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Discovery 2

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A Journey of Discovery (2)

There is a fine line over which exposure dances its exhilarating tune and while too little may not be enough, too much can be dangerous. The couple started off dallying with exposure in a tame way and shared the thrills. There was a reunion night in an exotic restaurant following separation for more than a week from each other. The electronic attachment exchanges leading up to it included graphic reminders of her many physical attributes. On the reunion night they took it to another level. Over a wine in the plush lobby, he wanted to know what she was wearing. This was not an unexpected question as it had been part of the reintroduction seduction plan. Was there anything underneath the black outfit? A peek down the top proved inconclusive. He reached in and found an erect nipple in free fall. So, no hindrance up top! What about down below? Nothing, she said. And then went into the ladies bathroom with her camera, returning with grainy photos of a naked pudendum.

Her natural inclination was to be private but in his company, and with him alone, the barriers had moved, if not disappeared. There was safety in one and with him the numbers of others didn’t matter. Her artistic inclinations were strong, as evidenced by the style of self-portraits she was prepared to take and send to him through the public e-mail system. That they went to him was sufficient insurance they would be for his eyes only. Often they would fool around with picture angles and degrees of explicitness. Some of these stayed in the digital camera to be deleted in time without making it to the computer storage system. Yet their pursuit of new boundaries continued without being the entire focus of activity. Had she snuck into his office, removed her knickers, placed them on his keyboard, photographed them, put them back on and left to later e-mail the photo to him? Was she now more often than not sans any form of underwear whereas before his influence she wouldn’t have thought otherwise?

He thought there was a lot more to her sensuality than even she imagined but neither was prepared for the limits about to be tested as they were called on to see how far they would go. The reunion restaurant was an exotic location that had been restored to perfection. It reeked of the wealth of a bygone era with plush furnishings, antique lights and shades, and a colonial collector’s eye for matching everyday knickknacks from the era. Her demeanour, carriage and stylish clothing were timeless and suited the mood of the restaurant. Her predilection for the camera also fitted in as not only were there lenses and camera bodies from an earlier age in the display cases but there were cameras from the modern era built into the security system. Not only was she taking photos of her bare pussy in the bathroom but photos were being taken of her taking photos.

The couple moved from the lobby upstairs to the restaurant and after ordering dinner proceeded to take a drink onto the outdoor terrace which had subdued lighting. In a secluded corner away from other diners, he moved behind her and pushed his hand around her and beneath the band of her skirt. It had become too much for him knowing that she had prepared for this night in the most provocative manner and he was required to wait until after dinner for the full thrill of their real reunion. So he moved his hand down the front of her skirt as they stood watching the city lights, slicking his fingers down to her bare pussy where he insinuated them between her warm, wet lips and stroked her cunt. At the same time his own lips licked the back of her neck, causing her to arch back into his groin and the goosebumps to rise provocatively all over her skin.

Dinner took longer than expected and they were one of the last to ask for the bill. During dinner, he had played under the table with her legs but was unable to reach too far up her thighs. She, however, had slipped off a shoe and insinuated her toes into his crotch which served as another aspect of the whole seduction process this dinner was becoming. The manager inquired if they were happy with the food and service as he delivered the bill with a wry smile. He was tall and angular and dressed in a typical maitre’d black suit but with a sharp blue tie over his white shirt. He also wondered languidly, as he took the credit card offered for payment, if they had been happy with the lighting in the rooms for their photographic purposes. The couple were taken completely by surprise as they immediately recalled the snatch snapping interlude in the lobby washroom. In taking the issue by the horns, so to speak, she piped up and said “If I was to be honest, the lighting down there was the only disappointment of the whole night and that’s why the pictures I took were too grainy.”

