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Looking back on that night......

Tonight was the first night in a long time that we were actually going to go out. I didn't have any expectations. I figured we might have a few drinks then go home and go to bed. After all my wife wasn't much for going out lately. Not to mention our sex life was less then desirable. As I was sitting around waiting for my wife to get ready I was thinking of what bar we should go to. Just then I heared my wife from the bathroom say that we should invite her best friend, whom happens to be extremely sexy. My wife has evened mentioned many times how attractive she was. My wife is not shy when it comes to talking about women. In fact I have noticed that when she gets drunk and is around good looking women she gets very turned on. More then what I can usually do. It is generally an unsuccessful venture for me. I Responded by telling my wife that I thought having extra people along would be fun. What was to come next would put me in shock. She and her friend had decided that we would go to strip club. I of course had no objection. We had been to a strip club together a few times and we really enjoyed it. When my wife was finally ready, she shocked me once again by what she was wearing. She had decided to wear some high heels, short denim skirt and a tight tank top that was cut really low to expose alot more than usual cleavage. I mentioned that she looked very sexy and are you sure you want to wear that. She responded by reminding me that when we were at the club last time I said she should wear a skirt the next time we came. I was always curious as to what would happen when she went up to the stage. All three of us had finally made it to the club. As we drank and continued to drink I could tell the girls were getting into it. My wife had already picked out the dancer she liked the most. It was always a given that when she picked her dancer it was an open book as to what was going to happen the rest of the night. In her mind it was about her and the dancer. She knew what ever happened was going to turn me on and make me happy. Therefore she could do what ever she wanted while still pleasing me at the same time. By this time she had already been to the stage a few times. The place usually goes crazy when the ladies that are there go up to the stage. The attention is on them and what was to happen. My wife and her friend always like to go up to the stage, put the money in their mouth and lay down on the stage. The dancer would then pull down there shirts exposing theie tits to all. Sometimes they would lick the nipples and even hum of the girls pussy. This drove my wife nuts. As they both came back down and enjoyed another drink I mentioned to my wife that she should go to the restroom and take off her thong. She gave me a look, like, are you crazy! Then she smiled and said are you serious? I said sure, you never know what might happen. She got up went to the restroom and then a few minutes later came back and said its done. I said show me. I thought she would show me by opening up her purse. No, she lifted up her skirt. A few guys nearby saw the show and expressed their please in the show by clapping and tossing a few dollars her way. Eventually when my wifes favorite dancer came back on the stage my wife grabbed me by the hand and we headed for the stage. I put the dollar in my mouth and the dancer gave my a face full of her tits. My wife then laid on the stage like usual. The dancer leaned over pulled down my wifes top exposing her breasts to the cheers from the crowd. As she did this she rubbed her pussy through her skirt with my wife raising her hips in approval, just then the dancer pulled up my wifes skirt exposing her pussy to the crowd. The stripper didn't stop there. She rubbed it then motioned for the guy next to my wife to move over between my wifes legs. He sat down in the chair between her legs and leaned forward to bury his face in her crotch. Wow, I then pitched a tent in my pants. I couldn;t exactly hide this as we walked back to our table. After the stripper was done with her time on stage she came to our table and sat her half naked body on my lap. I asked her if they do sacrifices for girls. She told me it had never been done but they would be willing to do it. She asked me what I had in mind. I said I would like them to strip my wife naked and whatever else they had in mind. She said you got it. I gave her the money, she left and my wife asked what I was up too. I told her to relax, you will find out soon enough. I told her to let loose and do what she felt. Around thirty minutes later the dj called my wife to the stage. She was a little apprehensive at first when she walked on stage. She sat down and the strippers began by giving her a lap dance. They ten stood my wife up, kicked the chair away, held up her arms took of her shirt exposing my wifes tits and then tide he hands to the pole. They rubbed and licked her nipples. Then one of the dancers pulled a guy on stage and shoved his face in my wifes breasts. They didn't stop there. They let a few more guys do this. Then that is when they pulled off the skirt. My wifes tits, ass and pussy was there for all to enjoy. When they were done they all walked back stage. A few minutes later my wife walked out of the back room only wearing her thong. The dj then grabbed her and got on the mic and announced that whoever came up with the most money would enjoy the opportunity of having a vip dance from her. They had a high bidder and my wife took the unknown man by the hand and led him to the vip room. Just moments later my wifes friend grabbed my hand and we went back as well. My wifes friend pushed me down on the couch next to my wife then straddling me she ripped of her top. My wife was all over this guy and his hands all over him. She then stood up and removed her thong. She then unzipped his pants, exposed his throbbing cock and sat on him bury him deep inside her. Her friend contiued to rub on me. I soon lost it and came in my pants. A few moments later my wife moaned and the guy then shot his load deep within her. What was next for the three of us that night? That continues when the club closed. Stay tuned.......

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