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An Afternoon Drive

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I have had a recurring fantasy since I was younger and during my high testosterone days. Actually the fantasy is based on reality, and the reality is that one of the most erotic things for me to witness is that of a desirable woman driving a standard shift car while I am sitting in the passenger seat. My mind begins to imagine what her pussy looks like as she moves her feet to brake and clutch when shifting gears.

I have mentioned this to a few women in the past including my wife. A number of years back I also mentioned it to my wife's sister Nancy. Nancy and I have always had a thing for each other and in fact we fucked one early morning long ago. I happened to be walking by her room one early morning and she was just returning from the bathroom in a nighty. We stared at each other for a few minutes as I stood in her doorway. I still love to think of her dropping her nighty to the floor and laying on the bed with legs open and her pussy pointing at me. I was on her and in her very quickly without much thought as to getting caught and we did it all in about 60 minutes. It was great but we had steered clear of allowing ourselves to be alone together since that time.

But this story goes back to something more recent. One day last summer Nancy showed up at my office just after lunch and asked me to join her for a ride in her new sports car. I was a little apprehensive about being alone with her. But what the hell, I had not made it in a car since I was a kid and it was not likely to happen here. So I joined her in the parking lot where we got into a neat little convertible. It was a warm sunny day and away we went with the top down. I was not long in the seat however before I was looking over at Nancy driving the car, and more specifically at her bare legs as they worked away shifting gears. Nancy was wearing a knee length flared skirt the hem of which was just a shade above the knees. I knew what she was up to and it was working. She glanced over a few times with a smile as she shifted gears more than necessary. I had flash backs to the time we had fucked and the first look at her naked body and pussy. God, I wanted it again.

She had turned off the main highway and we were driving up into the hills on a windy twisty paved secondary road. The action of her legs was constant and now the hem of her dress was half way up her thighs. I could not keep my eyes off her. She had added to the drama by loosening a few buttons on her blouse and I could see the top of her tits swelling out of the bra. I said to her, "Nancy, you are doing this deliberately aren't you, you remember my fantasy." She smiled and said, "You bet, I have never forgotten that comment or the time you fucked me that morning. Did you know that it is the tenth anniversary of that fucking?"

The hem was by now just below her panty line. I suddenly knew there would be no panties. My hand moved by itself and pushed the skirt up and there it was, that beautiful pussy that I had once fucked. "Ah damn, I just knew you would be bare." I watched her legs spreading and closing, shifting back and forth, her cunt lips opening and closing below her trimmed black bush. My hand slipped along her inner thigh, fingers trembling to rub that slit. Nancy slowed the car and allowed my fingers to trace along the slit. She was biting her lip as I probed her. She pulled to the side of the road and lifted the skirt up to her hips, and I had a full view of the Y of her legs, hips and belly framing her black trimmed bush pointing at the red gash of her cunt. I worked a finger into her and then asked her to start driving again. I had two fingers in her as she began to shift; and I experienced my fantasy. As her legs moved, her cunt squeezed and released my fingers and I added to the sensation by beginning to finger fuck her with one finger each side of her swollen clit. She pulled her blouse open and lifted one tit out, the nipple bouncing as she struggled to concentrate on the road. I love a woman's nipple almost as much as I love her pussy. She pulled over again and she pulled my head to her tits and moved the exposed nipple to my hungry mouth. Her hands expertly unzipped my pants and her hand slipped under the band of my jockey shorts to find my cock.

Nancy slid down in the seat and lifted her knees up on each side of the steering wheel. I lowered my head between her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy. It was awkward getting at her in this upside down manner but I managed to get at all of her cunt from the bottom to the clit. I lifted up once more and she had both tits out of the bra. I re-inserted my fingers in her cunt and sucked her nipples. She said, "We can't fuck here on the side of the road, let me find a pull out somewhere." She began to shift gears again with my fingers still in her, and I relived the sensation once more. She found a little side road which allowed us to gain cover behind some bushes. We stepped out of the car and I fucked her standing upright with her braced against the door of the car and one leg hooked in around me.

A happy anniversary long remembered.

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