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An Evening that Dreams are Made of

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The night we had always fantasized about was here and the excitement was racing through me. My head was spinning as I lingered in a hot, perfumed bath in preparation. As the water started to cool, I stepped out and patted myself dry in a large, luxurious towel. I next put on a transparent white robe that casually hung open on the outer curves of my breasts. Carefully I put on my make-up while starring into the mirror as my mind slowly walked through the scenario possibilities that could make-up the evening. Next I unwrapped a new pair of silk, black stockings that I slowing smoothed up one up my leg and then the other. The black lace tops were positioned just two inches below my pussy that I had cleanly shaven in the bath. From the mirror’s angle I could see the affect the anticipated excitement was having on me, as my outer pussy lips were flared formed a symmetrical leaf and glistened with moisture.

Next I put on deep red lipstick as I thought about the five men that I was about to entertain down stairs. Three men I had previous met, but two were unknown, a wild card variables that was true to Gene’s nature and would heighten the adventure that was about to unfold.

Earlier that day we had prepared for our guests, adding a few more towels to the down stairs bathroom, chilling the Champaign and making the hourderves. In the living room we had added a chase lounge, five place card table, and putting candles throughout. The rheostat for the lights was dimmed, giving the room a nice warm glow.

Coming out of the bathroom Gene met me in the bedroom where he was looking at my ensembles for the night. The first was a brilliant blue satin corset that barely held my ample breasts. With it I had a brilliant blue satin cut-away skirt that was short in the front, just concealing the lacey top to my stocking, falling down over my ass to the floor in the series of folds and ruffles. The outfit was finished off with a small matching g-string that barely covered my pussy. Beside its was the next outfit for the evening, a red lace corset with matching stockings, red shear floor length robe with marabou around the edges. The corset was cupless, forming “U” shape wells for my breasts to rest in. The final outfit was a black leather teddy. The series of one-inch wide strap came across the shoulders to crouch forming diamond shape openings. The straps fit snuggly surrounded my breasts at their base, emphasizing their total exposure. Then cross the flat of my stomach where they gathered into a single round leather cord that parted my pussy lips and disappears in the curvature of my ass to once again fan out into the same diamond matrix up cross my back. Beside it was a clear glass butt plug that when inserted gives anyone a view of my inter recesses.

Standing there, I let my white transparent robe slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor. I step into the blue satin corset and position my breast in its’ cups. Gene started to symmetrically tighten the laces on the back, beginning in the waist while forcing my breast to spill over in the cup and my hips and ass to flare out at the bottom of the garment. I attached the garters to the top of my stocking and at the same time stretching the stockings on my legs.

Next I slipped into the cutaway skirt. Then finally I slipped on the tiny g-sting that barely covered the top of my pussy slit and in the back forms a heart sharp as the waist straps disappeared in the crevasse of my ass. After putting on my heels, I adjusted my shirt were the front ruffles barely hid the top lace of my stockings. Gene headed down stairs to answer the door and meet our arriving guests. I returned into the bathroom to again check my make-up and hair.

After a few minutes I descended down the staircase that slowly curved into the living room. As I rounded the curve, I saw our five guests and Gene all with drinks in their hands, dressed in dark business suits and talking with one another. Quickly the room became silent as each man turned to watch me slowly descend the last fifteen steps of the staircase. Their eyes studied every inch of me as my steps lifted the front of my cutaway skirt, exposing the tops of my stocking and my tiny g-string.

At the bottom of the stairs the six men gather around me as Gene placed a drink in my hand. One-by-one they introduced themselves, kissing me on the cheek. The two new men were both tall and large, one white and one black. Their huge hands dwarfed mind. As we continued to talk could feel a stray hand touch the ruffles in my skirt. Moments later another hand traced the laces of my corset that ran up the center of my back. Then another man fingers brushed the side of my thigh as he felt the smooth, slick texture of my stockings. All these non-threatening caresses heighten my arousal, bringing tingles to my body.

Then Tom, one of our older friends, let his hand glide across the top of my exposed breast. As he did I glanced over from my conversation and gave him a quick smile, took a sip of my drink and returned my eyes back to Jim. With this assurance, Tom caressed my breast allowing his thumb and forefinger to disappear below the rim of my corest cup and pinch my nipple. As he did, the nipple popped out for all to see which after a moment I casually replaced.

