was going to be that she had let Nick fuck her. After Nick climaxed he leaned back and tried to catch his breath, C was not done yet and took Nick?s deflating cock into her mouth. C said for the first time she wanted to suck a cock that had just fucked her. C wanted more and worked on Nick until he was hard again and then climbed onto his cock mounting him. C and Nick kissed and Nick sucked C?s nipples as they fucked, C then felt Nick?s fingers play with her asshole, he was bringing moisture from her pussy to her ass and running his fingers around it.

C said she was so turned on she did not try and stop him and then she realized it felt good, as Nick kept it up, C pushed back onto his finger and let him finger fuck her ass. All this was too much and C started Cuming, with each wave that went over her C said she clamped down on Nick?s cock. C had no idea how long they had been fucking when Nick thrust up into her and came. C knew they were done, as they continued to kiss Gregg knocked on the window, and Nick opened the door. Gregg jokingly asked if they were done. C told him unfortunately yes, and climbed off Nick and stepped out the car.

Nick handed her purse and top to her, as she stood next to him, he zipped up his trousers; she put on her top and jacket and took her purse. Gregg gave her a kiss and ran his hand over her tits before she turned and tongue kissed Nick. C then asked what time it was and J who just walked up said 4:00 am, C said oh my god and reached into her purse to get her cell phone. C?s call woke me and I asked if she was ok, she said she was and they were leaving the bar then and would be home in an hour. Looking at the time I asked if she had fun, when she said yes, I asked if she got fucked and C replied uh ha, twice. I asked two guys and C said no, I?ll tell you all about it when we get home.

Nick then asked C if she would call him in the morning and come over to do a threesome with his wife and him. Gregg then kissed J and said you could join her; we could have the down stairs bedroom to ourselves. C replied she would think about it, J was non committal. C kissed Nick again and they all walked to J?s SUV. Once C and J were alone, J asked did I understand you right, you told Gary (me) you got fucked twice. C said yes, why not, they discussed what each had done. J had let Gregg finger her to a climax and after watching C suck Nick and then climb onto his cock, she and Gregg had returned to her SUV where after a little more making out she had sucked him off and let him cum in her mouth.

They were at a stoplight waiting to get on the freeway when J said this, and C leaned over and kissed her. J asked that was that for, and C told her she wanted to taste Gregg?s cum, J laughed and said she was not going to try and taste Nicks cum as she would kill then both. C said you could not anyway, that is all for my hubby to eat out of me. J wanted to know if I was really going to do that, C told her I?m sure he will.

J told C she was only going to let Gregg suck her tits and finger her until she saw C sucking Nick, the whole thing so turned her on she had to fight not to fuck Gregg. J said she kissed Gregg and then felt his cock and it was rock hard, and she knew she had to suck him off. Once they got back to her SUV she got his trousers open and his cock out, she then worked him to the best of her ability and swallowed his cum but a lot of it ran down her neck and onto her tits. C told her not to tell me that if she did not want me licking her tits, they both laughed about being such sluts.

When they were about ten minutes away from our house C called me and asked if I would set up the sofa bed for J, I suggested she sleep with us that did not fly at all; C then asked if I would get J a tee shirt to wear for the night. I got up and fixed the bed for J and got her a skintight nylon tee I had gotten C, which when she wears it shows off her nipples.

The girls arrived about 4:45 and I said hi, C gave me a very deep tongue kiss and whispered she had something for me. I gave J the Tee shirt and we headed upstairs to bed. J made the comment not to make to much noise as she needed her sleep, I told her she could watch if she wanted, and C commented don?t say that she will be up there watching us in a minute.

When we got to our room C did not close the door, as she wanted to let J watch if J wanted to and she wanted to let J hear everything. This was not my C and I was off the scale hornie. C stripped me of my boxers and then took off her top, and dropped her skirt to the floor, she told me get on the bed, I want you to eat me and fuck me, then, in the morning I will tell you all about what happened and you can fuck me again, and again and again.

As I lay back on the bed, C sat on my face and started draining Nick?s cum all over my face, I quickly started licking and sucked her cunt and pussy lips until she sprayed my face with her cum. C shook as she climaxed hard again and again. Then she turned, kissed me and said please fuck me. I rolled on top of her and drove my cock into her in one stroke, she was so louse, her cunt, squirted as I pumped her, and C asked is sloppy seconds all you had hoped for? My answer was to come hard in side her. I rolled off C and we crashed.

In the morning, C asked if I would get her some OJ and a yogurt. If I did, she promised she would eat the yogurt off my cock and tell me all about getting fucked the night before. But first she said, put on your boxers, J is down stairs. I headed downstairs and found J asleep in her thong and Cs tee. J?s tits were really nice with her nipples showing and her camel toe was showing through the thong. I got the OJ and yogurt for us and asked J if she wanted anything, she asked for coffee to go with the OJ and yogurt.