The Manager was not to be outdone and responded by saying that “Madam is welcome to see the security camera pictures and can order copies if she wishes”, to which the couple realised they were entering a domain of the night they had not expected, a domain that crossed borders of privacy but one that they had inadvertently pushed without realising the implications. They asked for another bottle of red wine as the manager went away to adjust the bill and they contemplated the predicament. As the initial panic subsided, the warm feeling that had already been generated by the evening’s semi-seduction atmosphere became even stronger. She was turned on by the bygone era that the whole complex evoked and her artistic sensitivities were suckled by the deft recreation of it. She had tried to be creative in the washroom photos but the space and lighting didn’t facilitate the right upward glow that was needed to get a clear picture of her bald pussy. In truth, she wanted the photo to evoke the environment in which it was taken. She wanted to see the security camera pictures.

It was closer to midnight now and the couple’s planned after-dinner tryst at home, a reunion of body and soul, with naked thrashing limbs, engulfing loins and associated licking and sucking into the small hours, was looking to be delayed. Most of the restaurant staff had gone and the couple were left upstairs with the manager who was returning with the security camera pictures. In fact, there were 12 photos from four separate locations and they were on a digital disc in a large, professional camera. The first three had been taken from a camera perched in the lobby ceiling and showed him exposing her bare nipple from its cover, boldly reaching into her blouse and lifting the breast out as they sat sipping white wine. The second three were from the washroom and while the lighting was fine they also had been taken by a camera in the ceiling so were no better, in fact worse, than her attempts. They showed her dress lifted up and the pink buttocks she was parting were in full view but the shadows fell too strongly on her groin for the cunt lips to be discernible. The third series were of the couple leaning into each other on the terrace. It seemed that while they thought to find a secluded area, it had been directly in range of a camera on a flag pole almost right beside them so there was no doubting in the photos where his hand had been buried down the top of her skirt. One of the series also showed his hand cupping a breast inside her top as he tongued her neck. The final series was taken from the opposite side of the dining area to where they sat and showed her foot buried in his loin with his hand pressing her toes downward onto him.

Silence prevailed as the couple thought about it. The manager waited.

“I’d like to get some proper shots,” she said, to the complete surprise of both males. And then to the manager, “Will you be able to help us?”

She had sized up the situation and seized the moment. This whole night had started out as a seduction and the couple were deliriously happy to be back together but their planned course of mutual conquest had been thrown a new twist with the manager’s intervention and she was able to see how it could be fit into the ultimate outcome for the night.

The manager was taken aback and spluttered initially before realising what she had said. He had been upfront about the photos and had seen enough of the pair in them, her particularly, to incite a new level of sensuality in her mind. He had seen her nipple and butt and quite possibly had tried to discern her pussy lips. Her cunt was on fire from her partner’s ministrations during the evening and if they took the path she now suggested, they would be fucking each other for days to come on the strength of what happens.

“Okay, but I would like a say in three of the photos taken,” the manager said as he loosed his blue tie and took off his black jacket.

“You can have three requests but I will only agree to two and my face is not to appear in either,” she said, “and the two of you can share in taking the photos”.

The manager closed the restaurant and by mutual agreement they all went back to the lobby area, carrying two bottles of red wine and very large crystal claret glasses. Her intent with this photo exercise was to sustain the sensual bond that had been built during the night and perhaps take it to a new level, thanks to the unexpected discovery of their petting during the evening and the insinuation of the manager with the photographic evidence.

“What are your requests,” she asked? He wanted one of her naked reclining on a chaise lounge and holding a glass of red wine, another of her sitting naked in one of the high-backed velvet covered brown chairs with her leg resting over its arm so her pussy would be in view and the third of her sitting on his lap with his cock between her legs but not inside her. She and her partner wanted the same as his first two requests so she agreed to all three of the manager’s on the condition that all of the security camera images are deleted before they start and the photos are taken on her camera, of which he will only receive paper copies of his requests. She also wanted the three of them to be naked for the session.

While she was uncomfortable being in the room with a stranger while she was stripping off her garments and planning for such provocative activity, it wasn’t reflected as such in her inner sensual turmoil. She could feel her nipples becoming so hard that they hurt and while she removed her only two articles of clothing, she sneaked a peek at the two cocks now being unveiled. Both were circumcised and had emerged from their cover in fully engorged condition. She knew her man’s equipment intimately but marvelled at the new strength it exhibited in this heated, closed and close environment. The manager’s cock was erect against his stomach and the sac beneath it was tight and looked to be housing large balls. She caressed her nipples to try to ease their tautness and when she turned away to move to the chaise for the first shot, ran her middle finger through her pussy lips to separate them from the stickiness. While she suspected the manager had seen her bald pudendum she noticed his eyes widen as her legs parted while she was adjusting to lying on the furniture piece.

