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Borrowed Money Saloon

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After opening in the early spring, the Borrowed Money Saloon quickly became one of the more popular county western dance clubs, due mostly to the great band they had engaged to play there. Eric and Jan were frequent visitors to the club and were avid country western dancers. They also enjoyed creating and living sexual fantasies and the thought of going to the club this particular Saturday fit right in with a fantasy they had recently created. The fantasy involved Jan entering the lounge as a ?single? unescorted female so she could attract guys to dance with her. Eric, who would follow a few minutes later, was to position himself where he could overhear her conversations and watch the activity as it unfolded.

Dressing for the part she was to play, Jan wore a sheer white blouse that did very little to hide her marvelous 36C breasts. She left her bra behind and wore a denim and lace vest to cover the most obvious parts. The matching denim skirt was very short with a hemline that hit about mid thigh. Eric insisted she forgo her panties creating an effect that was erotic to say the least. When she sat down, the skirt inched upward to expose a vast expanse of her creamy white thighs. If someone looked straight up her legs they would be able to see her naked pubes and the tiny puff of black hair she keep neatly trimmed there. As she usually did when they lived out a fantasy, she wore a blond wig, layered with a slight flip. Needless to say her outfit really turned Eric on. He had his hand between her legs from the minute they left home until they pulled in to the parking lot. Before getting out of the car, they quickly rehearsed their little game and then Eric had her undo an additional button on her blouse for good measure.

Eric watched in anticipation as Jan slid out of the car and walked toward the entrance. She was a knockout and was sure to be approached the minute she walked in the place. As it turned out, she didn?t even get across the parking lot before two men tried to pick her up. The attention helped her get into the role she was about to play, besides one of them was sort of cute. She smiled at them and kept walking with them following like two little puppies.

Once inside, Jan spotted an empty bar stool and headed in that direction. ?Perfect,? she thought, sliding her beautiful ass onto a stool. A few minutes later, Eric came in and sat down two stools away.

The bartender finished pouring a drink for a customer at the end of the bar then came down to take her order. Playing her part to the hilt, she leaned forward to expose an ample portion of her breasts then flashed him a sexy smile. The gesture had its intended effect. He leaned over the bar to get as close as he could, his eyes fixating on her chest. ?What can I do for you?? He said in a low and suggestive voice, his eyes never leaving the white orbs of flesh that were only partially covered by the sheer fabric of her blouse.

?A shot of tequila!? she said smiling at him, ?with a beer chaser!? she finished, the tip of her pink tongue seductively licking her upper lip. He stepped away for a moment but quickly returned with her drink order. Jan placed a ten-dollar bill on the bar and slid it to him. He placed his hand over hers, allowing it to linger for several seconds, then with a wicked smile, said, ?My name is Tom, and I?ll be glad to buy you drinks as long as I can keep the view!?

?What a guy won?t do for a little glimpse of tit,? she thought, flashing him another of her sexy smiles. She leaned forward just a little more to give him a better look at her scantily breasts, which were almost fully exposed. Jan licked some salt from her fist then quickly downed the tequila shooter followed by a long swig of beer. The liquid burned as it made it?s way down her throat but she wasn?t about to let Tom see any discomfort. Spinning around on the stool she turned her back to him. She leaned backward against the bar and crossed her legs. The change in position caused her vest to fall to her sides exposing her breasts to the entire room. Her nipples were swollen from rubbing on the fabric and stood out like tiny mountains in the flimsy material.

Across the room the cute guy that had followed her inside was staring straight at her, his eyes glued to her chest. Feeling naughty, she smiled at him and licked her lips seductively. She loved men in tight jeans and this dude looked terrific. He was tall, well built, with neatly trimmed blond hair and, another of her downfalls, very deep blue eyes. His ass looked great in his tight jeans and she watched excitedly as he walked across the room toward her. Not only was he good looking but she quickly discovered he really knew how to dance as well. Together, they did every twirl and turn, inside, outside, promenade and cuddle, going from one to the other as the made their way around the floor. Every twirl sent her skirt flying to reveal her beautiful well-tanned ass and the neatly trimmed patch of blond hair between her legs. By the time the dance ended, every male eye in the joint was glued to her body.

The next dance was a waltz. Her new admirer pulled her to him and slid his hands down her back to cup her ass, pulling her pelvis against his. By the time the dance was over, he had a raging hard on and kept trying to convince her to go to his car. When the dance ended, she declined his offer once more and had him escort her to her seat at the bar.

Tom had been watching her dance and immediately made his way down the bar. ?You looked pretty good out there?, he said, his eyes focusing on her exposed breasts. ?Another shot,? he asked reaching for the bottle of tequila.

?One shooter is enough for me,? she answered, ?just a beer!?

?On me,? he said placing the mug on a fresh napkin, his eyes glued to her chest as another ?cowboy? came up and asked her to dance. Every guy in the place wanted to dance with her but none were as good or appealing as the first one. She was more than excited when the first guy returned to ask her to dance again. Dancing with him turned her on and it was quite obvious from the bulge in his jeans that she was having the same effect on him.

They remained on the floor for three consecutive dances before she asked to set one out. Returning to her stool she overheard Eric making a bet with a guy seated to his right that he would be the one to take her home that night. She knew it was part of the fantasy but it turned her on to know that someone else had that desire as well. ?Another beer Tom!? The words flowed like syrup from her mouth as her eyes saw his focusing on her tits.

