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An Exhibitionist's Fantasy

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Help make my wife’s fantasy come true. The headline in the classified add caught Paul Johnson’s eye. Wanted, generous couple to watch two 50 plus couples in their bedroom. Must appreciate older and bolder women. Couples only no single men (818) 812-6969. The LA Weekly always had the best adult classifieds. But even Paul had to admit, this was the most unusual add he’d ever seen. He dialed the number. A woman’s voice was on the answering machine. Paul left a message with his cell number.

Paul just celebrated his 40th birthday. But as long as he could remember he was always infatuated with older women. As a kid, he fantasized about the mothers in the neighborhood, finding them sexier than girls his own age. As he grew older the women in his fantasies got older. Now the women on the pages of 50 Plus magazine turned him on. The older, the better. He especially enjoyed looking at the women in the 60’s and 70’s. They pushed the envelope with a woman in her 80’s. Paul found the white haired woman extremely attractive.

He loved the cat and mouse game. Talking sex to strangers and the adventure of the unknown is titillating. This was Paul’s foreplay. He relished these moments, bringing the feelings home, into the bed with his wife. The cell phone rang. “I’m returning your call.” Paul recognized the husky female voice from the answering machine. “I saw your add in LA weekly.” “Which one?” the voice at the other end of the phone asked. “The one about watching couples in their bedroom. Can you tell me more?” “Sure, you’ll get to watch me, my husband and friends in the bedroom. You will not take off your clothes and we will not have sex with you.” “Will you have sex?” “Trust me you will not watch us sleep.” “How much?” “400 dollars.” As if reading his mind, she added, “You can bring another couple if you’d like and split the cost.” “A couple?” Paul asked. “I’m assuming you read the add, it said couples only. Have your wife or girlfriend call if you decide to join us. I get a lot of crank calls, so I will not answer the phone. Just leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” The phone went dead.

Paul put the phone away. The add, the older women, stirred up his childhood memories. He didn’t realize that he was fantasizing then. He would daydream about his friend’s mother, Dolly, imagining her nude. Paul would dream about cleaning her house, while he was also nude. The thoughts were pleasant to a 10 year old boy. He noticed they made his penis hard, and remembered how good it felt. He escaped into his own little fantasy land when the world around him just hurt too much. He didn’t learn about sex until later on. His early fantasies centered, on nudity, older women, and waiting on them hand and foot.

This was like a life long dream come true. Watching another couple have sex was erotic enough, but watching someone older was added spice. He didn’t know how to approach his wife without making himself look like a pervert. “The direct approach is always the best,” he thought to himself. So, Paul showed his wife the add and asked if she would go along with him. He gave her all the details the voice gave him over the phone. She looked at it, telling him she would consider it. He was elated. They discussed all the possibilities that an erotic evening like that can bring. They discussed it on the couch, they discussed in bed. They even talked about it while they made love. Vicki went to bed that night completely satisfied. She wasn’t pleased that she would have to call this anonymous voice too, but seeing no harm, she told Paul she would do it.

