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A Journey of Discovery

In hindsight, the initial mystery of the journey as imagined in her mind was to prove thin and superficial in comparison to the many others that were to peel away the covers and reach into the core of her senses, tweaking the nerve ends of her sensuality. A visit to the land whose history stretched back centuries was a journey into an exotic culture whose basis she only knew through reading. She was prepared to learn its practices and nuances by throwing herself into it with gusto, abandoning control to experience its full range.

She started in the south and it was where she met the businessman who opened the door of discovery and liberation that released body and soul. A beauty in the classic sense she was, measured and reserved in company, with no outgoing or flaunted characteristics and an intelligent and ‘listening’ demeanour. She enjoyed social situations and once in the milieu of people could hold her own with current conversation and chit-chat but never sought to be the life of the party. She dressed smart and conservative, usually in dark colours. Beneath the surface, though, she was alive with nerve ends taut that could only be tamed by touch. The touch of another! She usually wore a black thong around her loins and her cunt was always shaven bare.

The dinner in the south that night had gone well for her party and the hosts sat at the top of a large rectangular table. Where the hosts didn’t have colleagues to match the numbers of visitors, they brought in young ‘top up’ females to even the table. She was bemused by the hospitality routine in which the host walked around all guests and insisted on toasting them individually with a potent spirit. She had been designated the ‘dark horse’ with a duty to bear the brunt of the drinking on behalf of others and found the spirit warming the pit of her stomach and relaxing her limbs. The after party was at the host’s cigar club where a band played in the corner and guests could sit in arm chairs and watch the random dancing which took second place to more drinking, carousing, and louder talking as the hours ticked down to midnight. She was tagged by the host for a dance and could feel his attention towards her increasing in proportion to his fluid intake and was compliant when he invited her to go with him to the secluded humidor room housing the cigars. He sat in a deep, large armchair and indicated she choose a cigar for him from the wide range of thick, thin, long, short cheroots. She selected one of about 10cms long and turned back to see him rearranging the front of his trousers and realised he had poking rather than smoking on his mind. It was the large bone that had grown in his pants and that the door had hermetically shut that raised her senses and she knew she had to control this or wouldn’t like the result. The band’s music was dimmed and she sensed no-one else was going to find them. She wasn’t prudish but he just wasn’t for her. Also he was someone who best not to annoy for many reasons. So she thought she had to give him something. She smiled knowingly and indicated to him to undo his trousers as she stuck the cigar in her mouth and pushed it in and out like she was sucking a cock. His erection released, she saw its pelmet was red and it was engorged to the extent that even with his hand at the base, there was room for another to grasp it and still see the tip. With her hands free, she reached under her skirt and slowly removed her thong, her eyes darting between his cock and facial expression which was full of anticipation and eyes of encouragement. She moved closer to him and sensed she had regained control. She could taste the loin odour in the air and thought maybe some of it was her's. She stood between his feet, turned her back to him and slowly lifted the hem of her dark skirt above her thighs and over her buttocks to scrunch it around her waste. She then took the thong and wiped it the length between her buttocks, which were as close to his cock as possible given her standing legs almost touched his calves, and upwards through her cunt lips to the clitoris, ensuring her moisture was sopped into the thin satin material. Looking back over her shoulder, she pursed her lips into a tight o-shape and pushed the cigar in deeper, quicker, emulating a mouth-fuck and with the other hand placed the thong on the tip of his cock on which his hand was now moving up and down, up and down in a building motion. He could only have seen her cunt lips from behind through her buttocks and she knew he was close to erupting. Rather than turn around so close to him she walked away and got the short stool by the door which she manoeuvred back between his legs and, still with back to him, sat on it, her buttocks sinking into its soft, plush down. Pivoting on her butt, she put her hand on his knee and slowly swung one leg around to face him, a motion that at once showed him for the first time her shaven pussy. As his hand moved quicker along the length of his cock, she opened her cunt lips to let him see the crimson flesh and stroked her clitoris with a single finger. She slowly drew the cigar from her mouth and tongued its tip on the way out. With one hand holding her lips open, she placed the end of the cigar at her cunt entrance and eased it inside the now wet passage, then pulled it out and repeated the motion, fucking herself with it as his eyes rolled, his head fell back and his cock spurted soft white come in the air.