At Gene’s direction, the five men took their place at the card table that had been setup with a deck of cards and poker chips. Gene stood in a darken corner of the room, while I refreshed everyone’s drinks. Slowly as they played their first hand of cards, I positioned myself between two of them next to the table and watched the action. When they were not holding their cards or chips, their hands freely found the texture of my dress or corset, slide up and down my stocking clad legs or tantalizing touch the fabric of my g-string. As I moving from one position to another, I learned to adjust my stance so the men could better migrate their advances to my inter thighs and the small triangular material of my g-string. John, other one of our older friends, ran his free hand up underneath the back of my skirt, found the back strap of my g-string; pulled it aside and caressed my slit while I stood there looking on at the game.

Next Gene instructed me to go up to change. Upon returning I wore my red cupless corset, stocking, transparent robe with red marabou and red high heels. As a got to the bottom of the staircase the game stopped as I came into view. Quickly I cross the room, picked up another tray of drinks and served everyone. I once again took up my position between two of the men, this time close enough to the table where my bare pussy touched its cool, smooth wood. I spread my leg further apart, giving everyone a clear view of my glistening pussy lips.

Slowly I rotated my position around the table. The men got more aggressive with their advances, touching my completely exposed breasts, tweaking my nipples and running their fingers between my outer pussy lips, after which they offering their juice laden fingers to my awaiting tongue.

At their suggestion, I took off my robe and rested my butt on the side of the table while I played with myself with my legs spread wide. They took my breasts and rubbed them, twisting the nipples until I made a verbal response. Gene produced rather thick eight inch vibrating dildo and handed it to Peter, one of the new guys seated to the left of me. Peter wetted the tip of the dildo with my juices and slowly pierced me. With each stoke he went deeper and deeper into me as my breathing came more labored. The men stopped playing cards as I got closer and closer to my first orgasm. Peter passed the dildo to the other guys as I rotated my position around the table, giving each total access to my pussy as its lips wrapped tightly around the thick dildo with every thrust.

Tom and Jim were the first of the five men to take their dicks out of their pants as they pump the dildo deep inside me. I stoked their semi-hard dicks to they were hard. Getting out of their seats at the playing table, they guided my to the chase lounge and bent me over its back at my waist. They continued to thrust the dildo into my awaiting pussy until I felt Tom’s warm dick replace it. Jim also removed his pant and walked in front of me where I could suck him. Next, I felt two pairs of hand caressing my breasts as the dangled over the back of the chase lounge. The men were all naked now, each taken turns at my pussy and my mouth while the dildo continued to hum from its position on the floor.

Next Fred repositioned me on the chase lounge on my hands and knees. The height of my position was identical to his, allowing his big dick easy access to me. I look around to the others watching me take my first black man. Slowly he stretched me with the size of his girth as more and more of his ten inches disappeared in me. I got excited seeing the contrast of his black dick sliding in and out of my white pussy with its red pouting lips. Gene came over and gave me a strong passionate kiss, assuring me that he was fine with my enjoyment. The others stood in line while I try to swallow them between orgasms. Fred next turned me over on my back, while two others held my legs spread in the air. Fred climbed into the opening and pumped his huge dick within me as I tried to meet his every thrust. Gene took pictures of the hold affair while I became accustom to Fred’s massive dick and listened to his ball slapping against my pussy. With one short groan he pulled out of me, shooting his cum on my exposed stomach. My hand naturally wandered down and touched his burning hot cum as my pussy continued to contract. I tasted his cum as they handed me a towel. With a couple of wipes I was back on my knees taking the next man until he came.

As everyone started to get dress, I retired back up stairs to clean up and put on my last outfit for the evening. After adjusting my make-up and hair, I slipped into the leather teddy. It took several tries before the black leather straps were properly adjusted around the base of my breasts. Looking in the mirror I felt very pleased with their sharp and ample size. I then adjusted the leather strap that rode against my clit, exciting me with every step. Finally I put on a fresh pair of black silk stockings.

Taking the clear glass butt pug from the bed, I disappeared back into the bathroom. I lubricated the butt plug’s head, set it upright on the close toilet lid and position myself over it. Every so slowly I felt the cold glass start prying open my anus. Holding the base of the butt plug on the toilet lid, I slowly lowered myself on the plug as it stretched me. Soon I had the widest diameter of the butt plug just before going in, the stretching filled me with sensations like that building up of an orgasm, but yet different … more intense. Finally with one long thrust the butt plug went all the way in, with my anus capturing the smaller diameter of the stem just above flare of the base.

Standup, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of being stuffed. I step in front of floor length mirror, turn around and bent over to inspect my work. Using a towel I clean the excess lubricant from the base of the plug and place the couch strap of my outfit over it. Next I step in my four-inch high heels and started to descend the staircase for the final time that night. At base of the staircase landing all six men had reassembled fully dressed. Gene was standing with my full-length mink coat over his arm and through the opened front door I could see a black limo waiting in the cold, crisp air. I was caught off guard and asked where we were going. They all said you will see and escorted me out the door without me putting on my coat. Next to the car the driver had opened the door as Gene finally helped me into my coat in full view of everyone.