Vicki confided everything in her friend Estee. She told her about the add, the couples, and Paul’s desire to watch them. Estee told her it was a good idea. As long as they didn’t have to participate, she told her friend that it was nothing more than harmless fun. “Hey the other the couples are consenting, and who knows this may make Paul love you even more.” Vicki looked at her friend, “it’s $400 and the woman told Paul he could bring another couple, why don’t you come?” Estee smiled at her friend. “What, you need a little company.” “These are strangers; I’d feel better if you and Henry are there.” “So, when ya gonna call this woman. Vicki fetched the piece of paper from her purse, called the number in the add, and left Estee’s number. The phone rang 5 minutes later. Vicki picked it up, “Hello.” She heard the husky voice. “I’m returning your call.” Vicki introduced herself over the phone telling the caller she was calling for her husband. “I remember him,” the voice said. “There will be another couple joining us.” “That’s fine.” “Could you tell me a little more?” “Like I told your husband you and your friends will watch us in our bedroom.” “What can we expect?” Now that the wife was calling, the voice was comfortable giving out a few more details. “You will be able to watch us make love. We will follow any instructions you give us and if it’s something we don’t do we’ll tell you. You and your friends will be able to touch us anywhere on our bodies. But we will not reciprocate, and you will keep your clothes on.” “What about your clothes?” Vicki felt silly asking the question, but she had to hear the answer. “Honey, it’s pretty difficult to make love with your clothes on, no we will not be wearing any clothes.” “Oh and no cameras,” the voice added. “How much time do we have?” “There’s no time limit, though we don’t expect this to be much more than 3 to 4 hours.” “Just one more question,” Vicki asked the voice, “What’s this about a fantasy?” “We are not professionals. We have never done anything like this before. My friend has a hooker fantasy, about getting paid to have sex. Having strangers pay to watch her have sex with her husband is a safe alternative to having sex with them. My husband and I will be the added attraction.” The voice continued, “Since this is our first meeting I think it would be best if you got a hotel and we will meet you there.” Vicki, hung up relating everything to Estee.

Later in the week Vicki called the voice. “We have a room at the Holiday Inn on Ventura, near DeSoto. Saturday night, 8:00 OK?” “See you then,” replied the voice.

Beverly called her friend, Ellen. “Looks like we got a show to do this Saturday. Younger couples in their 40’s.” “Do they know we’re a bit older than them?” “ They do and that seems to be an added plus with both the men.” Ellen couldn’t believe it. She never thought of herself as attractive. Now someone is willing to pay to watch her have sex. She was blown away with that thought. She loved money, she loved to shop, and now she’ll get both. Beverly told her this would be easy. They could do this every week and make a little extra mad money. Ellen felt that familiar glow in her gut. She would have Bernie take care of it tonight. They would talk about all the possibilities with the couples watching them, while stimulating herself with her vibrator at the same time. Bernie would be insatiable this week, making Ellen the repository of his craving. He loved an audience. Bernie sucked all the energy from the crowd. She knew that all this vigor would be spent on her and loved it. And she could make money doing it; this is a fantasy, a fantasy to be fulfilled.

Beverly told Phil. He thought the girls were crazy, when Ellen verbalized her getting paid fantasy. And even crazier when they went out and got a special cell phone for the occasion. Now that it was happening, the anticipation was stirring in his loins. He smiled at his wife. Beverly knew by the look in his face, that he would he a handful in bed that night. She was looking forward to it.

Beverly knocked on the door in the Holiday Inn. The door opened, a black face staring back at her. She froze, she didn’t know why. She imagined herself, liberal and accepting of everybody. He had white features, was quite handsome. But still very Black with a face capped with short, curly, kinky, grey hair. She just stood there, immobile. He put out his hand, disarming her with his smile. His perfect white teeth were in contrast to the dark skin. “You’re probably just as nervous as we are. Hi, I’m Henry, come on in.” Beverly stepped into the room followed by the others. She took everything in. The two men were casually dressed in designer shorts, and Tommy Bahama shirts. The two women wore short skirts, topped off with designer tube tops, hugging the contours of their bodies. She noticed their nipples peek out from the material. Beverly use to work at Nordstrom and knew the outfits were quite pricey. She wondered if they wore anything underneath their skirts. Henry made all the introductions. Beverly walked around the room. They got a suite for the evening. She saw a couch and a love seat facing each other in the middle of the room. The table that should have been between them was now pushed against the wall. She looked into the bedroom. Six plastic folding chairs were placed around the bed. “Some one did some planning,” she thought to herself. She looked back at the people in the room. Estee, Henry’s wife was beautiful. Her black hair straightened, complimented her face. She was a little overweight, but it somehow added to her looks. The long blond hair made Vicki’s 5’9” body look even longer. Her face was average. The size B breasts looked like she may be a candidate for enhancement to liven up a very average body. Paul looked cute standing next to her in his 6’ frame, but Beverly thought the Black couple was definitely the more attractive of the two. Estee came up to her, giving her a big hug. “We’ve been looking forward to this.” Vicki followed with the two men, each hugging her. Both men were already hard. She couldn’t help but feel their cocks against her body when they hugged. Neither of them tried to hide their excitement. She was especially surprised when Henry hugged her. She was beginning to think that their no clothes off rule may have been a mistake. Both men made her feel good. Beverly watched everyone hug Ellen. She smiled back at her after she hugged Henry, and she already knew why. Henry being the perfect host offered everyone a drink. The room even had a full bar. These couples went all out. Beverly was going to make sure she did the same. But first she needed a dink to calm down. Henry was already making an apple martini for Ellen. Everyone behaved being careful not to cross any lines.