The idea of a big glass of red win in the shot fitted with her idea of classical art and she regretted not having a necklace of big pearls around her neck to hang between her breasts and contrast to the engorged nipples that were the colour of a ruby. Her man was taking the photo and the manager provided the glass of wine which he presented to her on a silver serving tray. This brought him closer to her and she could not avoid looking the length of the shaft of his cock and the dangling balls as she took the vessel off the tray.

Once the photo was taken she moved from the chaise to the winged brown arm chair and it was the manager’s turn to take the photo. The object of this picture was her pussy and she knew it but in fact wanted it also for her own collection. While the first photo taken was easy to set up, this second one required the light to be on the apex at the top of her thighs and she needed to look and feel relaxed. But the nipples were aching and there was a build up of urgency in her cunt, such that she just wanted to mash a hand all over it and drive two or three fingers in. That seemed a waste of time when there were two angry cocks not more than two yards away from her. She knew, though, if she started down that path the situation would get out of control for both her and them. So she settled back in the chair, brushed her hands along her thighs, shifted her arse into a more comfortable position, cocked her right leg over the arm and looked into the camera for the first shot which was a full body one for her own collection. The manager clicked the shutter once, twice and then a third time but didn’t seem happy with the result. Her man came up closer behind him to check the angles and then moved over to her to whisper “can you open your lips a little further?”

Not needing to ask why, she dropped her left hand down to her pussy and slid a finger through its folds, then used the fingers either side to separate the lips so more of her cunt hole and clitoris could be seen. That did the trick and the manager then moved the camera down so the top of the picture started below her neck for the shot he was allowed.

The final shot was the difficult one and she chose the same winged chair. The manager had asked for a shot of her naked and sitting on his lap with his erection poking up between her legs. She had noticed when he was taking the previous shot that the tip of his glans was shiny red and pre-cum was oozing from the eye. This condition had also visited her man and it had been difficult for her to not grab his cock and ram it into her cunt when he came near during the previous photo.

The tension in the room was heightened and needed all her resolve to maintain a sensual distance. The next photo would not be easy. The manager moved into the winged chair and sat with his legs tight together so hers could fit around him as they both sat down. His penis was rock hard against his stomach and she needed to be between it and his stomach for this shot to be taken. And she knew the risks if during the manoeuvrings onto him she touched it with her hand, risks for both him and her. But wasn’t this part of pushing the boundaries? So she moved towards the chair and asked him to hold out his cock to allow her to climb above it which she did and slid her butt down his stomach. Her man watched through the lens as the manager’s hand held himself away to allow her to settle. Even while the manager held it out, she could feel the base inveigling its way between her butt crack and the start of her pussy lips. She had to hold on and hoped he could as well. She settled down and squirmed her butt and pussy crack into a comfortable position but it was impossible for his cock to not be partly enveloped by her lips. Once she had attained the optimal position she said he could let go of his cock. But he also had to get some comfort as his balls were being scrunched so he moved his butt.

His movement adjusted the sides of the cock held within her cunt lips and was tantamount to the first stages of a coital thrust. Knowing what could happen with any more movement, she sat rigid and urged her man to take the loin-locking shot. She might have been physically rigid but the juices were flowing within and secreting out around the rampant penis she was hosting. The shot taken, she relaxed and tantalised herself and taunted the manager by sliding forward off him, allowing the full warmth and wetness of her cunt to slither the length of his cock. It took all of her powers to not grasp it at the base with her hand and adjust its angle ever so slightly so it could spear directly into her wanton hole. But the night was finished and she could do that for hours now with the cock she knew. The next stage of this seduction plan would be a real fuck fest.

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