?I?m going on a break!? Tom said as he handed her a fresh mug. Jan feigned disappointment as he turned to walk away. ?Would you care to join me?? he asked as he turned to leave. He paused momentarily at the end of the bar to look back and nod his head in the direction of a dark hallway.

?What the hell!? she thought, the feelings in her body overriding her good judgment. ?After all, I do owe him something for the drinks!? she rationalized as she slid from the stool. Winking at Eric, she made her way across the room to the narrow hallway where Tom had disappeared a few seconds earlier. The hall was dimly lit. The restrooms were off to one side with a door marked ?private? across from them. A phone hung on the wall at the end of the corridor. Tom was leaning against the door marked private waiting for her.

?I was hoping you would come?, he said as he took her hand and pulled her inside the private room. Once inside, he cupped her chin and tilted her face, his lips quickly finding hers. She parted her lips allowing his tongue to slide inside. Their tongues quickly became acquainted as they tangled together in a hot fiery dance. ?Your tits are beautiful?, he muttered as his right hand cupped her breast. Emboldened by her lack of resistance, he undid her blouse, pushed the material aside then stood back to admire the creamy white orbs that were gently cupped in his hands. His lips left a trail of saliva as he kissed his way down her chin and neck to the valley between her magnificent globes. Hefting each breast in turn, he sucked on her taut brown berries. His left hand slid down her body and under her skirt, inching back up to discover her wet and ready womanhood.

She was so turned on that the least movement of his fingers sent thrills shooting through her body. ?Ohhhh yesss!? she hissed as his fingers vibrated against her tiny gr*pe sized clit, delightfully sliding over it again and again. She moaned and writhed as his fingers gently rubbed her sensitive flesh. Her body trembled as her climax whooshed through her body, concentrating at his fingers for an instant then exploding outward like a supernova.

She could feel his cock throbbing hard against her body. It was her turn to pleasure him. She slid her hand between their bodies grasping his throbbing cock through the tight jeans. ?Oh fuck!? he hissed as her fingers curled it. Her fingers tore at his belt and zipper in a frantic effort to reach his throbbing cock. She deftly unzipped his fly and gently lifted his throbbing tool from its hiding place. Her delicate hand wrapped around it, squeezing gently. It was slightly longer than her hand and so thick that her thumb and forefinger couldn?t quite meet below the swollen crown of the head. She curled her fingers around it, feeling its strength as it throbbed in her hand. Using her thumb she wiped the dew like drops that drooled from its tip and spread the sticky fluid around its circumference. Her fingers stroked testicles as she worked her hand from the base of his penis all the way up to the velvety tip. His tormented cock throbbed and expanded. She curved her fingers around his hardness moving her hand up and down. ?Fuckkkkk!? he hissed as the energy of his climax fired up through his cock in a lengthening storm of sensation. ?Fuck! Don?t stop! Ohh fuck I?m cumming!? His cock jumped, twitched and jerked as volley after volley of sticky white fluid spurted into her clutching fingers. She held him firmly, using his ejaculate as a lubricant to milk out every last drop. Finally there was nothing left and she gave him a quick kiss before dashing out the door and to the ladies room to clean up.

When she returned to the bar, Eric was gone. The guy he had made the bet with immediately slid next to her and introduced himself. ?My name is Jack, would you care to dance?? he asked. Jack was determined to win his bet with Eric. He pulled her close to him and caressed her back. Inch by inch he caressed his way downward until he was cupping her ass with both hands. He pulled her to him, pressing the swollen mass in his pants against her.

After her episode with Tom, she was really turned on and ready for almost anything. She decided to have some fun with Jack and pulled his head down to kiss him. When the dance was over, she had him escort her back to the bar where Eric was waiting.

?You are a really sexy lady!? Eric commented leaning around Jack who was standing about as close to her as he could get. The charade was having its desired impact on Jack.

?Oh man, And how!? Jack quickly agreed.

Both men were vying for her attention and the possibility of winning the bet they had made. Of course Eric had a stacked deck but Jack didn?t know that.

As if by some prearranged signal, they simultaneously cupped her ass, one on each cheek and began to caress her. Eric slid his hand between her legs and began caressing her very wet cunt. Jack?s hand was a fraction late and he quickly retreated when he discovered Eric?s fingers already there. Jack gasped in surprise when Jan took his hand in hers and guided it to her inner thigh, holding it firmly against the soft warm flesh. She spread her legs a little then moved Eric?s hand to make way for Jack. He took the hint and quickly slid his finger in her swollen cunt.

Eric stood mesmerized as he watched Jack?s finger sliding in and out of his wife?s cunt.. Tom was on the opposite side of the bar and was frozen in his tracks as he too watched the hand that was sliding between her legs. Jan smiled at Tom then inserted a finger in her mouth. She obscenely licked it as if she were sucking on a cock. The whole scene was too much for her and it sent her over the edge. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train. When the convulsions subsided, she removed Jack?s hand from her cunt, smoothed her skirt and picked up her beer. ?Here?s to some very sexy guys!? she said, looking first at Jack then Tom then Eric.

Taking a sip she turned to Eric and said, ?You and I never did get to dance! How would you like to take me home instead??

The fantasy went off perfectly and the look on Jack and Tom?s face was priceless as she slid from the stool and walked out the door with her hand in Eric?s.

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