Seeing the 4, 100 dollar bills on the table, Beverly scooped them up and put them in her purse. She let Ellen know that she had the money.

“How shall we start,” Henry asked It looked like both Henry and Beverly would control their prospective groups. That was fine with her. “We thought a game of strip polka would be fun. It will add a little chance to the evening. We’ll deal a card each to Henry and Paul. Then one each to myself and Ellen. The man with the high card, takes something away from woman with the low card. We’ll do the same with Bernie, Phil. and your wives. The first couple to get naked will show you their oral sex expertise.” They brought some chairs in from the other room, for the 4 contestants. The loser would stand in between the couch and love seat. The two men sat on the couch, the two women on the love seat. The loser walked to the winner so they could claim their prize. The game began. Beverly was pleased that Henry won the first round, which she lost. And even more pleased when it happened again. Standing in front of everyone, she let him take off her blouse. For the second round, he dropped her pants to the floor. Beverly stood in the middle of the room, wearing only a bra and thong. Henry turned her around, with his hands all over her exposed body. His touch caused her nipples to protrude through the bra. No one seemed to notice. “Is this OK?” “Absolutely,” Beverly replied. The game continued, the clothes coming off one by one. Wearing only her underwear, Ellen drew the low card. She took her place standing before her hosts. All eyes in the room were on her. Smiling up at Ellen, Paul drew the high card. She walked over to him. “You ready?” he asked her. She shook her head yes. With that he pulled her underwear to the floor. Ellen was the first to be naked. She picked up her underwear, then, handed them to Paul.

This was better than anything Paul ever expected. Looking at the newly naked Ellen, he thought she is definitely 50+ woman of the year material. She’s beautiful. He ran his hands over her body. The ample flesh gave way under his touch. She was everything he could have hoped for. A great face, ample bosom, and the weight was perfectly distributed. He loved the feel of her skin against his fingers, she was so soft. Ellen was natural; there was nothing artificial about her. He even liked the fact the she did not shave her pussy. It made her real. She was hot and he was on fire. He didn’t realize that Phil just lost the game. He looked up in time to see him handing his shorts to Vicki. She seized him by his cock to pull him closer so that she could play a little grab ass with his backside. Estee reminded him that she needed a demonstration of his oral expertise. Walking over to Ellen, he looked at Paul, “May I borrow her?” Paul smiled, took Ellen’s hand and gave it to Phil. He took her in his arms. They kissed as two lovers who just found each other after a long absence.

Beverly was down to her thong. She looked at Bernie in his fishnet g-string. She was a little jealous watching the kissing couple. She heard the girls go crazy, cheering them on. Estee shouted, “On your knees, Ellen!” Vicki and Estee repeated the demand in unison. Ellen got on her knees. Kissing the tip with her lips, Phil’s cock sprang to life. She plunged her whole mouth around it until it disappeared. The girls coaxed the couple closer to them. Ellen followed Phil to their love seat on her knees. They each took turns stroking the cock, before placing it back in Ellen’s mouth. The two boys were demanding their fair share. They beckoned Ellen over to them. Squeezing her on the couch between them, it was Phil’s turn to get on his knees. The girls squealed with delight, when Ellen threw her head back, indicating that Phil found her love button with his tongue.