As I made the coffee J went to the bathroom and returned, as she fixed her coffee I walked by her and gave her a kiss on the neck, she laughed and said thanks. Once upstairs I got into bed with C and kissed her.

C told me the story taking her time and answering all my questions, I was very turned on and rock hard. C stroked me as we talked and I was excited about the idea of C doing a threesome with Nick and his wife. It did not take much to convince C, to see Nick again, she found sex with him exiting and I was very turned on by the whole thing, as was she. C climbed on top of me and we started fucking again, she played with her clit while I pinched her nipples, C then leaned forward and let me suck her nipples and asked for me to finger her asshole. I slid my hand around her and brought moisture to her backdoor and slid a finger in gently, this was all it took to send C over the top. She had a very strong climax and then collapsed on my chest.

After a few minutes rest C climbed on to my face and had me eat my cum out of her sloppy pussy. As I ate her, she played with her clit and then she climaxed again, I rolled her on her back and gave her a rim job while she fingered her clit to another climax with my tongue in her ass hole. C then slid town and stated fucking me, she was so wet and sloppy it was hard to stay in her, but she spent most of her time grinding her clit on me. As I felt my climax built I held her hips and started pumping up into her cunt. C stated pumping back and as I climaxed the first squirt went into her cunt and the rest went up her back and on her ass. Right after I shot my load into her, C climaxed and rolled off me, as she lay beside me I saw J standing in the door watching us. I at first was not focusing on what was going on, until I saw her had in her thong working her clit and fingering herself.

C caught her breath and then observed her friend on the verge of climaxing and she reached for me playing with my now deflated cock. J?s eyes were semi closed and her hand was working her pussy with ever more energy, J did not realize C and I had finished. As J climaxed she let out a low grown and slumped against the door frame. She continued to finger herself as she came down and it was then she observed us watching her. She stated to stop when C told her to continue, I need all the help I can get to get this hard again, referring to my cock. In that case, J commented I?ll continue. J walked to the edge of our bed and as I watched she brought herself off again quickly. Even that could not get me hard again, I was to worn out.

We all crashed for three hours, when I awoke C was awake, we kissed and I was hard again and I rolled on top of her, she said we cannot do anything, J is right there, I only said J watched us last time and it did not bother you, and slid my cock into her, we fucked slowly when J said ?don?t you two ever quit?, my reply was no. C rolled me off and sat up as I played with her tits; she leaned back and rested against me. I asked her if she was going to call Nick and set up the threesome with Nick and his wife.

C was now not so ready to fuck Nick again especially since I was going to know about it beforehand. I told her to call, and go for it, J then commented the telephone number he gave you probably isn?t his anyway, C said bet it is, I then set the stakes, if the number was real, J would have to strip and masturbate for us. And if C lost she would have to do what ever J wanted. J agreed without saying what she wanted, C called Nick?s number and was surprised to get his wife Nancy. Nick was out; Nancy said and wanted to known if C was the woman who had fucked him the night before. C told her she was and Nancy kidded her, C needed to be nicer and not keep all the cum for herself, as Nick was too tired to fuck Nancy when he got home.

C told her she was sorry, it was just so good she needed all she could get. Nancy wanted to know if C was coming over that night and C said yes if it is all right with you. Nancy said yes, doll, from how Nick described you, I cannot wait to meet you. C said she was a little nervous about the whole thing, but would be there. Nancy told C the address and told her to arrive after 9:00pm when their kids would be sleep. C told her she would be there then and was looking forward to it.

After the call was done, C said she would need some sleep to be ready and she and J kicked me out of the bedroom so they could sleep. Around 6:00pm the girls called me to the bedroom and J said she always paid off on her bets and reached into her shorts to play with herself, I said no, nude. J looked at me a little surprised, then took off her top and bra and dropped her shorts; she sat on the end of the bed across from me and started playing with her pussy. J was trimmed and I could see her pussy lips as she fingered her self slowly, J worked here clit with two fingers and used the other hand to play with her nipples. In no time J?s pussy was very wet and her nipples were hard.

J stated she had never done this for anyone and it was a turn on to be watched. I could not believe how quickly J came and came hard. J is a squirter and our bed was soaked after she was done. The bet paid off, J went into the bathroom and got cleaned up. When she came out she quickly left without saying a word. C told me J was heading home to fuck her husband.

It was about 8:00p.m. And C was ready to leave to meet Nancy and Nick. I told C to call me when she got to Nicks and tell me if it all looked ok. C agreed and left wearing a short skirt under her coat and a light tank top without any underwear. Around 9:00p.m. C called me and said Nick and Nancy?s house was very nice and she was going in. She then made her only demand of the day; don?t beat off so you have a load for me.

To be continued when C gets home.

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