As the journey continued, she could feel the attention of the eyes of both foreigners and natives on her. She suspected they were undressing her but couldn’t know although the experience added to her heightened sense of self and the deepening mystery of the collision of cultures she felt now trapping her like a five-ways traffic jam. Her partner encouraged the discovery and she felt safe in sharing the unravelling of mystery with him. Her caring nature involved them in a rescue mission of sorts which led to the revelation of further depths of her sensuality. They had struck up a drinking friendship one night with a couple who shared similar world interests and seemed to be ‘like’ souls in the tapestry of life. While she and her partner were visitors to the area and staying in a hotel, the couple were residents and invited them for a home meal. The couple lived in a plush house designed for entertaining and after a rich dinner with the best wines, the four repaired to an outdoor entertainment area where they stripped to underwear and climbed in to the hot tub. She was in red lingerie this time and noticed the male host’s eyes on her butt spliced by a thong as she stepped into the tub. With the water bubbling up to their chests, they lay back, arms spread around the rim within reach of drinks as the jets plied their muscles below and she positioned herself near a blast to feel it at will directly on her clitoris. His wife appeared to not notice too much through the drink induced haze, although they hadn’t consumed a lot and she was very friendly. In time she said she was tired and excused herself to bed, leaving two males and her in the tub. The host slipped trying to get out for more wine and grazed his shin bone which started to bleed so they helped him out and into the lounge. She noticed how his cock filled out his wet briefs as it struggled to stay contained, the head slipping around and out and she wondered about the rest, the full length, the sac beneath it. They offered to take the host to his bedroom and said they would see themselves home. But when they found the room, he invited them in. The wife was awake and waiting on the bed where she was propped up on pillows under a sheet and thanked the couple for helping her husband. The host went to the bathroom, cleaned off and returned naked with his cock fully erect and slapping up against his stomach. He got under the sheet where his wife leaned into him, stroking his erection. “Want to watch”, she asked the mesmerised couple who now sat on the end of the bed. “If you do, all we ask is that we can see you too,” she added. The couple pulled a chaise lounge up to the end of the bed as the wife pulled back the sheet to reveal their nakedness. His cock was in her hand and the wife was lying back with her legs apart, a strip of hair running perpendicular to her pubic bone and following the line of the opening between her vagina lips. Her eyes invited the couple to make the next move and they wondered what to do as the heat of the environment, dripping with juices and suggestion engulfed them in its sensual intensity. The partner put his hand behind her and unsnapped the red bra which by now had dried from the hot tub. She felt the release of her breasts and pulled the halter away, then cupping them in her hands and tweaking the nipples as the wife’s free hand reached down between her own legs and ran the long, slender middle finger with red lacquered nail polish through her cunt lips. She hesitated so she could follow with her eyes the wife’s gently stroking finger and, without averting her own gaze, stood up, pushing the thong down her thighs and kicking it off her ankles, lifting her focus to the wife’s eyes and blinking “what about that” as she saw them widen in appreciation at the bald cunt lips now displayed. Her partner beside her on the chaise had freed his cock and was stroking it upwards so she manoeuvred him into the centre of the seat and sat backwards onto his stomach, wrapping his cock in the folds of her lips and pressing it along the length of them with her hand. It was a double masturbation as she stroked him to be harder to push against her to make her wetter. The husband removed his wife’s hand from him and eased her legs open, a manoeuvre which presented to the couple the full gape of the woman’s hole and allowed them to see her wetness which the husband then ploughed his cock into and the woman exhaled in ecstasy. But that was all the couple saw of her cunt as his arse and full sac smashed powerfully against her. The sitting couple joined in as she stayed upright to manoeuvre his cock inside her. The wife looked around the flesh pummelling into her to watch the couple fucking and moved her eyes up and down from cock-in-cunt to breasts and when the two women’s eyes locked it was a trigger that stimulated their violent simultaneous orgasms.

The couple meandered through the country, tasting the full range of cultures by day and night and there was always a magnificent hotel to provide an oasis for yet more variety of experiences. These temples of tribute to art and architecture pampered the senses and eased the fatigue from the sometimes third world conditions beyond their gates. A full naked massage was always welcome, a shop selling fragrances and papers a necessary diversion and reminder of another world, in another where. Red wine salved the senses, oils replenished the skin’s texture. The sun warmed the being and rejuvenated the flesh. At one of these locations, she shed any inhibitions as the need for the sun’s rays overtook her. While he was reading inside, she took to the pool deck in two-piece bathers, one piece for the breasts, the other in respect for modesty but little more than a string with a pubic patch. And dark glasses! She found the resort pool and pulled up a sunning bed, the back of which she lifted to allow her head to rest in a position so her eyes could survey all before her. The bed was softly covered with colourful red and white striped fabric but had a strong base and a whole pillow section under her butt was slightly raised and the rest dropped away to the tiled walk around the pool where the bottom of her legs rested. The sun was warm, the sky blue and there were few people around the pool, save for a couple in their thirties and a number of single men of varying ages and stages of athleticism. Occasionally, one would ease into the pool and do laps. She decided to get as much sun as possible and unhooked the clasp behind her neck, removing the fabric to allow her breasts to freely soak up the warming rays.

She lathered lotion on her shoulders, stomach, face and legs and left the breasts to last, filling both hands with the creamy fluid and applying it from underneath them in an upwards motion that finished with the nipples being tweaked as the last oil was applied. She then lay back, her forearms resting on the arms of the bed, legs akimbo so the sun reached the inside of thighs and head lolling casually so she could take in the full vista of the pool area and people in it. The activity in the pool seemed to have reduced at around the time her top came off and while there were other women around, hers were the only breasts on display. The atmosphere quieted, starting to thicken and a casual glance at the various pool denizens indicated that the males were all on their own bed and she had become the focus of their attention. That was fine, she thought, they can look. And then one slipped in the pool and started slowly swimming towards her. He could not tell behind the black glasses what her eyes were doing but she could see he stopped at the edge on the other side of the pool and was treading water looking across and up at her. She could also see his hand underneath the water was stroking his groin area and then noticed her partner had arrived at the pool and taken a bed on the other side to watch her. Between she and the partner was the groin-stroking swimmer whose loin activity her partner could not see.

In a languid movement of her arm, she reached for the sun lotion in a motion she knew would result in shaking her breasts. She unscrewed the bottle and, holding it high and out from her body, squeezed the fluid out hard enough so it made a squelching noise. In the eerie silence that pervaded the area, this was noisy and shifted attentions to her. She caught the fluid in the palm of her hand and parted her thighs on the pretext they needed to have more lotion applied. She put the bottle away, held the lotion in one palm, then looked at the swimmer in the pool and the partner directly opposite, ensuring she held their eyes affixed on her. She then looked down between her legs, crooked them open as wide as possible and dropped the lotion on her left thigh. So that it would not get on to the fabric, she slowly pulled it all across to one side, exposing for the two watchers the full expanse of her shaven cunt which opened and closed in response to her fingers as she rubbed the lotion on her thighs.

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