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Exhibitionism, Voyeurism and Sexy Fun Times! *FIXED STORY*

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True story by member EBSFGNCU (sorry about the dorked up previous addition. It would help if I read directions)

What a great weekend we had! And you know me; I've just got to share all the dirty details. So sit back and enjoy!

Jason, our daughter and I went camping with Kevin, Angel and their four kids. Yes, that's 9; count them 9 total people tent camping for the weekend! Needless to say it was kids in one large tent and adults in another. Kevin and Angel are sexy swinging friends of ours that we've had tons of sexy fun with lately. The trip to the campground and the set up of tents went on as normal. Little snickers and sly glances from time to time promised fun ahead for all. All sweaty from the tent set-up, Kevin and I took the kids swimming in the lake. Kevin and I wrestled like two teenagers in heat. Of course, I think this was an excuse to have our hands on each other in front of the kids.

"Exhibitionism - extravagant and conspicuous behavior intended to attract attention to yourself."

After a great dinner and darkness fell over the campgrounds, Kevin and I decided to grab our wine glasses, flashlight and head out for a walk around the lake. Really it was just an excuse to be alone and grope for awhile. But it turned into so much more! Walking the dirt road to the last cabin in the row before we hit open area, I got the crazy notion to check to see if the cabin was unlocked and/or occupied. It was padlocked. There was an RV parked in the next site over with lights blazing and people roaming around. The side of the cabin facing the woods was in shadow and perfect for some semi-risky fun. Kevin and I looked at each other with lust filled grins and knew we needed to fuck and now! We walked on for a few steps and then I said we could fuck in the shadow of the cabin. He thought about it for a second. After all, if someone else decided to take a walk around the lake as well, they'd come around the corner of the cabin and catch us. Or the people in the RV might be watching. I think the thrill of being caught made us both even hornier than we already were. Kevin grabbed my arm and guided me back to the shadow of the cabin. We put our glasses down and kissed hot and heavy for a few minutes. A quick peek around the corner and Kevin dropped his shorts to reveal his stunning hard cock. By this time, I didn't care if we got caught. I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. I worked him to the edge of an orgasm before I couldn't take it anymore. I needed him inside my soaking pussy. I pulled down my workout pants, bent over and leaned against the side of the cabin. Kevin slid his hard cock in me, grabbed my hips and started pounding away. I know the people in the RV must have heard us. And honestly if we were being watched, I wouldn't have minded. I'm not an exhibitionist by nature, but sometimes the situation is worth the risk. Kevin was certainly getting into it. Next thing I know he's got a hold of my ponytail and is using it to pull me back deep onto him. Add this to the tightening of my pussy and Kevin was gasping for air as an orgasm washed over him. He filled my pussy with three days worth of cum. Catching our breath and peeking around the corner, we continued our walk. With cute snickers we couldn't believe we did that in sight of the people in the RV. Exhibitionism can be fun...

Sexy Fun Times - oh hell yea!"

The night was far from over. After a quick clean up on my part and the kids were off to bed, Kevin and I practically ran to the adults tent. 30 seconds later my clothes were off and I was on the air mattress. Kevin pounced on me and proceeded to fuck me nice and hard. But my pussy was unsatisfied from earlier. An orgasm was building and was waiting to break loose. I flipped Kevin on his back and impaled myself on his hard cock. I gasped at the deep penetration and the friction it caused. I leaned back so that the head of his cock was rubbing right on my g-spot. A quick bouncing action, my wet fingers vigorously rubbing my engorged clit and the tightening of all my muscles sent me into fits of ecstasy that I had to stifle. (As any you parents know, trying to be quiet when you orgasm so the kids won't hear you is a tough thing. And it was doubly hard because we didn't have walls between us, just 20 feet of ground and nylon tents.) Gasping for air and unclenching my muscles; only then did I notice Jason and Angel on the other bed. Angel stated earlier that she was pretty tired and probably wouldn't be up to playing. Kevin wanted to take advantage of my thoroughly soaked pussy and proceeded to pound me hard. Me on my back with one leg over his shoulder, Kevin grunted and smacked down hard into my pussy. Of course the quietness of the campground only amplified the sound, so pounding had to be controlled. Somewhere in the middle of a position change, I noticed that Jason had Angel's legs up in the air and was pounding away. Seems she wasn't as tired as she let on. Kevin and I both took a break and walked to the bathroom. It seems that worrying about the noise was getting to him and he couldn't cum. On our way back, we ran into Jason and Angel on the way to the bathroom. It seems they got so hot and bothered watching us fuck that they just couldn't stand it anymore. Woo hoo! I love being someone's live and in person porno! Kevin and I headed back to the tent where the clothes came off again. Kevin was going to cum even if it woke the whole damn campground. I snickered inside because he acted like he hadn't cum in ages when it was only two hours ago. After a nice hard fucking, Kevin grunted, froze in place and squirted more cum into my throbbing pussy. Mmmm...I love to feel a mans cock pulse inside of me. Whew...what a night!

More Sexy Fun Times - oh shit yea!"