The game continued. Beverly was grateful that Henry drew the high card. She was only too happy to hand him her thong. Even happier when his hands examined the package he just unwrapped. Beverly watched Estee take off Bernie’s g-string.

With his hands on her hips, Henry looked up at Beverly, “How about a lap dance, baby doll?” With that Paul went over to the CD player to put on some bump and grind music. Not even this little detail surprised Beverly. Swinging her hips from side to side, she placed her hands behind her neck, exposing all her nakedness for Henry’s eyes. They enjoyed the feast in front of them. Vicki caught Ellen’s eye, motioning her over to Paul to dance for him. She took her place next to Beverly for the benefit of Paul’s eyes and hands. Beverly bent over putting her hands, behind Henry on the back of the couch. He cupped each drooping breast in his hand, bringing each nipple to his lips. Beverly shuddered. Grabbing each breast from him, she squeezed his head between them. With his hands free to rummage her body, his fingers explored the new found territory of her pussy. She was so lubricated; his fingers had no trouble finding their way inside. Estee just realized that their no limits to touching, meant absolutely no limits as she watched her husband finger fuck his new prize. Looking over to Paul he was taking the same liberties with Ellen. She couldn’t remember having so fun with her clothes on. And it was only going to get better.

Beverly straightened up, pressing her body against Henry. Her pussy felt for his cock beneath his clothes. It found its target as Beverly pressed his appendage between her labia. She felt it from the bottom of her crotch up to her navel. “This thing is big” she thought to herself. She was grateful for the silk like feel of Tommy Bahama shorts against her pussy. She wondered if he planned this too. He grabbed her ass, holding her close against him. She looked down to him. His lips drew her close, until they met. She felt his tongue swell up inside her mouth. At that instant she felt nature’s lubricant flow from her body. This was her first intimate encounter with a Black man. She was now regretting the no clothes off rule.

Estee watched Beverly hump her husband. She knew that he had an affinity for white women. She was glad they had the no clothes off rule. He would be looking to her for relief instead of Beverly. She was looking forward to it. Watching Ellen with Paul, she knew that Vicki would feel the same way.

Bernie walked over to Estee with the gin and tonic she told him to get. Looking in the direction of Paul and Ellen, “Don’t I get a lap dance like that?” Bernie looked over to see his wife’s lips locked with Paul’s while she ground his cock with her pussy. He placed his hands behind his back, swinging his hips to the beat of the music, his cock swaying in front of her face. She sat there for a few moments to enjoy the view, before she grabbed it stuffing it in her mouth. Bernie stood there as Estee lubricated his cock with her mouth and watched as she stroked it with her hands.

Dancing on the other side of the room, Phil and Vicki watched as well. Henry caught his wife out of the corner of his eye while kissing Beverly. Part of him felt a pang of jealousy, part of him got even more aroused. He didn’t understand his conflicted feelings. Putting them aside, he would deal with them later.

Bernie turned around wiggling his backside to Estee. Her hands massaged his rump. Then without warning, she swung the palm of her hand across his ass. “Whack, whack.” Everyone turned around. Once seeing that it was just Estee having a little fun, they went back to what they were doing. Beverly looked at Henry, “I’d like some of that.” “On the floor” he said, “on your hands and knees.” Beverly did as she was told. Henry got on the floor with her. He prodded her pussy with his fingers. Spreading her cheeks, he showed Paul her rose bud. Paul watched Henry’s finger plunder Beverly one more time. Gently, making sure he caused more sound than pain, he swatted her backside. “Whack, whack.” She wanted it harder, but was happy to get this; she wasn’t going to push it. Then Henry said, “Phil, I’d want to see you fuck your wife right now.” Still holding Phil’s hand, Vicki caught Ellen’s eye as she sat on Paul’s lap, “I think you need to lube Phil’s cock with your mouth first.” Sinking to the floor on her knees next to Beverly, she did as she was told. Vicki looked down to see Phil’s cock disappear in Ellen’s mouth. Letting go of Phil’s hand, she used the opportunity to sit next to Paul, so that they could share the erotic image in front of them together. Henry looked over to Estee, whose eyes beckoned him to join her on the love seat. They watched Ellen prepare Phil’s cock for his wife. Without foreplay, without tenderness, Phil just plunged right in. Bernie took the opportunity to kneel in front of Beverly. She eagerly took his cock in her mouth. There in front of the two couples, Beverly handled the two men in the cliché position. Paul will remember this scene the rest of his life.

