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Erotic Parties Equal Erotic Friends

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We met Barb & Bill at our third party -- a meeting that almost didn't happen due to a previous bad experience.

Although there were some attractive couples at our second party, we just couldn’t seem to get anything going beyond some touchie-feelie and voyeurism. Near the end of the night most players had gone home. We were having slow, erotic sex together on a lounge chair, while watching another couple on the floor next to us. As he was under her, eating, she reached over to get my attention by grabbing my ankle.

To make an excruciatingly long story short, they weren't our kind. Having learned a lesson from that, at the third party we decided to take it very easy and keep to ourselves unless we knew someone. Well, that didn’t last long thanks to Bill & Barb.

We were playing around together – foreplay stuff – watching three or four other couples. The two couples nearest to us seemed “normal,” and were in the same stage of play as we were. We had seen the younger of the two couples previously that evening and knew that they were quite drunk, so we were cautious about them. They were both short and thin built, cute, without being really sexy. The other couple, Bill and Barb, was closer to our age and builds. We had talked with then earlier, during dinner, and thought they were nice. She had full breasts and hips; he was average build with a sexy beard. Both had great eyes, which really turns both of us on.

Anyway, these two couples had been playing together, off and on, nothing really intense. Bill turned to us and struck up a conversation as we continued our playing. I find few things more erotic than sex play (and fucking), while carrying on a casual conversation. Bill took this approach. Soon Jan and Barb joined in the conversation -- while I casually fucked Jan. This was very comfortable, so things just flowed into 4-way sex play -- fondling, sucking, and licking. Soon, Bill engaged the younger couple again, so we had a 6-way happening. Except we weren’t all heaped together, we were pretty spread out in mixed couples.

One of the single females that had been very reserved and shy appeared on the scene, fully nude and horny. She came in among us, lay on her back and spread her legs. Bill and I were there for her!

Our play in this group grope went on for most of the rest of the evening. Before it ended, I had eaten and finger fucked all pussies and had blowjobs from three of the girls. Jan had equally experienced every one of the males. A second single female showed up somewhere along the way (one of the few un-shaved pussies we had seen), but she zeroed in on the young guy only.

Although we had fun with all, we had great chemistry with Barb & Bill. Jan and I had great fun simultaneously eating and finger fucking Barb's pussy. This delightful endeavor made her cum at least a couple of times. Likewise, Jan and Barb treated both Bill and I to two-headed blow jobs at different times; while the guy that wasn't getting head was working their pussies.

Sometime during this fun, Bill discovered that the young girl was a squirter. All of us except her husband, his partner of the moment, and Jan & Barb gathered down between her legs to witness this feat. Bill started finger fucking her and sucking on her clit as I played with her breasts. As she began bucking, Bill picked up the tempo with his fingers. When he felt a contraction, he quickly withdrew his hand, followed by about a quarter of a cup of pussy juice that ejected out beyond her legs. Amazingly erotic!

After the group grope, Bill hung around to talk some more and Jan treated him to more sex play. Barb seemed somewhat shy, not saying much, but was comfortable lounging naked with us. Barb commented that we could play with her anytime! She had really gotten into the way Jan and I ate her pussy. At the end of the night, we made a point of saying goodbye – complete with hugs and kisses – and exchanged email addresses.

About a month later, the weather was quite nice and we decided to go to another party. We contacted everyone we knew including Bill & Barb, and encouraged them to consider coming to the party.

When we arrived, everyone was outside -- the weather was that nice! After dinner, we took a walk around the property to look at the pond and berry bushes (for real!), and socialize with friends. During this time a few people took to the pool. Two girls (including Barb) and a guy were in the shallow end, talking. Jan took to the water; then I had to get used to the cool water. Once we got used to it, it was actually warm – or we warmed it up.

After swimming for a while, we noticed that the three were fooling around – pinching tits, kissing, and probably underwater activity. We asked to join in. Soon all three of the ladies nipples were hard – from stimulation. I know for a fact that Barb and Jan’s slits were wet with lubrication because I helped get them that way!

After maybe 10-15 minutes or so of this, the group broke up. Jan and I stayed in the pool and moved over to the steps to take our play to another level. We were getting seriously turned on when Bill came up. Jan wanted to suck his cock, so he lay down at the edge of the pool. Jan stood on the lowest step in the water and Bill hung his feet over the edge into the water. As she started to go down on him, I got inspired. Her pussy was in the water and lubricated and I was hard. I love to fuck her slow and gentle.