The next day after lots of fun in the water with the kids, Kevin and I were ready for a shower. Now I had noticed earlier that behind the main lodge, they had unisex showers. Thinking we could have sneaky shower sex, I asked Kevin if he was game for taking a shower together. Ok, stupid question! We headed off to the showers and once we rounded the corner by the showers, we noticed a family playing ping pong right near the area of the showers. In fact we had to go around them to get to the shower room. Kevin hesitated at the door. I told him to get his ass in here! We shut and locked the door. Then we noticed the extra large shower stall with two benches. Mmmm... my mind was racing with possible positions! Hot water started and naked bodies, we made our way to each other for hot kisses and desire filled touches. Intertwined, we stepped into the shower stall and proceeded to have the hottest shower sex yet. Being adventurous, I stepped one foot on each bench and lowered myself onto Kevin's hard cock. His upward thrusts and my downward squats were amazing. But unfortunately I couldn't hold that position for long. (note to self: more squats in the gym) A few more trial and error position changes, I opted for the deepest thrust and sexiest position that I know will make Kevin cum. Bent over with my legs together, Kevin pounded away at my pussy. He aimed the shower so that the water ran down my back. Every time his thrusting pelvis hit my ass, water shot up in the air. Kevin was soon filling my pussy with sweet cum. Not being very quiet about the whole thing, we were sure we'd be in trouble once we stepped out of the shower room. But to our surprise everyone was gone. LOL...I love my adventurous friends.

Even More Sexy Fun Times - oh fuck yea!"

You would think with a name like Angel, she'd be sweet and innocent. Oh hell no! Angel is a sexy vixen that I just love to be with. After a few drinks and the kids were off to bed, Angel came back from taking a shower in a short sundress. Sitting down she showed us that she wasn't wearing any underwear! This drove me insane. I grabbed her arm, drug her to the tent and proceeded to rip off the rest of her clothes. Getting naked quickly myself, we fell onto the air mattress in a sexy body to body embrace. Gentle searching caresses, deep longing kisses and moan of need drove us both crazy. Angel pushed me to my back and proceeded to make her way to my pulsing pussy. Her initial licks sent shock waves through my body which made me inhale sharply. Angel slowly worked her magic on my tingling pussy. In no time at all, I felt the wave of a deep hard orgasm rushing towards the center of my body. Knowing I couldn't hold back a yell this time, I grabbed the pillow and held it tight over my face as I yelled aloud with epic release. Damn this girl made my body tingle with delight. We held each other for awhile longer and then decided to join the men for more drinking.

"Voyeurism - a person who receives sexual gratification from witnessing others' sexual behavior"

The night started getting late and Jason was super tired. I, on the hand, was still raring to play with Kevin and Angel. Angel had a few drinks in her and was feeling super frisky. After all she just swallowed my pussy juices and hadn't had her release yet. I headed off to the bathroom and when I returned you would not believe the sight I saw. (I have to stop here and say that Angel gave me and Kevin a ration of shit about the possibility of us getting caught behind that cabin fucking the night prior. Angel stated that she couldn't be that brave in public.) Low and behold, I come back from the bathroom and Kevin is on his hands and knees with his face buried in Angel's pussy. She is naked except for a sweatshirt jacket. She is sitting on one of those folding camping chairs with her legs over each arm. Oh my! This was a very sexy site. I glanced around nervously because we are out in the open, I mean REALLY out in the open. The campsites were around a lake and you could see each other as plain as day with very few trees in between. Looking at my cell phone I noticed it was only midnight. Mmm...the possibility of them getting caught made me nervous, but yet I couldn't look away. The sheer bravery of this moment for Angel had me enthralled. I'm usually the daredevil kind and here was this sweet innocent girl, laid out for everyone to see. And she didn't care, which was fucking fabulous. I stood over Angel and she writhed with delight at Kevin's tongue lashing. I watched fascinated at her face and body movements as she inched her way closer to a mind blowing orgasm. I looked up and noticed a man walking down the road. All I could think of was, holy shit we're caught! But he kept on walking. Angel and Kevin had to take a bathroom break, so I hung out at the site and marveled at Angel's bravery. I noticed a couple campsites down that some guys were hanging out. Hopefully they couldn't' see what was happening. Angel and Kevin returned. Angel sat down and proceeded to give Kevin a very nice blow job. Then what happened next was even more shocking. Angel wanted Kevin to fuck her in the ass. Now, Angel doesn't usually like this because of baby birthing damage to that area, but she didn't blink an eye this time! Kevin got on his knees as Angel hiked up her legs and he pounded her ass but good. Angel moaned with delight and had a look of pure ecstasy on her face. Kevin maneuvered himself to be up higher by holding himself up on the arms of the chair. The funniest thing happened, the arm of the chair snapped. But did Kevin miss a beat, hell no, he kept right on going. Here was a sexy man, pounding his wife's sexy ass right in front of me. If I wasn't so tired and satisfied at the time, I'd have probably masturbated right there watching them. After about 20 minutes of this very erotic scene, I was ready to pass out. I headed off to bed as Kevin and Angel finished up around the campfire. I was certainly hoping that Angel would remember it all the next morning. And she did, with a sly little smile on her face.

Even after this most enjoyable weekend with sex swinger friends, I was still so very horney this morning recounting everything in my head. I pounced on Jason after I got out of the shower and had him fuck me hard until I was filled with his cum. Nothing like going to work on a Monday morning with that freshly fucked feeling. Angel called me over tonight because she needed my pussy on her face. Who was I to deny this sexy women her needs. She licked my pussy tonight to a mind blowing orgasm. Damn these friends are fun! As for the camping trip, it's one for the books or should I say blogs. Hope you enjoyed!

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