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Fiber Optics Installed

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We were having verizon come out to hook up that fiber optic stuff?hubby thinks it?ll be better than the dsl we have now. So being the good little housewife, I am sitting home waiting for the guy to show up. They give you a window of 5 hours?so I had to find some way to entertain myself while waiting for this guy. I opted for playing on cam on the internet. So as time went by and I weeded thru many idiots, I finally found a good friend I had played with before. He was always incredible with the things he said to me, getting me wet before I ever touched myself. So we were playing, talking, & my toys were out, when I heard a knock on the front door. Of course, the guy would come now. I went to the door, answered it, and let this (unexpectedly) hot guy in. He was in a uniform of sorts, white shirt, izod type, with the verizon emblem on his chest, and the fabric of the shirt stretched over his chest muscles, showing a pierced nipple, which peaked my interest even further. I led him downstairs where the phone hook up was, and asked if he needed me there?he said no, so I told him I?d be upstairs if he needed anything to just call. I then went back to the computer to resume playing. I was in the throes of a rockin orgasm, toy n pussy, legs spread and propped up on the desk, back arched, nipples exposed, and squirting all over the place, when I heard a noise. I turned my head sharply and saw the verizon guy standing there, watching me. I was like a deer in the headlights?not knowing what to do, so I just stared him down. It became a battle of wills?staring at each other, when he broke eye contact, and kind of shuffled his feet, looking down at his shoes. He apologized, and said he didn?t know, the door was open so he just came up. While he was trying to explain, I lowered my legs, and covered my bare breasts. I told him it was fine, and asked what he needed. As I looked at him, I couldn?t help but notice this huge bulge in his tight khakis. He saw what I was looking at and blushed a little. I asked him, how long he was standing there, and his face got really red. I knew then he must?ve been standing there almost the entire time I was masturbating. I looked up at him, and smiled?then decided, what the hell, I?m gonna enjoy this, and asked him if he enjoyed watching. He kind of stuttered a little, then said he did. I figured it might be more fun to perform in person than on cam so I asked him to sit on the extra chair beside the desk. He did as I asked, and continued watching me, as I pulled my breasts back out, and hiked my skirt back up where I had it, showing him a still wet, glistening, pussy. I was feeling pretty smug right about then, as I played with my nipples and fingered myself, watching him get more and more uncomfortable in his tight pants, as I got closer to cumming. I thought, I?ll just finish this, cum once really hard, and then make him get back to work?I?m in control here. As I came, and my body was shaking, juices squirting all over the chair, I had my eyes closed, and wasn?t watching him. I wasn?t aware of anything except my orgasm, until I felt a feathery light touch on my pussy lips. My eyes flew open, and he was on his knees between my thighs, lapping up all that wetness still on me, licking first gently, then sucking on the lips, and my clit. With this happening on the heels of an orgasm, it immediately started building toward another. I knew in my brain I should stop this, but when he inserted a finger, I lost all control, when he inserted two, I lost the ability to think. I was bucking against his face, grabbing his head and smashing it into me, moaning loudly, when he wrapped his arms around my thighs holding me in place, and continued his heavenly assault on my throbbing pussy. All rational thought left me, all I could do was ride this wave of pleasure. He continued fingering me, and licking, and sucking til I came again, then blew softly on me, trying to cool me down. This only excited me more. I slid off the chair to my knees facing him, and looked him directly in the eyes before taking his sexy goateed face in my hands and kissing him. He responded by sucking my bottom lip and I almost fell backward. His arms held me close as I reeled. When he stopped kissing me, I was a bit dazed, but I knew what I wanted?that huge cock in my mouth, NOW. I stood up and pulled him up with me, and began unfastening his pants. He made an audible sigh when I released his cock from the tight confines it had been held in. I went back to my knees, pulling his pants down with one hand, and massaging his cock with the other, until I had them around his ankles. I then got to take a good look at this beautiful cock for the first time, and couldn?t wait another second to get it in my mouth. I began sucking him like I was starved for him, deep throating his shaft, licking the length of it, down to his balls, licking and gently sucking each of them, and back up the silky length again. His legs were beginning to shake as he moaned softly while I kept sucking as if my life depended on it. Suddenly he leaned back, freeing his cock from my mouth, and pulled me up by my arms. He kissed me again, one of those knee buckling kisses, kicked off his pants, and began to walk me back ward toward my bed. We kept kissing as we made our way, and only stopped as he pushed me onto the bed. My skirt was around my waist, my shirt was laying open, exposing my nipples, which just now seemed to get his attention. He leaned down and gently rubbed one with the pad of his thumb, causing it to get rock hard, then he did the same to the other one. He apparently liked how responsive they were and began sucking them in earnest, first one then the other, causing me to get wet all over again. He trailed kisses down the front of me, then rolled me over, and lifted my shirt to keep his burning trail of kisses going?from the small of my back up to my neck. I was so caught up in this, I didn?t even realize he had removed my shirt. He then pulled me to my knees, and reached between my thighs, lightly trailing his fingers back and forth over my slit, causing me to moan, and push against his fingers?.wanting nothing more than them deep inside me. He seemed to know what I was thinking, and plunged two fingers deep inside me, moving them around, til he felt what he sought. He hit that spot and I began to gush those warm juices all over his hand. He let me calm down for all of 10 seconds before he thrust his long, hard cock inside me. All the way to the balls, then stopped, grabbed my hips, and pulled out to the head, before slamming back into me. He repeated this hard, ball-slapping fucking until I thought I was going to explode. The room was spinning, my senses on overload, the world as I knew it right then stopped, when he shot a huge load of his hot cum deep inside me. I swear I felt this to the very core of my being. We stayed perfectly still, save for our heavy, labored breathing for a few minutes when he pulled back, removing his still hot, and oh so wet, cock from me. This left me feeling an emptiness I wasn?t aware you could feel. He stood up, pulled me up to him, and kissed me softly, then asked if he could come back tomorrow, since he never did get the fiber optics installed completely. I couldn?t, in my right mind, say I just nodded. He got dressed, kissed me again, then began to walk down the stairs, when he turned around, flashed a devilish grin, and said, ?by the way, Deb, I?m Kevin. See you tomorrow.?

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