Sensing the evening moving from lust to intimacy, Estee wanted her husband next to her. His eyes could be focused elsewhere, but she craved to touch him, and connect with him. “Let’s move to the bedroom everyone.” She needed to sit next to him on the chairs facing the bed, holding his hand, while looking on to the intimate moments these two couples were willing to share with them. Ellen got on the bed with Bernie. Estee looked across the other side of the bed to Vicki. She was content, her hand in Paul’s lap, and his arm around her neck. Bernie and Ellen knelt on the bed facing each other. They kissed, with the heat and passion of two souls who waited an eternity to spend a life together on this earth. It was touching; Estee couldn’t help herself, stealing a kiss from Henry. Eager to please his wife, Bernie moved his lips down Ellen’s body. He placed his head underneath her, so that she could manipulate her body against his tongue for her pleasure, grinding her pelvis into he face. Her body fell to the bed, her mouth capturing his cock. Their bodies fitting like ying and yang in this 69 position. Bernie placed Ellen on her stomach. He stroked her entire back side with light and tender touches. Running his fingers lightly over her backside, she moaned every time the fingers glance her rose bud on their way to her inner thighs. The more she moaned, the more he focused his touches in those tender areas. He replaced his fingers with his lips. Kissing her butt, running his lips to her thighs and back up to her butt again, he just wanted to pleasure her. Then his lips found the rose bud. The moaning got louder. His lips stopped, allowing his tongue to play with her rose bud. Estee was surprised, but pleased with this display of rimming. She looked at her friend Vicki, whose eyes didn’t move from the couple on the bed. Bernie turned Ellen, kissing her passionately on the lips again. She was either oblivious or didn’t care where that tongue was last. They kissed with even more passion than before. Bernie’s lips again traveled her body to her love triangle, his tongue unlocking the key to her treasure. He abruptly stopped, pulling something from underneath the pillow. Estee saw the silver bullet. With a buzzzzz, he placed it in the patch of thin brown hair between her legs. Her back arched an “OOOH” escaping from her lips. Estee noticed her breathing getting faster, the moans getting louder, then a rush of air followed by a rush of giggles. Smiling, she never saw a woman cum this way. She looked over at Henry for his reaction. His tender kiss and hard cock told him all she needed to know. Ellen tuned Bernie on his back, got on top, lowering herself onto his cock. She bent over to kiss him, pumping his cock with her pussy at the same time. Paul walked to the end of the bed for a better look. Sensing this they changed positions. First they faced Estee and Henry. Lying side by side, Bernie entered his wife, his cock coming from behind, between her legs. This gave everyone a good view as Bernie’s cock, thrust in and out. This position also allowed everyone to look at the loving couple face to face. Paul and Vicki, stood arm and arm behind Henry and Estee, watching. Even, Beverly and Phil stood there, naked amongst the clothed couples, watching as well. Getting ready for the final moment, Bernie rolled on his back, Ellen on top of him once again. Their lips together, her tongue inside him, his cock inside her, this was their intimate position, their ultimate connection. Bernie thrust his loins back and forth, and then came to a dead stop. Estee figured his time had cum. Paul surprised everyone when he asked Ellen to show the room the results of Bernie’s efforts. They were also surprised when she complied, spreading her legs, letting everyone see Bernie’s seed ooze onto the bed. Everyone needed to take a break before Phil and Beverly’s final act. Henry went around refreshing everyone’s drinks.