The three of the men and Gene set on the side seats of the limo. Fred, Peter and I set in the back seat facing them, with me in the middle. Sitting down with the butt plug in was a little difficult, but I learn to curve my back so that my ass was sitting on the edge of cushion. As the car drove off, Fred opened my coat so that it fell to either side of me. He and Peter placed their hands on my thighs and spread my legs. Everyone looked at the pussy perched just above the sparkling glass butt plug based. Looking up I could see the eyes of the drivers starring at me through his rear view mirror and the open privacy window.

As we drove, the men continued playing with me by leaning over caressing my breasts and fingering my open pussy. Tom drop down to the floor and unzipped his fly to an again health dick and crawled between my legs. As he inserted his dick, I felt the top of my pussy lips stretch tightly over the girth of his dick as the butt plug base pressed upward against its bottom with each thrust. After a few minutes several others took his place. In between their advances Fred and Peter would play with the base of my butt plug, turning it and pulling every so slowly out and then stretching me as they forced in back in.

We were now driving down a lonely road and Gene encourage the driver to stop and come join us. As he opened the door Peter open his door and help me out into the cold without my coat. They all looked on through the open door as the tall lanky driver approached me. As he kissed me I unzipped his pant and pulled out his already erected dick. I turned around placing my hand on the back trunk lid near the open back door and look in to watch my five friends and Gene faces as he mounted me. His thrusts were aggressive, forcing my nipples to touch the cold wet steel of the limo. I groaned with excitement as the driver brought me to another orgasm. I met his every thrust until he came deep within me.

As the driver returned Peter helped me back into the car and I sat there with my leg spread with the driver’s cum slowly dripped out of me and down the side of the seat onto the carpeting while everyone looked on.

We arrive at rather nice, but small house on the rural road. I was helped out of the car as I gathered my coat around me. A striking woman with jet-black hair met us at the door. She wore a black, cupless leather corset, short black leather skirt, stockings and black high heels. As I entered the house my coat was lifted off my shoulders and the woman inspected me in front of all the men. She walked me over to a large threshold where the men placed cuffs on each of my wrists and ankles. Then my legs were spread and the cuffs were firmly attached to fastenings in the floor and the same down with my arms to leathers straps hanging from the ceiling. I look on while the others looked at me as cum still ran down my stocking from my episode with the driver. The woman removed her leather skirt to reveal a cleanly shaven pussy framed with garters and stockings. Also seen was her tattoo of a butterfly, with colorful wings and it body formed by her pussy itself.

She walked over and kissed me. Reaching down her fingers scrapped up the cum dribbling down my stocking. She tasted it and then offered it to me. I accepted it and after a moment she gave me a very passionate kiss. Next she massaged my breasts and she twisted the butt plug in my anus. She pulled it slowly until it popped out and I grasped. She next thrust it in and out of my anus and then my pussy as I came to one orgasm after another.

Next the moved me to a table in the center of the room where I was laid on my back with my arms and legs again spread and secured with leather straps. My head laid on the edge of table that was slightly shorter than her pussy. She straddled my head while I tilted my head back to eat her in front of everyone. With her pussy wet, Gene came over, dropped his pants mounted her from behind. As I ate her my tongue could feel Gene dick as it guided in and out of her pussy. The sensation was too much for him because he quickly came and pulled out of her. She moved forward and lowered her pussy to my mouth and order my to lick her clean. I did and swallowed every ounce of his cum. Fred was next. I got highly aroused see his massive dick stretch her as he had done me earlier. Once again I swallowed. Then Tom mounted her in the ass. I watch as she easily took him, apparently being accustom to anal sex. After a series of stroked he pulled out of her. Then Peter and Jim did the same. All the time I was looking up at their dick disappearing into her ass as my tongue lick her pussy to multiple orgasms.

At that she step away and I was slid to the other end of the table where my butt rested on the edge and my legs spread. With my arms and legs secured, Peter, Jim and Ralph pounded away at my pussy with dicks that had been previously in her ass. One after another came in me, each time the lady ate me until I was clean for another. At the end we passionately kissed and I left the house for the limo without my coat. On the drive home I continuously played with my pussy with the butt plug still in my anus. In front of our house the driver help me out and I again offer him my pussy as the guys looked on.

Upon retiring to our bedroom and poured me a hot bath and I retraced the adventures of the evening. Upon getting into bed where Gene already slept, I cuddled up to him and drifted off.

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