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Beth does Tijuana

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Beth does Tijuana

Being that Beth is a sweet, little Southern Belle, and that she is new to California, she had never been to Mexico, including Tijuana. I sometimes like to run over there and pick up this or that, and spend a half day enjoying the atmosphere. On my last trip there, I decided to bring Beth along. Needless to say, she made the trip much for interesting and enjoyable.

We arrived at the coach service at about 11:00 AM. We took the bus over the boarder and into Tijuana. Beth was very playful and giddy on the ride over, excited about the day ahead. Due to it being so early on a weekday, there were not many other passengers on the bus at all. Beth was not dressed particularly sexy that day, but her top did show off her ample cleavage, and her ass looked good in her jeans as well. She looked hott, but she was not revealing too much, her inner slut, hidden away.

As we browsed and walked through several shops, picking up a few things here and there, we had a great time and we were both thoroughly enjoying our day. Shortly after lunch we found a shop that had a pretty wide variety of clothes, most of them for women. The shopkeeper was a small, energetic man of about 50 or 60, and he spoke English well enough for our shopping and conversation to move along nicely.

Many of the outfits were dresses, some were very low cut, and several had material that was quite thin. Beth really didn't have any particular interest in any of the clothes, but I decided that our day could use a little spice...something other than the native dishes that is. So, I started pointing out things that I wanted her to try on. The salesman, never missing a beat, started chiming in with elaborate explanations as to why the clothing was so rare and so valuable.

He was clearly excited at the prospect of a sale, and he was more than willing to work with us on the price. Bartering was half the fun, after all. So, as I continued looking around, I selected two blouses and a dress for Beth to try on. All three were very low cut, and one was made of a thin, off-white material. She was going to look great in them.

As I handed the clothes to Beth she looked at me, smirking, knowing just what I was up to. With a smile and a kiss she headed off to the dressing room with our helper. The dressing room was nothing more than a shoddy curtain, hung quite tenuously, in one corner of the shop. There was a chair inside for her, and there was a second chair right out in front, for me.

Beth entered as Pablo, the salesman, ushered her to the spot. She looked back over her shoulder as she closed the curtain, grinning. Pablo made conversation with both of us as she changed, and he was a very funny guy, very charming. In no time Beth pulled the curtain back, wearing one of the tops that I had chosen.

It was not sheer, but it was very low cut. Her massive 38DD's pushed up and out by her bra, looked wonderful. It was cut so low that you could see the top of her bra, her tits spilling out the top, looking delicious. Very nice, Pablo declared, pointing at her cleavage. I agreed wholeheartedly. Let's see the next one, I told her. Pablo and I chatted a couple more minutes and then Beth emerged again.

This time she had on the sheer blouse. It was just like the first one, but completely see through! Her red bra was totally visible through the thin material, making her look sexy as hell. You like?, Pablo asked, looking at me. Oh yeah, I replied, and we both laughed. Beth spoke up. I'm not sure I can wear this one. I don't want everyone seeing my bra, she said. Maybe one of your nude colored bras won't show through as much, I replied. I don't have one here to check though, Beth shot back, smirking.

I was loving this! She is just so much damn fun! Well, I added, I guess you could try it without one. Since those bras are the same as your skin color, let's see how it looks with just your skin underneath. What do you think, Pablo, I asked. He was smiling widely. Yes, yes, that is the only way to be sure, he added. Beth said OK, but if it is too see through, I want you to tell me. Sure baby, I reassured her. I don't trust you, she shot back, waving a fist at me. Who, me?, I replied. Who, us?, Pablo added, and we both cracked up. With that, Beth disappeared behind the curtain once more.

As she did, Pablo ran over to the counter, just to our right. He emerged with a bottle of tequila and three shot glasses. He poured one for each of us and while we waited on Beth, we gulped down the first shot. To beautiful women, Pablo toasted, and I couldn't agree more. We did one more for good measure as we waited. I don't know what kind of tequila it was, but it was both potent and smooth. I felt it immediately.

Moments later Beth yanked the curtain back, thrusting herself into view. She looked absolutely amazing. She might as well not had a top on at all. Her tits were completely visible, every detail, clear as day. Her nipples were straining against the material of the top. They were rock hard and thick, looking like pencil erasers, just begging to be pinched. Even the little bumps on her areolas were showing.

I watched Pablo. He was just staring in amazement, loving the view he was being given. Damn you look good baby, I told her. Si, si, Pablo added, his eyes never moving from her tits, a bead of sweat forming on his brow. It's not too see through?, she asked, pulling her shoulders back, pushing her swollen tits out even further. Not at all baby, not at all.

With that, we all did a shot. Beth's first, but not her last. She loves tequila, and it makes the slut in her impossible to contain. Mmmmmm, she responded. We did another. To beautiful women, Pablo declared again...and to their tits, I added. We both hooted and hollered at that one, Beth punching me in the arm. After about her third or fourth shot Beth began to speak.

I don't know, Beth started, looking down at her heaving breasts. I don't really like the way the fabric feels. As she spoke the words her hands began to move. Oh so slowly...but surely...she placed her hands on her chest, her palms stretched open as they rubbed across her mounds, squeezing them, pressing them, causing them to jiggle oh so beautifully.

Pablo was in shock, and I was loving my little slut. Well take it off then, I shot back. Let's try the dress and see if you like it any better. OK, she replied, handing her empty shot glass to Pablo. She started to turn away...just throw it off right here, I told her. Don't walk back over to the dressing room, I said, grabbing her by the arm. That way Pablo can go ahead and get it hung back up. He can't stand around and wait on you all day, I stressed!

Beth just smiled. She then turned her gaze to Pablo. You don't mind?, she asked him. No, no, of course not, he said back, grinning wildly. Without hesitation Beth swiftly lifted the top over her head, her tits bounding into view. They looked as perfect as ever, swinging and jiggling as the massive weight attempted to settle. Before anyone could speak she turned and left us, heading back to the dressing room, her perfect hips swaying.

To tits, Pablo shouted, and down went another shot. I could hear Beth giggling as she entered the dressing room, loving the attention. I took the top from Pablo and threw it on the counter. We then walked over to the curtain to find Beth. We found her within, but not concealed. She hadn't bothered to close it this time, and she would hear no complaints from us.

She stood before us, facing us, completely nude now. She had dropped her jeans to don the dress, and she had not worn panties underneath. She looked breathtaking, her perfect tits swaying, her neatly trimmed pussy in plain view. She was struggling to figure out the dress. She couldn't find the zipper or any snaps, and she was wobbly to boot. The tequila was obviously kicking in. I could use some damn help in here, she blurted, giggling. We all laughed. I don't work here, I replied. She shot me a look. I just smiled back at her.

She then looked at her new friend. Get your ass in here Pablo, she yelled, I need some help. After glancing at me and seeing my assent, he quickly joined her in the booth. The dress never did find its way onto her, and before I could count the number, there were more articles of clothing being thrown at me than there were in the dressing room. Both naked, drunk, and high on the moment, Pablo and Beth proceeded to provide me with an eyeful of voyeuristic delights that I will never forget.

Although they didn't spend much time together, before they were done, they were much more than customer and clerk. Beth spent the afternoon savoring the taste of Pablo's cum, the touch of his fingers and tongue, and length and girth of his experienced cock. All without a single word, one way or the other, from me. She wanted it, she wanted him, and she got exactly what she wanted. There was no holding her back, so why even try.

I think it is safe to say we enjoyed our little trip to Tijuana, and something tells me Beth will want to return quite soon...and I don't think it is just for the tequila.

Thanks for a fun afternoon Pablo. We haven't forgotten you.


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