Beverly didn’t wait long before sinking to her knees, taking Phil’s cock in her mouth. With drinks in hand, Henry and Estee, walked over to be close. He rubbed his hand on Beverly’s bobbing head. The attention pleased her. Paul called Beverly to the couch where he and Vicki were sitting. Leaving Phil standing there, Beverly took up the space between the couple. Before she knew it, Paul and Vicki’s hands were all over her. While Henry and Estee needed together time, Paul and Vicki needed one last fling. Paul looked at Ellen, whose mouth now replaced Beverly’s. Phil was quite pleased fucking Ellen’s mouth in the middle of the room. He gave Ellen his attention most of the evening, partly because Henry monopolized Beverly. Now that Beverly was available, he was going to take advantage. The best part being that he will share her with his wife. He kissed Beverly, her tongue intertwined with his. Vicki touched Beverly’s face with her hand, pulling her head close to hers. Beverly watched her lips come towards her. She accepted the kiss, her tongue, her passion. Vicki couldn’t get enough of her. The electricity from her fingers sent shock waves throughout as the fingers traveled her body while they kissed. Beverly felt her hands on her breasts, the fingers on her nipples. She felt her fingers rub her clitoris, and then felt them inside of her. They were loving, gentle, and intimate. With her clothes still on, Vicki felt safe getting this intimate with Beverly. Beverly could not return the intimacy. Vicki reserved that for Paul. But she liked the feeling, she liked the high. She looked at Paul watching her and smiled. She brought her lips to Beverly’s nipple, gently sucking. Her eyes beckoned Paul to do the same. Every nerve in Beverly’s body came alive. Beverly looked at the two heads covering her breasts. She felt the fingers inside her again. They were different, not as tender, they must be Paul’s. Oh, but the tender fingers were there. Then she realized that they both had their fingers in her at the same time. “How did they do that?” she thought to herself.

Henry and Estee both wide eyed, watched Paul and Vicki spread Beverly’s legs wide, finger fucking her together. This was a night for a lot of firsts. Ellen walked over with a dildo in her hand. Phil pre lubed it. She handed Vicki the dry end. Paul couldn’t believe what his wife was about to do. She used it first to lovingly play with Beverly’s clit, before it disappeared inside of Beverly. Vicki pulled it out only to plunge back in again. Henry and Estee watched Vicki fuck Beverly with the dildo. They couldn’t interpret the look on Beverly’s face as agony or ecstasy, but the pleasure screams let them know it was the latter. Beverly groaned. She looked at Vicki, “stop, stop, I can’t take any more.” Vicki complied. Beverly looked over at Phil. Smiling at him she waved him over. She kissed him on the lips. “Now its your turn honey.” She turned around, her head facing the back of the couch, her rear facing Phil. She knows he loved this position. Paul and Vicki sitting on either side of her sharing this intimacy with them up close. Beverly felt their hands on her, as Phil entered her. She loved sharing this moment with the couple on the couch as Phil made love to her. With Paul’s hands fondling her breasts, she felt Phil’s warmth creep inside her.

“Now it’s your turn to show us a little more of Phil.” Vicki chided her. Exhausted Beverly turned around, spread her legs. She couldn’t tell if the liquid running down her legs was Phil’s or her own. She wasn’t about to tell anyone.

It took her time to pull herself together. Paul told her that outside of his honeymoon, this was the most erotic evening he had ever spent.

They got dressed and said their good byes. Henry handed both Ellen and Beverly an extra 100 dollar bill. “You guys were great.” You’ll definitely see us again. May we give out your number? “Please do,” Ellen responded. “And tell them what a good time you had.” He watched the four of them walk down the hall to the elevator. He turned around. Estee was there, she kissed him with more passion, more intensity, than she had ever done before. They walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Sensing that their friends would be tied up for a while, Paul and Vicki opened the couch, jumped onto the convertible and made love like two teenagers with boundless energy.

Written by WHCouple. Let us know what you think B&E

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