After a while Bill wanted some pussy. Jan got out of the pool and lay on a blanket; Bill got into the pool, spread her legs, and with finesse and care, began to lick and flick. I got out of the pool and squatted over her face. Not 10 yards away, most of the partygoers were able to watch us as Jan sucked my cock and in turn got her box serviced. Bill and I traded off a couple of times until we made Jan cum.

The night was getting cooler, so we decided to go inside. But first, we heard that a guy sitting by the pool was having a birthday. Some of the girls had decided to give him a birthday present, fulfilling a fantasy of his. He wanted a blowjob from two girls at the same time -- two were already working on him. He was sitting on a lawn chair and they were standing on either side, taking his cock in every way they could. It was the longest we had seen – probably a good 10 or 12 inches. Watching this for a few minutes, Jan walked over and soon he had three girls servicing him.

Inside the Jell-O shots were jiggling and a lot of tuchie-feelie was happening. A very young girl got up, stripped out of a tiny dress and lay on the bar. With no one else around, Bill and I shared finger fucking and giving her oral. After she came, she got up, dressed and left. We hadn’t seen her prior to that and didn’t see her again the rest of the evening. She hadn’t said a word.

Barb and Jan were ready for some serious sex by then. The four of us were soon naked and fooling around on a mattress in the common room. While lightly playing with her clit, I asked Barb if she were interested in toys. She answered yes, but not here -- not in the common room.

Upon retrieving her toy bag, Jan led the way to a private room. No sooner were we inside than Jan got out her double head dildo. Both girls were lubed up quite well by nature, but Jan couldn't resist going down on Barb's bald pussy for a taste. She then inserted one end in Barb before sliding her own wet tunnel over the other end. It wasn't long before they were both thrashing in orgasms. As they were coming down, and before they could move, I seized the moment and began eating their conjoined clits. What a wonderful taste and aroma! At this point, I just had to fully taste Barb. We got going in a 69 while Bill and Jan got it on. Barb's juices were less tangy than Jan's but equally erotic. And she took my cock with equal gusto. As we took a breather, we looked over to a bird’s eye view of Bill fucking Jan. He had her legs up over her head, her hips rolled up in the air, and was slowly and forcibly driving his cock all the way home. From our vantage point, right down on the mattress, we had a great close-up view as Bill's cock slid in and out of Jan’s hole. Jan loves to have her hair pulled slightly and Bill was expertly adding this touch. Jan was having one orgasm after another.

I continued to finger fuck Barb and she jerked my cock as we watched and talked about what we were watching! It was the first time that I had really taken the time to watched another couple fuck -- much less so up close and personal. As Bill’s butt tightened up and he drove deep inside – I got excited. I tried to get Barb to ease up on my cock. She did, but she began rolling it against my belly. I came hard.

After a break, we moved back to the common room to watch others. Bill & Barb wandered off somewhere, so Jan and I started slow fucking while watching. Bill wandered back and was soon eating her cunt.

I got Barb and put her up in the sex chair and zestfully started eating her pussy. After a very few minutes of this she said she needed a cock. Looking over at Jan & Bill, they were already intently fucking. Bill was doing her doggie style and she was enjoying it very much. I started alternating between fucking Barb and eating her. This drove her wild -- I was able to alternate very quickly because the chair was exactly the right height. She soon threw her head back and her kagel muscles clamped down on my dick as she came. My mouth was down on her hole in a heartbeat, enjoying the taste of her cum. Then I re-inserted my dick, and started rubbing her clit with may index finger. I started alternated fucking with eating, all the time keeping up with rubbing her bud. Alas, all good things do cum to an end. I got to the point that I just had to continue fucking her bald pussy. I looked over to Jan and Bill and locked eyes with Jan as she rode Bill’s cock. After a few more strokes, I came.

Barb and I were spent; looking over, Bill was too, but Jan was enjoying some after shocks with her purple dick-shaped vibe. Being a true gentleman, Bill took over until she was satiated.

We lounged around naked, talking for another 40 minutes or more and were among the last to leave.

That was over a year ago, but we still talk about that evening when we talk fantasies.


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